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Approved For ReWase 2 p?1~W ~3'05747AOg700030001-9 OGC Has Reviewed FINANCE DIVISION NOTICES 19. Policy Applicable to Certification for Payment of Claims for thg5X1A Transfer Portion of the &mle Service Transfer Allowance for Husband and Wife who are Both Staff Mwlo:rees 20. en o PPersonnel, Chief, . 21.. Non-reimbursement for Fees and Tips for Handling Baggage s . 22. PerWzmaM-JMUgF%5-7eM e' -0 23. Separation Allowances 24. Home Service Transfer Allowance - Temporary Lodging Portion 25. Home Leave Travel and Transportation Expenses 26. Preparation of Dispatches to be Released by the Office of Communi cati ons 27. Military Details' Baggage Allowances Autho'ized under Letters of Authorization 28. Home Service Transfer Allowance 29. Use of Unaccompanied Baggage Authorization 30. Revised dated 18 Oct 1957 dated 11 Oct 19!7~X1A _1. Pe nern!e? 'k 32. ~Pereo ~t 16. 17. Recording of" 1955 ltcpenditures 18. Organization and Functions - Fi.naince Division 15. 1. Finarsoe- Divi.sion_ Is$Uann z CFD Notices -Review of Exiting N&P 2. Recision of Certain Notices Issued Prior to 19 Nov 1956 3. FD N ,887, entitled "Per Diem - Travel Between US & Foreign Localities" 4+. Shipment of Automobile Via Foreign Vessel 5. Establishing Due Dates for Advances of Confidential Funds 6. General Ledger Account 125.0 - Foreign Monies on Band 7. policy Applicable to Payment of Post Differentials to Employees TDY and on Detail to Another Post 10. 11. .. S a 1 torra Dissemination of Policy, Legal and Procedr.ral Interpretations and Decisions to Class "A" Stations Medical Benefits for Dependents Parking Fees 12. cting Chie 13. Use of indicator ll+ Definition of Bag.-&-e (Revised 16 May 19'i7) 35. Personnel Assignment 36. 1 C, - E O -O 9- w U U +- D C 0 Q D FORM OBSOLETE PREVIOUS 12-63 EDITIONS ACCOUNT GENERAL NUMBER LEDGER ACCOUNT DUE TVL ORD NO DESCRIPTION DATE VOUCHER . SEE REVERSE FOR OR NUMBER LEGEND OF ABBREVIATIONS OBL REF NO. DIVISION STATEMENT DATE ACCOUNTINGS AND/OR REFUNDS BALANCE OF ADVANCE NOT ACCOUNTED FOR Approved For Release 2001/0 /2? RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved FoV lease 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-0574W00700030001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 20 August 1958 1100 REV DATE O g~189 rJ FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE NO. 70 DRIG CD'n~p _ DPI TYPE -- ------ ,~ CRIG CLASS_ PAGES RF:V CLASS P/ SUBJECTS Book Dispatch JUST ~-/ ' uzr nV ?ov AUtw: HR 10-2 Quoted below is a memorandum signed by the Special Support Assistant to the Deputy Director (Support)9 dated 8 August 1958: established and understood. Occasionally, however, it is necessary for a support office to co icate to several or all stations and bases information or Instructions not appropriate for inclusion in the regu- latory system or to be incorporated in the regulatory system at a later date. In these instances the book dispatch my be suitable. Book dispatches must be kept to a miniam both in numbers and length, and must not used to transmit material which should be Incorporated in the regulatory system. 112. MA -0/4 has been chars ged with signing and releasing book dispatches for DD/P on behalf of support offices and staffs. This authority carries with it responsibility for review for release as a book dispatch, and d? tion of necessary coordination. 013. SSA-DD/S can boot form these functions and be of greatest assistance to the support office or staff requesting release of a book dispatch if the subject matter to be covered is sented in memorandum for. SSA-DD/S will prey the book dispatch, effect necessary coordina- tions sign and release it. Oo rdination will include the requesting office or staff when a question of content arises. ar" IVop CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Relea iJJ~1YY AeC _? RE RdlTEo t7 0 sYQl$99 5 Q9CII CfFMP _ ON TYPE a ..~~ G RIG GLASS _ .S P CE-A --L- REV CLASS JUST - --' _ K-11 FLV ---ti is it 10?2 FENCE DIVISION NOTICE NO 69 SILO CT., Advance Limitation 21. Ju3,y 1958 Finance Division Notice No. 167 (A.1) is hereby revised to read as follows: Advances of Confidential Funds in excess of $50,000, except routine funding of field insta a- tiona and internal Finance Division transfers, will not be made without first coordinating with the Chief or Deputy Chief of the Finance Division. 25X1A 42 'W iV 0 Tai ?+ 10A r78-05747A0007000300019 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 " / 7 ( s-2- Approved FiRelease 2001/0 8-05743,8000700030001-9 - -I- Wm f GCC 240 Rc"V DATEQ41 U 0 gV 01891 5 CRIG COMP .X1. UPI TYPE CRIG GL; ,S __,S- Y. C..:u --.L_-- R=V "'ST A L''i flo P41i 13-2 5 March 1959 FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE Nis 68 SUBJECT Appointment of Approving Officers REFERENCE: Finance Division Notice No. 763, dated 20 September 1955,F to Reference is made to a memorandum for Staff and Area Division Chiefs, signed by the Chief of Operations, DD/P, dated 17 August 1955, pertaining to appointment of Approving Officers 2. The following distinction is offered in order to clarify the difference between the administration responsibilities of designated Approving Officers of Staff and Area Divisions and the audit and certi- fication of vouchers and other financial documents by designated employees of the Finance Division. a. It has been established through the SSA-DD/S that the" designation of Approving Officers,, as referred to in paragraph 2 of the above referenced memorandum, relates to the individual specifically appointed in accordance with established procedure, who must, in his own right, be the incumbent of any of the positions so designated. b. Accordingly, it is the administrative responsibility of the designated Approving Officer to comply with the authority so delegated consistent with restrictions placed on the individual concerned covering the approval of administrative and operational transactions. c0, Consistent with this concept, Certifying Officers will review vouchers and other financial documents with respect to audit criteria,,, subject to the signature of a designated Approving Officer. Acting Chief, Finance Division Formerly FD Notice 804, A-105 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved ~W Release 20 U I " t. _ ff 091'A000700030001-9 R FD IM'fiCE Tao. 67 "e. Approval of special foreign post allowances and salary differentials Approval of clothing allowances for enlisted personnel CFR u,4.e 25X1A leg "h. "i. Approval of housing or space requirements Approval of certain medical expenses CFR 10.0 "j. Approval of payment of tuition CFR 10.1 "k0 Approval of applications for advances "1. under special circumstances Special allowances for military CFR l1o3.b personnel F1 AINK G. WISIVER Deputy Director (Plans)" Formerly: FDN #721 (A?137) CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved F, Release 2001/08/29 CLA.:.RDP78-05A000700030001-9 `. A s.. s.xYY i Ut wuft Fin= DIVISION NOTICE: 65 SUBJECT: Accounting for Confidential Funds 14 July 1958 There is quoted below a memorandum to Comptroller from Chief, Finance Division, dated 14 =? 195u, same subject: "1. In the administration of accounting requirements and controls, confusion occasionally arises because there is no clear definition of "normal Agency accounting requirements". This problem arises not because of lack of understanding and agreement with respect to the substance of accountings but rather with respect to depth to which detailed documentation is. required. 2. There seems to be little basis for objection to the principle that detailed documentation of the use of funds (i.e., the who, wiat, when, where and why) is aormallby required as long as the funds remain in control of persons or projects under Agency control. Conversely, there can be little quarrel with the principle that it is unrealistic and impractical to endeavor to insist upon detail documentation of the use of funds from persons or activities not controlled by this Agency,, 3. While the above stated policies represent accepted operational as well as sound accounting and funds control, in the absence of clear deter- minations as to the point at which funds pass from Agency control it is often difficult, if not impossible, to clearly establish whether n',rmal Agency accounting requirements have or have not been satisfied. As a result, account=- ing requirements as set forth in many Administrative Plans or as interpreted by Certifying Officers and others, have tended to reach further and further beyond the point where realistic control and proper documentation can be expected. Ch the other-hand, Case Officers and other operational perso43nel, not having a clear concept or guide as to what constitutes acceptable accounting documentati on and policy, tend to agree to whatever requirements are suggested, even though in substance the requirements may be unrealistic and may not truly reflect operational circumstances and relationships. 4 In recent discussions with representatives of operational elements, it was proposed that approved project outlines be utilized to establish Agency- project relationships for the purpose of fixing the point where funds are passed beyond effective detail control. It was further proposed that project procedures be revised to provide that Case Officers would be required to develop the financial aspects (other than budgetary) in coordination with the Certifying Officer in order that the project outline may reflect accounting requirements determined by the Certifying Officer as conforming with normal accounting concepts as defined above and practical of compliance as determined by the Case Officer. In these instances wherein these criteria cannot be met,, an Administrative Plan setting forth special accounting requirements would be required. ~N- LU s?~e?LT Approved For Release 2001/08/29 CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fofr06lease 200W WA D0574iiQA00700030001-9 FD r:O ICE NO, 65 5. In the case of accounting requirements imposed any individuals, the status of an individual with respect to his relationship to and control by the Agency is normally evident from his employee or contract status. The only area wherein relationship and control tend to become nebulous is in the case of field agents and others who refuse or for operational reasons are not requested Lo sign formal contracts. As a general policy, in applic- ation the "point of control" concept would require accountings in detail from all employees and other persons under formal contract with the Agency on the premise that any person who has signed a contract with the Agency has a relation- ship to the Agency of such nature as to justify insistence on documented accountings. u. In the case of unilateral m+loranda of agreements, however, the substance of the relationship as evidenced in the project outline or from other sources would have to be examind to determine whether control is such as to require detail accounting documentation, or to permit acceptance of receipts or certifications of services purchased as adequate support of the use of Agency funds. ~. In recent months it seems to be increasingly apparent that we are tending, in all areas, to place more and more emphasis on the form of accounting documentation on the er?ronlous premise that if form is proper substance is assured. The re-statemeht of policy as expressed above is believed properly to place major emp sia on the substance of a situation with the objective of documenting th form as necessary to support the substance. In line with this view, ute propose to work closely with operational elements to obtain a better understatlding of this policy and to expand the use of project outlines to substantiate accounting determinations. Before proceed- ing further, however, we would appreciate your approval. hief, Audit Staff APPROVED: E. 11? SAUNDEliS Comptroller " In :T sting, Chief, Finance Division Formerly : FDN #83o (A-12, u) Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fol%Release 2001/08/29 : C 78-0574 0000700030001-9 CC FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE: 63 14 July 1958 SUBJECT: Advance of Funds for Travel I. The following policy is to be followed by Certifying; Officers in connection with the certification of t3equests for Advances covering TDY and RCS travel of employees and agents; i.e., It is the policy of the Finance Division to certify properly authorized and approved requests for Advances covering TDY and XS travel of employees and agents? in advance of the estimated date of departure in order that individuals can arrange for transportation and/or movement .of personal effects Under norraal circumstances,, funds are not to be made avaiial,1e to the traveler more than ten (10) calendar days in advance of If c r'l~ cur to ices are a acl"i rr funds are needed earlier than ten (10) calendar days prior to travel, approval of the Chief or Deputy Chief,, Finance Division, is required before certification and disburseme at. 20 Coup iance with the above policy is to be adhered' to effective with this release0 Acting Chief, Finance= D .vision Formerly: FDN #851; A-116) DOC -.11 REV DATED eY 189Q 15 ORIG COMP .W- DPI GRID CLASS AS PAGES TYPE _l _ REV CLASS JUST 2 u t"XT lily o Lb AUTHI HR 10.2 Cu`i-0~NTl 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fbo*Zelease 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-057h000700030001-9 -al T FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE: 62 14 July 1958 SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority There is quoted below a memorandum from Deputy Director (Plans) to SSA-DD/S,, dated 9 March 195o. The authority vested in the Deputy Director of Plans in the referenced regulation to authorize or approve actual subsistence expenses, not to exceed $25.00 per day, is hereby delegated to the SSA-DD/S. ':TANK C. WISNEi3 Deputy Director (Plans) " Acting Chiefs Finance Division 1OOC .2 R DATE I ORIG GGMP - UPI ORIG CLASS PAGES JUST ---- R&XT REV Formerly: FDN #834 (A-113) BY GU S34- TYPE RbV CLASS 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fr.+Releas~e ? 7 P78-057A000700030001-9 FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE: 61. 34 July 1958 SUBJECT: Waiver of Accounting Regulations by a Contract Approved by a Special Contracting Officer There is quoted below a memorandui for the Chief, Finance Division, signed by Office of Genera]. Counsel, dated 12 January 1950: "lo Your memorandum requested our opinion as to whether an Agency Special Contracting Officer has the authority to approve a provision in an agent contract to the effect that the agent? s accounting for confidential funds advanced him for purposes other than salary need be only on the certifica- tion of the agent, and need not be supported by receipts. 