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November 16, 2016
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May 8, 2000
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July 6, 1972
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Approved For Rerlease.2000/06/05: CIA-RDP78-05599AQQ0100070007-0 DD/S 72.2676 6 JUL 1974 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Communications Director of Finance vDirector of Logistics Director of Medical Services Director of Personnel Director of Security Director of Training Chief, Support Services Staff Special Support Assistant/DDS SUBJECT : Agency Annual Report L The Executive Director-Comptroller has issued the attached procedures and instructions for the Agency Annual Report for FY 1972. 2. Tab A shows the planned structure of the Agency Report. That format is to be followed by each contributing component. Detailed instruc- tions on the preparation of the report are contained at Tab B. 3. Each component identified at Tab C must prepare its own report. The Directorate will prepare a summary statement, with your reports as attachments. Tab D contains supplementary instructions for the Support Directorate. 4. Inputs on management direction can reference inputs to the Annual Management Report which will. be submitted during the same time frame in response to Office of Management and Budget Circular No. A-44 (Revised) of May 24, 1972. 5. Submissions should reach O/DDS by close of business 24 July 1972. This :report will also serve as the Agency Annual .port to TT xcsx` n t Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB). Any questions should be referred to the Plans Staff, O/DDS, extension 6833. 25X1A Robert S. Wattles Acting Deputy Director for Support A 1' proved For Release 2000/06/05: CIA-RDPYl8-0 5JJAU0(~10007D0-0 Q AUTOMATICALLY DLLCLASSIll11S1) ON .1 j A~ Approval of DCI Approved For Release 200 - -5 tt*fO3-:';CIA-RDP78-05599A000100070007-0 AGENCY ANNUAL REPORT A. Continuing requirements and opportunities rc the USSR and China B. New Coverages 1. Economic 2. Narcotics 3. Southeast Asia 4. Other crises (India/Pakistan, Middle East) C. Political Atmosphere 1. Abroad 2. At home -- Congress, leaks D. CIA in the Intelligence Community F. :Budget Trends II. MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND FAILINGS [for increased effortI A. Collection 1. Requirements 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/05'\,:t,CIA-RDP78-05599A000100070007-0 Approved For Release-2000/06/05: CIA-RDP78-05599AQ00100070007-0 25X1 C C. Production and Related Processing 1 Finished Intelligence a. Estimative b. Political c. Economic d. Military and Space e. Scientific and Technological f. Geographic and Geodetic 2. Processing a . Imagery exploitation b. Signal processing c. Information handling and support d. R&D D. Support 1 . Security 2. Communications (including R&D) 3. Training 4. Other A. Resource Ouf oo}... F3. Targets I. Changing, pattern of targets 2. Changing pr-o gram ernphasis C. Techniques I. Rationalization of data flows 2. Experimental analyrsis 3. Neal heal. Tire ,Sy:,tern Approved For Release 2000/06/05: CIA-RDP78-05599A000100070007-0 Approved For Release-2000/06/05: CIA-RDP78-05599A400100070007-0 D. R&D 1. Collection 2. Communications 3. lnfor:mation processing and exploitation Approved For Release 2000/06/05: CIA-RDP78-05599A000100070007-0 Approved For Re-lease 2000/06/05 CIA-RDP78-0509A000100070007-0 ?_7 June 1972 MEMORANDUM _FOR: Addressees SUBJECT: Contributions to the Agency Annual Report Rl FJ11ZENCE: Memorandum- from Executive Director- Comptroller to Deputy Directors, 26 May 19.72, rnfor:nnation Control -- Archives, History, and Records This memorandum provides guidance for the preparation of the Annual Report on component activities, discussed in Para. 5.d. of referenced memorandum. General Note 1. Each contributing component (identified in. Tab C) will prepare its submission as a single report which mee.ets the require-- nients of the Agency Annual Report. and also constitutes a brief history of the xxiost s:i_gnifi.cant developments in the -Ictivities of the reporting component. for the fiscal year ending 30 June 1972, -t e annual rcnortingf procedure will alleviate tiac p :rsastent: (irn gap which has in the past charac:(.ori zed historical writing v:ithi_n the Agency and will r1i.:~he availal,le on a current basin to Approved For Release 2000/06/05: CIA-RDP78-05599AO00100070007-0 Approved For Release.2000/06/05: CIA-RDP78-05599A400100070007-0 manapemcnt and others having a need.