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SECRET Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-0620000100060001-5 f SEP 1966 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Training SUBJECT : Report on the 26th Session of the National Interdepartmental Seminar Background 1. The 26th Session of the National Interdepartmental Seminar (NIS) on problems of U. S. overseas development and internal defense was held at the Foreign Service Institute from 11 July to 5 August 1966. The participants were from these Departments and Agencies: CIA 6, quota 8 State 29, quota 16 USIA 12, quota 12 AID 23, quota 15 DOD 20, quota 13 Totals 90 64 6863 2. Of the 90 participants, 76 were preparing for specific assignments overseas -- 26 to countries of Latin America; 21 to Africa; 14 to the Far East and South-East Asia; 14 to the Near East, Middle East, and South Asia, and 1 to Russia. The participants included 2 ambassadors (1 was nominated after the session), 2 general officers, 1 consul general, and 5 deputy chiefs of mission: Elliott P. Skinner, Ambassador to Ouagadougou; Leo Cyr, Ambassador to Kigali; Air Force Major General William T. Daly, Chief of the U. S. Military Supply Mission to India; Army Major General Ward S. Ryan, Chief, MAAG, Arabia; Grant G. Hilliker, Consul General to Recife; William J. Barnsdale, DCM, Blantyre; Gerald A. Friedman, DCM, Bangui; William C. Kinsey, DCM, Kigali; Charles G. Stefan, DCM, La Paz; James M. Wilson, DCM, Manila. Also among the participants was Allen S. Whiting, Chinese Affairs specialist of the Department of State, Deputy Principal Officer, Hong Kong. Of CIA's six participants one was a Station Chief 25X1A ) and one was a Deputy Chief of TSD, For a listing 25X1A of CIA participants see Attachment A. Approved For Release 2000/06/06: Cl 4RD '7 06 2A000100060001-5 ~ 'RE l ~ SECRET Approved For Relea& 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202`X000100060001-5 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A CIA Support 3. CIA support included a visit of the entire Seminar to Langley, lecturers, panelists, and seminar discussion leaders, as well as briefings by Agency officers. The Day at Langley again included visits to the Operations Center, Project WALNUT of the Records Integration Division, and the intelligence exhibit by the National Photographic Interpretation Center. Presentations in the auditorium were also given by these officials: Colonel White - CIA in the Intelligence Community he CIA Field Station - CIA Operations in Counterinsurgency The Day was concluded at the NIS auditorium with a panel discussion on the work of the Agency with E. Drexel Godfrey, Sr. and as panelists and with myself as chairman. During lunch in the North Cafeteria, Ambassador Kidder was hosted by , Ambassador Skinner by , Mr. 25X1A Wilson by Mr. Richardson, and Major General Daly by 25X1A Upon completion of the NIS, assistance was also given in arranging for a follow-up briefing of Major General Daly by 25X1A 25X1A 5. With the exception of all of the officers listed in paragraph 4 gave presentations in either Country Team meetings or small Seminar discussion groups, appeared before the entire Seminar. Each rated high marks for his contribution. Of the remainder, I was able to attend the presentations 25X1A by and again both rated high marks. In previous sessions I had attended presentations by and it came as no surprise that they too had been extremely effective. Favorable comments were also received on the presentationsby (who appeared twice), Approved For Release 2000/d6LGLA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 2 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A SECRET Approved For Relea" 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202'b00100060001-5 6. On the whole the Day at Langley went well but for some reason it did not seem to be quite up to the standard of the 25th Session. There was only one question asked of the three lecturers in the auditorium, and that by Ambassador Kidder of Colonel White. Possibly another factor was the size of the class which made it somewhat crowded for the afternoon visits. In their critiques to Ambassador Kidder, only 20 of the 90 participants commented specifically on CIA. Of that number, 3 commented favorably, 10 both favorably and unfavorably, and 7 unfavorably (Attachment B). Several participants commented on the excellent briefings by 25X1A 7. Of the 6 CIA participants, 5 submitted internal Agency critiques on the NIS (Attachment C). These are thoughtful critiques containing several suggestions for improving CIA's participation in the NIS. In them our participants indicate that they clearly profited from the Seminar and at the same time that they were able to do much in their discussions with other participants to further an understanding of CIA, and its work. 8. With minor exceptions, this Session of the NIS was carried out as scheduled. Among the senior U. S. Government officials who gave presentations were Under Secretary U. Alexis Johnson; William S. Gaud, Director of AID; Governor W. Averell Harriman; Major General W. R. Peers; Sherman Kent. For the most part, the participants found the Seminar to be very worthwhile. In some of their critiques to Ambassador Kidder the view was expressed, however, that a good deal has been learned since the NIS was established, but that this is not sufficiently reflected in the Seminar. The more senior and experienced participants believed that the Seminar is not aiming at a high enough intellectual level and is including too much that is routine and basic. 