2m Somewhat generalized, the issue posed is whether the Agency Special Contracting Officer may prescribe an internal accounting procedure for the FOIAb5 expenditure of confidential funds on his own authority. 5e On the basis of the foregoing, it is the opinion of this Office that the Special Contracting Officer may not., on his own authority, include a pro- vision in an agent contract which would relieve the agent from accounting for confidential funds advanced him for other than salary purposes solely on his certification. If this end is sought, it can be achieved only by an appropriate provision in an administrative plan relating to the agent''s activities,, or by a 25X1A: waiver of the accounting requirement by the Director in individual cases,, or by the Director?s issuance of an appropriate regulation.." Formerly: FDN #811 (A-110) Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved FdcRelease 2 i0574ZA000700030001-9 AOMM FINAJE DIVISION NOTICE: 60 July 1955 SUBJECT: Submission of Approvals by DD/Ss. DCID or DDCI 1. There is quoted below a copy of memorandum to all. f_visions and Staffs, Office of the Comptroller, dated 29 December 1955,, s.gned by the Actin Comptroller. "This is to advise you that in the future, all papers submitted for DD/S. DCI, or DDCI action requiring signature denoting approval will contain in the final paragraph a -recommendation which clearly briefs the action recommended. Such paper shall further contain the words in the place provided for DD/Ss. DCI, or DDCI signature: The recommendation(s) in paragraph ,? is (are) approved, 0 "t 2. In compliance with the above, the final paragraph of all memoranda requesting approval of actions by the DD/Ss. DDCI or DCI will be worded in the following manners. If you approve of the recommendation set forth in paragraph please so indicate by affixing your signature in the space provided below, and forward this document to (!)T for inclusion in the files supporting the action taken. Concurrences: (2) Comptroller DDS The recommendation(s) in paragraph is (are) approved. (1) BEY Ordinarily the Office of Comptroller or DD/SO (2) List concurring officers as appropriated ng ChiefD Finance Division Formerly: FDN #807 (A-l08) Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Foi elease 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-0574*MO0700030001-9 Sa==CR=T FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE: 59 14 July 1955 SUBJECT a Accounting for Funds Furnished Agents Fnetrating Denied Areas H }tENCE: Memo for Comptroller from Chief,, Finance Division? dated Il April 19559 above subject. 1. The Deputy Comptroller has advised that the procedure and policy set forth in reference has received concurrence of the Compt oiler and Chief,) Audit Staff, The policy and procedure outlined in reference will be formalized through release of a Comptroller Instruction and/or amendment of regulations? as appropriate. In the meantime, Finance Division win be governed by reference memorandum in prooesning aocou.tings for finds furnished agents penetrating denied areas? including the resupply of agents in such areas. Acting Chief 0 Finance Division co: SR Di ATTNa Comptroller Chief p Audit Staff Formerly: FDN #727 ((A-94) flZATE0O RE TYPE OMP --~- - REY CLASS ORIG CLASS .5 PAGES 10.2 JUST h XT REV Z O 'D AUTH: HE / ?-- Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 25X1C Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fc3eaRelea 78-0574fiiC000700030001-9 T FXN 1EE DIVISION NOTICE: 38 24. July 1958 SUBJECT: Per Diem. Allowance .ring 1 ai dquartera Debriefisig Period for fttployees i eturning from Overman for }bue Leave &a d MIS Transfer to Washington to Your attention is directed to Paragraph 4 of Attachment E which in part states It is the opinion of this office that per diem for the periods of consultation in Haadquarterr air be paid to eat>pl yeea of this Agency who are being returned from overseas on hoses leave a l FCS transfer to Headquarters providing there is appropriate authority fox such payment in the transfer orders and providing consultation is held prior to the employee's assumption of his duties in headquarters pursuant to his new assignment". 20 Paragraph 3 of Attachment A sets forth a criteria to be used in authorizing per diem allowances at Headquarters during the debriefing period,, 3. It is requested that you bring to the attention of the Chief or Deputy Chief of the Finance Division for conaidex?ation and approval, an cases which cannot be handled within the limitations cortained in Attachments A and B. Fornrly: FDN #o69 (Aco83) DDC Ofi1G COMP opt TYPE o OSiG CLASS Pa1GkS jiLV i;LA SQL--- JUST .t/ 6,11 tUv a.0 /Q A001- ?1t 1-3-2 A(y R? DATE By 018-U _5 DENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Q J1 A A F F2 I 0570007000 Q ' r pprove a ease - ATTI ENT A 0 v P I NOW IAEM0i 1DUM rOR: Deputy Director plans) Deputy Director Intelligence) Assistant Director for Personnel Assistant Director for Communicatione Director of TraLaing E?1-#0281. W J September 1954 SUBJECT z Per Diem AUo an a During Headquarters Deb~sviefing Period for Egaloyees Returning from Overeais for Home Leave and PCS Traszafer to Washington lG A discussion of the above subject by an Assistant General Counsel has been reproduced and is attached for your information. 2, T1 ss office will take the initiative in foxmulation policy in this connection and ultimately publishing it in an appropriate sago 1, Until such time as formal publication and distribution can be accomplished,, it is desired that the following criteria be used in authorizing per diet allowances for the purpose outlined above: a0 Travel orders should not, a a rou rp provide a period for TAY and debriefing, but should require T1IY at head- quarters only when debriefing is essential prior to expiration of hone leave, b. When it is essential to require such TDY, it aho.ld be limited to the minim= necessary Body in ashy event, act exceed 10 working dayssa c, Pending the for .ation and publication of additional information on the subject, it is requested that you tring to the attention of this office for consideration and approval those cases which cannot be handled within these Jimitatirni o L. K. W12TE L. K. WEITE Deputy DLrev for 1,( i stre.titen) Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fd1' elease 200pA1/4%ffit ATERPd 57~PA0007000 L4 CONFIDENTIAL special Assistant to the DD/A 10 September 1954 SUBJ JT : kr Diem Allowance During Headquarters Debriefing Period for Employees Returning from Overseas for Roane Leave and ECS Transfer to Washington REFERENCE : Memo, dtd. IS Aug. 54,, to SA/DD/A fr OGCa, same subject 1. You will recall that, in the referenced memorandum, this of'ice dealt with the question of whether an Agency employee who was being re- turned from overseas for home leave and EM transfer to headquarters could be allowed per diem for a period of debriefing and consultation in head- quarters prior to his going on home leave,, In paragraph 2 of that mem- orandum, we took the position that per diem was not allowable in these circumstances. We based this opinion on paragraph 46 of the Standardized Government Travel Regulations and on the well known rule in Government that per diem in not payable at a permanent duty station (5 Comp. Gen: 874 (1926); 24 Comp? Gen. 593 (1945)). 2:, Since the date of this memorandum, a decision of the Comptroller General has come to our attention which, contrary to the general rule, would appear to authorize payment of per diem in the cited circumstances In 31 Ccmpt. Gan. 439 (1952) the Comptroller General passed on a similar situation posed by the Department of State, In contending for the pay- ment of the per diems the Department cited Section 103460?() of the Foreign Service Regulations which authorizes payment of per diem to foreign service officers who are being returned from overseas for hcame leave and transfer to the Department in Washington and, were called into the Department for consultation prior to their going an home leave and prior to their as= sumption of duties in Washington. On page 440 of the opinion, there is stateda n- & A: "'the case here involved may be distinguished from those in the decisions referred to, and others falling within the scope of the general rule, since under the administrative practice des- cribed . . O . . . . the employee?s presence in Washington for consultative purposes is not related or incident to his asaump tion of permanent duty at that place upon cc letian of his statutory leave, it being evident that he would be required to report for temporary duty in Washington regardless of whether that city was to be his future permanent station or not." CIts, INT~P 1NL+L ME ONLY U I ENT IAL, Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Iq DP 8 000700030001-9 G C~A Approved Fri 'Release 2001/ g/Sw RI~1~ ~E W04 We add that,, while the Comptroller General took no specific position in the length of time for which the per diem was authoriz ds, it was the practice of the Department to authorize it-. "for a period not to exceed five working days unless the period extended into two work weeks in which event per diem was authorized in the intervening week end," (31 Coaapo Gen 439) 3. For sow time past,, it has been the policy of this Agency to have employees who are returning from overseas for he leave and transfer to headquarters come to headquarters for debriefing prior to their going on leave. Per diem has boon paid for these periods uader the authority .of reof, and 25X1A.. .predecessor rs csaso 4. On the basis of the foregoing, ,'it is the opinion of this office that per diem for the periods of conattltation in headquarters mny be paid to employees of this Agency who are being returned from overseas on home leave and R Z transfer to headquarters providing there is appropriate authority for such payment in the transfer orders and providing consul- tation is held prior to the eeepllo ee ? a assumption of his duties in head- quarters pursuant to his new assignment, As for the length of time for which per diem should be allci edp we believe that the cited practice in the State Department is an adequa4e guide, To the extent that this mom-- or um differs in substance from our memorandums of 18 August 19549 you .may be guided by this one. CIA INTERNAL t E ONLY Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 WIM Uf Il 1 1[11.. Approved Fo elease 2001/O8 78-0574U000700030001-9 FINAI E DIVISION NOTICE: 37 ?i July 1958 SUBJECT: Recording of Refunds of Operational Advances Reference is made to change #3 of the Manual. of General Ledger .Accounts wherein it was provided that all funds advanced to or tr*nsfferred to projects (other than proprietaries) will. be recorded as allotment expenditures It has been determined that the principle governing refunds of advances shall conform to that prow.dod in Budget- Treasury Regulation No. la Section 21 iaeaa as appraprittti refunds. Accordingly8 it is requested that the account description appearing on page Eleven (11) of the Manual of General Ledger Accounts (Account 142,2) be extended to provide: "Credits representing refunds of unexpended balances cf advances will be treated as appropriation refunds. The refunds vin be recorded as reverse expenditures to the allotment account from which the advance was monde:, " AActing Chief fl Finance Division Formerly: FDN # 582 (A?72) 'Ft Rj.V Cec'1 --- GASE75~- TYPE -YL----- GRIG c6 hp opt ?AGESRY CLASS _~--~ GRIG GLASS NEXT 6EV -~=f"` AUYHI Hil 19?>r JUST r DE I CO IAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fo lease 20 1W i U-94L74%W00700030001-9 *%we Fin= DIVISION N'OTUZ: 56 11 July 1955 P_ Memorandum for the Recordr dated 28 Janusa~y 1952,, riga-d by the Executive Assistant to the Director,, is quoted below: rt The Project Review Committee at its meeting at 25 January 2.952 directed that any amendment to a previ.r ly approved project must be approved by the PRCO This will include additiona.'!. expel i.ture even though the asses t of such expendittre does not, exceed $25,,O0O Om Fos riy ? FDN #328 (A?42) ~t4Q GOC V ,!V COTEO t By PRIG COMPOPI TYPE OftIG CLASS -V P 3?S fl-'V LLuSS JUST ti~ 11LAT R.v 0 C) AIiTH: Ha 10.2 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For fiease 2001/ X78-05747WO0700030001-9 FIN& EE DIVISION NOTICE.- 55 11 July 1958 $ CT : Official Entertain nt Exgenaes of Directore and their assistants (not Assistant Directors,, CIA) EP=WE: randum dated 7 August 1951 (ER 2-Oo55) to the Deputy Directors from the Director of Central Intelligence. All Certifying Officers arld all other Finance Division epiy'eea 'Who have official duties to perform in connection with the above subjects should read and keep on band a copy of referenced memorandum. (CER 2-W55). Questions regarding this subject should be re:ferr ed to the Chiefs Fiauice Division. Formerly: Fla # 237 (A"24) 995 apc 3 _ REV CATEO~ L BY a ORI~i cLMP ____. c -- TYRE -~~.---- oKnG UL~ss S__ Ya4ts L_]W_- k V GLASS _~_-- JUST _ KgA1 REV D4Q--- aUTHI HR 10.2 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 CONFIDENT11 AL Approved Forlease 2001/08/29: CIA-RDP78-0574700700030001-9 "0-e FAME DIVISION NOTICE as 53 SUBJECT a Travel and Operational Advances 25X1A R FE,C MEa 11 July 1.958 1. It is evident that in the past advances have been made without adequate explanation on the Request for Advance forma Such general statements an "operational reasons" and "operational develc ?pment" should not be considered as adequate information. Specifically g c?ach Certifying Officer should ascertain the exact reason for which the advance in requested, i.e.,, (a) are the funds to be used for payment of compensation to agent; (b)' for agent expenses- (c) for staff case officers travel in connection with (a) and (b). Also, the Certifyin ; Officer must ascertain if the amount requested is not in excess of the required aount to acccV31sh the mission. 2G The time element regarding the accounting is also extremely important and it is desirable to impress upon the indivri .1 that an accounting for the advance must be made in time to . co foras to the esta lir i due date for such accounting. It will be the rasporkeibility of the Approving Officer to make sure that a a realistic due date is shown on the Request for Advance. In none instances, a stiff case cfficer will request a travel advance and an operational advance on the same document, which m be entirely in ordero and if a bro inva of the vigure in not furnished he should be requested to furnish m before th"; advance is given. 