-to-know the highlights of the history of the Agency based on its organizational. units . It is expected that these annual reports will reduce the requiremcnt for structurally oriented component histories and permit the dedication of available writing resources more to topical and programmatic histories involving Agency participation in major international crises. The latter aspects of the CIA Historical Program (Para. 5. c. of reference) will be described in a forth- comin(r memorandum. Components will organize their contributions to the Agency Annual Report in the framework of the outline provided in Tab A of the instructions from the Executive Director -- Comptroller, as further explained in the following paragraphs of the present ro.errxorandu_rrz . T. h4ajor. Devc lol~_ m : Every component submitting an annual report will, as stipulated by the Executive I)i_reccor l referenced memorandum of 26 May 1972 (Para- 5.b. (1)) include a list of "key documents and files for po ninnerit in d tus:l.on in Age~nc.y will he _ v7 'i h i.n each u]" i1: to en:' ure that the docll I~E_':( is m iii>C'_d for ar_chival.. 1 eten Lion hue n :l. h r E xce siv ' in in-- Llpp:ropra.aac.ely c asst ;'_{1, nor incomplete through o itl.: :i:i_Clne A C _ .= ~ .L 1 a.{' 1'L:C Lo this Cfec X71 -~.7_ aCC:C?C1Jr" ;l.y th L' a is " ,`. .12 v L)op.1__~ i'( en :%11: y u 1. is LE"':["l ins i.2 uc i:a.i)ns ~, _l..(.l be p ,. to lt_ _'~= t,_ ti Approved For Release 2000/0610.5,,,C[A-RDP78-05599A000100070007-0 Approved For Releasee000/06/05: CIA-RDP78-05599AQ,Q0100070007-0 Officers will provide additional Tonal guidance to assist components in complying with the historical requirements as delineated in this znetnorandum. Completed annual reports will be submitted to the next senior coxnnzand level for review and exploitation as inputs into the Agency Annual Report. Following approval by reviewing components, one copy will be transmitted to PPB by the Di-.L ec,`orates as an enclosure to the Directorate contribution, one copy will be returned to the component, and one copy lodged in the Agency Archives . As required, compartmented annexes can be compiled and held separ.?ately covering particularly sensitive events. 25X1A CIA Historian Approved For Release 2000/06/05:..:~ CIA. RDP78-05599A000100070007-0 'Approved For Release 2000/06It 5: 611A-RDP78-05599A000100070007-0 26 June 1972 Contributors to the Ag,e_ncy_ Annual. Report 25X1A DCI Area (O C C OL_JC IG ONE IC O/DPI Senior Research Staff CRS :D C:;S IAS II .S NI:'IC OI3GI OCI O1 R , o},lv. t) DS Ii, o /Dr)S&,C OIE; IJ ORT) OSA C)CS T.1SA.C DDP O/DDP Component list provided separately O/DDS SSA.-DDS SSS-DDS OC OF O L OMS OP OS O'I'R ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2000/0.6105, : CIA-RDP78-05599A000100G70007-0 .-,.Approved For Release 2000/06/05: CIA-RDP7816_t599A000100070007-0 22 June 1972 Supplementary Guidance to DDS Components 1. This memorandum is intended to supplement 'Cab B by providing more specific guidance to those responsible for preparing DDS contributions to the Annual Report. The following suggestions are to be used together with the instruct-ions given in Tab B. From their own expertise, DDS components will no doubt include other activities which they consider of primary importance than those listed below. 2. For item I, Major Developments : az. Component participation in activities that were reflected in revisions of existing agree- ments or procedures in the support area -T- communications, security, and/or DOD relationships -- should be covered under I D. b. Significant budget trends (item I B) reflected in the level of support to operations have historical importance that should be reported and documented. 25X1A c. Some comment should appear on the stand- 25X1A of support activity !rte?~~', t, r. is ; jiltf 1, G / 3. For item II, Ma.. o:r Accompl_ishments and _l'ai_lincjs: a. From -the s t of the Office of Personn(i~a. it would :ieem in C~1 der to 1-QMI;AIA on the ii-pact of the early retLirei.ment pros r.'am.', 25X1A ,. b. Toth the - and Marchetti C a1se s; miCjh be worth comment by the O r_ j_ icce of Secur:i_ t.y and/or Pearson e f . C. The 1 f';l _~s. I l~ppo.-rt c:#~ro:r.f_ to S o~.ttl~~_asi: Asia --- particularly the locj.isttics effort: ---. probably .should b,! a.i_scuu.s. ed possibly w7_ ch pros and coals Approved For Release 2000'tOQ/05;: CIA-RDP78-05599A00010~'07O,gQ?7,'-0.,. Approved For Re1ease4000/06/05: CIA-RDP78-05599A400100070007-0 4. For item III, Ahead: a. Per item 3 c, above, the techniques evolving for the on-going support of SSA per items ICI P and III C would seem to warrant comment. b. In view of retirements, loss of slots, and level of experience of personnel on board, some comments should be made regarding the anticipated effectiveness of the given components, particularly those which anticipate difficulties in the coming year. c. Any significant changes in the direction of management efforts, including restructuring, should be indicated. Approved For Release 2000/06/051: CIA-RDP78-05599A000100070007-0