9. This general assessment of the Seminar is in accord with views held for some time by Ambassador Kidder and several of the faculty advisers. Although few changes can be made in the 27th Session (12 September - 7 October), Ambassador Kidder hopes to make major changes in the Seminar beginning with the 28th Session (21 November - 16 December). A good deal of thought and effort are already being Approved For Release 2000/06/063: CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 SECRET Approved For Release" 2000/0 FIRDP78-0620*~00100060001-5 given to these changes. 25X1A 25X1A CIA Faculty Adviser to the NIS 10. With respect to the proposals approved by Mr. FitzGerald for strengthening CIA's contribution to the NIS, Ambassador Kidder has given approval to include as many of them as possible in the 27th Session. In particular, he would like to see included the panel discussion on Trends in Communist Subversion and the case study on the MEMNON These presentations will be in addition to that given by Colonel Rite plus the one on the CIA field station. A presentation will also be included on CIA intelligence support in counterinsurgency situations. cc: DDP, DDS, DDI Training Officers Approved For Release 2000;.CAA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 SECRET Approved For Relea a 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-0620200100060001-5 NATIONAL INTERDEPARTMENTAL SEMINAR 11 July - 5 August 1966 25X1A Office DDS/Logistics DDP/CA Staff DDP /TSD DDI/ORR DDP/AF DDP/SOD Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIAiR'G)P7'8=O62Q2A000100060001-5 SECRET Extracts from Critiques of the 26th Session -+ Cut the Langley visit to 1 /2 day field trip to view facilities we visited in afternoon and work Colonel White's talk into program at FSI. Unless briefers at Langley are better prepared and prepared to talk somewhat more openly. Speakers 2 & 3 at Langley were unsatisfactory. CIA morning speakers at Langley unsatisfactory. CIA unsatisfactory to the extent that the presentations were too general. A few specifics would have been of interest to me. - } It would perhaps sharpen up the visit to CIA if some time were devoted before the visit to a general orientation so that we will be in a better position to question the speakers. - } Have a feeling that the CIA belongs under both headings (satisfactory and unsatisfactory). -+ Spending entire day at CIA was disproportionate. It went to a level of presentation by and large not germane to the course and in some respects I think questionably over-concrete. Suggest a morning on intelligence with speakers from each of the three main components of the intelligence community (CIA, State, DOD) and including a panel discussion. CIA was superficial, except for the Photo Lab (NPIC Exhibit) and the last speaker of the morning. CIA lacked operational level credibility and balance. + CIA's presentation, while excellent, was too brief. Seems to me, the speakers, (particularly the last speaker) could have gone into a little more depth. The visit to CIA's operations center was most informative from the viewpoint of being able to see first hand how that Agency keeps current with crisis areas. -+ CIA -- although an attempt was made to present as frank a presentation as possible, it appeared that lecturers from this Agency were running with "blinders on. " Approved For Release 2000/O?~c1-RDP78-06202000100060001-5 Annrnxiarl Fnr Palpacp 7nnnin~in~ - ma 'M '~1O gannni nnnAnnni -c SECRET SECRET Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-0620274000100060001-5 25X1A The Langley visit can be improved by spending more time there in the following manner: a. more time in the National Photo Interpretation Center (NPIC Exhibit). This was fascinating and very well presented. b. Command Center. Either spend more time so that we can ask questions, or eliminate visit to Command Center. c. the lecture on machine records was fine, but the visit to the equipment itself was not necessary. Here it could have been more meaningful if they had "asked" the computer for background on Col. Abel or perhaps Co. Pentkovsky (sic). Somehow the CIA mission, etc., was rather obscurely covered, perhaps on purpose. If it had not been for the splendid effort of our group adviser, , I would not have grasped the full impact of what the Agency does. By his down-to- earth manner, friendly and easy discussion of personal experiences really made a major contribution to our understanding. On the whole, most presentations (on the Government agencies) were adequate. I think an