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November 17, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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May 8, 1972
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Approved For Release000/08/21 : CIA-RDP78-06207AD00200110011-2 Deputy Director of Training 1026 CoC C/SIWA 926 C o C 3245 8 May 1972 In a sense these are marching orders. The plans outlined in this paper for expansion of management coverage In core courses or as inde- pendent packages of training that can be made available to officers who do not take core courses should be coordinated with the Support School. The DTR wishes to be kept informed of your plans to implement these con- cepts. Please keep us Informed by special memoranda or in your weekly reports. If you have any questions please see the SA/CD or me. Distribution: C/SIWA C/SUS C/ISSN C/SS 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP78-06207A000200110011-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP78'=06207 400020011 q9 L 2 ;+484 ANLW#A FOR., Executive fAr*ctor -Comptroller t Training and Leadership Devutopm rea .2..l+iC.Es (a) Mein* did 1? Apr 71 to ]LxDir-Compt from T: . Training nand Career valopa xeat' 14 Jan 72 to VTR froomu Exams. C t dtd 3 Jan 71 to f r.Ceraeept si, oee . Subject: a' gom*nt Train ng?6 subject: ".dement Taraein.' ig" 1. We have provided in Reference (a) our views coi cer Uottship between training in g *"raj and career lop=ant the Agency. This supplement to that paper focuses more specifically on the maxeaiaa-r t~ trait we believe ought to be Incorporated Into the care program of tr fining +ce rseea at the initial, middle. and senior levels of executive e velopmentt. 2. The rsxmarks ti to Reference (b). sated to the Observation.- you ade . e a'W* have indeed ar sed a lot of of cert to vnawaaxz;;ent -training, as indicated by Attachment S. However, coaaicer d at the disproportionate uaae the** couree nave the various directorates. As we discus ed, could we rate our management training into a standard track of crass e