30 Attention is invited to the fact that advances foa? procurement of supplies a equipment am prohibited by regulations ua;F.sea prior written approval of the Procurement Office is as hand o A r,eglaaaest for an advance covering the proou meat of materi&I not having such concurrence should be refused and the requesting officer advised ,to dii eat a requisition to the Procurement Office. Acting Chief9 Fifl nce Division ~-1~- --- Formaemrtly: FD #244 W29) CRIG I MP 3r UP, TYrg ?r cuss GR1G CLASS _.~-- FA:+ 5 R IV atiUTH: Hal 10.2 lacXT fl.V rUN FIDENTtAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fo lease;001/08/29: IA-RDP78-0574v"f 00700030001-9 FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE NOS 52 U July 1958 SUBJECT: Procedure for Handling Spoiled or Voided Checks Effective immediately the following procedure will be used in the handling of spoiled or voided checks: a. All spoiled or voided checks, whether entered on the books of record or not, will be retained by the issuing Branch or Section until the end of each month. b. In those instances where checks are voided after having been entered on books of record, it shall be the respon- sibility of the issuing Branch or Section to immediately make all adjusting entries necessary and to clearly state the action taken on each such voided check. c. At the end of each month and after having complied with sub-paragraphs a and b above, all spoiled and voided checks will be forwarded by memorandum, referencing the appropriate bank account, to the Industrial Contract Audit Branch. Acting Chief, Finance Division FP ar]y: FD #212 (A,..28) Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 }}f ?Z.f Approved For'Iease 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747 00700030001-9 csoc . e~ narE o GRIG ewip 7 JUST hG S - ELV LU SS 1 . 1 'V HEY FINANCE, DIVISION NO ICE NO,, 51 MEMORANDLE M: All Finance Divie aoa Peron SUBJECT : Th ty Of ficam P The rea:i.gzats~sd duty afficer w-13-1, } cri s irxi-dy duty for this entire e k ' icat",ed , T h e r o m . & 1 tr y - of d r .v is R ( C) W d - 3n to 0830 th3 f a l l . r x ; Hadn a L' ept fo ? a3~x, t *~ f," .tx be Perfo : On tw. dy~ the d?3f ' ?*,^ficer kr'L:. br ctaat a.c d in Room 1036 Alcott M-1, bete en ihcu:?c. ~)f 0900 . Z1 'J. 100 w r , ~ ooo .r vol v d by the officer or, thx y in Office o:! - 1x.-.- G' ax ~4?r :a?.exar? Upon ref !, o after 1300 houro,, thn duty o.: I f tcer nwil: duty at hi a 2 i ien ass d. as duty offloerl, it, is z:sx ,torn -rh*t the ass d o: f'icer re? wwi at ho ,t en thr, ~:::uM s of (3 j ir-o VIM % oxi SundtV, and/or 1140 .days . During g nin, .= ?%q if tip d ity yzf'f' i.0s3x? 25X1 A fixu1a it x :cesaary to be aa---mur fr. 1 A ? oa? s v ~s`toi l d , L 'y to tel. Vb3xre the '(I' ividuai may be r;R *acl .=.e' a If t; ere W50.1 ba s O :m at h ;,a to duty offi_eer Should cat:_ t i k.. = xj,,jr tcb O ?f:_cer and adviae him of t 1w. number at ii1 uh he rre,,y b:. r ic1mci th4 .asp ~ he t iU ro,'t'urn ar be a it eble at M.-, . h owe E { r, 3, A duty off is ^r f:i.l? contaiiiu : g :,: ? e .tir 5 s for tip a bu t;a lth g of cash fora rgency disbur ent , and inff t :! ?F.tin for car t aet:.n; key rsonm-1 of the .nance Di si i. has be :~: r 4r a d., `.Xis f ilo should be obtained f'r the Office of tb3 Fir?fanee Y iviisic n. during rkJm3 hours of the day on which duty b gire and a-hwA.d be ret uci , p y upon octar ation of the a`astF,,r d -a.r of duty, ttv citxt,~r officer should tern the frame coznta:.iiinrg his 1nmtructiorte In his o'fi.x ma-fe during hi a period of duty, In care the dit>y offiv,,ar- is unable to amply with a st for ?i; x?aene7v rarvr?iea or xa r m advice nn . official r atter?, he ahcul.d eo:at et -e ha i. r, :ieraijae l ar crab Oth.4;3a.r?acn 1i ted In the duty officer 11 , as s :Ea.'lai. ers a.taiop: i,at . 4., The a.r aig a nt~yof duty offi ars i1 i.3 fulaoun d b;7 :s x ..b ratti ';G3rinth aferoncead to gwi s .5 ati : r. Foiiir 1riy$ FO #601 (A-77) Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/ DOD REV DATE BY (I899 5 ORIG COMP -.IV- DPI _ _- TYPE DIG CLASS _5- P;.G S ],e-' Rz-`d CLASS S JUST 1 zi(T REY 4AUTHI HR 10.2 FADE DIVISION NOTICE NO. 49 SL=CT: BuildlrAg Evacuation Fersonwl 9 July 1958 I, This Notice Bupercedea Fixince Division Notice No. 803 (A-104) dated 21 December 1955. All ap1o reel of the Finance Division ill familiarize the .selves with the instructions given in Parts I and II of the CIA l3 iildl rgeney Plan wtd be gulded accordingly. ?,. Attached is a current list of person n1 assigned duties as Area S paervisors and Aiternat& a for the Finance Division. The persons listed are re mwible for the pis indicated. 25X1A Attach nt 78-05747A000700030001-9 o'NoDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fot%Pblease 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-0574W00700030001-9 a 8 July 1958 FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE NO. 48 SUBJECT: Llinutes of Deputy Director (wort) Staff 'Meeting, 22 August 1956 There is quoted below a mo aidtm fc.~? Ccptrollerfl dated 4 September 1956, signed by Acting Deputy Director (Su. po:-t): v, '.. Regarding paragraph 4 of subject minute it appears that General Cabell P e Office would li to have a copy of 2MUtIMx- sent to the Directors G 'five, whether for infortc+ation or action., 2. If the paper going forward to the DCI iv being transmitted for irafotieno?~~ a co? is 3. If the paper requires action,, DDCI is a;.ded to the distribution and he wAll receive b.1v vopy ti a the Director has signed as either approving or di?S? approving 4 The above instructions &-M app: ,4- even hi s General Cabell is Acting Director of antral Intelligence 5. As to attachments,, if there is an extra copy of such a document they would appreciate having i`Y, attached to the copy for the DDCI. Han e' r,, if there is none available, it will. not be nec3ssary to mate one especially for the DDCI as General Gabel:l can always borrow the attachment to U ,-b Dire c .ores cOWW ? (aired) H. Gates Lloyd. H. GAM'S LWYD /'Acting Deputy Directo.' (support) Chief., rM nce D.ivisi in F - rl7: FD # 8920 A-128 S 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For'R lease LQ4, CIA-RDP78-05747f-9'b0700030001-9 VOW V DAME ION NOTIt , 0. W y 1958 Si1C 's CdUsetiom o:c Salary, ftiicsmx zet D fbxe, .. 1, e? :. ()?a?r & i The ?oUowiW, ppoceeet a .:i lbe obaer ed by T , D::wi io .i in it l ,Ieetion of a-mrpa rnente of maj&rr, a l.cKjjU LL =at , a "`. - '4ii.Jii: ?.?~aife?R i. "i~?, Yf?satiY i..CfEFAte,H XI ..:.;Y". n, S Y S (l. Collection Witt be effect; by ded i n Of 147 ?t ;X 7t pay- able, by Iluad"Au"'?"rt ,. e on the tl x at -8yT ?~0U. ` m y , by ~l~d 8'ra?ffaY1~S[~~k'?e 1a & b1ia de (2) The employee ci-r agent wti:i. be motif ed by dispatch or Cum,, .: .t o :.y with the dedue4aa Lcrticn.; of the ac-t .a n takwa wx tbB x n o= therefor. Lao Pa oU CCbaswa w M "Iect e accif taker. and w1:1 traanwitted cxtidm >x := t a ti ~ ;3. r br, owe clazz oX thm i, .?lad aj k'}l`lcwd (i) Collectio w211 be effeete l by do ,ti on on tb b t u x~, xxz (2) In addition to relseazv erg' nrn e L Fa;i 1 Ch?i o ieo the ei pl.oyeo or s e a t be notified b y dispak wh or . e m r a r u m d u a a six ;~aemutly VLVa the deduction aition, of t aut- n -b ken F d the :veil MI MI the fox.. ynnto ./amc .vt to Ilo C;20, L~ Discovered i .Mer th IS IT-, Thas (1) imed-t8tely upon dote r in' Lion that an oyar :q~r yii; has o C': x1, the envlojeo or aten will be nc.+ti.?'itxl o'f t"aa as rpaymW', by die*.; :ateh o: aaemoraa..' over the .g tune of Chief, i wire Divi?xic a. The i catice of overprx nt .a ~ey~y~ (a) Sot fowrth. f tU d vtaayl.("q of v h3. ow 1~_, tma' ua aV.~"i ~th of eac aiatii g hc. ?xdlii/ifLE. ,.,, ("o) l qne M -fund of tit f LU rXn m, a ; TL-VMjii jai. c y day f c ` + date of t x iee o (c) :.:+ri tb; if r r M"1. in or x..43. rY ' I t th e pit CA, a isanent, i* not oacei;J ed :-iris c rag fvom th date ,cdC cUL,,!~? at*t or mm a a. t tba- c rt og 4-ja fx~e :_xlL1Qu; r ,. be dey event, W. in November 1952, according to the CIA efficiency -- *" DMF1DENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 ERs .. _ce #25 Approved For Release ?F CF=1 -RDP78-05747A007~'~bdO1-9 '%' eport of that date, recorded a change in his legal address to California. 25X1A See in this regard Comp. Gen. Decision D=129287, October 25, 1956, which holds that when residence is incorrectly indicated in personnel documents the may be corrected. Thereafter in 1954, subsequent to PCS duty in he was authorized and performed hie leave travel to California. Although that travel was under the CIA Act, which does not limit leave travel to the place of actual residence, it is nevertheless another link with California and contributes to the pattern of continuing association and connection with California. In 1956, he was in Washington on TDY and at that time requested and was authorized leave travel to California. upon 25X1A conclusion of the -tour, the travel which is now the subject of question. 114. We think.the expenses here, if otherwise proper, may be allowed. Mr. (a c) had had only brief assignments in Washington during his several years with the A ency and the Washington assignment frimi which he was trana- 25X1A ferred to-was for only 7 months. The Comptroller General has ruled that the place of actual residence at time of transfer is not always the place from which transferred and that ?the law does not restrict the payment of hcme leave travel expenses to that place v. (35 p. ? 101,103). In that case the individual was hired initially in Boston from his Rhode Isla hcme and thereafter served for several brief periods at different places in the United States, the final post prior to an overseas assigrmient being in Kansas City; the Comptroller General accepted the determination of the 'apartment involved that the place of actual residence was Rhode Island and ted the depaartment?a statement that the employee ?has no interest in the station from which transferred?. In anther case, of an individual living in Chattanooga,, who was recalled into active duty with the Navy and assigned to Washington and upon release by the Navy, employed in Parma by the Pana> Canal Company, the Comptroller General authorized. payment of travel from Chattanooga and noted that upon leaving Washington, the individual coed his residence ?with no intention of resuming residence theree (B124492, September 21, 1955). In I-129287.(mentioned in paragraph 3 above), in which the Comptroller General permitted correction of personnel documents in order to show the correct residence, the situation had important similarities with the (- ') case (although there are also some differences). The Individual had resided in California from 1918 until October 1950. At that time he was transferred to Arkansas and on October 11, 1952, to Washington. On December 29, 1953, he was transferred overseas pursuant to an employee agreement which recorded his place of actual residence as Clifton, Dirgiiia, which was the place at which he lived for two of the 16 months he was stationed in Washington. Here also the mother and other family continued to live in California; only a few months were served in Washington; and some personnel documents did list California as the legal or voting residence. "5. None of these cases, we think, precisely parallels that of W. but they all reflect the liveral attitude which a representative of the legal staff of the General Accounting Office advises us the Comptroller General has towards the Act. An emphasize the temporary nature of the assignment to the ,n1ace from which transferred and the lack of association and connection with mat place. Yr. (- =) travel would appear to be within the spirit of these SIMIft"M Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 " ~^ :e ~ C F E T L A L Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05740070000001-9 mho The foregoing and the decisions cited above of course would not mean that there would not be other cases in which travel could not be approved. Indeed, it could be that in subsequent years, after other and lengthier assignments in Washington, Mr. (? ? ) also might not qualify for leave travel to California. That is, his circumstances could so change that his association or connection with the Washington area might well render Washington the place of actual residence. We would suggest, therefore, that steps be taken to assure that employees' requests for his leave travel be approved by headquarters, and not only the area division, in advance. Assistant General Gounsel. 11 Chie , e v a on 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Reldill 64 ~ RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 20 August 1957 FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE NO. X24 SUBJECT: Home Service Transfer Allowance-Temporary Lc4ginng Portion 1. The question has arisen as to wi ther, in the opinion of the General Counsel, payment of the temporary lodging portion of the home service transfer allowance is proper under the following circumstances. 2. Upon reassignment PCS an Agency employee, together with his wife and two children, both under eleven years of age, occupidd a furnished room in a house owned by a relative for a period of 33 days. For this he paid his relative the sum of $150. This employee has now confronted the Agency with a claim for this amount, alleging that the sins is properly reimbursable as a toWerary lodging portion of the home service transfer allowance. While conceding that the ro m was not normally rented, he si.ntains that its value was what would have been charged for comparable hotel accadatione in the area. 3. In reply to this question the Office of General Counsel rendered an opinion (OGC/Bog749) which states as follows "3. Section 252 of the Standardized Regulations (Government Civilians, Fbreign Areas) the Secretary of State pursuant to the authority conferred by Executive .Order lOvOll,,,dated 22 October 1948, indicates that upon an employee ? s re a align ent payint or tine gory lodging portion of tho hom service transfer aUouance may be made. Executive Order 10,100 dated 20 June 1949 authorizes the Director of 25 Central Intelligence to pay allowances conforming to those granted by the Secretary of State > to prescribe such further regulations as. he may deem necessary to effect the purposes of that order. In the provisions of Section 252 are incorporated and suppllemente . Together, these reguitr'ry issuances set forth with a certain degree of particularity the conditions under which temporary lodging payments may be made, although admittedly not covering specifically the problem with which we are here concerned "I+. At the outset it must be noted that the basic authority for the he service transfer allowance is permissive and is not a payment to which an employee is entitled as a matter of right. Further, it must be borne in m'i.nci. that the purpose of this allowance is to reimburse an employee for the extraordinary and necessary expenses sd. With regard to the temporary lodging portion particularly, the regulations indicate that it is "designed to offset the cost of r and bath . . at hotels or other temporary lodging ordinarily used by Government employees arriving MOM Qq 5 2 KEY DATE BY BOB TYPE OHIO COMP OPI REV CLASS ~- - ORIG CLASSPAGES JUST ti Y NEXT REY.