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December 9, 2016
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July 31, 1998
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July 13, 1954
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Approved For Release 000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597,4,r00400030026-2 NIS COMMITTEE MEETING NO. 174 13 July 1954 1. The following were present: State Army Arnr Navy Navy DOCUMTHT NO. NO CH!!~,,G? IN CLASS. p e~W L.~~s.a~~~~ L.i&ut W: ypY CEP... ..v' TOI AU H. aaa 74A Mr. Clinton Colonel Jesse Major Jacobson Captain Norgaard Lieut. Madden 2 Jb* 1ons, MAO Air Force CIA (Chairman) CIA (Vice Chairman) 1Asia 2. The Chairman introduced who has joined the staff of D/B as Chief of the Regional Review Branch and head of the Chapter I Task Group, responsible foir coordination and production of NIS Chapter I. 3? Chapter I Considerations The Committee agreed to establish the uniform cut-off date for all Chapters I as the month previous to the scheduled submission of contributions to CIA. Thus, the uniform cut-Off date to be used by all contributors for Chapter I on Denmark is July, 1954, since the contributions for this Chapter are due in CIA on 1,4 August 1954. The Chairman made available to the members advance copies of Chapter I on Iran. He said that comments on this initial Chapter were being prepared by the Chapter I Task Group with a view to further improvement of subsequent Chapters I. Copies of these comments will be sent to Chapter I coordinators and analysts in the several agencies. The Chairman noted that six Chapters I were scheduled for fis=csasal year 1955 and requested that contributors make every effort to meet submission deadlines. A Chapter I production schedule for fiscal year 1956 will be prepared as soon as the regular NIS schedule for that year has been developed. Sind the basis for starting Chapter I production on any area is the completion of Chapters II to IX on that area, it is necessary to emphasize production of unscheduled elements on nearly completed areas in developing next year's production schedules. 4. NIS Production for FY 1954 The Chairman reported production for 1954 took an amazing up-turn in June with a total of 103 sections, ending up the year with some 443 sections and leaving a numerical defection of 98 sections which, considering RIFs, re- organization and internal complications in the Agencies, made for a very successful year production-win. Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597A000400030026-2 Approved For ReleaW000/08/04: C'IA-RDP78-0559700400030026-2 Since many of the 98 overdue sections are well along toward completion, the year's production substantially meets the JCS requirs- ments for the equivalent of eight NIS. The Chairman said that an analysis of the NIS Program for the past year was being made and would be reflected in the annual report being prepared by the NITS Coordinator. He requested that members let him have any aspects on the program from the point of view of the participating agencies which, in the opinion of the members, should be incorporated into the annual report. 5, NIS 89 (Chile) The Chairman pointed out that NIS Area 89 (Chile) does not include Easter Island or Sala-y-Gomez. These islands, however, are not part of the political picture of the oceanic islands in NIS Area 103 in which they are presently included. The Chairman proposed that these two islands be included in NIS 89 Area and he requested the members to examine this matter with their respective agencies and report their views as soon as possible,,, preferably by Wednesday afternoon, 114 July. ote: All members subsequently reported favorably on the proposa 6. Revised 19% Production Schedule Copies of the Revised 1955 Production Schedule consolidating the suggested revisions proposed by the Agencies were distributed to the members for review. The Chairman stated the 1956 Production Schedule will be consolidated as soon as the Section 23 Schedule is received from the Air Foraeo Lists showing the status of NIS Areas 70% or more complete as of 1 July 1954 were distributed to the members. This list includes items on .the '56 schedule on which there are firm dates, 7. Release of NIS to SHAPE Copies of a proposed memorandum for the release of NIS elements to SHAPE and SACLANT were distributed to the members who were asked to report the views of their agencies by the end of the week in order that the memorandum might be prepared in final form for the next meeting of the NIS Committee. Late: All members subsequently reported approval of their agencies to the proposed memorandum' 8. Request of F.O.A. for NIS Copies of correspondence from the F.0,A. requesting additional chapters for areas in addition to those already approved by the IAC for dissemination to FUO.A. were distributed to the members who were asked to Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597A000400030026-2 Approved For Release 000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597 ,100400030026-2 1l. Special NIS 45 Th Chairman noted 2U6Ahe Commmittee had a reed to the production 25X6A of Chapters 6 and VI on as a special 25X6A supplement _ to be known er to NIS Committee 25X6A Meetings Nos. Since this transfer 25X6A materially affects the NIS Committee actions,, Is necessary for the Committee to reconsider the matter. The Chairman felt that a combined Chapter treatment was appropriate to this special area. The State member said that the matter was complex and suggested that State specialists meet with D/B to study the problems involvedo The Committee agreed to await the results of this meeting before taking further action. 25X6A 12,_ The Chairman the members to infgW pir agencies that any inquiries, respecting should be channeled through the NIS Committee, rather than through MIN in order to @+A misunderstandings and to Insure that the Cc ttee is kept abreast of the situation. The Chairman will direct all inquiries he receives to representative in CIA. The Army member said that Aran would like to know the status of n 23 (Feather and Climate) and Section 38 (Teleoomunications) on 13. Control of NIS The members reported on the results thus far of their re-examination of the list of NIS areas on which the NIS are restricted to US OFFICIALS ONLY. (See paragraph ?, NIS Committee Meeting No. 1?3). Discussion followed relative to the application of control statements pursuant to provisions of IAC D-5/12, of which the list under review is a pert. In substance it was brought out that all NIS contributions received in D/8 on areas designated in this list bear the control statement "US Officials Only", when bliahedo Even though some of the areas involved 1a id listed in IAC D- 5 l2 as areas on which NIS may be furnished to if release is approved by the producing agency, the 1AC Agencies have release of NIS in its entirety on these areas by the over-all control list. In order to ensure that NIS controls are consonant with present control policies it was agreed that members would re-examine this situation and submit a list of areas to be controlled in their entirety with an explanation of wW these controls are necessary. The Chairman expressed the view that the revised list Approved For Release 2000/08/0 05597A000400030026-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-0559000400030026-2 should be based upon fundamental control requirements in all cases. The matter will be brought up for further discussion when proposed revisions of the list have been received from the agencies. 1i.. The nest meeting of the NIS Committee will be held at the call of the Chairman. Distribution: 4 - NIS Committee l - Secr?rtaxy, JIG 1 SA/PC/DCI 1 ? DD/I 1 - AD/RR 1 - AD/SI 1 -- Ch/C 3 -- Ch /G 7 - D/B 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597A000400030026-2