Report of 24 October 1966 Meeting of the Committee on Alcohol

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November 11, 2016
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February 24, 1998
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October 27, 1966
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.Approved FQ,6Release 199001-: CIA-RDP7,V6180A000300120014-7 27 October 1966 SUBTECT Report of 24 October 1966 Meeting of the Committee on Alcohol 1. A meeting of the Committee on Alcohol was held on 24 October 1966. Chief, Clinical Division; Chief, Operations Division; Chief, Assessment and Evaluation Staff were present, in addition to the Chairman. The Executive Officer was absent. 2. The previously drafted and circulated proposal for a lecture and discussion by the Medical Office with the Career Trainees concerning problems of agent management as related to alcohol which have medical implications was the subject of further consideration. A proposal for implementation is attached.. 3. The Committee hereby proposes that the Medical Director of the Foreign Service and the Department of State be invited to discuss his office's experience with their program of detection and, treatment of the problem drinker. 4. It is the opinion of the Committee that the program entitled Alcoholism, A Supervisory Guide, promulgated by the Department of the Navy, represents a sound Personnel approach to the matter. It is an example of the type of program which can be formulated in which the interest of senior management is represented. The use of sick leave for individuals pursuing a recognized rehabilitation program should certainly be adopted in any Agency effort along similar lines. The role of the physician is a rather exalted one in this particular program, but is not unreasonable from the viewpoint of a Personnel perspective. Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP78-0618OA000300120014-7 Approved Fo elease 1999/001: CIA-RDP7j618OA000300120014-7 Report of 24 October 1966 Meeting of the Committee on Alcohol - 27 October 1966 5. The Committee on Alcohol recognizes that there are important obstacles in this Office promoting unilaterally a program to detect and place in treatment employees with problems concerning alcohol. However, these obstacles would not appear to be insurmountable, even if certain adjustment of goals would appear to be advisable. It is suggested that a program within the Medical Office might consist of the following areas: Educative seminars concerning the subject of the medical aspects of supervision might be given--possibly to start with within the DDS in groups small enough to permit interchange among participants. This aspect of the program could be developed jointly with the Office of Training or with their consultation and advice. If the Office of Training were to be involved, further participation in existing courses might be in order by the Medical Office. b) The Medical Office itself might establish a defined program of procedure in concerning itself with those individuals with known problems related to alcohol. c) The Medical Office Counseling Service for supervisors and employees could be established as previously recommended. 25X1A9a Chief, Psychiatric Staff Chairman, Committee on Alcohol Approved For Release, 1999/09/01 : CIA-RDP78-0618OA000300120014-7 - 2 - .. Approved Fv .Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP7o6180A000300120014-7 27 October 1966 SUBJECT . Office of Medical Services - Office of Training Cooperation Concerning Problems of Alcohol 1. Discussions have been held concerning the papers received from the Office of Training concerning Medical Office participation in training courses with respect to the problems of alcoholism. Furthermore, the Chairman of the Committee has met with Mr. Deputy Director 25X1A9a of Training, to further discuss this matter. 2. As an initial effort, it is proposed that the Medical Office present a one-hour lecture and discussion to Career Trainees in the Operations Familiarization Course of their training. It would seem pertinent and useful if this initial program could be presented in general relation to problems of agent management as related to alcohol which have medical implications, and would be oriented toward the presentation of information, with an emphasis on early detection, prevention and timely efforts at amelioration of this problem. 3. The Committee on Alcohol would be pleased to discuss further implementation of this proposal either with you or with the Office of Training. It is hoped that as experience is accumulated, that presentations may be made to other groups within the Office of Training as well. 25X1A9a Chief, Psychiatric Staff Chairman, Committee on Alcohol Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP78-06180A000300120014-7