Statistical Information Concerning Alcohol

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November 11, 2016
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February 24, 1998
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January 26, 1967
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Approved F.Release I 99910 . IA-RDP;706180A000300120006-6 26 January 1967 SUBJECT : Statistical Information Concerning Alcohol 1. This memorandum is forwarded in connection with our telephone conversation on 19 January. At that time it was requested that information be provided concerning indices of experience with alcohol in the Medical Office. 2. For the purposes of this memorandum, the following areas were looked Into: the frequency with which alcohol was mentioned in connection with medical evacuations from overseas in both employees and dependents, and the frequency with which alcohol is associated in the fitness for duty evaluations performed by the Medical Office (as noted either in the referring documents from the Office of Personnel or in the medical charts alone). 3. Although there is no mention of alcohol being associated with the medical evacuation of dependents during calendar years 1965 or 1966, it is to be noted that one death occurred in 1966 in which alcohol was a directly contributing factor. 4. With reference to employees, alcohol is mentioned as a factor in the medical return in some 50 to 60 percent of the cases. Thus, in calendar year 1956, 3 cases of male employees contained such a mention whereas 2 cases did not. There were no female employees in whom alcohol was mentioned as a factor in their return in calendar year 1965. in calendar year 1966 alcohol was mentioned in the case of 7 out of 12 employees. Alcohol was mentioned in 6 cases of male returnees and was not mentioned in 5 cases during 1966. It was mentioned in 1 out of 2 female employees who were returned. 5. A study of alcohol being considered as a factor in cases evaluated for fitness for duty within the Medical Office during Fiscal Year 1965 has indicated an incidence of 9 out of 47 cases, or something overy20 percent. A study of similar cases for the 18-month period beginning 1 July 1965 and extending through 31 December 1966 indicates roughly the same percentage of incidence, that is, 10 cases out of 40. Approved For Release 199a IA-1 - f-1A -RDP78-0618OA000300120006-6 7 T. Approved For Release 1999/09 . ? CIA-RDP7~7-06180A000300120006-6 Statistical Information Concerning Alcohol - 26 January 1967 6. It is hoped that this information will be useful. 25X1A9a Chief, Psychiatric Staff Approved For Release l Z9/09/0.1 : CIA-RDP78-0618OA000300120006-6 2.