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July 20, 1965
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5010-104 Approved Fo'frRelease 2001/08/31 CIA-RDP78-0609W000100020010-8 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MemorandumO1t1 *USAF Declass/Release Instructions On File Director of Training ? Chief, Intelligence School DATE: 20 July 1965 SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report No. 19 13 - 19 July 1965 1. On the evening of 14 July Chief IS lectured to the Institute on Communism and Democracy at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. The subject of the lecture was "The Role of CIA in the U.S. Government." About forty students and six staff members attended. The institute is basically a project sponsored by the American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Education Against Communism. The academic director of the Institute is Dr. Anthony T. Bouscaren,.Professor of Political Science at Le Moyne College and formerly on the faculty of the National War College. Chief IS was introduced to the group by one of the students, formerly an Agency employee and now a political science teacher in York, Pennsylvania. 2. At the Intelligence School staff meeting on the after- noon of 16 July, briefed the group on the unofficial Office of Personnel request for non-technical training of Agency computer users. After some discussion it was agreed that even though such training might be considered management training the Intelligence School does not now have the staff capability to do such training and probably will not in the foreseeable future. Attachment: Reports OHf;N E IN CLASS. El ASS. CtiAr1L4ED TO: TS k;:/ rf ~~ ;rrxj REVII=W DATE: Approved For Release 2001/ Office Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO Chief, Intelligence School FROM Chief, Orientation Faculty SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report No. 19 12 - 16 July 1965 A proved For ;.Release 200l/08 A RDP78-0609WA0 1, . I 1. CT Orientation DATE:19 July 1965 The CT Orientation course is now entering its second week. We have noted an unusually high degree of enthusiasm in this group. The caliber of the guest speakers this time has been unusually high; however, the high light of the week, in the opinion of the Staff Members present, was Mr. Kirkpatrick's presenta- tion. Our mechanical review device was introduced for the first time on a large scale and it seems to be serving a very useful purpose. 2. Special Program for Senior Service School Candidates Final arrangements for this course were completed last week. Several meetings were held with Messrs. to firm up the briefing, con- ference and group participation of the program. Guest 25X1A speakers will include Messrs. Kirkpatrick, Bannerman,, and White. 3. NSA Briefings The third high-level CIA briefing for senior personnel at NSA (Fort Meade) took place on Wednesday morning, 14 July 1965. who has been attend- ing these sessions and helping with arrangements at the A enc side, met Mr. Robert Bannerman, DDS, and Acting Director/OC, as they arrived and went with them to the auditorium as they tested their vu-graphs. The DDS gave an excellent briefing on the support role of the Agency as he spoke using 7 vu-graphs prepared by OTR, and. he emphasized the Agency's unique capabilities in this regard. The DDS was followed by briefing on the uni ue capabilities of OC. Both Mr. Bannerman and were taken to lunch by the Director and Deputy Director of NSA. Approved For Release 2001/0 06096A0001 0002001 Qicluded trom automaur downgrading and declassification Approved Fo elease 2001/04 _ -F DP78-0609Qc000100020010-8 25X1A 25X1A According to the CIA Liaison Chief at NSA, a senior NSA official (who formerly worked in the DDP), stated that the brief- ings are the best thing that have happened to NSA-CIA relations in a long time. While the NSA audiences of from 100 to 200 senior officials have asked very few questions of the CIA speakers, they have obviously been very much interested in the briefings. Arran ements have been made for the 21 July brief- ings, with DDTR, speaking at the request of General Carter. According to FI/D, Mr. Thomas Assistant DDP, will probably speak on the Clandestine Services in general, with 25X1A or speaking on FI/D responsibilities, especially as FI/D makes use of NSA material. 25X1A 25X1A 4. Special Lectures and Briefings 25X1A a. At the Department of State on 12 July 1965, briefed some 70 Foreign Service Clericals and Foreign and the Agency--with emphasis on the importance of pro- Service Reserve Officers scheduled for overseas' duty on the national security structure, intelligence community, overseas to assist 25X1C orientation. 25X1A b. presented the CIA Introduction to 92 Agency personnel, primarily summer employees, in the Headquarters auditorium. Beginning 19 July, this program will be presented in the afternoon from 1330-1630, Room GA-13, rather than in the morning. `official, sat in on the briefing and asked 25X1A if the Agency could help brief NSA personnel bound for =overseas, since he is involved in developing an effective the Clandestine Service mission abroad. An NSA management c. At Headquarters on 13 July, briefed about 20 returning CIA personnel on significant developments in the NSC structure, the intelligence community, and the Agency. This was followed by a briefing on security by Approved For Release 200 ,fflA-RDP78-06096A0001 Approved Foelease 200 60311 : CIA-RDP78-0604GA000100020010-8 e. presented his regular briefing on "Military Potential of The USSR" in the Communist Strategy Course on 16 July, with 17 students in attendance, representing USIA, U.S. Army Reserve, State Department, Coast Guard Reserve and Navy. Approved For Release 2001/08/31 : CIA-RDP78-06096A000100020010-8 OP501UTIOMNi - ALFORANpproved Fai elease 2001/0?ggP~IA-RDP78-0609LW000100020010,-8 25X1A 25X1A Memorandum Chief, Intelligence School DATE: 19 July 1965 .PROM Chief, Intelligence Production Faculty Weekly Activities Report No. 19 12 July - 16 July 1965 1. The second week of IPC #13 began with a seminar on the Economic Research Area of ORR with students explor- ing, via the interview method, the organization, mission and functions of the ERA. Although there are no strong candidates for ERA employment in the CT class, the CTs did get the