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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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October 8, 1965
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Approved For Release'7000/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-06096A69-0100040003-4 8 October 1965 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Training SUBJECT : Weekly Activities Report #29 1. Office of the Chief, Support Staff 25X1A C/MTF/TR and C/SS/TR met with on 7 October to discuss requirements for space for Management Training in the Ames Building as well as any special requ ements for other courses which might be conducted there The meeting was very productive and I feel sure we will be ovided very suitable arrangements. We are to submit our preferences as to the type of classroom (40 man) furniture desired as soon as possible. 2. Instructional Services Branch a. During this period work has been progressing on three separate jobs consisting of a series of charts. Series #1 - 4 charts on organization and functions of NIE requested by IPF. Series #2 - 3 charts on aspects of map projection, longitude, latitude, etc., requested by IPF. Series #3 - 4 charts for use in briefing Career Trainees on CT program, function of CIA divisions, collection, etc. Routine photography has produced small prints of Operations School training aids for inclusion in lesson plans. Specifi- cally, these include DDI and DDSM organization and function charts. b. Miscellaneous H AiNG,- iN CLASS. tt It-?. Two minor revisions were made on charts for Intelligence School and OP/Incentive Awards Program. c !ur;~. GHANGEt? T0. TS r.texFAEVIVNDATE: .~..... ur,T:.~~~_. I~'vd~tFS ase 20OO 08130 CrA-RDSP78-06096A000100040003 4 oP.3 2i' 1 dudad fruun autamailc downradirg and dW2?re:i 010a Approved For Release.-2000/08/30 : Ci 8-0609600100040003-4 SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report #29 (2). Approximately 25 small signs, nameplates, and minor instructions were completed for OTR schools and programs. 25X1A 3. Security a. This week being Fire Prevention Week, the SO/TR took advan- tage of this opportunity to-study and review the building Evacuation Plan and revise and 'update the emergency roster. A meeting was held with all the floor and exit wardens and the duties and emergency actions to be taken by each respon- sible officer were outlined and discussed. Floor wardens were given the assignment of selecting the room wardens. A general discussion was held concerning alarms and equipment and questions posed by the officers were answered. b. A general inspection of floors 4 to 8 was conducted during the week by the SO, looking in general for areas or condi- tions that might be a fire hazard. A dry chemical fire extinguisher for fighting paint fires was ordered for graphic arts department. c. Discussions were held with Mr. Dulgos, BPR, and Warrant 25X1A DIA, to coordinate the emergency evacuation plans with them, and to solicit their cooperation in complet- ing the Fire Inspection Report. d. Arrangements were made to make room 503 a secure area for 25X1 A 12 October to allow from NSA to give a lecture at the SI level. 25X1A e. A SI clearance was processed for and approved. 25X1 A The SO will indoctrinate on his next trip to M 25X1 A One SI clearance was processed for the COS conference and 20 were processed for SI and TKH. The latter were requested for IPC students. 25X1A Chief, Support Staff, TR Approved For Release 2000/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-06096A000100040003-4