DD/P Publication on Bulgaria (GR-90)

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November 9, 2016
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February 26, 1998
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September 21, 1956
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A& AK Approved For Rel?ase,19pgg/09/20 :,CIA-RDP78-05597A000200050045-1 25X1A9a OA ANGU hl F ATTENTION: fIROM 25X1A9a Deputy Assistant Director for Basic Intelligence Publication on Bulgaria (01-90) 1. Forwarded herewith in response to your request to a copy of the 1)1)/P publication on Bulgaria about which you phoned me yesterday. 2. I had no knowledge of this publication prior to your call. However, on chocking into the matter I found that 25X1A9a Chief of our ]Publication Division, learned some months ago that such a document was in process in DD/r and reported the matter to information was that it was to 25X1 A9a be a "Finding List" to satisfy an operational requirement is 0131?. and not a gazette.r. 3. It will be noted that this GR-9 issue is not titled "Gazetteer", but it does duplicate the NIS Ga*etteer to some extent since it lists places and railroad stations as does the NIS Gasetteer. division and subdivision in which it is located. which differs from the NIS Gazetteer format where these divisions and subdivisions are run in the consolidated alphabetical listing of places and physical features in the area. e 01)/I' issue also indicates opposite each such name the administrative Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000200050045-1 r i Approved For Release 199910912. 5597A000200050045-1 SUBJECT: DD/F Publication an Bulgaria (cuff-90) d. The N Frelia inary Ga"tteer on Bulgaria was published in 1950, and the DO/P GB-90 issue carries a May 19% dateline. The latter does. therefore, have a more complete listing of populated places, and also more up-to-date data on the places listed than. the Preliminary NIS Gazetteer. However. it is our understanding that the additional names listed in GR-90 were transliterated by D8/F using the BGN system, but they were never reviewed and approved by the U. b. Board on Geographic Names, so they cannot be considered official standard geographic names. It is known that the NIS Gaseett.er was used as a reference source in the preparation of GR-98, and the sans and coordinates drama from this source do, of course. represent official determinations of BG i', but there, is no indication of which ones were taken from this source. S. In our opinion OR-90 is, in fact, a 'f`inding List` and not a gaaettaer. It has not bee. approved by BGN and it is incomplete from the NISf standpoint, since it does not cover the many physical features covered by the NIB Gasotteeer such as rivers, seas, lakeo, capes, bays, etc., all of which are essential to production 25X1A9a Enclosure: AD/Ir G.-9o Approved For Rele P78-05597A000200050045-1