Support Directorate Historical Program

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December 9, 2016
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February 25, 1998
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July 6, 1970
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Approved For Rpjease 2001/08/31 : CIA-RDP78-061801,i0300210003- Sys 6 JUL 1970 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Communications Director of Finance Director of Logistics Director of Medical Services,/ Director of Personnel Director of Security Director of Training SUi3JECT : Support Directorate Historical Program. 1. There is increasing concern that many of the Support Component histories have been scheduled for completion too close to the December 1971 deadline to permit reasonable time for review and revision; that individual writers may have been overcommitted by scheduling the completion of projects too close together; that a number of papers are now overdue; that the pace of submissions is slower than it should be; and that the production rate of new papers is falling behind schedule. A revision of the production schedule has been proposed with the objective of eliminating bottlenecks in due dates and ensuring that enough time is allowed for processing the draft histories. A copy of the proposed revision as it applies to each of your offices is attached for your review. 2. The proposed revision of the schedule is not fixed, but .is subject to negotiation between your historical officer and the Support Services Historical Officer consistent with the objective of moving the overall Support Directorate Historical Program forward. It is imperative, however, that we adhere to the general time frames `suggested to ensure that we maintain a more even distribution of pro- ~duction than we have had in earlier scheduling attempts and that the ;.;production be moved forward to ensure that the catching-up phase is :completed satisfactorily before the December 1.971 deadline. 3. If it were possible to assign all of those people currently responsible for writing histories to the task full time, it has been estimated that we could finish the job in six to eight months. While a concerted effort of this dimension may not be practical in all cases, you are requested to re-examine the program in your office and take whatever action you can to relieve history writers from their other duties for as long as it may take to complete the program. I would Approved For Release 2001/08/3 downtradiiiI` declasslticatlon -Approved Fore ease 2001/08/31: CIA-RDP78-06180AO 0300210003-9 SUBJECT: Support Directorate Historical Program like you to report to me no later than 3 August the actions you have been able, or propose, to take in this direction together with a copy of your revised schedule as agreed upon with the Support Services Historical Officer. FOIAb3b is.. - 1, . i anise TrnT It1 I ? ? w_ Deputy Director for Support Attachment