inordinate amount of time was spent by some of the agencies, especially USIA and CIA on the legal basis for their organization. The CIA trip, although interesting, was not particularly informative. I assumed that CIA would have a computer and an operations center and did not have to be shown these. I was impressed 25X1A with some of their speakers I could have profitably 25X1A spent three hours in seminar discussion on youth instead of only one hour. I thought that getting the group more familiar with CIA was an excellent idea. CIA -- The return for the day's field trip was not commensurate with the time spent. - CIA -- Recommend that this be approached from the standpoint of what CIA can do for the Country Team and not what the CT can do for CIA. The trip to Langley did not give an insight into CIA. and material presented could have been presented here. -+ CIA -- More time should be spent on this Agency with searching questions "planted. -+ CIA -- Although most interesting, I think this Agency's presentation could have been more substantive. -+ CIA -- Mechanics of operation in Langley was overemphasized; would have liked more on overseas operations, i. e. , how sources of information are obtained, evaluated etc. Approved For Release X000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 SECRET 25X1A SECS Approved For Releas4.2000/06/0 CIA-RDP78-06202A600100060001-5 STUDENT CRITIQUES Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIS. SECRET ,Di?. . 'G6 2A000100060001-5 Approved For Release- 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202MOO100060001-5 -FRET 12AUG1966 MEMORANDUM FOR: CIA Representative, National Interdepartmental Seminar SUBJECT . Critique on 26th Session of National Interdepartmental Seminar 1. In accordance with your request, the following is submitted for your consideration: a.. Value to the Agency of our participation in the Seminar - The Agency is deeply involved and concerned with the counterin- surgency problem. This course provides the best means of reflecting in true perspective not only U. S. policy overseas, but the inter- workings and interrelationship of the various representative components of our government. It is extremely important that senior representatives from these components understand this Agency's objective. With such understanding, they are in better position to recognize opportunities where they can be of greater service. Complete compartmentation increased incidence of components working at cross-purposes. b. Value to our students of attendance at the Seminar - The principle beneficiary of this course would be senior DD/P personnel who would reasonably expect to participate in the country team approach at all overseas stations. Other personnel such as support personnel would derive somewhat less than this maximum benefit, but it should still be a highly desirable essential element of a training program for personnel who are being assigned overseas or are working in the type of job in Headquarters where a good appreciation of overseas problems and activities is desirable. The principle benefit for all of our students is that the course identifies the scope and fabric of U. S. policies overseas. Participants are provided the privilege of seeing the part played by other elements of our government and to see in true perspective the relative part being played by CIA. Approved For Release 20 jJ~6 JCIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 Approved For Releases 2000/ X 1-RDP78-06202+900100060001-5 SUBJECT: Critique on 26th Session of National Interdepartmental Seminar c. Evaluation of our participation - On the whole, our participation was effective and well-received. It would probably be preferable to reschedule the lecture "Role of Intelligence in Internal Defense" so that it would be given prior to the Seminar's visit to Langley. The NPIC briefing was the most effective portion of the tour. The briefing in connection with the visit to RI did not adequately cover the scope of the problem. Perhaps it was assumed that the students already had a background in this phase of the work. In country team VII of CIA was invited 25X1 A to brief the team on the His comments and assistance were most helpful and very much appreciated by 25X1A the entire team. d. Overall evaluation of the Seminar with regard to its objectives - I would consider this course to be one of the most stimulating courses I have had the privilege of taking. The quality and level of the lectures were exceptional. The spirit of cooperation and team effort generated by participation in country teams was unusual. In our particular team, every member made an effective contribution in producing the team paper. 