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January 4, 2017
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October 4, 1974
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NO70 N0. LOT NO. g For R 19'913TQ8 -i BP7 0 460021 -5 AREA NO. E COORDIWATES su. i PRE61 I!_ 1 r is Tf aV e( j s B I r R F a r o w DAT Of P110T0 JUNC m PHOTO MO. LOT: 1110. A Ri![I1CM fa A roved For Releas "1'9" 9/09%08 C' A-- 1DP78-- U5867A MM wwci i.0. 'P_. Y_c_I K I SI T E._.. J W w M p IN 0 w J 25X1 A 00 H0. O!. OATF Of PH OTO TYPE :.UAL. CLASS. CARDS F CIA 78 -0 M0 0200460021 j 5 Ilfii11 60N1AOL CAP T. Gr O w rNOTO "O. LOT O. O �U App Release T99MD9/08 CIAR 058697AG ..cwt� wn. w J 17= E F7 P A P A i a 1+R 'A i C K S�I.M.f s T I E I E. I -c. 2 i w 25X1A J O N wq fu,. or A DATE Of P HOTO TYPE DUAL. CLASS: CADS J tt CAP f Z$.S_flAD1L46001-_M Z P"OTO LOT MO. A /CeCT ql3( 4- Apps e for LOT 10fT I P7 A N ARKA VE9ZPR� M it,lJ� a SV1J. IT: vV N A T i i._ O J L r p a r' L y 25X1A m e Of PHOTO TYPE no. I S __..T.._ DUAL. CLASS. JUNC CRCS SVLl' o*tTiaQ CIA 7$ -0 _740�00'04600 -5 MW y r p PHOTO "O. LOT NO. a i[[ [w I t C-FIe COU NTRY AppF or Release t?g97b9lO8i AREA NO. SUlJ. SUIJ� T3V SJ. II 41 7 i{ r 1 -R ~L t I T I A R R Y -d i- .R_: 1_KL_s.I rIELE_I1 0. J J 25X1A. xo. of DATE OF PHOTO TYPE JUAI. CLASS. CAA OS JWK A I LLIJ o%^1tfkL1n11�c1 t"'Ij L W70 Amom tug F Q rNOto No. r 4or wo J -440- �crcnc%c `o AppFpjj Release Mb9 /081P78- 05867A00 P A P A s r M. I T l A R A R low� so 15 L Y s aJ DAT Of PHOTO JUNE F E JUAL.. 5 PHOTO NO. LOT NO. A 11t1[REN J .449 r 1C -Ft LE oNTR. A or Release 3'f09 IA- RDP78- 05867A0 021-5 ppX,R CI szF REfl.1:20 AREA N0. SUJ ..�._...._......._._,_.r .I M 2 E P _'A._ P l- A- M I.,_ L 1 I T' I to ._K_. Cs- Y Y J 25X1A SOuREI v GATE or P40T0 TYPE JUAI N0. AF CLASS. UN CARPS J A s ...1 78C.7f.A100Q00460021 givA ORN ONT1NUEO CONTROL AST' R. M10M PHOTO NO. .7 [OT MO. At /[S[ "C[} r couNTRY p o or Rele 9109/08: CI i RDP78- 7 05867A000 2t -5 p VszPA M[11 O. SUSJ SUSJ 1. 1 t 1 AP -LA .L A l_. ..iA R. 1 ...:i N .S :':T L T Y I_ I, ry I. i1 =i i -_E _.L i M V 1 O H f 2 5X1 A M a NO. Of 8 GATE OF PIIOTO TYPE OUAI. CLASS. CARDS Ahppr e6ib ase 1 fl9 /09 0 CIA"t) Q5&6 -7 0MMW4 I.6 ssr cA r c.. r. �r O/ORNCQwtImuzo CONMOL i A F" i i is PHOTO N0 LOT M0. Y �cwtat COU NTRY A or a eas 0 587 RDP7$= 0A0 0021 -5 ezP REM i 7 3 c P A p r,o ins T =o r r f. t_ P_T i.._ 1.,_....1 M UIt- DI" (Y A w 25X1A WO NO. or DATE O F PHOTO' TYPE JUaL "CLASS. CARDS F ILII' ZL JUN9Ap e Fb lea e2I 99f 9 CIA -fit P78- 05867QQ 5 At 71ICAt CAPT. �T r_ o ECwE rahv/0"ir s ao Corr"" LOT NO. PHOTO NO I p fay COUNTR A For Release 1"9' X09 /08 C 05867A00 1a846 t 1; a8E II 11 r i ii r r so O i w .a GATE OF PHOTO TYPE OUAI. CLASS. UAU5 -MSTA Asslr ICA c r' Eaat'r FroR/CMTINUCO,-Co%Tm f A _o. f PHOTO NO. `!