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December 9, 2016
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November 8, 2000
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September 28, 1961
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roved FQ~' Release 2 . CIA-RDP~.8-06205A000200010018-a. A i p Office .L Vl emoranaum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT j TO Chief, Intelligence School FROM : OTR Briefing Officer SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report #34 20 - 26 September 1961 25X1A r 25X1A9a DATE: 28 September 1961 BRIEFINGS OF SENIOR US. OFFICIALS 1. On 20 September a briefing was conducted for Mr. Lincoln Gordon, newly appointed Ambassador to Brazil. Participants in the briefs were Mr. Dulles General Cabell, and the Messrs. Bissell, W. Cole, newly appointed Ambassador to Chile. Partici ants in the briefing were the Messrs. Dulles, Bissell, 2. On 22 September a briefing was conducted for Mr. Charles 3. On 22 September a briefing was conducted for Mr. Charles F. Darlington, newly appointed Ambassador to Gabon. Participants in the briefing were the Messrs. Dulles, and 25X1A9a 4. On 22 September a meeting was held at State with Mr. Thomas L. Hughes, Deputy Director of Intelligence and Research, to arrange a briefing on CIA for Mr. Hughes. Mr. Hughes is a Balliol man (B. Phil., 1949) and a former Administrative Assistant to Senator Humphrey and Congressman Bowles. 25X1A ADMINISTRATIVE OPERATIONS COURSE On 21 September a briefing on CIA was. given for the 13 students In State's current Administrative Operations Course. After the briefing there was a one-hour question and answer period. in which numerous questions were asked and comments made on various aspects handled 25X1A9a this part o the program--and an e e cee ng y we 1. The group as a whole offered the most constructive and fairest criticism Approved For Release 2001/091 r0_-0-F%.,1rJ%--fK-06205A000200010018-8 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Approved FgRelease 2001 ICIA-RDPIB-06205A000200010018-8 SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report #34 25X1A BRIEFING OF SENIOR FOREIGN OFFICIALS 25X1 C DEPARTMENTAL BRIEFING On 26 September this program was conducted for 36 persons from State, Navy, Air Force, and USIA. CIA INTRODUCTION On 25 September this program was conducted for 73 EOD's. BRIEFING OF COORDINATION STAFF 1. On 21 September a briefing was conducted for eight memo of the DCI's Coordination Staff, including and s Part of the session was devoted to a briefing on CIA organization and part to a documented historical and legal analysis of the coordinating responsibilities of the DCI and of CIA. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a i 2. It came as a surprise to most of the members to be told that there was no statutory justification for making a real separa- tion in the coordination field between the DCI and CIA. The statute specifically assigns the coordinating responsibility to CIA as an Agency and not to the DCI as a person. In doing so, Congress knew of and specifically departed from the Presidential Directive of January 1946, which established CIG and which assigned functions not to CIG but to the DCI. Further, the statute Itself shows that Ft Approved For Release 2001/03/: VtRDP78-06205A000200010018-8 Approved F Release 20 J B : CIA-RDPIW-06205A000200010018-8 SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report #34 Congress was aware of the distinction when it assigned the protection f of intelligence sources and methods to the DCI as a person, but the coordinating responsibility to CIA as an Agency. While it is true that the NSC (NSCID #1) has made the DCI-CIA-distincti.on and spoken of the DCI as the coordinator rather than CIA as the coordinating Agency, it is a question of focusing the coordinating responsibility on the man heading CIA. Any other reading, which, would den any coordination responsibility to CIA as an Agency, would be contrary to the statute. The NS.C cannot repeal the statute. I t is a question of the NSC feeling that the concept of the person of the DCI as coordinator would be more palatable to the other intelligence agencies.than that of CIA as the coordinat- ing Agency. The NS.C directive is procedural in its impact and does not alter the substantive rights assigned to CIA by the statute. 3. There has been a tendency on the part of some of the members of the Coordination Staff--understandably, because they want to emphasize their impartiality--to differentiate so sharply the so-called "two hats" that they, in effect, tend to downgrade CIA as an Agency. This is particularly dangerous these days. It plays into the hands of those who would separate the "two hats"-- downgrading CIA and upgrading the DCI right into the White House or State, bringing with him ONE and OCI. The Air Force representa- tive on the Coordination Staff favors the.complete separation of the two responsibilities. Those who favor it in State and in the White House seem to have come to the realization that it cannot be done without changing, the statute. That such a change will be attempted is a distinct possibility. 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/03/:~~RDP78-06205A000200010018-8