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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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August 27, 1965
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Approved For Release !'b00/08/30 : ~ C ~P78-06096A800100040008-9 CONFIDENTIAL MEiRANDUM FOR: Director of Training THROUGH : Acting Executive Officer 27 August 1965 SUBJECT : Weekly Activities Report #23, ISB/TR 23 - 27 August 1965 1. Film Production Unit 25X1A riefing Film 25X1 A a. distributed copies of the script of the 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Briering Film for approval on 25 August. Meanwhile in anticipation that approval will be forthcoming, a concentrated effort is being made to complete all preparations necessary to enable the film unit to commence production at on 7 September. Equipment has 25X1A been removed from storage at and will be transported by warehouse 25X1A truck to on 1 September. b. Arrangements have been made to use a cleared cameraman from to shoot exterior sequences when two cameras are required. The single camera sequences will be shot by our own cameraman, c. It is difficult t ti t o es ma e accurately the time which will be required to complete the shooting phase of this picture since the weather is a major factor. With luck we should be through in five to six weeks from the beginning date. 2. Visual Aids Section Intelligence School IO a. An Agency organization chart was prepared on medium size card for reproduction. Six large size prints have been ordered and will be mounted for use by the schools. Intelligence Production Faculty S cai-F-~'$~j a. A course calendar was prepared for scheduling purposes up to rT 2 January 1967. This was done for reproduction of 100 copies. It Z' was designed to be of service to all and interest has been noted by others than the requesting source. 4 ?rri I'ii iC7 57, Midcareer and SO Program 25X1A a. Four vu-graph slides were requested by for use by one of the MOP instructors talking on Budge Procedures, Agency Financial Plan, Administrative Control, etc. Approved For Release 2000/08/3 J 4',t DP78-06096A0001 Q04000 L Approved For Releas000/08/30 : 78-060961`C'00100040008-9 Registrar P~;0AFlDENTIAL a. Six vu-graph slides were prepared for The titles consisted of the following: CIA Organization General Structure of the FI Community USIB Membership USIB Types of Actions USIB Duties and Responsibilities b. Art work was completed for reproduction of six signs indicating place and time of AU - GW off-campus registration. Miscellaneous a. Approximately forty (4+0) nameplates and small signs were prepared for OTR schools. 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/30 : 78-06096A000100040008-9 25X1A