message that wherever they settle on a job they will be doing business with this important component of the DD/I. The MRA presentation, utilizing the panel approach, was as always of great interest to the CTs, especially since this is one area which has a growing T/O and has in the past utilized the services of CTs. 2. The CTs in the Intelligence Production Course had a new introduction to DD/S&T on 19 July. Instead of a series of one-hour lectures on each office followed by visits to OSI analysts, where branch chiefs usually re- peated the lectures in miniature, one speaker gave a brief introduction to the over-all Directorate before the offices put on their own shows. OSI had a speaker from each division give a 20-minute presentation on the problems and the methodology used to solve them. These presentations were followed later in the day by a seminar session with the speakers sitting as a panel to answer questions for the students. In between, the students had tours and presentations in FMSAC and the Office of Elint. The final portion of the day was a seminar led by the instructors in which the students discussed the over-all S&T picture and presentation. The whole package tied right in with the previous session on research and re- positories--a session which had included the Office of Computer Services from the DD/S&T. 3. On Monday gave a talk on requirements for a group of M personnel who are being given a special orientation course by Operations School. Exctuded tram automatic Approved For Release 2001/08/31 : CIA-RDP78-06096A000100020 10*'uidjae aad SECRET SECRET Approved Fo 'elease 2001/08/31 : CIA-RDP78-0609G 000100020010-8 PAGE TWO - WEEKLY ACTIVITIES REPORT NO. 19 '25X9 On Wednesday and Thursday accompanied a group made up of members of the USIB Committee on Doc- umentation (CODIB) support staff and two task groups. They included two Secret Service officers who are working on automating their vast files of people in the U.S. who are a potential threat to the President, as well as other people who come to the attention of the Secret Service. Wednesday was spent at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, where we were briefed on the Air Force's Foreign Technology Division. This is a very large scien- tific and technical intelligence research organization with a total of 1100 people, compared with CIA/OSI's approximately FTD is in process of setting up a computerized storage and retrieval system which is moving ahead very slowly. Meanwhile, its main library is at Project White Stork in Columbus, Ohio, run by Batelle Memorial Institute. We visited Project White Stork on Thursday. This is the largest and best repository of scientific and technical intelligence information in'the Intelligence Community. It is a manual file of 5" by 8" cards from which analysts can et almost instantaneous and complete retrieval. It is unlikely that a computer- ized system will be able to give as good service as the manual file in the foreseeable future. 25X1A ~eedduoiw # Approved For Release 2001/08/31 : CIA-RDP78-06096A00010002 Eo adlbg Nd tiC SECRET OPTIONAL FORM NA pp 5010-104 roved For (ease 20 1-1 CIA-RDP78-06096100100020010-8 oON eD F L11 TIIAL Memorandum TO Chief/Intelligence School FROM Chief/Management Training Faculty SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report No. 19 12 - 16 July 1965 DATE: 19 July 1965 RECEPTION OF STATUS REPORT The Status Report which we issued on the Grid program seems to have stirred up some interest. We have had a half dozen requests for the statistical study.which we hope to finish after our return from Texas. OTHER ACTIVITY The past week has been a quiet one, given over to the reading of recent literature and revision of training materials. ORO Approved For Release 2001/01 CTRDP78-060`7 Veal~ :' 5070-104 Approved ForQ6lease 2001/08/ P78-060964000100020010-8 3-CIA-RD UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum Chief, Intelligence School Chief, Clerical Training SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report, No. 19 12 - 16 July 1965 Typewriting 29 8 Shorthand 18 5 1. Number in Clerical Induction Training: During the week of 6 - 9 July 1965, there were 137 trainees in Clerical Induction Training; of these 50 entered classes for the first time. 2. Number in Clerical Orientation Trainin : During the week of 6 - 9 July 1965, there were 15 trainees in Clerical Orientation Training. 3. Results of Official Agency Testing Administered in Clerical Induction: Results of the tests administered to the entrance-on-duty employees for the week of 6 - 9 July 1965 were as follows: 4+. Results of Official Agency Testing Administered to Applicants: The results of the tests administered to the clerical applicants for the week of 6 - 9 July 1965 were as follows: SET 37 Typewriting 16 0 Shorthand 2 0 Card Punch Operator Aptitude Test 3 Approved For Release 2001/08/31 : CIA-R SECRET 5 T DATE: 16 July 1965 Excluded from automatic downgrading and declassification Approved Forz.$elease 20017OW't` CIA-RDP78-06096&000100020010-8 Weekly Activities Report, No. 19 12 - 16 July 1965 5. Additional Assistance from Contract Employee: Mrs. a contract employee in Clerical Training, is working additional hours in order to help this Faculty keep up with the a er work related to the classes as well as the testing. regular assignment involves the administration of tests to Agency applicants; the fact that she is willing and able to work extra hours each day and handle the projects related to this type of paper work is of inestimable value to Clerical Training. 6. DDP Clerical Employee in CIT Class: At the request of the Training Officer in the Africa Division, a clerical employee from that Office attended the Clerical Induction shorthand' class at 1016-16th Street. This employee is scheduled to go overseas very soon, has a large amount of overseas preparatory training to complete, and has never met the Agency qualifications in shorthand. She was able to attend only one week of class and it is obvious that this is an inadequate training period for a person with limited skill; consequently, I am able to certify to the Office only that her present shorthand speed is 60 words a minute and hope that this will be sufficient for her on her new assignment. Approved For Release 2001/08/31 : CIA-RDP78-06096A000100020010-8 2