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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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February 7, 1975
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Approved For Release~00/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000106~G~0002-3u ~ ~' ~?~'~~~ SUBJECT FY 1976 Curriculum I approve the attached FY 1976 Curriculum as amended in the covering memorandum from the Chairman of the Curriculum Committee. I urge all Unit Chiefs to take immediate steps to carry out the recommendations of this report. The Regis- trar/OTR should use this document as a basic paper for preparing OTR's contribution to the FY 1976 catalog. Hltons o ' Kodr~,/gue Director of Training Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Release~~~~?-^C~I~~:DP#~~~S+A~~81Q~0002-3 7 February 1975 MEMORANDUM FOR: Members of the Curriculum Committee SUBJECT 1976 Curriculum 1. The Curriculum Committee met .with the Director of Training and Deputy Director of Training on 6 February to discuss the FY 1976 Curriculum recommendations which were developed in the November Conference. The Director of Training approved the report with .the .following amendments or changes: a. We will drop the Managerial Grid at the end of June or at such time as the Grid materials run out. The Director of Training requested that Blake' and - be informed of the fact that we are suspending use of their materials. b. The Director of Training understands that the Advanced Operations course is under study and that new proposals will be forthcoming. c. A decision was made not to change the name of the Countering Terrorist Tactics course at this time. However, the other recommendations stand. d. With regard to the Intelligence Information Reports and Requirements course and the Intelligence Infarmation Reports Familiarization cou the study of whether to move these courses to the would hinge mainly on whether a slot saving would be effected by such a-move. e. FTD should attempt to find a better name for the Effective Writing course. f. The Effective Briefing course should be handled internally only if this results in a savings of funds. Chairman, urriculum Committee Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 ,ADMINISTR~~IVE - INTE t~A ; USE ONLY Approved -For Relea~2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A0001 Qf~p30002-3 Caurse Name iCaurse Objectives Original kequirement Course Audience ;student Maximum/Minimum F'raposed Number of Offerings Length of Course . Xnstructor Personnel Accounting Control Students should be able to understand the philosophy and mechanics of the Agency's accounting system and be-able to develop and process accounting transactions reflecting agency operations. The Office of Finance policy to develop the capabilities of Finance careerists to assist in the mAnagement process. A continuing requirement and valid for FY 76. (1) Students are drawn from all Agency components regardless of grade and working background; (2) Number eligible for course - indeterminate. : 16/72 Four - Nav Feb Apr June Six days ~~ man-years Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Releas~000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-Oti215A0001(~30002-3 Pxoposed Course for FY 197b Course Name: Administration.Dix?ectorate Review: Trends and Highlights . bourse__O~b~'e~cti.ves: The Directorate of Administration careerist rxttenc int- g tli~_s course should increase his. knowledge of cuxrent activities, problems and trends in the Directorate az~.d its various offices . tJ~__~r~~i~~~l.-nal Requirement: This course began in 1966 as a means of iupcla~ing Stzppoxt Directorate careerists on developments within the Directorate. This requirement ,is_ still valid _for FY l.~_76. Course Audience: The course is designed for DDA careerists in grades GS-09 through GS-15 and senior secretaries GS-06 through t;S-08. Personnel with less than two years experience with the .Agency should not be enrolled in this course. Attendees, at the co~:,~se ordinarily represent all the professional skills associ- ated with the Administration Directorate. A limited slumber of careerists from other Directorates are also invited to attend. An estimate of the number of personnel e's.3.gible for this course is approximately 4,500 ? 15 percent. Student AZaximum/Minimtun: Class size should not be loss than ZS ~,tu`c~ents nor more than 55 students . Pro~~osed Number of Offerings: The course is offered four times a yeax a.n June,. Ucto e~x', January and I~4arch. Lent}i of Course: The course is four days, full time. Students a.re expecte-~ to live ~ during the running of the course. They are also expecte 1:o attend t}ze evening sessx.ons that are an integral pa ~~,t/~/of: the c~jaurse. ~? STATINTL _~~ a'.~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~~ i lad#~'-r~D 7,~-06~~}5~40b~~10~'b~$0~02-3 Approved For Releas~000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A00010~'i0002-3 :Instructor Personnel- Devoted to the Course: Effica.ent sTATwTL =running of the course rec}wires assistance to the Chairman in the form of a co-chairman or training assist- ant. The C}lairnra.n should devote three weeks per class in the planning, administering and wrapping up of the running. Tf the assistant to the Chairman is a professional, the. total devoted to courses amounts to approximately one-third (1/3) of a man-year annually. 