~ 0 10 AU7Hl HR 10.2 X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 DE 4IIAL Approved For Release 2001/98129-: CIA-RDP78-05747A0007 S%19#24 Page 2 In this circumstance we think it reasonable to conclude that the allowance is intended to reimburse employees, within limits, for costs charged for the use of cc rciall"perated lodging facilities. While payments for sharing the privately-owned dwellings of relatives and friends are not specifically outlawed, we feel that the spirit of the regulations militates against reimbursement in such circumstances. We believe that an analysis of the intent of Congress would lead to the same conclusion. The basic authority for payment i .Section 901(2)(ii) of the Pbreign Service Act passed in the lot Session of the 84th Congress in 1955. The legislative history indicates that the allowance was intended to assist employees in meeting the out- of-pocket expenses that result from the mobile mature of their employment. We do not feel that the Congress intended to afford an employee the opportunity, by means of a personal or social arrangement with relatives or friends, to pass on to the Government a charge which, but for the possibility of the allowance being granted, might not have been made. All this is not to say that in order to establish eligibility an employee mast obtain accom dations from a stranger. raver, we do believe that the contribution which an employee may make for the use of a relative?s private dwelling can not be considered to be an extraordinary or necessary expense within the purview of the statute and regulations. Such an out- lay is more akin to that which we night normally expect to make in providing shelter for a family. Accordingly, it is cur opinion that no part of this claim is proper for payment. Assistant General Counse " EMM Chief., anance Division i u E ihL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For el ase 2 *WN~:7fflOWQP700030001-9 w' 20 At g tat 1957 a''I1 E DIVISION N0 ICE MOI 3 SUBJECT: Separation A21os,asaces Under date of l August 1957, the 09fice of General C c , rendered an opinion (OGC 771162a) pertaining to the eepation allaseso The opinion is quoted as toll.osae: A014 Yo nn-luin of 23 June 1957 requeete the opinion of this office as to wboth an ;anployee who arrived at her post overseas between 14 Yaroh and I May of this year, and whose dependents arrived there less than 90 days after thle employee, is entitled to .separation all ovance0 Agency Notice dated 10 May 1957, edvined employees of certain c es in.Sec . 251, .252, and 260 of the Standardized Regulations (Government Civilians, Foreign Arm s) vetting the effective date VW employeev. of this Agency. aks af3d H June 1957, advl std ariployees t y was not in co to with law as to the effect y, date of then sand that the effective date as .to this Agency ferid to conform to th .t laid daaan by the Secretary of Statc.. The revision of Se cti+cn' 260 with which we are lore ' concerned has the effective date CC 14 Ms;rch 19570 Therefore, to the extent that paragraph 3 of indicates an effective date of 1 May for t pA4 section, the notic is error o This Agency do a not have the authu'ity o, go outside the confines of thaw as13. s l1nitas set by .the Secretary 'caf totem We. cannot set. effective dates contrary to the St zad: Re tione. 3a In ssnw r to the question posed in paragraph .3 of =7 memo minim a rd for the rea:sa stated ab6v I g ph 1 of shcntld 25X1 A reflect an effectjob date of 1 N 95ev 2 effective date Ph ou re ec an h 19570 4. Appropriat revision of the two, notices affected by this opinion be i tlatod by this (hffice tely0 50 In a er to the questions posed in para'aph 3 b of your meuati ra duaa iaasss much as .the travel of the employee In, question was performed during April, 1957 her entAtlement to separation alowan s be deter- '' er the appropriate provision in effect at thasat. time - that isr the revision of section 260 et sego having the effective date 14'i arch 19500 Tr~REV,,DATE O BY0189---- Doc - E 1~ ,, csssG CY~MP --2-2L- OF, TYPE G.- -'3' REV LLASS Oh1fi CLASS -,S- PhGE3 - JUST ~y / t4LXT REV AUTHO HR 1al?2 ~--~- Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved ForRelease 2 !!e9lt&-RDP78-05747AO00700030001-9 FIUl1 E DIV ` EMIGE NO0 23 CONFIDENTIAL = 2 Under Section 262032 of that date, separation allce is not to be paid when the period of separation is lase than 90 days,, Tbarefore,q since this employee was separated from her dependents for less than 9D days. it would be improper to certify payment of separation allowance to her," CONFIDE -A1- Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For ease 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747 00700030001-9 31 July 195? FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE NO .21 SUBJECT: Non-reimbursement for Fees and Tips for Handling' Baggage 1. The Office of General Counsel advises (OGC/B=7?00, dated 18 July 1957) that General Accounting Office has ruled that claims for " c?st_of.,_?epa or tips paid to port p or ba a a clerks for 1:~-nd` asn ._bs~ga a at transportation terminals" must dTe`allowed. Consistent with tlse above G u the auth y ,, , to pay such expense has been revoked. 2. Accordingly, the applicable portion of paragraph 2e, is being rescinded. Effective immediately such items are no longer subject to certification and payment. The cost of such fees and tips are construed to be covered by the per diem allowance prescribed ?or the area concerned. 3. It is to be noted that reimbursement of charges paid for the transfer of baggage between boats and trains, movements between two railroad stations, eta., is not affected by the above referred to ruling, and is subject to reimbursement. 4. Notwithstanding the foregoing, charges or tips at transportation terminals will be allowed for handling Organization-owned prop rty carried by the traveler, as well as charges .'ich c aag-any baggage. DDC REY DATE V4/ P /I DREG CDM DPI _ TYPE - --- DRiG CLASSY PAGES REV CLASS L.L- JUST HLXT REV AUTHI HR 10.2 bq- p 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For_ lease 2001/0 -05747W00700030001-9 QC~j CQYP am _' _ ~.,.~.. TYPE CLASS j BcY Cum C AST .--LUl Ago In FINME DIVISION i IteE NO. 19 y1 3 Jug: 1957 S Y Policy Applicable to Certification for y ent of Claim for the Transfer Portion oar . the Ham Service Transfer a nce for Husband end Wife who are Both Staff fioyess Under date of 27 June 195? the Office of Gen ml Counsel rendered an opinion (OQC//'-?7523a) Pertaining to tho certification for pa nt of clod= for the transfer portion of the bmw service trfer e, The opinion is gtted as follows z "l. You have requested ?tr opinion whether ym any gal y certify paymnt claairas for the transfer pm=tion of the F zz rice trannfer a e under the foll circumstances. 2. HUSband and Was. both staff omylpyees,, stationed at to saw areas post are ferr to the United States (ra &ne 3 to Zone 2) an PCS hers at the saw tip. The ervlayees have two chi drena rmployeo- himband submits. M claim for the =xImm entit1 nt at the with-family rate, li.sti the two children as dependents, employee-wife clairs paanent at the withauttfaffi1y rate. You note that the Standardized Reg tions (Goverment Ci Deign Areas) at section 252 dealing with he service transfer allmamen is silent as regards t h e entitle n t of m a r r i e d a s, 3. Section 252 of the Standardized Regukione Issued by the Secretary` 25X1A of State pursuant to the authority conferred by E scutive Order 10011, dated 22 October 194, indicates that on an amnlavmIn rvakamI1j7mmn+ tent of the transfer portion of the hime sere ce trawfor allawame my be a le. Executive Order 9,0100, dated 20 June 19449, authorizes the Director of Centr Intelligence to pay a es conf .iaag to granted by the to ry of State in accovdance with the regulations prea bed by hiss in Executive Order 10 and to prescribe s regulations as he my des, necesawy to effectuate the purp@fts of the Order. In Agency Regulation which incorpoa?ates by reference 25X1 A and supplements section 252, the or and eligibility requirements for this payment are farther prey ibed. And in the setter of allowances generally, the Standardized Regulations define "eaaaplo" as civilian e loyee of the G erg nt who is a citizen of the United Statestationed in a foreign ate" (section 215b). Together, these regulatory issues set forth with a certain degree of particularity the conditions under which trawfor payments may be mde, aal ' adLttedlr not gyring in specific language the issue with which we are concerned fie. Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 _A10P, #19 Approved Forge ea (~ ~A'$19 ff#2pP78-057470700030001-Wage 2 4. In view of this silence we must interpret the Regulation in the light of the spirit of the Regulation and the intent of Congress and the principles covering the expenditure of Government funds. The basic authority for hme transfer aU vane is permissive and is not payment to which an loyee is entitled as a matter of right. The Agency Regulation provides that it shall be paid to "eligible" staff personnel provided in paragraph 4 a. and paragraph 3 b. requires that all applicable eligibility criteria be not. By definition, paragraph 2 a. reads that the allowances are granted to an employee for 6?extraordinary and necessary expenses deemed incident to the establish- meat of his-residence at a FCS post ..." Limitations have then been set on the am unta which can be paid to a single employee, an employee with one member P f a family and an employee with more than one amber of a family. 5. Tn the present case, the employee-husband claimed the amount oit the basis of two members of the family. It would appear to be quite contrary to the spirit of the Regulation to give that same family payments in excess of this maximum aunt because of the tact_ that the wife too was an employee since the fact of her employment adds nothing to the extraordinary or necessary expenses incidental to the establishment of the husband?s post. Under these circumotances the wife does snot net the eligibility criteria as an employee and is not entitled to the alin ance. b. We believe that an analysis of the intent of, Congress would lead to the same conclusion. Basic authority is in section 901 (2)(ii) of the Free&gn Service Act passed in the lot Session of the 84th Congress in 1955. The legislative history indicates the allloiance was authorized to 'assist employees in meeting the out-of-pocket expenses that result from the mabi2e mature of their employment. We do not feel that Congress intended to grant to one family a greater allowance because the wife happened to be employed than that given to the same sire !is ily where the wife was not employed particularly as the first family would already have the PAaa+soaiall benefit derived frm the wife?s Government salary and no additional, expenses need be incurred. 7. As a matter of further incidental interrest, we would point out that Congress has been closely following the granting of transfer allodrancis by the Department of State. As a result, the Department was instructed through the aneditmm of the Conference Report on its 1958 Appropriation Bill to restrict expenditures fcw transfer allowances to a sum which is but a smaU fraction of that expended in the previous year. Because of the Congressionally imposed restriction, intra?vcne transfer s1iU w naes were eliminated effective 1 } y 11958E and inter-zone transfer a11lcranses reds. CAN IDENT1AL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For4iease 20 74700700030001-9 FD Nf--'tire #19 page3 S. Based en the ftregoing, it is opinion that it would not be proper to certify the wife ? s claim f patent. In addition, in light of the basic principles governing expenditure of funds., a claim based on a technicality which takes advantage of silence or ambiguity in a regulation and which would obtain for one employee financial benefit not available to other employees in the same financial status, is unconsoioaaablle and should not be ocuntenanced. /s/ lAWRENCE R. HOUSTON General Counsel Acting Chief, Finance Division Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved Fd elease 2001/08/29: CIA-RDP78-0574 GQ0700030001-9 1w 24 June 1957 FINE DIVISION RDTICE RO 18 s T s Organization and Fictions - Finance Division 1o The following changes in organization +snd functions are ammmeed effective 1 Tuly 1957t ao The Psyrolll, auod Travel Bramh and the Agent Service Section, Operations and I ,alson Branch, are abciiabe4 o b. Functions formerly perfaned by the Peyro11 Section, Payroll and Travel Branch and tha Agent Sarviae Section, O tiom and Liaison ara assigned to the mealy c toted Corot tion and Tam Accounts Branch. a. Functions fay l,y assigned to the Trams Section, Payroll and Travel Branw4 are assigned to the Operations and Llaimm Branch. .d, Responsibility with res ect to rrooessing, recording and fol].os p an accountings by presently assigned to . the PropriLet r , one Etch, is transferred to tba Operations and Liaison Branch. 2. is designated Acting Chief, Coasation and Tax Aocoun a B ranch Chief assignments rein unahangedo !J Chief, Finance Division -,-.-_ /f TYPE aR4S C'CB~P Opl LRIG CLAZiS -C- PAGES ~- RVI CLASS : JUST Ai HR 1J?2 7, V ~ kt R" V ~-L0 -- Alittl Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For,Releas= 78-05747,x000030001-9 vhw 111" 1.9 June 1957 SCE DIVISION 1ICE N. 17 SUBJECT: Recording of 1.955 Expenditures 1. T e Accounts Brash will continue to record 1955 expwditures after 30 June 1957, surxh as transactions pertaining to field stations activities, which hhwe actually been iced wed recorded at the field station level, up to and including 30 Jug. It is anticipated that by 30 September 3,957 the . joity of Clown "A" and Class "B" Station Acc tings, throu& the * month of June 1957, viii have been processed t agb the accounts. A review l be made at this t1 to deteriin the feasibility of fftually closing tip 1,955 all ctmmsnt accounts as of 30 Septa . 2. As of 30 Jaxree,, 31 July, 31 August, asad 30 September, expenses and expenditures aprpli able to 1955 funds will be closed to General Ledger Account 450, is voi , a status of aUottasnt repot applicable to 1955 appropriation will as preps each month for the first quarter 1958 as well as for the 1956, 1957 and 1958 appropriations. In addition, a quarterly ad juetent as requi and by Attaabmnt B to Cosptroller Hoti ce 111b. 24-55 applicable' to Fiscal Year 1955 win be -effected as at the closing of bps 30 September 1957. 