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May 3, 1955
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Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597A000400030006-4 Nis cuum 1 'T3 G NO. 194 3 }t 1955 1. The following were present: 25X1A9a Mr. A. J. Clinton Mr. R. S. Jain Col. R. S. Smith Maj. J. W. Jacobson Capt. H. G. More LCdr. J. Madden i. Samuel H. Ware DOCUMENT NO. NO CN Nfa~ f15 U!4 CLASS. Cas ~~? . T : TS S 0 RUTH; 0#?"ir7M"v1xW'44 -Oi&645 state State Ao ? w+r~ ter vy Navy Air Force CIA (Chairman) CIA (Vice Chairman) CIA (Secretary) 2. Control of Chpter I on Sweden The M airman noted that the question of control of Chapter I on Sweden had been deferred from the last meeting in order to permit the Army aeeza-r more time in which to eine the aaatter. The AaW member reported that his agency required control on the basis of several "C to on Principal. Sources." As an alterna- tive to controlling the entire Chapter be suggested that the Comments could be placed at the end of the Chapter. The Committee discussed the matter at some length and con- cluded that Chapter I on Sweden should be controlled in its entirety by "Hot Relea ble to Foreign Nationals." The Committee further held that each Chapter I should be written without regard to the control factor and t8 the Ccrostaittee would then review it for final control determination. The Committee felt that any arbitrary control policy would restrict cysts in presenting the full intelligence situation in Chapter I. 3. Iaevel o ant of NIS on Polar Area The Navy member reported on the feasibility of developing Special !I8 107 to reflect all basic intelligence requirements. on the North Polar Area. An examination by Navy indicated that the Special HIS would, in general, cover all essential basic intelligence for that Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597A000400030006-4 Approved For Releasej2000/O8/04 : CIA-RDP78-0559WO0400030006-4 ~ - err area. However, arrangements were made to have the draft contribution reviewed by the Special Arctic Unit in ONI and the Air Weather Service for the purpose of incorporating an additional material that sight be necessary. The Navy member also stated that Navy was makLAg a study of NIS requirements for Antarctica and would report to the Committee at a later date. The Committee approved these plans and indicated that con- sideration would be given to ate-assigning NIS 69 from north Polar Area to Antarctica when the report of the working committee on gmented Areas was laid before the Committee. h. Production Forecast for Section 62 and Supplement V The Chairman called for the views of the Committee on the proposed production forecast for Section 62 and Supplement V, copies of which had been handed to the members at the last meeting. The State and Ar r members objected to the substitution of Section 62 on Bolivia for the Gold Coast in FY-1956 since work was well along on the latter area. The Committee agreed to the retention of Section 62 on the Gold Coast for FY-1956 production schedule. The State member also raised certain points about Section 62 forecast for FY-57 and FY-58, but indicated he would interpose no objection to the proposed changes. Final review of these schedules was deferred until the revised ISIS Production Forecast is taken under consideration. The Committee approved the following tentative production forecast for Supplement V: M1226 PY-122 FY-1 NIS 32 - Saudi Arabia(M) NIS 33 - Iran (M) NIS 16 - Austria (M) NIS 30 - Iraq (M) NIS 53 - t M NIS h - Netherlands(M) MIS 86 - Venezuela (M) NIS 1 . 00 - Indonesia (Ai). 25X6A NIS 22 - Rumania (M) 5. Current NIS Production Situation Copies of the followings of "Fulfillment of Production Cons itments" were handed to the ambers: FCI:FILLMMNT' OF PRODUCTION COMMITHMS, For the Mouth of April Sections Sections Scheduled Produced State 15 27 Army 13 12 Navy 13 4 Air Force '4 4 Approo1d For Release 2000Y08/04 : CIA-RDP78-05597A400400030006-4 '--'? "?. Total: - 39 Approved For Release, 2000/08/04: CIA-REP78-0559 p00400030006-4 Y err FY-1955 through Aprill Commitment to Produced 12 _42 r Percent late Defection Fr 1955e 955 Commitment Reqvd to Cc' totamplate o plete FY-1955 State 157 106 67% 51 40 91 Navy 140 9 M 41 8a 28 27 35 Air Force 26 18 69 8 7 15 