25X1A Approved For Release 2b 9 QW: CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 Approved For Relea 2000/CIA-RDP78-0620000100060001-5 8 August 1966 MEMORANDUM FOR: 1000 Glebe Road, 25X1 A Room 807 SUBJECT Critique of National Interdepartmental Seminar, 11 July - 4 August 1966 GENERAL 1. I feel that the NIS is a worthwhile exercise, both in terms of the Seminar itself and CIA participation in it. In my opinion, both the Seminar and CIA participation could and should be improved. In my critique of the Seminar (that I presume is available to you), I noted some areas of possible improvement. My comments on your a-d subject outline follow. CRITIQUE - COMMENTS 2. (a) I think that there is a very considerable value to the Agency, in participating in the Seminar. The value lies in two important areas: A. Agency personnel participating have an opportunity to give the participants from other agencies a good impression of the professionalism and knowledge inherent in CIA officers, and the other participants' gain a concrete knowledge of the Agency from our presentations. B. The CIA participant has an opportunity to broaden his outlook on world affairs and increase his awareness of other agency capabilities. 3. I observed among the participants with whom I talked in the subject Seminar a general ignorance of how CIA functions and CIA's role on the Country Team,, (Their attitude was not one of hostility, but rather of interest. Their initial comments displayed a feeling that CIA operations are in some way "spooky" and perhaps reprehensible, but they were ready to hear otherwise.) I believe that their visit to the Agency and our presentations Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 SECRET Approved For Releme 2000/06 r. IA-RDP78-0620A000100060001-5 25X1 C disabused them of these notions - they seemed to be favorably impressed. Our participation also gave us an opportunity to impress upon other agency participants, the usefulness of the 4. (b) The CIA participant gains from hearing a number of interesting presentations on world affairs and the functions of other government agencies, and from the opportunity to exchange ideas with senior officers from other agencies. It is of very considerable value to the CIA participant that he learns in some detail of the functions performed by other agencies. He is thus in a better position to focus on the CIA role within this framework. The general presentations (Political, Development, Sino-Soviet Confrontation, Economic Development, Economic Warfare, Ambassador Berger's and Governor Harriman's talks, etc.) can help to broaden the CIA participant's outlook toward operational problems. 5. (c) I think that CIA participation is good, but it could be improved. In my opinion, the one day at the Agency (half of which was spent mainly on the mechanical aspects of intelligence reporting and data management) was not enough, given this opportunity to make ourselves known to this group of fairly high level officers from other agencies. My specific comments and criticisms are as follows: A. Mr White's general presentation on the organization and functioning of the Agency was a good introduction. 25X1A B. presentation on the Field Station was good, but necessarily spotty, due to the short time allowed. The same 25X1A may be said of presentation. C. The morning presentations seemed to me (and three senior non-Agency participants commented on this) to lack unity, in terms of the purpose of the Seminar. D. I suggest that presentations be com ine into a sin - entation designed to show how a CIA Station Approved For Release 2000/06/06 SE iIfDP78-06202A000100060001-5 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-0620'214000100060001-5 obtains and reports intelligence indicating the development of an insurgency situation in a given country, how this information is elaborated and refined in Country Team dis- cussion, how coordinated recommendations are made to Washington, what happens in the S.I.G. and I.R.G., and what actions result.. .with what effect. Either a real past case could be used for this, or a case with the desired ramifications could be manufactured. E. I think it would be useful to have the group divided into those going to Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc. and arrange that the appropriate CIA Division Chiefs brief each group. In addition, it might be useful to have the participants going to a given country talk with the Branch Chief or Desk Chief covering that country. F. I feel that the presentation on the "Role of Intelligence in Internal Defense" deserves more attention. Your presentation was good and appreciated by the participants (four non-Agency participants told me that they were impressed by the specific examples you gave - the information given to Secretary MacNamara on what a certain country leader would request of him, etc.). However, I think that this presentation might best be given by a COS or senior Station officer recently returned from a country in which there is an insurgency situation. In addition, the fact that other members of the Country Team (the AID Mission, MAAGs, etc.) and their personnel in the field have access to valuable information and should report this - should be emphasized. 