3. It is to b und~rsta that an expenditures inauorred during Fiscal Year 1958 a ,nut the 1955 appropriation will be recorded in the accounts as a lapses appropriation and charged against the 1956 appropriation, in aacc a with astabl . d policy and procedime. 4. Su tttal and processing of station accountings sbou. be vigarausly Z'ollwed up to assure that all accountings t1wough 30 June are c at the earliest ponsible date. Doe ---- ., CR~EV' O~TEv zgliu tL''?P ?sV tISSS 6&k-,0 OtA 5 FAu.s O O ptiiH: lift 1II?2 JUST ~-- KIXI REV CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved FohWlease 2001/08 8-0574F,AA00700030001-9 16 May 1957 FINAIICE DIVISION NDTICE HD) 14 (Revised) -'!. ti SUBJECT: Definition of Baggage RESCISSION: Finance Division Notice No. 14, dated 29 April 1957 1. An apparent conflict exists in the definition of baggam contained in paragraph 25X1A 2. The Handbook specifically excludes furniture and other items of household goods and effects. Consequently the cost of shipping as baggage infants cribs, nursery chairs and similar essential items has been disallowed for the reason that such are classified as household gc-)de. 3. The definition of baggage contained in con- forms to I FSM III 124.1 which provei s that the employee may be reimbursed for unaccompanied air freight charges upon justification of the necessity therefor. Such justification may cite such factors as climate, duration of journey, needs enroute, immediate use at destination, or nature of travel. 4..It has been requested that paragraph 17b of be 25X1A rescinded. This win permit an administrative determination to be made by the operating element concerned in each instance where a claim is presented for the shipment of infant cribs, nursery chairs, and similar items as unaccompanied air freight. S. Accordingly, effective imediately, vouchers claiming reimburse- meat for unacoompsnied air freight charges, which may include items a~parable to those indicated in paragraph 4 above, may be certified for payment provided that suitable justification for such mode of shiprent is presented an the voucher. Approval of vouchers containing such justification by designated approving officers will constitute acceptable evidence of favorable administrative determination. 25X1/ ~ ~ ~~? tiio0a 5 coo REV DATED _ TY YPE GRiQ C`:.".P apt RfY CLASS _~- QRiC CL 1 , `5 PAW Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved FckRelease 200 P78-05747A000700030001-9 10 April 1957 FINALE DIVISION NICE RD.' 13 SUBJECT: Use REF. : (a) (b). (c) 1. Recently certain procedural releases have boon processed vtsioh reflected iespropesc and erroneous nee of the.~Wndimataar in that the indicatao' 25X1A was used as a arypto rm for Finance Division. Although time. releases did not originate in Finsuce Division, it appeears appropriate to re-emphasise the nature and the nos to be med. of theme indicator in order that e1125X1A personnel of the Division mqr be informed in the mottAr. 2. Special indicators we assigned by the IDfP to gav+etn the release and tranenmdttal of dispatches and cables requiring limited or epeoielised treatment in ardor to control the diestr2bation and/or reduce the coordination of rensitive and specialised material. Such indicators are not cryptwWms for Agency components and should not be used for such purpose. Reference. (c) above identifies authorised aryptowao for Agency components and rots forth the policy governing their um. 16 Reference (b) sects forth the policy and cira nn statues governing the assign mrent and use of indicators and assigns the following indicators to this Division. Finance Division (General) 25X1A Monetary Branch Monetary transactions except ahipmeat or inventory of on'reucy shunt or inventory of cna reney 5. All scanned are cautioned to become t oreeugb1y familiar with refs moss and to assure that all matters originating within Finance Division we handled in strict comaformonce with the policies expressed therein. DDE -.~-~ RE DATE O_..~ BY 18995 rvPE ~11-- REV CLASS --Q- L+'=;u CUSS a..._ PAGES ALIdI HR 18-Z Chief, Finance Division Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fa ,elease pp~ll /~9Jf IIAB-05742000700030001-9 it March 1957 FIUNCE DIVISION NOTICE W. 3.1 SUBJ,CT: Parking Fees REF. : (a) (b) r orandum fa QL'fice of General Counsel from Chief, Finance Divisions, dated 23 Jaen*ry 1957p, Subject Memorandum for Chief, Finance Division from Office of General. Counsel, dated 4 1 r h 1957, Subject: Parking Fees 1. Reference (a) requested the Office of General Coral to advise whether payment Of claim for parking fees in lieu of taxi fare are legally proper for payment. 2. Reference (b) indicates that there is no legal authority for such claim and thereface such claims should be denied. 3. Copies of references we attached far your information and guidance. In this conxeecti an it should be noted the attached opinion does not relate to the payment for use of a personally aad automobile on a mileage basis in lieu of taxicab between place of abode and ecomon carrier terminals. Such claims we sUowable under the teams of section 3.5b(l) of the SGTTR es0 Attachments (2) Reference (a Reference (b CDC _ RAY DRTfO- F-O'- BYOlB Gi CLASS S R,uES .__ $=': GLASS JUST _ y K-Xi HEY a:iTrli MR 10.2 ENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Far, eleas A-RDP78-0574ZA000700030001-9 JLTTACBM;> TO FDN No. u #~efersnae (a) $ d~ 23 Jav aarY 1957 25X1A TO : Offioe of General Counsel THRU : Comptroller FROM : Chief, Finance Division SUBJECT: Parking Fees REF. : a General Counsel's Opinion 55-7, dated 21 1bbrvsry 1955 b 34 Comptroller General 1.39 (B-127.021.) o 31 Comptroller Genr 1. 1,24 (B-1075th) d SGTR, Para. 1.1 and 3.5B (1) 1. Attached is a claim dated November 1956 for reimbursement of parking fees in lieu of use of taxicab far local travel an official business submitted by This claim is representative of mmerorus claims of this type received by Finance Division which have been disallowed on the basis of the opinion expressed in references (a) and (b). 2, Standardized Government Travel Regulations, as amended effective August 1, 1956, provide in paragraph 1.1 as follaus: "Employees traveling an official business will provide themselves with sufficient funds for all current expenses, and are expected to exercise the same care in incurring expenses that a prudent person would exercise if traveling on personal. business." 3. This clause in the Standardized Government Travel Regulations is not new to the current issue of the regulations but bas been continued from issue to issue for mom y years. Consistent with the "prudent person" concept em- pressed in this regulation, General Accounting Office in its decision B-107504, reference (c) approved- reimbursement for travel by personally owned automobile from employee's residence to airport and return W narkinr fOe at airport provided the expense claimed does not emceed the cost of the usual. allowable taxicab fares in such instances, even though use of the personally owned auto- mobile vas not authorized by travel ardor. 4. Section 3-5b (j) of the revision of Starardized Government Travel Regulations which became effective 1 August 1956, incorporated specific pro- visions for the reimbursement for the use of personally owned automobile in lieu of taxicab in iroumstances as set forth in 8-107504, provided the reimbursement does not exceed the usual taxicab fare. 5. Notwithstanding the recognition of the "prudent person" concept in 31 Comptroller General 44 and in the Standardized Government Travel Regulations9 34 Comptroller General 139 presents a directly contrary view and states the principle that perking fees may not be reimbiased in lieu of use of tsaioab even though such reimbursement results in less cost to the government. This document part of olassified integrated file, NAME CHECK required 1~? -' ,. fl. lM 1 prior to individual classification action. Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fatelease 2001$ 000700030001-9 J##~~ ATr. c ENr TO IDN No, n Reference (a) Page 2 6. It is the view of this affics, that a showing that deviations from naol. or specifically amthorized modss of taenepartaction, routes, or the iaata-renae of official expenses of a nature not oa:tempiated tV specific authorieatiaus in circumstances wherein the cease of action selected bV the traveler represented "pudeut judgement" and resulted in less expense to the government constitutes a legal and proper basis far reimbursement of administratively approved expenses. It some to us that to take a contrary view is not only inimical to the interests of the taxpayer but also frustrates efforts toward the emercises of m?d inn pr:.denoe and diligence in the utilisation of Agency resow'-es. 7 In view of the apparent caflict in basic principle appearing in the General Accounting (Rive decisions, and the liberalisation at the Standardised Goverment Travel Regulations as they pertain to the use at personally owned autamohiles in Lieu of tazicabe, it appears that it might be appropriate to reopen the question of the propriety of honoring administratively approved claims for parking fees in Lieu of the use of ta, oahls. Accordingly, it will be appreciated if your office will re- examfne this matter and advise if claims of the type attached are legally proper for payent. ON F- I E- NIiAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved F elease 20 DP78-057%MO00700030001-9 ATTAC}IJ ) T TO PDN. No. 11 Reference (b) OGC 7-034,2a 4 Marsh 1957 1"YMMDM FOR 3 Chief, Finance Division SUBJECT: Parking Fees 1. Your memorandum of 23 Janu'ry presented a claim far parking fees and requested us to look owe mare into a possible resolution of the two Comptroller General Decisions,, 31 Camp. Gen. 424 and 34 Comp. Gen. 139. The tfrat 'aecision allowed payment of parking fees at an airport as a portion of the Wale travel expenses between Washington and New lark and return. It also allmed trdleege for the distance the autowbile was driven. The 34 Coup. Can, denies reim- bursement for parking lot expenses in addition to ni1e~e payable for official use of cars. 2. We have been unable to find any logical, distinction between these two Decisions and unofficially have been i ar ed that the General Counsel is Office of the Comptroller General likewise can make no logical distinction. Hoenever, that Office again bas advised us on an informal basis 'that if the question is officially raised the 31 CApo Gen. Decision allowing payment would probably be overruled and the 34 Comp. Gen, Decision denying reimbursement would be stated as the general rule under eacieting law. For the time being, therefore, we believe the claim presented with your msmorar~duw must be denied as it is in all respects identical with the factual situation considered in 34 Coop.. Gen. 139. Apparently we can continue to rely on 31 Comp. Gen. 424 for the factual situation of parking incident to air travel. It would appear that legislation is necessary to resolve this parade, and while I believe it would be unwise for us to seek it directly for ourselves, we may be able to initiate some action that will consider this for general relief throughout Goverr meat. cc: Leg Counsel /a/ LAWREME R. HOUSTON General Counsel Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release ?Q E-f f 478-057 7AQ00700030001-9 FINAOE DIM ION NOTICE NO. 10 - Ll/l ", 2 ` :re h ., 957 SUBJECT: General - Employees? Compensation Benefits Specific - Medical Benefits for Dependents 14 Attached is copy of Book Dispatch Tom 184 dated 13 February 1957, indicating the condition and eircumtances under which employes can be paid or reimbursed for costs of medical travel anO- medical treatment of dependents, 2 Approving authority for such claims is rested with the Director of Personnel. Claims will be paid under Agcy / ulations applicable to medical claims of employees covered by P':, ?1O> pt agrap s 5 a(5) (c)o (See G Cog RE DATE OY BY p1899 5 Ohio COMP DPI TYPE 1- ChIG CLASS -S PAGES R_Y CLASS - JUST Na-x1 REV -". Aliffli MR 10-2 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fdr Release 2001/0&/28 : C~ 7 AY6Wr9 NO. 184 - VIA; AIR P 1 Februarv 1957 TO: All Chiefs of Station and Base Y 1WfU014:' Director of Personnel SUBJECT: General - Emp1oyees ? Compensation Benefits Specific - Medical Benefits for Dependents ACTION REQUItED: Advise Field Personnel 1, This book dispatch announces a new policy, effective 21 September 1956, of medical travel and medical treatment for dependents or Organisation staff employees and staff agents, except for detailed military person; . to when the provisions of continue to apply. 2. Pending publication of a regulation on this sub4eot, the following policy is provided for the guidance of respomsible officials and staff personnel: a. Dependents of staff agents or staff employees who are stationed abroad (outside the continental limits of our country, its Territories or possessions) an a PCS basis in a locality where there is no suitable hospital or clinic will have benefits regarding medical travel similar to those available to staff personnel, b Dependents of a staff agent or staff employee who are stationed abroad, and who incur illness or injury while located abroad which is not the result of vicious habits, inteeance, or misconduct on their part, will have benefits similar to those available to staff personnel. The Organization may, in accordance with such regulations as it may prescribe, pay for that portion of the cost of treatment of each such illness or injury that exceeds $35 up to a maximum limitation of 120 days of treatment for each such illness or injury, except that such maximum limitation shall not apply whenever boadquarters, on the basis of professional medical advice, shall determine that such illness or injury clearly is caused by the fact that such dependent is or has been located abroadq 3. Since this proGram does not cover all aspects of medical requirements, it is suggested that personnea who have medical insurance and hospitalization policies may wish to continue them. 4. Work is under way to prepare the necessary regulations and procedures. In the interim, claims for all medical expenses incurred by staff agents and staff employees for their dependents on and after 21 :>eptember 1956 should be submitted for Headquarters consideration on a facsimile of the attached Farm No, 3126, CLAIM FOR DEPEMERT MEDICAL CARE. Such claims should be accompanied by an explanation of nay travel expenses incurred in order to provide hospitalization where no suitable hospital or clinic exists at the station or base of assignment, itemized receipted bills, and statements from attending physicians as to treatment given. 