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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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December 3, 1964
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DD/P 'proved -For Reled%W 2000/08WMF-' 51A-RDP78-06Q90*000400030016-8 3 December 1964 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Secretary, Clandestine Services Training Board 25X1A SUBJECT: Proposal for a Two-Year JOT Training Program 1. Without going into historical detail, I can recall the days when our formal training program for new-comers consisted of a bare 12 or 14 weeks. As a result of common effort, this program was expanded to its present term which is basically 28 weeks, if one 25X1A omits an additional 17 weeks. I think we have had enough experience now with this "expanded" program to justify a prompt and comprehensive examination of the advisability of a solid two-year formal training program for JOTs. 2. I have in mind the kind of program that would, at the end of two years, produce a secret intelligence officer in the true sense of the word, that is trained thoroughly in the arts of TSD, fully familiar with the techniques of 25X1A thoroughly con -rsant with our latest product in the field of communi- cations, in addition to the regular disciplines of FI, CI and CA. Furthermore, I would consider that somewhere in this period and probably in the course of the second year, the JOT would be generally directed toward a given geographical area and that the content of some of his training in that second year would include a thorough language training program and an adequate area familiarization program including a 30-day TDY orientation visit to the area in which it is expected that he will eventually be devoting most of his time and talents in the first years of his association with the CS. 3. I know that this is an expensive undertaking, and that its scheduling and management in terms of course arrangements will not be easy. Nevertheless, I do not think it is too early to work up fairly detailed analyses of the implications of this proposal and what it would require to make it workable. As it is now, we are relying too much on what the officer is going to learn 'while on the job" and we are doing him and ourselves a disservice in not equipping him ?r. , g onto COMP --RS?~ P lily Sl.SS o RQ cI.A ,a_ IK,.YY rsv ~2a1"a ~ksl9a 4R se 2000/0$/30 : I RDP7 0016 `~- s, proved For Releas~e.2000/08 DP78-06096A00 3001`6-8 FO flENTt- fully for the problem which he will face in the field. I never forget that the Soviets, for one, give their officers a far more extensive and thorough training then we give ours. I think the time has come in our development for us to raise our sights once again. 4. Please take this up formally at the next sitting of the CS Training Board. 25X1A Assistant Deputy Director for Plans .CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/30 : (JA-RDP78-06096A000400030016-8 ? Approved For Release 2QQ&Qiqq*lplpMpp78-06096RO00400030016-8 AGENDA Clandestine Services Training Board Meeting No. 2 25X1A 1. Minutes of Meeting No. 1 2. Executive Secretary's Report 3. Basic PM Course - =proposal for revision 25X1A (ITEM No. 7..r Meeting No. 1) 4. Proposed CI Course (Copy of proposal attached) 5. ADD/P memorandum to Executive Secretary/C. S. Training Board, Subject: Proposal for a Two- Year JOT Training Program (Copy attached) S 0~ S sly E Doc T'IPE I-L- ORlG COMP Op, cilia ;LASS --' Foux.a }lTBf wit T9? Ujar just NEXT sty S Approved For Release 2000/08 cnou? t Excluded tiara aatoma;ic R 8x46@96