6. If the above recommendations were used, the Seminar coverage of CIA might be as follows: A.M.: CIA in the Intelligence Community Intelligence in Internal Defense 25X1A P.M.: (on the existing schedule) 3 Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 Approved For Releasb 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-0620TA000100060001-5 A.M.: Groups briefed by Division Chiefs Groups talk with Branch and Desk Chiefs P.M.: How CIA Functions in the Country Team and in Washington (the coordinated operational approach noted in D above). 7. (d) I think that the Seminar achieved its objectives, but these objectives could be achieved in three, or perhaps two, weeks rather than four. It seems to me that too much time is given to the role of the American military and this involves a good deal of repetition. The two most important things the Military have to contribute are Civic Action and the training of indigenous Military in counter insurgency. Civic Action was discussed in general terms, but at no time was the Civic Action function described from beginning to end (how planned, how funds obtained and allotted, how program directed, specific cases, etc.). There was no presentation on how the indigenous Military are trained in Civic Action and no description of specific cases. The Special Forces' presentation at Fort Bragg was an interesting picture of training for indigenous people and Special Forces action, but this is a particular limited use of our armed forces. So also with the use of facilities in the USAF Special Air Warfare Center. I think that the role of the United States Military could be adequately covered in a full morning presentation on Civic Action and an afternoon of briefing and films at the Pentagon. 8. There was a good deal of duplicative coverage of how counter insurgency was born and the OIDP. One one or two hour session would appear to be enough of this. 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 10 August 1966 SUBJECT Critique of National Interdepartmental Seminar 1. Relating to the Seminar itself as a whole, I would like to state at the outset that it was extremely well managed, the atmosphere was cordial, the faculty members were most helpful and cooperative and the content of the Seminar was both interesting and pertinent, as well as very beneficial. 2. Concerning the value to the Agency of our partici- pation in the Seminar, it is my feeling that the subject matter treated during the four week period serves as a good background relating to the following: a) The concept and actual operation of a Country Team, particularly the role of the latter relating to overseas internal defense planning and policies. b) The interdepartmental nature of U.S. foreign policy including the development and implementation of policy programs. c) The role played by various agencies of the U.S. Government in the counter-insurgency field. 3. Speaking personally, although I have been aware of the problems associated with counter-insurgency programs, I have acquired a fuller appreciation of the immensity of the problems at hand. I would imagine that each of the Agency's representatives left with a similar impression imbedded in their minds. As a consequence, I feel that each of us can be counted upon in the future to play a meaningful role in internal defense planning and counter-insurgency programs, whenever called upon to do so. Although I found virtually all of the subject matter quite interesting, 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 I was particularly appreciative of the Far Eastern and Latin American portions. This is because of my impending assign- ment to the Far East and my long and serious interest in Latin American affairs. 4. Relating to the Agency participation, on the whole, I thought the Agency representatives handled themselves well and they provided a meaningful input to the Seminar in general. The introductory presentations in the auditorium 25X1A were well received; the Seminar participation was well handled, as was overall guidance and presenta- 25X1A tion and presentation was outstanding, as usual. The commentaries on the part of the participants were most favorable concerning the Agency portions of the Seminar and the representatives who actively participated throughout. 5. In summation, I found the Seminar a very timely and beneficial experience. Aside from the Seminar content, I was able to augment my interagency type contacts and to acquire a good idea of how they operate and the problems they have to contend with. I feel strongly that the Seminar provided me with a good basis for any future participation on my part in the counter-insurgency field as well as any possible participation in the country team program. I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to take part in such a Seminar. 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 Approved For Relea 'e 209M6) 0 CIA ROF78-06202A000100060001-5 9 August 1966 25X1A MEMORANDUM FOR: acuity NIS oRR/I/A SUBJECT: Evaluation of Agency Participation in National Interdepartmental Seminar As you requested I am sending you my comments on the NI Seminar. 