5. In cases involving dependents of individuals under nonofficial cover, or when other operational security requirements dictate, the information required in the attached form should be provided in a completely sterile mam~er, certified to by the empl, and, security permitting, signed by the adult dependent concerned, Attachment HA (1) FarmNo;1126 C0PI Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 25X1A kY/VFINfiApproved For Release 2001/08 P78-05747A000700030001-9 ~L +0 (When Filled In) `- CLAIM FOR DEPENDENT MEDICAL CARE EMPLOYEE DATA I. NAME OF EMPLOYEE (Last-First-Middle) 2. DATE OF BIRTH 3. EMPLOYEE STATUS 4. DUTY STATION DEPENDENT DATA 5. NAME OF DEPENDENT (Last- First-Middle) 6. RELATIONSHIP TO EMPLOYEE 7. SEX 8? AGE 9. DATE DEPARTED U.S. 10. DATE OF ARRIVAL ABROAD 11. DATE OF DEPARTURE FROM OVERSEAS 12. DATE OF ARRIVAL IN U.S. 13. NATURE OF ILLNESS OR INJURY 13A. CAUSE OF ILLNESS OR INJURY 14. WAS DEPENDENT ADMITTED TO A HOSPITAL FOR INPATIENT CARE? YES NO 15. IF YOU HAVE ANSWERED "YES" FOR ITEM 14 ABOVE. FURNISH NAME AND ADDRESS OF HOSPITAL 16. IF YOU HAVE ANSWERED "NO" TO ITEM 14 ABOVE, INDICATE NATURE OF TREATMENT OBTAINED AND REASONS WHY DEPENDENT WAS NOT HOSPITALIZED 17. NAME AND ADDRESS OF ATTENDING PHYSICIAN 18. AMOUNTS CLAIMED S (ITEMIZE AND ATTACH BILLS AND RECEIPTS) 19. EXACT DATES OF HOSPITALIZATION (Admission & discharge) 20. INCLUSIVE DATES UNDER PHYSICIAN'S CARE 21. IS DEPENDENT'COVERED BY ANY HOSPITALIZATION OR MEDICAL INSURANCE PLANT YES NO 22. IF YOU HAVE ANSWERED "YES" TO ITEM 21. GIVE NAME AND ADDRESS OF INSURANCE COMPANY AND STATE WHETHER CLAIM HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO THAT COMPANY AND ACTION TAKEN ON THE CLAIM CERTIFICATION I hereby certify that the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that the amounts claimed in item 18 above do not include amounts paid or payable by any insurance com- pany with which the above-named dependent is insured. I further certify that the illness or injury described above was not the result of vicious habits, intem- perance or misconduct on the part of the above-named dependent a d laim is made for reimburse- ment of the amounts indicated in item 18.~ ~~ f1 C' 11{'j'IA 1YYY (J [ `V DATE 24. SIGNATURE OF DEPENDENT (If adult) 25. DATE 26. SIGNATURE OF EMPLOYEE n FORM NO. 1126 1 DEC 56 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For lease 2 vDb~RIP9S-05743 00700030001-9 T+'Ir3A CE DIVISION NOTICE NO!9 5 1 1957 SUBJECT z Disseadnettori of Policy Legal and Procedural Intern etations and Decisions to Class "A" Stations ~.. In order that. Field Finance and certifying t ficers may be informed Of Interpretations and decisions affecting their area of respvnai- bility, it is desired that policy, legal and procedural interpretations and decisions Of general interest be disseminated to all Class "Ass Stations a 2- Such interprretatio and decisions may arise as a result of questions received from field stations, legal decisions, Finance Division or Comptroller memoranda' etc. In mder that consideration may be given to the general release of such material all employees are requested to bring appropriate material to the attention of their Branch Chiefs, vho will, if they consider general release appropriate, refer the matter to the Chief or Deputy Chief, Fiance Division for final decisions. General release will normally be accomplished by Book Dispatch prepared for the signature of the Chief or Deputy Chief, Finance Divisions coo RE DATEO BY 1$ DRIG COMP ON TYPE BRIG CLASS PAGES REV CLASS JUST - 1// NLXT R.V ~_01a A,,Id, till 14-2 CON U t Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fo A-RDP78-0574WO0700030001-9 30 January 1957 F'1JANCZ DIVISION NOTICE RD. 7 S CT::. Policy Applicable to Thyrnt of Post Differentials. to &nployeesTDY and on Detail to Another Post 1. - Under date of 25 September 1956 the office of General counsel rendered an opinion covering the payment of differentials to employees traveling between foreign and territorial, areas which has,been disseminated to 13 December 1956. .2. In substance, the opinion covers the following points which are made available as Agency policy and for purposes of assisting in advising employees whether foreign.and territorial post differentials are to be paid in connection with TDY and "on detail" assignments: a. In any instance where a PCS employee entitled to a. foreign post differential is assigned TDY or "on detail" toa territory of possession, such assignment ?' is considered to be an assignment from a post classified c. -? for differential to a post or area classified for differ- ential at a lower rate consistent with the Standardized A" a- 20. Regulations, paragraph 115 g which indicates that posts G classified as zero for .differential. The fact :that the within-United States its territories and possessions are n ~e differential for the duration of the "on detail". assignment, The territorial post differential stops at the time of the employeeOe departure from the territorial post and is reinstated on return. No differential, territorial or foreign, is payable should the "on detail" period be for less than 60 days. to a foreign post, i, e., performing duties which involve carrying out functions of the post to which detailed, for a period of 60 days or more is entitled to the foreign post An employee. PCS at a territorial post assigned "an detail" o post differential for the duration of the assignment. Q~ PC$ station is immaterial. MA CL W An employee PCS at a . territorial post 'assigned TDY, for any period of time to..aforeign post whether classified for differential or not s.entitxed to the territorial foreign post differential of an employee?e permanent ;Z~ ' Iw W iq C (Ird FWDLNTLAL L Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved FoA"lease 2001,110 01 -F4DP78-0574WO0700030001-9 FD Notice No. 7 Page 2 d. An employee PDS at a foreign post classified for differential assigned TDY or "on detail" for 14 days or less to a territorial post is entitled to the foreign post differential during his TDY assignment. e. An employee PCB at a foreign post classified for differential assigned "on detail" as defined in the Federal Personnel Manual, for a period in excess of 14 calendar days to a territorial post is: entitled to the territorial post differential for the duration of the assignment. The foreign post differential stops at the time of the employee?s departure from the FM post and is rein- stated upon the employee?s return. f. An employee PCS at a foreign post classified for differential assigned TDY for a period in excess of 14 calendar days to a territory shall become ineligible for post differential, terri- torial and foreign, during his TDY assignment. The foreign post differential stops at the time of the employee?s departure from his PCS post and is reinstated upon the employee's return. g. An employee PCS at a foreign post classified for differential assigned TDY or "on detail" for a period of less than 60 calendar days to a foreign post classified for differential at a higher rate is entitled to the post differential applicable to the employee?s PCS post. h. An employee PCS at a foreign post classified for differential assigned TDY or "on detail" for a period of 60 calendar days or more to a foreign post classified for differential at a higher rate is entitled to the post differential applicable to the. TDY or "on detail" post for the duration of the emaployee?s assignment. The post differential applicable to FCS post stops at the time of the employee?s departure and is reinstated upon the employee?s return to his PCS post. i. An employee POS at a foreign post classified for differential assigned TDY or "on detail" fora period of less than 14 calendar days to a foreign post classified for differential at a lower rate or an unclassified rate is entitled to the post differential appli- cable to the employee?s PCS post. 3? An employee PCS at a foreign post classified for differential .assigned TDY or "on detail" for a period of 14 days or more to a foreign post classified for differential at a lower rate or an unclassified rate is entitled to the post differential applicable to the TDY or "on detail" post for the duration of the employee?s assignment. The post differential applicable to PCs post stops at the time of the e loyee?s departure and is reinstated upon the. employees return to his FOB post. Chief, Finance Division s -~ Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 W I ENT1AL Approved Foelease 201/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-0574,4000700030001-9 N FLIAMF D T:LSiON NOTI(E NO. 6 -U-nio14tp 3.957 STJB ECT z Go o?rai L ger .coot 125.0 - Fm*-,gn 1b?4>;t o Bard :L Of 3. Janus-al 1957, the Acca is jb~emh di .1: d coratix a+e, the 5 x b will be ree ibd,e f' , the naa nter.:.Anne of t -I* tsic .is c ards of the Go 1< Ledget, Acc=t, 7 ign lkmi s on ,. r. Ms1_y the 14tery Branch will_ tam a t -te'L balarsce ,diary racords roflectirig the ta:L dollar w ine ge with t giber of waits wxt dollar -. al ie of et4h ~y h 3. The Acecunts Branch will verify the total ds lls r value shown on the trial bal,s to the ger?al. 144gs accotant., After ,tearIfir-ation t Am trial balance will. Amno# .t "Verified b;f , , dates ..K~.,. .a.,~. ~.,v sa.x.. rsattzc?re3. to the Y=e.rv B^aTmh ti. n Y try Branch will be r"m ,mot=le for the ;* s.1 ton disinaticm of al Infor tion (r 1 reparts t otb rriee) aiati solely to forei s. monles~ DOC REV DATEd BYOlI9? r ORIG COMP _,I. Opt TYPE // vnl6 GLASS --fly PAGES JUST ~-- REV CLASS -~ -- SG_ M.fl REV AUTHi HR 10?S UE. TIAL 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fo lease Z~ IA (~Bi 'I FFRAT-0574riQ 00700030001-9 UV~Yr'UL~Y 1 L 23 Jerry 1957 "/FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE NO. 1\4 5 SUBJJCT: Establishing Due Dates for Advances of Confidential Funds 1. In order to give recognition to document processing time, due dates for advances of Confidential Funds will be established in the following manner: (a) When Notification of Transfer of Funds or Accounts is processed at Headquarters for charge to an individualas advance account, the due date reflected in the T/A will be the date established for liquidation of the advance, except that in m case will the due date established in Headquarters records be less than the third month after the month in which the T/A is dated. (b) When individual advances are made at Class B stations which are to be accounted for at Headquarters, the due date will be the date established by the station for liquidation of the advance, except that in no case will the due date be reflected as less than the third month after the month of the advance., (c) Due dates on individual advances made by Headquarters will be the dates reflected on requests for advances, except that in no case will the due date be reflected as less than the third month after the month of the advance. (d) Due dates in accounting records will be reflected as three digit numbers by combining the month and calendar year. For example, ; the due date for an advance made 11 July 1956 will be reflected a o in accounting records as 106 (October 1956). 2. Certifying Officers will review Requests for Advances applicable to FCS transfers to Class B Stations to assure that the due dates established is consistent with this policy. Exception to the above manner of establishing due dates may be made by the Certifying Officer when information is available which indicates a more realistic basis for establishing the due date. 3. Any change in an established due date will be made in accordance with the procedures outlined in Finance Division Notice No. 733. 4. This publication rescinds Finance Division Notice No. 873 dated 9 July 19%. Chief, Finance Division CONFIDENTIAL ?~s~"M , 6'_ ?SSA' Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 t Approved FdawRelease eURrjDM!ML8-0574Ao00700030001-9 - -11 " on FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE No. 4 7 P= vvvd-,er 1956 SUBThET: Shipmnt of Automobile Via foreign Vessel. 1. The Office of General Counsel rendered a decision dated 29 October 1956 on` i--i a oubject which states in effect that the shipment of automobiles falls within the purtriev of Section 901 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1936 (29 Stat. 2015, 46 MC 1241 (1952) ), as amended,, as well as sea ships nts involving parsons and property. Ghief, Finance Division DDC REV DATED O ORIG P _ sr 18Q 9i 5 DRiG CCASg S'- 0~! TYPE A4-- JS JT Z v PAGES ~- P?V CLASS G Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved F&#oRelease 2001/0$JUt78-057 TA000700030001-9 PIA E .DIVISION "ICE NO. 6 ~bvsiker 1956 SUB T : ID Notice No. WI,, entitl t? Per Diem -- Tr,.- . Between United States and Foreign Loce lidos" Thw- a is quoted below a a ran Mun for Chief r FL ace Division, dated 20 September 1956, sib by Chief,, V3: 'J to subject and its diaca Ana by you eel of /Adrnin, the vxdorsi a boo paTeccri 1. the dons: rate for tho portion of travel occ= flag within the United States. This policy in retroactive to 1 Aii. 1956, the effective date of Bt*re of the Brest C37.c filar No A-7, re- vised, dated 22 Jima 1956, re dlesa of moue travel used. 2 Hmvaftor, the fo , .ow3mg teraaainalor will be used an trave curd rs at horiv:thg tva . between tb, i~ U. S. and F irma, Localities: "Dc? at o rate of $12.00 pear diem authorized for portion of travel occuxTing within the Urit, d 3tatee . 25X1A Chiof , WE Vinanm Division J/fio BY i~ GRC X-0 RE"_ OPI [tRIG COMP ~ GPI TYPE ~ Uh D CLASS S PAGES REY CLASS e- JUST Z/ HEXT REV 2-042 !UT 11 HR 10.2 s CENT1AL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved-Fo elease 2001/08/29: CIA-RDP78-0574"ii0007000300G CONFIDENTIAL FUNDS DIVISION MEMORANDUM SUBJECT: Review of Existing Notices and Procedures REFERENCE: Confidential Funds Division Notice No. 1 - Ameodssut No. 1 1. Attached is a list of Confidential Funds Division Notices and Operating Procedures currently in effect which require review for determin- ing need for revision or recession: The list has been prepared under the headings of those Branches and Units which are most affected by the Notices and Procedures with several issuances requiring joint review. 2. It is requested that each Branch and unit review the issuances assigned to than and notify the Chief, Confidential Funds Division regarding the following: a. Issuances which are obsolete and should be rescinded. b. Issuances which require revision due to cheap in procedures or requirements. c. Issuances which require no revision and can be reprinted without changes. 