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December 9, 2016
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July 31, 1998
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July 10, 1951
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Approved For Release 2Q00/ly8/04 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000400030000991-0 NIS CUWTTEE MEETING 110. 108 10 July 1951 1. The following were present: Dr. Appleton Mr. Clinton Lt. Col. Kiel 'Capt. Hirten Lt. Cdr. Butt **Lt. Joms Major Rush s3.o~x State StGe Army Navy Navy Nary CE1A S,7-: ;i"s CLASS, C] Air Force Air Force CIA (Chairman) *Navy metiber appointed 9 July 1951, vice Captain Stout. "Prospective alternate members. 2. Copies of the D/ Monthly Report for June (including Special report on Tokyo Trip 1227 June) were distributed to the members. 3. The Army mmber requested D/9 to determine the qualitative adequacy of 3 Sections 45 recently produced by SGO In order to assist him in making his report 1,6 the Comdttee (refer to paragraph 5, NIS Committee Meeting No. 107). 4. The Committee approved the following contributorev statements for publication in the NISs a. Supplement V (petroleum) - "'Phis Supplement was prepared for the NIB under the general supervision of the State Department, Office of Intelligence Research, by the Department of the Interior." The Committee indicated that State was the intelligence agency of primary responsibility for Supplement V. and the word "State" is to appear on the running head of each published page of this Supplement. Special NiS 104-108 (Oceanography and Marine Climate) - V IS 104-a08 are prepared under the coordination of the Office of Naval Intelligence by the U. S. Navy lierological Service and the U. S. Hydrographic Office ". , The Committee indicated that Navy was the intelligence agency of primary responsibility for ' the Special NIS: and the word "Navy" is to appear on the running head of each published page of these NIS. Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597A000400030091-0 Approved For Release 2Q0 08/04: -0 IA-RDP78=0559~A000400000~1 5. The Chairman informed the Committee that the revised NIS Standard Instructions V ill be> ready for printing shortly and should be disseminated about September 1951. 6. The Chairinan requested general views from the members in regard to the effectiveness of present field collection for NIS maintenance requirements within -their respective areas of responsibility. State - There has been intensified field collection effort by the Intelligence Acquaition Division of OLI, State. The various U. S. Missions have been requested to cone upon published NIS elements as they are received in the field and to fill, significant gaps as revealed by "Comments on Principal Sources". Two people are now engaged in NIS field collection tasks in Norway and Egypt. It is planned to send out this year a well qualified observer on an extended trip to all U. S. Missions In North Africa. the Near East and India to familiarize them with NIS requirements and to stimulate field collection, The MA system has been considerably augmented and is now up to fu11 strength. lal drafts of Section 81 (Ground Forces) are now sent to the field for checking before contributions are released by Arm'. The main problem in the Department is to effect timely dissemination of field reports to the analysts who need to know mi-thin the Depa ~?t ut. The NIS machinery is proving very useful to Az7y in uncovering deficiencies in the dissemination practices. NA system has also been considerably augmented, The Navy's P rt o Collection Guide, which is issued to NAZIS and operating forces.. is substantially the same as NIS requirements. This also applies to the Collection Guide for Coasts and banding Beaches. The collection requirements for more technical sections, ouch as Rydrographic, are sent out to naval facilities having special competence in 'these fields. Drafts of all NIS sections prepared by Navy two sent to the field for checking and the related collection of "gap" information at the same time as these contributions are sent to CIA. While the reports from the field are generally not received in time to correct errors in the contributions, they will form the basis for revisions under the maintenance program. Air Farce - Lips the other two Services, the AA system has been considerably augmented. The Directorate of Intelligence, USAJ' has 3s ued comprehensive instructions to all AA' & requiring: a) first drafts from the field on all NIS requirements for which the fir Force has responsibility; b) revisions of these drafts every 6 months; and c) prompt initiation of collection effort to fill "4gap" information indicated by "Comments on Principal Sources". Drafts of all AF contributions go to the field for comment but replies are frequently received too late to be used in the Immediate NIS contributions. Approved For Release 200^1A41^" ? Q f d=8-Q5-59 7AO00400030091-0 Approved For Release 21)00/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597A0004000 O91-0 V '4% The Chairman expressed satisfaction with the progress made by all the agencies in regard to getting NIS collection procedures on a firn basis. Further discussion indicated that collection requirements laid on, attache's we frequently beyond existing capabilities. In many important areas additional field groups are needed to supplement pras6nt facilities. 7, For HIS planning purposes, the Chairman requested a aural estimate of N IS production during the 1st Quarter, FY 1952. The members reported as follows: State .- on schedule Air - slightly ahead of schedule Navvy -> 50% of schedule A1.r Force - So% of schedule 8. The ChaA; re orted that he had obtained a nuir r of unclassified economic reports which had been prepared by the Natural Resources Section, SOAP. These reports may prove of considerable reference value to analysts in {SIR, State. He will furnish a list of these reports to the State member, 9. The next meeting of the Committee will be subject to the call. of the Chairman. 25X1A9a Diat?ributior4: NIS comm. (4) Seca .,, JIG AD OSI AD IC DG D/B (3) Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-05597A000400030091-0 3 e.