(l ;i LOT NO. ra At)tltfrt s- d i.__._ "Y Awf For Release X9 CWRDP78- 05867A000 0fP4'6 -5 SZPR# M G AREA NO t .9E4 P R A l I A. R I N_ T A L L E A N._ S- j -E I _E T 1 I I" r 7 _c N R J 25X1A _1 snu.c[ ae PwnnrwA�w NO. Of rl ..DATE OF PHOTO _TYPE -QUAL. CLASS. -CARDS 91 -C _8- 0585 -7AO- 00200-46 1 -5 CLA!!1ICATI CAPT. �Y SEUKEVWFORN/CONT I NUEU CONTROL I11Ia11I 1 r "Oto No. 96 950 LOT NO. Ar �tttttict "tar Ap Rwor Release T CI I P7 4 8 67A AREA NO. I 99ft9/08 r o i s M t _.._i.. _..wr.._._.._.. L 25X1 A .a NO. Of PATE OF PNOfO TYPE UUAC. CLASS. CARPS -$4 586- 7-AQD80.4MO21 5.. y w caT Goats avas. Comm mom PHOTO NO. r (LOT NO. .A R '.T1 :DUN TNY 19V1VV9lT Fo A1.2CM CA_ I1"A,L. r Relea e199 suu_ 9 G I--C M A P. 1p& RDP78- 05867A0 620%I6Q924 -5 17. ?3 E T A R j S I T j J 0_l' R 1'9 M Q w O r o w w NO. OF r wq o leas AREA NO COO.OIN.Tt3. 141 ,kn A7 r/ su.. 1 to 13 7 so _w y wr r uw 25X1 A J DATE OF P HOTO NO. OP f o TYPE OVAL. CLASS. CARDS GLASS I r l ION 8 CAPT n i i o proved For Release 1999/09/08 CIA RDP78- 05867A000200460021 -5 Next 5 Page(s) In Document Exempt 25X6 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 CIA RDP78- 05867A000200460021 N0TO N0. OT No. 6 41 RfteRrx couNTer i yt pprove or a ea 1 9 /fT8 hecfBP7 -8 A "021 ARE NO. 7..- f1: 1 SVRJ. I I I-%� I Is v its J O 7 25X1A. so 0 0 DATC Or 1.110TO TYPE :AJAI, ft.ASg� NO, Of I CARPS SEn eidlFdrRel a e 1199 8 F ow CL ASS I /ICATION 1...._..__ r LOT h0`.� COuhimY i V 09 ft"gMCf U S S roved For Refe 21,S 9 W-RO 94fi A 000200460021 -5 AIIC� Novi../ +V S S coowa hwrYi ON TAP- r _nnrE r rttnro TYPE pIIAL. k0. OF wO l CL Ass. o E 7 s CAOps .Aff IF iCAiIOM G. Lffi 09 /0 J s CA P l w PHOTO NO, ^F LOT NO COUN 11 [ftpt NC[ TRY -Apkoved For Releas l /08. i-Q 8QqA0 =5 AREA No. r JSYSJ. �TtS L 11 7 F I 1 p r 77 7 ISO MA A L Eh! DATE O F P IIOTO TYPE OUAL. C1A55. NQ. or 0: CAQVS CLASSIrICATION 199 /J I,A- I CAPT. nuw NO. LOT OUNTIIY A AGc a Pic[ A WAaked For Relea e- c r- RDP74- 05867A004200460021 -5 q MICA .NO. su� fil CoorO i. i11 c. L. -{ail s M DATE OF {g10T0 TYPE 26 e or 'OVAL. OF N otocrr N cLss. c h0 wnns rli l lip LABSI /ICIiTION pr o CAP Q8. 1 RDP77v T`AT TO my sr 5:5 f o T LOT Af �rrr rtic r OUN ur r ApW,gved. For a eas o 9f9ms RDP7R QU67Ad00 -5 5 U /V 7" 6 !J 1 M. V Ay' r O r gg DATE OF PHOTO TYPE SOUACt Oi ND TOW A N p CCA55: CARDS !7 ZP LASSirICA}TON y 08 CAPT. my 1rf ice' rNOTO N0, Ar ry11 7 Q LOT. NO 1-- r --A .tr[SCt OUN TRv A For a ea p lA- RQP_7_.8- 05867AQD0200460021 -5 A.t_A ..o. 3fJi7.. coowoi w s $us 43 j 19 7 y 1 GATE OF NNOTO 0 I lOUIrCC gr rpOtoOArN A o T YPE DUAL. h0. Or CLASS. SS- CAR DS /JGt 41 LAA7IrICAT1ON I08 w ZZ o Ltli NO... :r 43 coUN TAY A� ec rt e[ Nci A d For Relea 8� >4- RQP78- 058dA000200460021 -5 ARCH NO; p Y._ .3a lUel. f_' sues. _O/ EJP 130 -1_ I fl OATC OF PHOTO TYP[ DUAL. AO OE sovwC or iHOr'ociN o CLASS. CARDS /iJjt LA!l.1 CATION R /08 ml p !