3. Each Branch and Unit should forward their commute on those issuances falling into categories "a" and "c" above to the Chief, Confi- dential Funds Division prior to 3 February 1964. Issuances in category "b" should be rewritten in the appropriate form and forwarded to Chief, Confidential Funds Division by 3 March 1964. 4. After receipt of the above information, all issuances in effect at that time will be reprinted and renumbered is new series. Obsolete and cancelled issuances held by Branches and Unit can than be destroyed as a central file of the cancelled issuances will be maintained in the Office of the Chief, Confidential Funds Division. Deputy Chief, Confidential Division GROUP I Excluded from automatic Downgrading and declassification Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved.For Release 2001/08/29: CIA-VDP78-05747AO00700030001-9 Sw` CONFIDENTIAL FUNDS DIVISION (Foryirly Finance Division) Notice No. I - Aria lent No. 1 SUBJECT: General -- Finance Division Series of Issusacss Specific - Redestpas a as "Confidential Funds Serifs of Ina &tn . s'? REFERENCE: Finance Division Operating Procedure 5-130 (Revised 7 November 1956) 1. This amendment is issued, pursuant, t? organizational changes effective 1$ Nov er 1963, wher :'by "Finance Division" has been reaemed "Confidential Funk Division", for the purpose of ieidieating that the series of issuances heretofore titled "Finance Division Operating Procedures" and "finance Division Notices" are hereby retitled "Coafi- deeetial Funds Divisie. Operating Procedures" and "Confidential Funds Division Notices" respectively. Finance Division Notices sod Procedures presently in effect shall hereafter be rsfozxad 'to by the new designation and will not be reissued at this time solely to change the designation. Reference to the "Chief, Finance Division" as in itedivid al in the Procedures and Notices saw in effect shall be considered as changed to the Chief, Confidential Funds Division!'. In addition, references to the "Comptroller" in such issassc53 shall be considered as changed to the "Director of Finance". . 2. In the now future, existing issuances will be reviewed with respect to revision or rescission, after which a check list of Confi- dential Funds Division Notices sad Operating Procedures still in effect will be issued. 3. Attached is a list of Finance Division Notices end Operating Procedures which are currently in effect and are now designated as Confidential Funds Division Notices and Operating Procedures. Deputy Chief, Confidential ?undo Division CROUP I b c1uded from Automatic doaagra ding and declassification Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approvedfpr Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-07A000700030001-9 . LIST 9Qr cu v= Z CO I UI 10I7iIS10)t TI>NO ! eut f sttoR 81 m I- 100-14 10-1 30 4 4 Asst 1955 16 Jl9W7 1958 jr woreow 1956 16 Ampa 1954 1 0ctabasr 1938 4 J 19 1- /3 / 7 Ostabut 1936' 7_.Y 14 Jaaar7 1959 1-2 2 OctabdC 1963 7 Jaauas3 1955 _2_1 30 March 1955 7 j 1956 2-3 17 Jamv7 1937 7 Janwur7 1934 3-2 _3_3 k,i6-3-s 28 July 1955 27 aavs 1956 21 Jaaaar7 1934 15 Aaput 1957 2 sattrc 1935 is ftreb I9sl /ate 21 Jar ar7 1954 30 ANSPAt 1954 18 larch 1953 17 July 1955 16 Jsauas7 1954 12 war" 1956 7 s 1936 1 Dec +r 1935 3 Jars 1933 -3O br 956 o s /o9" rV 21 (ktdbW 1937 22 may 1956 25 M rik 1935 i Jr17 1959 S Ostetber 1959 23 $sptarbar 1956 26 S"tarbrr 1959 d Jn1y 1955 1 Jigs 1955 12 s ca r 1956 14 1955 13 1b 1957 15 $ 1953 9 YJ~ 19 April 1954 2 JW 1954 e larch 1954 9 aril 1954 19 Jmiat7 1959 6 >tiblruwy 1962 14 rc 1956 6 Ostcb s 1955 21 F*bVmwy 1957 3 lib 1934 13 3 1957 I-ACTf I 1M1? i 3:.'a& :,ztartie Jea',w"t4 24 m d inactive Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-097A000700030001-9 1-0 LLST C n 01. CONlIDSl1LAL DIVISIOIK VM79=S glum Notices N? .-A-144 19 July .1931 A-40. 31 Jewwry 1952 M4S 4 lieftl -1952 3 47 A-" 24 Match 2952 A-48 29 ipril 1952 A-34 17 NarIi 1912. J 1953 sS A-fa4 is Ss- A-66 13 July 1953 1953 ~--7~ A-70 14 SPtr4e's -75 `~ 8 Dsci~etr 1953 /A A-76 ?/ 2 Psbf wM 1954 sY A-81 27 0ct4as 1954 733 A-95 f TO my_ j955 J3' A-96 10 763 A-9v-' 20 Spt 1935 9 ? t y A-103 X21 Naffs' 1955 g6s'A-106 / 29 Drca be 1955 lww~ ,0s-4~ A-107 '0 A-114' ~ ~9 1~ps~i 1 956 29SS d'94 A-132 "2S Septssber 1956 ( -g.;z.A-135 7 Decel~ ser 1954 7r9 A-138 " 14 Dsca as 1955 19 NOT"d t 1956 ,.Z ._ S Dscadw 1957 ,,Y 4 Nawsieu 1956 2T Nwrewber 1956 mwv -- 1957 23 Jam- L4. 3 Jaouspy 1957 v1 30 January 1937 J9'' S Mitch 1937 10. 5 arch 1957 11 Mitch 1937 -13 10 April 1957 ,?14 16 May 1957 4,17 19 June 1957 i8 24 June 1957 ,19 3 July 1957 t_2l 31 July 1957 ,,Z3 20 M ast 1957 ,24 20 11uSpst 1957 ,-25 22 !best 1957 c-26 26 Mmpest 1957 , 1,40 / 1 7 July 1953 X42 7 Jolt' 1958 AL't to hit lb. i of Coafi4satial Twfds Ditisicn Nance Noe 1 30 AuVat 1957 12 90t sr 1957 L29 19 maser 1937 ,,50 22 Jammsty 1958 v, 22 May 1959 20. Jaw 1958 t-38" 7 July 1958 39 7 July 1958 ! g 1 7 July 1958 7 July 1956 7 July 1958 8 July 1936 6 July 1938 8 July 1958 9 July 1958 9 July 1958 I No bat 1962 lLJuly 1958 11 July 1958 14 July 1956 11 July 1958 Il July 1958 11 July 1958 14 July 1938 14 July 1958 14 July 1938 14 July 1953 14 July 1958 14 July 1955 14 July 1958 14 July 1958 14 July 1958 67 14 July 1958 S Mitch 1959 v69 11 M .1st 1959 CROUP I Excluded ftun suta.atie daea ra if 8 a Los Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approvect%W Release 2001/08/29; CIA-RDP78-057eA000700030001-9 LIST OP C*RRlNT COMEIDENTIA7. PUNDS DIVISION NOTIC*8 gurk" Ane ft t-" T-U i-73 tT4 20 hzp$t. 1956 3 Septic 1958 9 Jae 1959 13 papal 2939 18 jar y 1960 7 2 Map 1960 5 Nay 1960 y,78 16 May 1960 79 20 Jars 1960 80 23 Jams 1960 v8! 25 1lnglist 1960 1 8eptedber 1960 16 Septa 1960 24 October 1960 7 Sweebar 1960 13 VO I N& et 1960 18 Jamey 1961 22 Marah 1961 4 Daciibet 1961 9 Pebtu@O 19(2 27 March 1962 29 Match 1962 t.-% I Nms@6er ?962 GNOUP I Zcciuded from autoestie daragradias MW, declauificatioa Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved*pt ReI CtRDP78-07A000700030001-9 VINAN E DIVISION MEMORANDUM SUBJECT: Recision Of Prior Notices :issc a~ fi _ rry UATIO 49_ eYQ1.89~5 ryi3E Lit Z t 17 el V C:.L35 C/' JUST H-Al dyi ~~~v_ C.y2'is lib 10.2 i.: Attached hereto is Finance i)ivision Notice tea., 2,, dated i tiovsmber 195"i which identifies these Finance Division Notices issued t rirr to I9 November 1956 = which are considered to be still in effect0 To simplify filing art future refer eacing g these have been renumbered in an "AR" series lection was made as a result of a pre.iiceinnryg unc rdi to s b Th e ove e, a revie4,, It is therefore recognized that some of these issuances r in fact be t bsolete or In need of aubstaatia . revi.s lono To accceip..l isb the aeoessary recisions aim revisions there is also attaoned hereto a separcty .rie Ling ve1lec:tiag the particular Bran h or Branches of the Finance Divisi ors mwt affe~',ted by these noti.cea It is requested that each Branch review the list assigned to it 'ee attached) and notify the Chief? Finance Divisin a, Identifying the folelowing a,, Notices which are obsolete and theref,m,e snmAd oea nose.,fCed b, Notices which are In need of revision.. o Notices which may be reissued without chacrge, d It is reques czn:a above be forwarded to the Chief, Finance Division prior to 1 February 1958- Notices which fall into category ? b?' or '"d" should be rewrittetx is the appropriate form and forwarded to the Chiefs 141nance Diviaion prior to I April 1958, It is thus contemplated that by I April 1958,, all notices issues prior to 1? Ncvember 1956 will have been rescinded and, where appropr ate9 replac by a notices in the current series i,., Notices which are not listed on Finance Lziwisicn N tie-e are to be acnsidereti *,a rescinded, effective this date;, We central file. isAL' t.nese oTiue will be retained In the Office of the Chief, Finance Division,, Oopie.a tisld by Branuies and Sect: )(ms should be destroyed. No review is required prior to dustructi-n. However;, if it is discovered that any provi si,ons ax' a canceled notice er?: essental t v. the operation of branch, a revised notice should be prepared far inclusion in the now series, or the material f should be designated for incorporation in a rmisicn t;f an existing Notice or FDOP? In a few instances, notices whion are cancelled may contain appointments of approving officers which are atii..;l in effect,, These n,?atices ar.W be retained apd1 applied;; Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/29: a - 7S d+6 b~33~ A`+t RI-nt ?i a i D1?r4%b, ~ ?,'`xaa R FEN , u 1,~Lr&graph 2 = Eras h, Chief e a; M ;t + on ot y Administrative Office ? cape Cacaticta slid u : sera Finsn: Division S LL &L A LAB _ A-2 A3 A-1 A=$5 A 4 A=16 A-30 A-35 A. 36 A=10 A=5 A=86 8 A-17 A=26 A=47 A-56 A-11 A=6 A A=50 A-64 A-1?3 A 7 8 A= A-90 A27 A-28 A=51 A=66 A=i9 = A-52 A-70 A22 A-92 A-45 6 A=53 A76 A-33 /!--12 A=-]4 A 94 A=95 A-4 Aa54 A-55 A-82 A-34 A59 A15 A 99 A57 A87 A-39 6 A-62 A l8 A101 A- 3 A-% A 4 - 8 A=71 20 A A 105 1 A- A=97 - = A-73 A21 =107 A-135 A-102 A44 A71+ A103 A-67 A. 23 A-108 A-75 A-114 A-68 A 24 A 110 A=77 A-120 A-80 A=25 A-111 A-93 A-121 A--84 A-29 A113 " A-100 A-122 A-91 A 31 A =~1U6 A--104 A-129 A=96 A-32 A 117 A109 A134 A=106 A 36 A-119 A-11,5 A-136 A--3I2 A=3'+ A=125 ~ A118 A=18 A-123 A=12E A=128 A- ;'. 24 Am4~t. Ar=i27 , A=132 A-- 4 A=130 A49 A-131 A-58 A-133 A A-137 A-61, 11-65 A69 A 72 A-78 A=79 A8" C 01 ~ Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved ,Er Release 20M>17A000700030001-9 1.957 1\~ FINAI+ E DIVISION NOTICE #2 SOB T: Recision of Certain Notices Iae=ash tt?ior =c 19 Nov ber i956 Attached hereto is a list of :,-'inance Div i:sios ' vices Prior to 19 November 1956 which are considered to be in eff?:vt sus of this date other notices not ii,ste-d, on the attachment are to lie considered as rescinded,, in a few inetancenq the rescinded notices may, conts~in delegations Of authority other provisions which resin io effect. Cjpie?, of these notices may be retained and their contents applied,, All other revoinded nvti.ces held by Branches and Sections should ~ne~;he~~es ~ethe ~Chief~a~3 s~ceiBieiei?raocm will be retained for reference JJvision Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved~Ew Rele se 2001/08129,0 Fir #16? #173 #1?9 A3 #181 A-4 #182 #197 #198 #199 #200 A9 #204 #209 A=11 #210 A-12 #218 A-13 #220 A14 #222 A-15 #226 A-16 #227 #231 A-18 Disbursement Limitation - Disbursements of over $50,000 must be approved by the Chief or Deputy Chiefs Finance Division Key Money - No certification until Chief, Accounts Branch has indicated that a memo account has been established Payment of Transfer Allowance Spot Count of Cash Imprest Funds for Normal Use Recreation Equipment Administrative Proced Center Accounting Records Delegations of Autho Center 1,tioe #2 Original Date gf Not, cep 6 April 1951 10 May 1951 21 Vey 1951 18 May 1951 28 May 1951 19 June 1951 19 June 1951 19 June 1951 19 June 1951 Payroll Files m Duty Status Reports (to be filed in Payroll by Stations and Pay Period) 28 June 1951 Agent Payrolls 9 July 1951 Project Review Committee 11 July 1951 Renewal or Amendments of Contracts with Agents and Covert Specialists Le 6~ Tnterparetation of the Term "Substantial 17 July 1951 25X1A -- g Compliance" (Demo from OGC dated 13 July 1951) 19 July 1951 Delegation of Priorities Authority (General Smith"s letter delegating to Chief Procurement certain authorities per Chairman, Munitions Board) 24 July 1951 Reconciliation of Bank Statements by Audit Office 3 August 1951 Assignment of Certain Responsibilities to the Monetary Branch o Safekeeping Travel Orders and Travel Vouchers (Memo for the 3 August 1951 Record with Respect to Interviewees) 8 August 1951 C 3~~I~~~ N ~~L Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved FRelee ClVg'!t.i~ ~DP78-057,,7,000700030001-9 VV vv '. Attu bment "A" Finance Division Notice #2 19 November 1957 Former F.D Revised Subieet Matter Original Date of Notice #232 A-19 Allowances for Method of Determining n' amen o os ifferential or Allowances 25X1A 9 August 1951 #233 A-20 Taxicab Vouchers and Petty Cash Funds in Connec- tion Therewith 13 August 1951 #234 A=21 Recording and Control of Key Money and Related Accounts 12 August 1951 #235 A22 Individual Retirement Records and Control Accounts (To Chief, Payroll attaching Now from Chief, Audit describing action which should be taken in connection therewith) 12 August 1951 #236 A-23 Official Foreign Travel of Deputy Director, Assistant Director and Designated Subordinates (refers to actual expenses) #237 A-24 Official Entertainment Expenses of Deputy Directors #238 A25 Official Entertainment Expenses of Assistant Direc- tors and Designated Subordinates 15 August 1951 #240 A=26 Standard Operating Procedure for Processing Pay meats on Sensitive Covert Projects 16 August 1951 #241 A-27 Procedure for Handling Bank Statements August 1951 #242 A28 Procedure for the Handling of Spoiled and Cancelled Checks August 1951 #244 A29 Advances m General Information (Specifically infor- mation needed in Request to Identify Purpose of Advance) 22 August 1951 #245 A-30 Postage Stamps o Acquisition, Custody and Issu- ance thereof by Finance Division 18 September 191a #250 A31 Claims for Lose of Personal Property _ 28 August 19j1A #252 A=32 Language Training,, Tuition Fees and Related Travel (All expenses, except travel, to Training Allot- meat; travel expenses to related proje~t or office) 28 August 1951 ?2 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved F ri eletSs ?+( DP78-0574Fff 0o7,,0M0On3O0pJn9 ?iw>e Division Notice #2 19 November 1957 Former Revised 4+~~ect ter __ Original Date #265 A-33 OPO/OSO Hcusingg 5 September 13%I A #266 A-34 Post Office Boxes 2 October 1951 #277 A-35 Issuance of Travel Orders - Finance Personnel 19 October 1951 #283 A-36 Disbursements on Behalf of Senior Agency Repre- sentatives 6 October 1951 #288 A-37 Travel Performed by Invitees, Consultants and other Specialized Categories of Individuals 8 November 1951 #299 A-38 Proposed Procedure for Handling and Recording Reports from Proprietary Projects 29 November 1951 #318 A-39 Annual and Service C Si om ck Lea missio ve Regulations - Civil n 14 January 1952 #324 A-4O Filing of A ge nts Re ceipts (T/N) 31 January 1952 #32" A41 Regulations Different C ia ontr(ai ls to ling the Payment of Post Unvauchered Funds Eanployees 7 February 1952 #328 A-42 PRO Directe be approv d ed that a by th ny Project Amendment must e PRO -.12 February 1952 #330 A-43 Regarding P ay ments to l llitary Personnel. 