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December 9, 2016
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August 22, 2000
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Approved For Releas 01/08/31: CIA-RDP78-06086A00010 p015-5 Attachment j 25X1A9a h1EMORANDUN FOR: Chief, '-ield. Training FROM SUBJECT Visit of in 1. I had three separate sessions with the inspectors: the first- 2* In the first session two rain points were discussed, I wes first asked about training- for experienced case officers. I replied that this was a topic Often discussed in various DDP circles, and that I felt that the A er cy ne ded ;-;ome kind of course of this nature, and undoubtedly one day acul~ .rave one.. I mentioned the proposax I had once made for a start in t,rat direction for the fall of 11Q59, tt that its implementation bad no'- been feasible at that time. Asked why, I replied that I understood ca': of Lhe primary difficulties was th of avai ,b 1ity of participant At t ris point made a 25X1A9a signifi nt interjection to thr e 'feet that if he training were needed the DDP should see to it that i's personnel took i t. I made no co irri~ast to this, although to me it seers to be a question with two sides. 3. On request I describac Irri..Ef]y the nature of the course I :ad proposed, 4. The second point was -slated to instructor rotation and the pro- blems of keeping instructor q,_ :lity Grp to professional level. I per curred strong];,- in the present pcli.q of assit ping experienced DJP officer to Training, T c-;+e~` tic -as-s several officers who were well tre here and who received good as ninerrt,s on leaving here as bein`- ttvA chile of experience that sl cu .d !~l tt.LTr.ote1y eliminate case officer reluctar..ceto serve with Training. 5. To a con:iaera-le de~r-:e the second and third sessions covered the same ground. rcrrsic-erable ILccucsion was held on the problems cf training of instructors, the nature c : the (}C, and a few poi is of Mils of curricula were explored uri `2,z b. The point on ~d:ic'r t:. ins tors seemed to show the greatejt Poncern was that of DJP support o f t ainin; and the extent T to w'ricn :~r needs and requirezf `:.its are acpi'essed to Training- t,:rrcu h establis red channels.; Prom the nature o..f I'll yt :,;Lions, I ha,,; the sensa'Lon the inspectors were already= c.)r trrV ac Live role in the day_to-gay nn ~G na z ct on and development tof t' es ore p .,r`,in- Approved For Release 200! Approved For Releas01/08/31, ., CIA-RDP78 ;0.6 86A000100&y0015-5 25X1A9a ing courses. T ,,j. ry responses I po_..nted out that questions of pcl? cy seemed to me to be alr radyy w(,ll tape i car cf by Ir. Baird I s weekly (or c "to=ner meetings with I I "on_;eded the di 'ficul ty of obi ai n:t clear out and comprehens5' ' cx^res _ons of detailed .-JP training ic.cas? o ex- ernplifled by our exl.c,?ierzce with the C:W course, but pointed to t', ur o l; practical problor;s if. olved. I th-n expressed the opinion that 'r Zara a practical standpoint he ;)I. -i er :st.s in training; are best sere . by the assignment c17 1 crsons l_ :.DTs Lr and several of the OC staff Lien bens who must be presumed to ',f E tho_,ou,.h understanding of D)P requir?;ments and whose full. `~ me job `Lt '.h; a be comes to see to ii that the insti~uction under our care r:_cets these i:07;d3. 7.. I made one siiyFPSti o ii which I think would help meast rar3,j '.r1 this regardr-? the appointment as b )P Training Officer a DLF r-_an at the end of his tour on the r0 staff. ~U