NIS Committee Meeting No. 8

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November 9, 2016
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August 26, 1998
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September 13, 1948
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Approved For Rele DOCUMENT NO. NO CHANCE m CLASS. ^ l,, Members present were as follows: NIS Committee Meeting No. 8 13 September 194 Dr. Dunn Dr. Appleton Col. Van Wyk Lt. Col. DeHority Cdr. Howell Lt. Cal. Gould i Ma . Gamber State State Army Navy Navy ;1x000400020095-7 DECLAS' FJLD I&S. G:-"CL TOP IkXT _ V a:: 4d :EAU; RUTH; HR 1C-2 4NOV - _0J 4 Air Force Air Force CIA (Chairman) 25X1A9a . It was announced that there would be at a l n ear y date an orientation meeting of the coordinating staffs of the IAC Agencies. It was explained that the orientation would not be a repetition of the Nis Instructions but would be a supplementation thereof. 3. The present status of the CIA Demographic Unit to be established in the Bureau of Census was explained. 4. The official copies of the JCS priority list were distributed one to an Agency. 5. Col. Van Wyk passed out copies of a revised production schedule for Chapters II, III, VII, and VIII. He pointed out that the dates were those on which the various sections were to be turned over to BIG and the dates for chapters requiring base maps were valid provided that the base maps had been received sixty (60) days previously. He also stated that Supplements No. III would be available at the same time as Sections 38 and that summaries for Chapter I would be available at the same time as introductory sections. He pointed out that no work was planned on Supplements No. 4 at this time. 6. The State Department members were requested to recast their schedule so as to make it somewhat more definite than it now stands. It was pointed out that, although they could perhaps not be so specific at this time as the members from other Agencies, it should be possible, if only for planning purposes, to schedule specific chapters for different areas. This would accomplish three purposes: a. Would give State blueprint of projected activities. b. Would give the other Agencies an idea of how to gear their activities for the preparation of their contributions to State. Approved For Release I - P7 -05597A000400020095-7 S, A PUM V- 59RQr000400020095-7 e. Would give a more nearly firm idea about requirements for base maps. State undertook to revise its schedule along these lines. 7. State asked the opinion of the Committee about working on the low priority NIS #101 at this time. The reason for wanting to work on #101 is that there is a specialist competent on the area_now who will have to be discharged if he is not employed on this work. It was the consensus that.. Chile the question is generally one for the Department of State to decide, it would be improper to spend NIS money at this time for the production of an NIS which now has little or no priority. S. The possibility of shaping this yearts production schedule so as to turn out complete NIS was discussed. It was brought out. that such Agencies as Army and Navy were pretty well committed on the areas now shown on the schedule; that the areas had been aligned by chapter; that a harmonizing of the schedule with base map capabilities might tend toward complete, or nearly complete, NIS; and that the NIS concept did not require complete NIS as the unit of production. It was the consensus that, for FY 1949, work ought to proceed as now scheduled, after the schedule has been harmonized with base map capabilities; and that about 1 January 1949 a schedule for FY 1950 which would fill in NIS gaps for 1949 and could be more firmly shaped toward complete NIS should be drawn up. 9. Col. Van Wyk stated that Army could give BIG in advance an estimate of the number of pages to compose each section. 25X1A9a 10. In reply to a question of Lt. Col. Gould, explained the CIA substantive review and the general functioning of the BIG Editorial Staff, 25X1 A9a .. 11. aid that the schedules turned in by State and Army would be studied in connection with the Map Branch capabilities to produce base maps; that such harmonization as necessary would be accomplished; that this would be done as speedily as possible; and that another Committee meeting before the end of the current week,,if possible, would then be called,, tp adopt a finally approved tentative schedule X1A9a Approved For Release 1999M9/0'I CIA-RDP78-05597A000400020095-7 _2..