14 February 1952 #331 A44 Retirement De ductio ns for Military Staff Agents I8 February 1952 #337 A-45 Control of Ca sh Pay ment Receipts 4 March 1952 #348 A -4b Request for F unds ( via Banking Means) - DD!P Maw dire ct ing 24 hours notice to FD 24 March 1952 #349 A-47 Carrying of bidden R afe Co mbinations on Person For- March 1952 #368 A48 Safehouses (L eases and Deeds) 29 April 1952 #377 A.49 Project Rev ie w Comm ittee"'s Action 7 May 1952 91378 A-50 Preparation o f Corr espondence and Route Slips 13 May 1952 #399 A-51 Top Secret Co ntrol Procedure #43irr'' A-52 Internal Se cu rity 23 July 1952 EIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved NpReleasecIMFID ec eu m ifinance Division Notice #2 19 November 1957 Former Revised Original Date of Notice e453 A-53 Personnel Qualification Questionnaire 11 September 1954- A=54 Handling and Filing of Counter Checks 17 November 1958 #496 A-55 Use of Liquor in CIA Buildings 17 December 195%% #501 A----56 Class "A" Station Ac?ountings - Reconciling and Recording Authorization to Accounts Branch 7 January 1953 #513 A-57 A tson for the Senior Re esentativesp 25X1A 6 February 1953 #534 A-58 Approval of Language Training_ 10 February 14 1 A #516 A-59 Internal Security o Office of the Comptroller 12 Feb uary 195 #517 A-60 Trevel Allowances for Individuals Going from Gerry to the Far East 17 Febr ry 195.3 #521 A-61 Language Traininga Tuition FeesA etc,, (Refm FN No v 252) as Expenses Stateside to Training Allotment b. senses Ovearseas to Station or Project concerned 16 April. 1953 #535 A:-62 Compromise of Pseudonym (attaching TIN with pseudonym receipt or vouchers) 22 April 1953 ,539 A-63 Security Check in ?Room 2230, I Building (Vault,) 7May 1953 #545 A--64 Follou=up on Proprietary Documentation and 25X1 A 25X1 C . -Projects 15 June 1953 5%8 A=65 Transportation Purchased, Cortrol of I July 195.3 #555 Ac66 Identification and Recording of Allotment Expenditures 15 July 1953 #560 A-67 Income Tax Returns, Discontinue direct trans mitta]. of Tax Returns to Bureau of Internal Revenue 7 August 1953 #568 X68 Notification of Leave Balances and Questions Pertaining Thereto 4, Septembmr 195$ (JNFlDENTIAL T* 8-05A000700030001-9 t '1AH Ott h Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 I E TIAt W 9 Approved F 2elease -0574JA000700030001-9 21 1 11a b* hl- t H AN El UC VIA Finance Pkri.sion Notice #2 19 Nuveraera 3.957 Former Revised Original Date #569 A-69 Dispatch team WAG - ~.Spealal Authori= a,ation to Senior Representative to approae local per;?chases up to the a cnt of $1f,000 per live item) 3 September 1953 #573 A-7O Xscellaneous Receipts - Cod tng by Symbol 14 September 1953 #579 A-71 Reduction In Gable Traffic 19 October? 1953 #582 A-72 Recording of Refunds of Operational Advances 28 October 1953 #585 A-73 Use of Abbreviations (don"t use LXI or DD'4X) 16 November 1953 x`589 A-74 Material Received from other Components of the Government 4 December 1953 #591 75 Tardiness g December;? 1953 #CAQ A"76 Cost of Travel,, Transportation and Household Effects (including storage) v Fiscal Your xW Chargeable 2 February 1954 #601 A-77 Duty Officers 25 January 1954 #610 A-78 Decentralization of Followup Control System I March 1954 #619 4 A-79 Training Courses Personnel refrain from presenting questions, information, or apia Ions in classes 12 February 1954 #625 A-8O Terminal Leave Refunded (Ref. FDN #573, Misc. Receipts) 15 Aa~.l 1954 #654L A81 U. S. Done Payments Overseas - Applying to Payments in connection with Stlaries, Allow. auc,es and other Pa s son Servic;;es (Revised) 27 October 1954 #"658.%~- A,-82 Transfer Authorisations Received from Field Stations (Refers to FDOP 3C=--S dated 23 July 3L954,,; however,, present F'D0P 30--8 is dated 3 June 1955) 20 Aug ist 1954 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fdelease 2J S - dP78-057*00 70 3QoQ1-9 ,ajn in> a , e Division Notice #2 19 November 1.957 F*Tmer ANON Np J Revised FDN lkto Original Data #669 ~' 83 = Per Diem Ailcu ce During Headquartare D(abz ief Ing Pe)-rit,Q)d for Employees Retuning from Ov =- seas for Home Leave and FCS Trt nsf er to Wash iw,ton (31 439 (1952)) 13 October 1954 #671 A-BQ #673 L .A-85 L #698 `-' A-88 Recording of ants Rec o Farad by Civil Service Commission by Offset of Retfrsaaent 14 December 1954 P cioessing of Claims %.uider (obligation 25X1A and Expenaditaare of Feinda) 21. October 1954 Deductions for Meals Furnished Agency Personnel in con rec,ti-nn with Official Entertainment 27 April 1955 Transfer Autbori ticn (T/A) 9 Form No. 33 '99 Preparation of (Original and one copy to Field Station) 4 January 1955 Travel on an Actual Expense Baais c Appr,vel by DD/S 2 February 1955 V A-89 Administration of the Cland stins Services 8 February 1955 #701 v A-9O Establishment of Office of Deputy Director (support) 9 Februazy 1955 #705 " Ao91' Preparation and Signature of Une loyment Cow- pensation Claims (Forms E&-931) A-92 Partial Shl pmeats of Hccuseha:>ld Coeds and Personal 25X1A 31 Mars rh 1955 #719 / A-93 #727 / A=--9t',, v #733 A-95 #737 / #7; Designation of Finance Division Authorized Classifiers (Ref J C np0 last # 7) Accounting for Ells Furnished Agents Pezie- trating Denied Areas Changes in Due Dates (No wage for less than three months) Preparation of Posting Vouch-era ;Complete detail needed as to Signature; explanation and certification 4 March 1955 4 Bch 1955 26 April 1955 20 May 1955 10 June 1955 Routing of Pertinent Deazzentaticn to Accounts Branch 3 August 1955 =_6_ CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 ktONFOEN.T1A1 Approved Fdelease 200al4$/29 CJR,;RDP78-057~p0~0~0~70g~0~4?01-9 41 CRWiY~?Ci .?inance ivision Notice #2 1.9 November 1957 orme'e Revised Original Date k"DN BUM-. of 3m. #761 I A-9,8 v 20 September 3995A #763 Am99 '- Mannar of Desi A natin rovin Officers 25X1A pp g g g 20 September 1955 #775 -- A-100 Definition Vital Document (Ref : F!)OP 5.100=10) 28 September 1955 #?88 - A 101 Audmum TDY Per Diem (180 Days) = Tentative 25X1A Regulation Per Diem (Chmg a 2).See 25X1A also Firs 60 days200g/; Next I20 days $8 Q 21 October 1955 25X1A#"291 A102 16 November 1955 #7/94 V A103 Audit Reports - Class "All Stations (Accounts Branch Responsible) 21 Nov?ber 1955 #803 A=104 Building Evacuation Plan 21 December 1955 A105 Approving Officers G Distintion offered to clarify the Difference between the Ada-- istration Responsibilities of Designated approving Officers and the Audit and Coati ficatinn of Finance Documents (Ref : FDN p763) 25X1A 29 December 1955 #805 A106 Annual Leave (Policcy of Agency that Employee to be given every opportunity to use their earned leave) 29 December 1955 #806 ../ A107 Xmpreat Stamp Account (when designated custodian changed account will be cleared before changeover effected) 25X1 A 30 December 1955 # AC5108 Submissions of Approvals by DD/Sa AST,, or DECX 3 January 1956 #810,% A-109 Preparation of Correspondence for DD/S Approval- Subject: Approval of Lapsed Appropriations Charge 20 January 1956 # 1a~ A,,' 110V Waiver of Accounting Regulations by a Contract Approved by a Special Contracting Officer o SOO Cannot Waive Accounting Requirement in an Agent's Contract 23 January 1956 CONFIDENT L Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 CONFIDEN JAL Approved Fdtelease AW&UM laanse Division Notice #2 19 N rember 1957 Former FDN No, Revised FDIC No Qr r Subs d Original Date #813- A'111 Organization of CIA Clandestine Services 6 February 1956 #532 .~ A-112 19 March 1956 #834 / A=113' Delegation of Authority e SSk->DD/S Authorized to Approve actual subsistence expences, not to exceed $25.00 per day 19 March 1956 #840 " 4'-114 / WSHEADSET -- Transfer Authorizations 9 April 1956 #852 t, 115 V Payment of Gash Awards to Agency Personnel 11 May 1956 #854 / A. 116 `-- Advance of Funds for Travel Advances of Funds Prior to ten (10).Days of an Agents or Employees Travel Requires Approval. of Chief or Deputy Chief, Finance Division 22 May 1956 ->a A-119 Computation of Deductions from Per Diem for Meals and/or Lodging Furnished by the Govern- meat without charge to a Traveler (Deduction on total per diem a traveler entitled for the day 0001 through 2400) 22 May 1956 #856,/ A?118t Preparation of Dispatches 22 May 1956 #85? / A-119,, Receipts for Allowable Rrnenditures 28 May 1956 #867 / A-12O Processing of T/A?s m Incoming 2?' Jane 1956 #S68 A-121 ' Numbering of Posting Vouchers - Effective 1 July 1956 beginning with 000001 21 June 1956 #873'-". 1=122 / Establishing Due Dates on Transfer Authorizations- th D (3) D t will b t bli h d th ree mon s ue es e es a s e a from date of T/A (Ref : FDDN #733) 9 July 1956 #874l1/ A-123\/ Collection of Salary, Allowance, Differential, etc. Overpayments 12 July 1956 #875 r! A-124v Deductions from Final Payments Made on Behalf of Deceased Agency Personnel 19 July 1956 ;ONF!DF Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved Fd elease 20 ~b F ~F$78=057000700030001-9 Atta~c~hm hmant "All Fire Division Notice #2 19 kWfmbar 1957 Former Revised phy with respect to the Use of funds fran persons or activities not contrclad by this #885 / A-125 v 25X1A Regarding Transportation o naocompa Baggage Modes of Transportation Used: If travel by alternate modes, and travel is performed by air for all c?. the trip - 100 lbs0 may be by air er s esa or freight), #886 A-126 v' Accounting for Confidential x'onds m Philoso- v 4892 V Agency A-127 Par Diem > Travel Between U. S. and Foreign L,ealitiea A-128 v Minutes of Deputy Director (Support) Staff Meeting - 22 August 1956 (DM I furnished copy of everything going to DOI) Original Date o ice 15 August 1956 28 August 1956 13 September 1956 13 September 195b A 129 Coordination of Correspondence (Between Class "A"" - coordinate with Accdouants Branch Class "B" - Coordinate with O&b) #894 A?-130 Request for Information Regarding Shortages In Accounts of Agency Activities (Chief9 Audit Staff be advised immediately - notice signed by Chief9 Finance Division) #895 v. A-131 a. Payment of Storage of Personal Effects; Personnel Assigned to Ton-Emergency Areas b. Payment of Dependents Travel Expenses; Travel to U. S. for Education A-132 ' Annual Leave (POA " not to exceed cost by can carrier - see Comps Inst. on this Subj.) 25X1A #897 t/ A-133 t; MeStorage of HHE and Travel for Education M Storage #898 V A-134-' Proprietary Accounts Branch now Section of iwl~ Accounts Branch 13 September 1951 I8 September 3 .956 18 September 1956 18 September 1956 25 September 1956 25 September 1956 26 September 1956 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 Approved FdWelease 2001 t U NUN; 4 400700030001-9 Attachment "A" ,Finance Division Notice #2 L9 November 1957 Former FDN Noe Revised NF's oN SPb~ t ti;e Original Date Qft og _ #682 V A-135 Funds Hold for Separate Release 7 December 1954 #683 A-136' Liquidation of Reserve Funds (Treatment of Premiums Paid on Securities) 7 December 1954 ,#7~ 2 A-137 DD/S Delegations of Authority to SSA/ADS 23 March 1955 #799,/ A-138 SOQMFAAT Procurement 14 December "55 Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9 e"I 6) 0% Approved Fd elease 2001/06M!" 78-0574ZA000700030 J- FINANCE DIVISION NOTICE NO. 1 Finance Division Operating Procedure 130 (Revised 7 NovembeY1956) estab,iahed a system of intra-Division issuancos to disseminate to the various eleme.its of the Division informat8.on necessary fos:? the proper discharge of reepcrasibilLties and performance of duties. Info: tion of general interest but ni1t dirt3ctly related to the Z actions, of the Division will be disseminated in tJ=a forma of unnuab#tred memoraalcla addressed app opriately. This is the first of t,?te Notices to be issued in th.3 new series. 2. The rind ~.a change in.orporated into the revised Finance Division C :rating :~rocedure 5-130 is the establishment of a new series of issuances, tt:a 1"Deleg+ations of luthority." Tho purpose of the change was to remove from t%e "Finn rce Di.visi.,-n Notices" taosa items which are not of universal interest t zghoutl the Division and vhi:-.h undergo frequent changes? Each component o'i' the Fi :ce Division is rest ~nr lble for the maintenance of a current record cf delep4trxl authorities within; tae Agency cements being serviced by theme ?ndividuu' issues aer 1956 Approved FRelease 2001/08-I*DP78-057000700030001-9 c. 'Those which are obsolete will be rescinded outri In order to achieve moder ization of the old eeriea as Jr pfd y as possible, It Is requested that the Chief of each Branch, or designee, review exist- ing Notices and submit recommendations respec the recision, modification, or retention of those in which he has the ipl interest, Recommendations should be submitted to the Deputy Chief, F e visi cn, and should be routed through other Branches for comment when appropriate. The initial review should be completed by 7 December 1956. 5. Chiefs of Branches may request the issuance of Finance Division Notices concerning matters fallit ; within their jurisdiction.. Such requests should be accompanied by a draft of the proposed Notices: and should take into considera- tion the following pointa? Where the authority for the action or po!i L under consideration is derived from a superior Agency issuance (Regulation, CFR, Memorandum, etc.)a this authority shall be referenced in the Notice? If in the form of a memorandum which did not receive general distribution, a copy of the authority should be included in the proposed Notice as as attachment. bo Coordination or concurrence of other components of the Agency, both within and without the Finance Division, should be noted if obtained c. If the proposed Notice represents an amendment or a revision to a previous Notice, it is the responsibility of the originator to provide for the recision of the earlier issuance, (See Paragraph 6, immediately below.) 6. In issuing Notices which pertain to matters covered in previous issuances, the new Notice will normally be assigned the same number as was assigned in the earlier issuance, and will bear the designation "Revised", and the date of revision. This will facilitate the maintenance of an index in that holders will not be faced with frequent changes and will not have to make reference to multiple documents relating to the same subject. It is desirable, therefore, that revisions be in the form of re-issuance of the entire notice rather than an amendment except in those Instances where the change consists of minor additions or deletions:. Inasmcch as most Notices are relatively short, this imposes no burden on the originator,. 7. If Notices are issued to cover a given situation for a limited period of timced an expiration data should be placed below the security classification or included in the first paragraph of the text? An example would be a Notice covering a subject which is confined to a single fiscal year, or the expression of a policy which is intended as an interim guidance pending the publication of a superior Agency issuance, %&i"rC1MMW- Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-05747A000700030001-9