1. Value to the Agency The Agency derives considerable value from its participation in the Seminar. Many of the students had never before been given an opportunity to learn about Agency operations and affairs from authorita- tive sources. Toward the end of the Seminar it became clear that some of the students' earlier misconceptions about the Agency's activities had been corrected. Through the free exchange of ideas among students, and through official Agency presentations the Seminar provides an excellent forum for informing officials from other government agencies about the role of the Agency overseas and in this respect the Seminar can contribute to the Agency's effectiveness as a member of the CT. 2. Value to the Student The Seminar is of value to the student in a number of ways. With particular respect to DD/I students, not likely for permanent over- seas assignments, the Seminar provides an opportunity for improving inter- agency cooperation here in Washington by the attention given to the current function and operations of the IRG's and SIG's with which the student may likely become involved and by providing students with an opportunity to make valuable personal contacts with their contempraries from other agencies. Moreover, the student gains a deeper appreciation of the CT and the counterinsurgency problem. 3. Agency Participation I thought the Agency participation was excellent. The speakers knew their subjects and fielded their questions well. In particular the Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 Approved For Release 2000/06/06 :CIA-RDP78-O62O2AOOO1OOO6OOO1-5 final agency panel discussions was especially effective and stimulating as the quality of student questions improved. A small footnote to the over- all excellence of Agency participation, however, was the failure of students, principally because they were not sure of the ground rules, to ask questions of speakers here at Langley on the day of the tour. In this respect perhaps the sessions would be more stimulating and effective from the Agency point of view if it could be announced that the question period was a "no-holds-barred" session to the extent permitted by security or perhaps even better, plant some questions with Agency students. 4. The Seminar and its Objectives I believe the Seminar fulfilled its objective. Without exception the Seminar students that I spoke to agreed that they had gained a deeper appreciation of the role of participating agencies on the CT in the field and on the IRG's and SIG's here in Washington. The Seminar was particularly effective in identifying the seriousness of potential insurgencies in Free World areas with their adverse consequences for US polcies and in setting forth certain general preventive courses of action that the US could follow in tackling potential insurgency situations. In this respect the CT problem was of considerable practical value. Moreover, the CT problem was alsocf considerable personal interest to me because it covered one of my geographical areas of responsibility. 25X1A 77 f !7 Approved For Release 2000/06/06 CIA-RDP78-O62O2AOOO1OOO6OOO1-5 SECRET Approved For Releagg 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06202A000100060001-5 5 August 1966 MEMORANDUM FOR: 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A SUBJECT : Critique of National Interdepartmental Seminar 1. There is no question in my mind of the real value to the Agency of its participation in the Seminar, Most of my fellow students who became acquainted with me opened up to express their reservations and criticisms of the activities and habits of Agency personnel they had met overseas, and I think that I was able to satisfactorily explain the reasons for these sources of friction. It was also useful to me to have these sources of friction identified. On the personal level as well I developed the acquaintance of individuals who will be in my area overseas which should improve future cooperation, particularly level direct contact with the Agency and the degree to which the Seminar participants were permitted an insight into Agency organization and activities will insure better understanding and cooperation in the future., 'On the organizational The more that we can be candid with these people and the more that they are made aware of our responsibilities and our problems in carrying them out, the less they will be inclined to criticize us and hamper our overseas programs. If one assumes that they are aware of their responsibilities of maintaining security through discretion that comes with their grades, then there is no reason to withhold information on organizational and general operational matters and problems, since they are in a position to help us with these problems both at home and in the field, and would generally sincerely like to help. On the other hand an unreasonable sense of security on our part increases their annoyance, and they react accordingly. The Agency's organized participation in the course is excellent as far as it goes. It could and should go further in responding to their curiosity. Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RP7PTPa9bzu 4000100060001-5 ,_._ rznr,tr