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December 9, 2016
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September 28, 2000
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December 21, 1964
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Approved For lease 200 1-RDP78-0620 Of ~; r R 21 December 1964 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Launching the CS History. It was decided in the fall of 1963 that a greater emphasis must be given to the Agency's historical efforts. On 1 November 1963, the present Agency Historical Staff was established in the office of the DCI under the direct supervision of the Executive Director-Comptroller. It followed that a history of the Clandestine Services would be developed parallel to the histories of other components of CIA, and that the Historical Staff would guide this program. In the past, 25X1A 25X1A et al., had been detailed to the Office of the Director under the aegis of Colonel Stanley Grogan to draft segments of the history of the Agency through certain periods. Some of these papers touched upon early development of the Clandestine Services, in a broad, general treatment, as a major part of the Agency. Prior to the establishment of the Historical Staff, the Agency had agreed to participate in writing a history of our Government's activities in Vietnam, with emphasis to be placed on counterinsurgency. It was further agreed that, with the Agency's responsibilities being unique and sensitive, its part of the history would be developed as a separate paper. (After the establishment of the Historical Staff, O/DCI, the undersigned was officially detailed to this Staff by a memorandum from the ADDP in December 1963, to prepare this history of our operations in Vietnam.) This effort, conceived as the original activity in a "country by country" program, was expanded to include across- the-board examination of CS historical documentation and the drafting of historical papers on the relationships between the Clandestine Services and the other major components of the CIA, other agencies of the Government, the NSC, and the like. The 25X1A detail of to the Historical Staff gave greater momentum to this CS program and made it possible to broaden our concepts and our attack on the program. 25X1A Thus, in the course of the year 1964 and I began to piece together the essential phases of an overall approach to the development of a Clandestine Services history and the re- quired basic action. The memorandum of 30 November 1964, for the DD/P, outlines the work of that year and the direction in which we were headed. - _. it Enr~Relea e_2001/08/3'1.:.0A.7RDP7 962Q2AQQ 7 .AL Approved For,$elease 2001(,08'/` A!~DP78-06202,p In the fall of 1964, after entered the hospital, 25X1A 1CpUL LCU LV LLLG 0LCL11 CLLLU 111-6 LLL 1V4.CLLJ.LLr and analyzing early OPC documents. Under the guidance and with the assistance of the undersigned she commenced the development of indices covering these documents. Thus, vital documents were located and identified and references prepared for later use in 25X1A the actual writing of various elements of the CS history. in response to a DD/P Personnel Management Com- mittee overture through the EE Division, agreed to his assign- ment to the Historical Staff in charge of the small CS research group in the Historical Staff. The purpose of this group was to conduct a careful review of CS records, establish the neces- sary indexing and reference systems to meet CS historical re- 25X1A quirements, and develop procedures for maintaining past and future historical records. was selected by the undersigned to fill the remaining slot of the three researchers, late in 1964. Her years of staff experience 25X1A in the FI part of the Clandestine Services would parallel in a way the experiences of in the CA field. It was believed that together t ey wou complement quali- 25X1A fications in records, procedures and solvin documentary prob- lems. 25X1A Also, it was felt that background and capability in drafting instructional material and management tools could be effectively used in preparing recommendations to the CS Historical Board. She would also assist in conveying the conclusions and opinions of the Board and the guidance of the Agency Historical Staff, as well as the actions and findings of the CS research group of the Historical Staff, to the Clandestine 25X1A Services, in memoranda, notices and instructions as appropriate and required. now fills the clerical slot and fourth position of this sma unit established by the Executive Director-Comptroller in the Historical Staff to facil- itate the preparation of the CS history. She originally came on loan in order to assist in the processing of Vietnam histori- cal material. This group will receive the general guidance and professional assistance as needed from the Chief and other mem- bers of the Historical Staff and will be under the direction of 25X1A the undersi ned (and formerly envisaged as under the direction of who is to be responsible for the CS history. 25X1A Although are not to come on duty in the Historical Staff until 1965, I have begun to ready the CS components by visiting each of them and discussing the plans for the CS history and future intentions as they now are foreseen. In most cases it was possible to discuss these plans 25X1A with the chiefs :of the senior staffs and divisions. 25X1A Chief, WE, had already begun the preparation of his- tor ca papers on our operations in a number of the countries under his jurisdiction. Since these histories were getting underway, the undersigned met with the officers responsible for T1 AA ~-Approved For Release 2001/08131 CIA-RDP78-062$ A?001.00 000;i5-5 Approved For.$elease 200 I `6IA-RDP78-06202A00100100015 I' drafting them, explained the CS program and some of the initial plans for incorporating the work of individual efforts such as theirs into the overall program. I provided these officers with guidelines for historical writing in the Clandestine Serv- ices and another paper covering purposes which CS historical papers might serve and the general points to be considered in their preparation. Contact with the WE Division has continued; also, contacts with individuals in other divisions and staffs have been main- tained. The purpose in continuing this relationship is to maintain interest, to disseminate information on the progress of historical efforts throughout the Clandestine Services, and to acquire information about individuals who have experiences which should be documented and who may be about to retire. - 3 - 4pproved..FQr_ReIease,,2001 j08/31 :_ CIA-..RDP78-062b