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November 11, 2016
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February 24, 1998
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January 24, 1967
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- Approved For~Release 9/01 :CIA-RDP~8-06180A000300120010-1 ~~ Jeanuary 196? fir.,' Tiet~en, The following is a resume of the attached raada from I?r. Chairmcu,, of the Commnittee on Alcohol: 25X1A9a 2 z;ece~rober 1 ~ This memorandum deals With the Navy document, "Alcoholism, u~aervisory Guide". The Committee recommends the issuance of this c.det with appropriate modifications, by the office of Per~t~nel. It farther recommends discussions be held betweea the of'f'ice of Persor~ael. and. the office of Medical Services f'car the purpose of determining specific modi~'ications to the Chide and referral praacedures. 21 l~avember ~~1,~~6,__6: 'T'hts me~xarar~dum alsrr deaia with the N~cty''s "Alcoholism, `r`~rvisory tluid;e", statiag that m~at~y of #h? points would. be of val.~:u to the progra~t of the Medica;L 6~ff'ice. T0'o recomm~enndations area made in this memearandum. ~7~l~iere 1966' Attached tcti true memora~dtml is another of thra same date iii which it is proposed that, as am iaitial, effort, the Medi~caZ Ofi'ice present e. 1-hour lecture sand discussion to Career Trainees in the Operations Fami7.iarzation Course of their traia3ag. A second proposal is that the Medical .rector of the Foreign Service be invited to dis- ease- his off'ice's e~perieatce with their program of detection sad treat- meant of the: prcablem darin'I~er. With. refearenace to the Navy document, "Alcoholism, A Supervisory t'luide", the memorandzun states it is an exx~piex of the type of program. which cax- be formulated in Mich the interest of aeaaor ma'r~agement is reapresente-d. The use of sick leave for individuals pursuing a recog~-izead real~ab3~iitation program should certainly be adoptesQ. jn the Agency along siffii].ar lines.. Tn adrdition, it is suggested that then Medical 4i'Y'ice program mig~,t consist of the following areas: a. Educative seaais~ars concerning then subject of the medical. aspects of sup~erviaioa-~?possibly to start with the DD/S in grot~s ~ma11. eaou to permit intercha~age a~ang participants. This aspect of the. program could be derveloped ,~oitstly with then OfT'ice of Trait~.iag or with thesir consultation ate. advice. b. The Meadical 4fYiae itself mi,~t establish a defined program of procedtu^e in concerning itself with those individuals with known problems related to alcohol. c. The Medical. 4ffiee Counseling Service: for supervisors and ea~loyees could be established as previously recommended. Approved For Releas Peggy ACIA-RDP78-06180A000300120010-1