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December 27, 2016
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August 26, 2009
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February 15, 1965
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o,T,o~ Approved For Release 2009/08/26 :CIA-RDP78-06096A000200020016-1 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum Acting Registrar/ TR DATE:. 15 February 1965 FROM : C/ AIB/ RS/ TR suBJECT: Biweekly Activities Report No. 4 1 - 12 February 1965 I. SIGNIFIGANT ITEMS None II. OTHERS A. AIB has kept a close touch with the office of the OTR Briefing Officer on the matter of Orientation for Overseas. asked us to close registration a week in advance of an orientation and to provide him with certain pieces of information about the candidates, especially their destination overseas. He also wants to be informed of any items that may support the ori- entation being given twice a month. For the time being it will be given according to the published schedule, that is the first Tues- day and Wednesday of the month. C/IS/OTR, will have certifica- tions of attendance submitted on ernplQyees and their dependents who took the Orientation for Overseas, 2 and 3 February. Such official reporting will be regularly done hereafter. B. The PM course began on 8 February with 21 candidates. AIB is in the process of handling the headquarters details for the0porton of the training. C/PMT/ISO is being kept informed. C. The CI Familiarization course which begins on 1 March is over-subscribed. The Chief Instructor, will assist AIB in making the final selection of students for the class so as to bring enrollment down to the fifteen, maximum. The remainder will be re-registered for the next running. Approved For Release 2009/08/26 :CIA-RDP78-06096A000200020016-1 ' Approved For Release 2009/08/26 :CIA-RDP78-06096A000200020016-1 SUBJECT: Biweekly Activities Report No. 4 (cont. ~ D. The Information Reports Familiarization course for the week of 8 February had an excess enrollment and from those registered a second class for the week of 15 February was organized by AIB. E. Chief Instructor of the Anti- communist Organiza ~.on an erations course, has discussed his plans for the April running, particularly plans for informing Agency employees of the special presentations in the course which non-students may attend. F, Names of the 22 DDS careerists who completed the National Interde artmental Seminar were telephoned to DDS. (This was in response to his verbal request. The S grade of each and the dates he took the. course were included in the information. O. The January-February OTR Bulletin was dis- tributed in the Agency on 10 February. Special Bulletin 4-65 asking for tutors in certain languages was published on 12 February. H. is reviewing training of ST designees with the respect ve ie ?s o chools and Staffs, This is a procedure to insure periodic notification of superv~.sors of dates of those curses for which their employees have TCB approval to take. STATI NTL J. The telephonic request from who directs training at iv5x was reterrect xo members at NSA and could be made available DC/PPS asked ~iOJDDS&T, to look into recalling the Bulletins and to discontinuing their being sent t and her superviso Approved For Release 2009/08/26 :CIA-RDP78-06096A000200020016-1 Approved For Release 2009/08/26 :CIA-RDP78-06096A000200020016-1 SUBJECT: Biweekly Activities Report No. 4 (cont. III. PERSONNEL completed the Introduction to Intelligence course g ven rorn 5 January to 5 February. will be attending the course, Automatic Data. recessing or ystems Analysts, from 15 to 2b February, The course is being given by a contract-instructor. from at Arlington Towers (LTS/OTR classroom) for approximate y 22 Agency employees. Approved For Release 2009/08/26 :CIA-RDP78-06096A000200020016-1