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September 4, 2002
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? Approved For Release 2007/10/23: CIA-RDP78-06084A000500050007-7 OPTIONAL runm NV. IV W--%..i.. ? 5010-104 , UNITED STATES GOVERENT Memorandum 1 3 .'~ Alt ? Director of Training DATE: 12 December 1963 FROM . Chief, Intelligence School Safety Officers Course on "the Nature and Significance of 1. On 9 December Chief IS lectured to the AID Public Strategic Intelligence." 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report No. 44 5 - 11 November 1963 also lectured to the group on Monday. This is the ninth time that the Cl Staff has provided this course.for AID. of the mee ing within a few days. met with of the Office of Personnel 'I _ P. nronnsal in e apes" on the Two hours 15a ore the scheduled time of the meeting, changed the time, and Chief IS could not attend. 0 has reported orally that there will be on] minor changes In the clerical training phase of the peration. She will submit a full written report 4. he morning of 11 December The Intelligence School has contributed a full day of lectures and briefings for each course. This is one of the many "marginal" services that we cannot continue if our instruc- tional Staff is reduced.) 2.. On 9 December Chief IS lectured to the fifty students in the introduction to Intelligence Course. The subject of the lecture was "the History of U.S. Intelligence." (This was my first lecture in room 801. The room is an excellent lecture room, and the public address system. functions per- fectly.) 3. The JOT January Class loose-ends coordination meet- ing scheduled for the morning of 1.0 December In the office of Chief IS was postponed because most of the people scheduled to attend were involved in budgetary matters at that time. The meeting is being rescheduled for 1000 hours on 17 December. Bloc REV DATE L - ' l By ERIC COMP TYPE .RIG CLASS S PAGES REV CLASS -L-_ JUST 11EXT REV THI HR 11-2 Approved For Release 2007/10/23: CIA-RDP78-06084A000500050007-7 _f_ Approved For Release 2007/10/23: CIA-RDP78-06084A000500050007-7 Weekly Activities Report No. 44 CONFIDENTIAL 5. On. the morning of 12 December Chief IS will attend a meeting of Headquarters Training one-week nstructors designed 25X1 to effect final coordination of the Introduction to the Clandestine Services phase of the January JOT course. 7. began annual leave on 6 December and will return to duty on 30 December. has been missed; she is the Intelligence School's budget expert. 8. All Intelligence School Faculties have submitted schedules of annual leave to be taken between 20 December and 6 January. All Faculty offices will have responsible officers on duty during all working hours of the holiday. Attachment: Reports Approved For Release 2007/10/23: CIA-RDP78-06084A000500050007-7