CIA 1 __61 74 24 11 37 Total: 463 343 7 120 _, 96 e. 216 it The above production is tentative. The graphics have not yet been checked on sections received in April. no Vice Chairman noted that as of 30 April 1955, 343 sections bad been produced which is only 100 sections less than the total produced last year. He requested the embers to determine as soon as practica'ole the sections which will require rescheduling to Fr-1956. Thin will per- mit developing a final production schedule for FY-1956 and a production forecast for Fr-1957-58-59. The members reported the production situation in their agencies as follows: State -- Production should fall short of schedule by 20 to 25 Sections. State will not be able to determine actual section defections for current year until the first of June. A -- Production has improved and should remain at present percentage level to the end of the fiscal year. The year's production should approximate 95% of commitments. However, Navy is experiencing difficulty in keeping sufficient reserve officers on board to maintain adequate production levels. Aires -- Production is improving and Air Force should complete their commitments in full. Section 45 Production Schedule Section 45 production schedule proposed. by the new section coordinator (081) for FY-1956-59 was presented to the Committee. Under covering memorandum of 19 April 1955 the Assistant Director for Scientific Intelligence stated that representatives of the Department of the Army and of OSI had Jointly developed the proposed schedule as follows: -3- Approved For Release2D"8lna_- CIA-B~P_78-05597A000400030006-4 Approved For Rele 2000/O8/04 : CIA-RDP78-0559 00400030006-4 Fr-1 NIS AIiPJ-. 6 - Luxembourg August 1955 9 - Spain October 1955 12 - Finland (M) December 1955 28 - Syria and Lebanon January 1956 32 - Arabian Peninsula may 1956 36 - Pakistan February 1956 48 arocco April 1956 77 - Painam November 1955 M-1221 24 - Greece (H) Fr-1959 5 - Belgium 33 - Iran (() 34 - Afghanistan. 39 - China (c) 43 - Indochina (N) 61 - South Africa 76 - Costa Bice 90 - Argentina Jordan por~dan 2 -Ireland 8 - Portugal (so - Lngoll 46 - Tunisia 68 - Iceland 81 - British West Indies 89 - Chile 82 Netherlands Antilles 94 - Brazil The Committee approved the above schedule without change. Propoftd Revision of HIS Iftmo No. 18 (Classification of BIS) The ivy member circulated copies of the following memorandum from the Bydrographeer requesting modification of BIS classification as it applies to production schedules: "In order to forsslly confia=m verbal agreement with CIA concerning unclassified HIS production reporting methods, it is requested that the following modification of paragraph 2f in the subject reference be considered at the next HIS Com- mittee meeting. 'BIS production schedules by area designation - Confidential 'BIS production schedules by numerical designation Unclassified'. -4- Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597A000400030006-4 Approved For Release, 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-0559p00400030006-4 The Navy member explained that this proposal stemmed from a feeling at the krdrographic office and elsewhere in the Navy De- partment that security provisions of NIS Memo No. 18 were too re- strictive to permit necessary inter-office telephone conversations relating to NIS production matters. The Chairman requested that discussion of the proposal be heard at the next mec'!ting to afford members opportunity to study it more thoroughly. S. I .sceIMIM 25X1X7 b. 'The State member said that the comments from USIA and OCPW requirements on psyv ar had been reviewed and collated with state's revised outlines for NIS Chapters IV, V and VI. An early meting will be hold with D/B staff, following which a final report will be presented to the NIS Committee. c. The Chairman reported that the Committee on MIS Segmented Areas have held three meetings. Agreement has been reached on a majority of areas,, and a final report is expected shortly. 9. The next meeting of the NIS Committee will be held at 1000 hours on Tuesday, 17 My 1955. 25X1 A9a Distribution 5 - NIS Committee 1 o Sec , JIG 1 - SA[PC/DCI 1 ? DD/I 1-AD/an 1 - AD/SI 1 ? Ch/C 3 - W o 8-DB .. 5 - Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597A000400030006-4