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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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March 31, 1965
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Approved For Releas~2000/08/30 : CIA- ?DP78-0609674900100040014-2 ~~ t 31 March 1965 MEMORANDUM FOR; Director of Training SU&7ECT Bi-weekly Activities Report -~6 1. The Deputy Director for Support has ap roved the construction of a special facility at ~ at an 25X1 A estimated cost of+5,000. however, since the work will be performed by Station labor, the cost of which is already in ~;he budget, we will need to use only about $25,000 of our surplus funds. This will cover materials and overtime. 2. The following budget material is, or soon will be, in preparation; a. A five-year pro,~ection of position and funds requirements. This is nearing completion and is due 7 April 1965. Only a broad estimate is required and no specific details will be sub- mitted. b. Financial Plans (Operating Budget) for ~' 1966. Estimates are to be submitted to BFO~TR by Schools and Staffs on approximately 9 April 1965. The final documents will be due in the Budget Division in early May. e. The Office Estimates for FY 1967 together with any changes in the Operating Budget for FY 1966 will be due in August. This is the complete budget document including narrative material and statistical schedules. 25X1A 3. At the request of SIC, arrangements have been made to set up a closed TV circuit using Rooms IA-07 and 1A-13 to permit a panel discussion including two defectors who they d not want to appear in front of the class. along on schedule. ZR. The movie unit is still _ will provide a TV camera, will hook up the circuit, and wil]L provide a standby technician at a complete cost of only $12`,i . 00 . 25X1 A Production is going 25X1A 25X1A '.::.~ F 9 _ C/~Iy i/~~ Executive Officer, OTR ~~oVe~f`F~or-Ref~ase 2000/08/30 :CIA-RDP78-06096A000100040014-2