�1^l/JVA.VA CAT: 0Y v x$ Y AL �NOT0.,N0. 1 n LOT NO.- COUNTr Apr -o,ypd For Re lea v CJA- -R 0P78- 05867A000200460021 -5 A11CA NO. r.... aur: 5 ii l1 fr c t,{�� i easw.irr `T Ail s sue_,..-- Y: A f PATE OF P H070 TYPE O souct Or NOT06114 N O O(lAL CLASS. CARDS 7 i i =P: ftl) Qrtt I i t1 lAl3iTlCATiON.'^ el 99'!0 /08 CAP T.. S D w LOT OUR TRY A _ry 1 4 A[ TCA[hCt AREA RO died For Relea r 1- DeZ8:- 058 046002 -5 sums. zo -.w_ y tip...... DA T- OF PHOTO TYPE OVAL w. Y J a w C4it55. NO. of 3OyRtt of !HO'TOCi:N o 0 CARDS n fl 1 /t'i LASSIr1e n C 90 _.../?t 7.4DfiS ro i+ L r Q Z 9 coT F40. UFO rosy 1 t 11 1 AP AC /[11[iCQ ARIA No. ed For Rele v 1 78- 058676 0002004600 .aJ :o.,, !F ,IA /W L TYPE o DUAL. Or �ovcc or riio tocu. C1A55. CAQOS ASSIFICAT,ON rov 09/ 1 CAPT. w Oil .Ca tOT NO. OUNToY -I" {(y R cff*f%c r A0[A No d For Rele Vev. RQ -P78- 05867 0002004600 u'35U ,y.,. sun'. s Y cooRa. 7-- w f f mow M a i so ...nom...,..,..� Y to TYPE ioucc p 0- 1Al. CtA55. 10. p or NOTOGMwN CARDS INS IfICATON 7 0 prove 09/ 8 1' CAPT. Rr LOTRO.. OUN TRY pged For Rel o t c^ P78- 05 a r 7 J D A r OATE OF Pf1070 w TYPE DUAL, h0. OF CA CLASS. fj o ROS J>a IA'ev 1,. LA SSf /fCAT,OM 1 9/08: 1 1 -5= r 7 9 LOT pp T OUIqTxy AREA NO ed For Reie S w 27_ -5 I t U su..J. rc i Al so w GATE Oi PHOTO a. TYPE DUAL. CLASS. n0. DF NC or O CARDS Y. 0 RDMf -I NIAQ j prove CA t, �Y yj z 9 t fOf No. COUN Tit A11(A No ed' For 'Relea 6 P7$ 05867A0002 4600 K O suoi Al ILD a DATE Of:PNOTO TYPE M OVAL, CLASS. 60 or fo-u ci er r� o'rac.ASH_ CARDS mv rove /0 YA G. sy z OWNITRY H proved For R C ie fl IA BP7& --05� 67A000200460021 5 ACA .MO... -2 u9j, KLL`,rN is ^UA� 1000RDf1`tt2 l lo Ai V CN ySJL ill, CCL o 0 a DATE OF MHOTO M TTY P E E OUAL h0. O a V F.. I I CLASS F CARD$ sr 0 PNO NO. 'f _..,LOT NO. Al COYN To w 1 '1 J9'9`/09/ GfA -RDP78- leas P 0 L IG All[� NO. T J�c _(,J _Y u 1 I o Y O so .V. 25X1A M DATE OF PHOTO FIpE JU-L. CLASS. NO. OF =11 CARDS Tl .,cufflrlCATlo proved For Release 1999/09/08 CIA RDP78- 05867A000200460021 -5 25X6 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 CIA RDP78- 05867A000200460021 SI 4_ E1; l ATC or rloro C LAlf111CA`- -.J Ap YR "16 0 /09M 000 0021 -5 R NSEnr cooAO �Ar[s L ii J 1 -L wr D 25X1 A YPE QUAL. CLASS. No. CARDS o i Po /08:1 0. r proved For Release 1999/09/08 CIA RDP78- 05867A000200460021 -5 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt 25X6 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 CIA RDP78- 05867A000200460021 counTer .`7 LOT All[A h s etease `fb0 8 /V' u J. 1._ 1 Zz L j, CJ ro S IL V Pl /OT0 61 TYPE j S NO. or CLAa a 1 .ICATI6N 3 CARDS u ra6d bor e 8 0 `1 proved For Release 1999/09/08 CIA RDP78- 05867A000200460021 -5 25X6 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 CIA RDP78- 05867A000200460021