1~bout one-sixth of a man-year ref clerical time is spent on the course. ~~~ t'~;t_~.. 'i'.A,i,~..):i,,',.'i..i'a1.1-~~ 4n. ?*: .ice- Approved For Release 2000/0%21 : CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Releas~,,,2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A00010~30002-3 Pxoposed Course for FY~1976 Course Name: Administration Directorate Survey Caurse Objectives: The Career Trainee completing this course s7iotx understancT in considerable detail the missions of the various elements of the Directorate af. Administration and haw they support the Agency in the conduct of its various activities. . O:rigi.~xal P~equirement : The course yeas designed specifically to mc:e~ t i-} e spec~.a needs of Career Tr. ainees and provide them with e.Kposure to the DDA.? Originall}T, Career Trainees were enrolled. in the. then I~ianagement and Services Review: Trends? and highlights course. Tn early 1974, however, the then DDM~S indicated his views in a course that consisted primarily of DDA careerists with much mare Agency experience than the Career Trai.ne~s . -The f:i.rst running of the Administration Directorate Survey Caurse was held in August 1974 in the Chamber of Commerce Building. Course Azzdience: Participants in this course i,rould ~be limited sci~.e~y to areer Trainees . Student Maximum/Minimum: Each running would consist of an entire class, pro a y about 4O students. Proposed Number of Runnings : i~a runnings pex ye ax, on?; in l~~y a~ic once in eptem er. Length of Course : Three days , full time . Instructor. Personnel Devoted. to the Course: Tlie first running cii ~~~ie caiirse require ai~out 14~haurs af: plann.izzg, preparation ? vvr C.~G~c ~ w~'^-- Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : ClA-RD~78-06~'~5A'0'Ob'~0v~0~0v~2~=~ L ADhtII~XS:~~;:.;i'.tVi: ~- Ii~Ta~,k~4I, USi~ Oivi Approved For Release.2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000109830002-3 and administrative time on the part of the Course Chairman. Subsequea~.t runnings may reduce the amount of time required but a reasonable estimate would be approximately one-sixth (]./6) of a man-year of instructor. time devoted to this pro- gram. Clerical time required for this course is negligible. T, .. ~ c~j'~ ~. .1. VJr '"' .~.l.~u:.a .:.~l..l lJai~ `~::i ~~ :~~ Approved For Release 20(~1"0~'/~'?J: ~f~-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved .For Releas#q,~000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A00011~i!l30002-3 Course Name Course Objectives Administrative Procedures (Part I) Upon completion of the first part of the course students will be able to: 1. Describe the origins of the Central Intelli- gence Agency and its role in the United States Government; 2. Describe the organizational relationships of each Agency Directorate; 3. Identify major tasks of the DDO as authorized by ~ 1 cC~ National Security Council directives; 4. Use wards and terms from the Glossary of Opera- tional Terminology; 5. Define code designations as"a means of security in correspondence; 6. PrE~pare correspondence for the field in the presr~ribed format; 7. Prepare claims for domestic ternporary ~ du~ry travel and rniscellar~eous expenditures. Part II - DDO Students will remain an additional day - and learn to: 1. Marne the three. official files of the DUO, and, in general terms, describe the mat-~rials placed in the files; ? 2. Describe the records responsibilities in-the DDO of the originator of operational correspondence and the Information Services Group; 3. Describe the correlation of the Main Index to nae~: tracing and to the official files of the LIDO Record System. , , , .1d Original Requirement Qegan in 1g~~7 and was a part of the Intelligence School of OT(t, At the time i t r~1as a four ~ti~eek caursc (Three ~veelc Administrative Course and one ti~reek Staff Indoctrination Course). ? 0{~erati ons Di recto?^ate tiroul d have to determine i f t8ri requirerrrent is still valid. ~' 1 ~~ V ~ ~~~ ~ ,.. ~ '3 `' Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Releas~000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A00010~pD~30002-3 Course Audience 1. Mainly DDO; some DDI, DDS&T & DDA; GS--03 - GS--07; C]erks, Typists, Stenographers; 2. Unknown Student Maximum/h1inimum : 20 Max/10 Min Length of Course Faur days Instructor Personnel .75 man-year Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Relea000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78=06215A00010OD~30002-3 Proposed Course for FY 1976 Course Name: Advanced Intelligence Seminar Course Objectives: Starting with a b rief overview of significant develop- rnents and problems facing CIA and its place in the Intelligence Connnunity, members of the Advanced Intelligence Seminar should: r>o caurses in FY 76. Caur:;e~ Audience Any employee requiring ]~owledge of infoz-~nation systems for management applications. i~,ajority of students have come from the A}.idit Sta:Cf, Office of Logistics, Office of finance, Comptroller, Office: of PPB, Dffice of- Persorulel, and one external seat for each of NSA ar~.d DIA, without grade limitation, Normally 14-15 Agency emT~l.oyecs per offering. Studez;t T1axi.mum/Mini.mum: 20/12 I~r~~o::ed Number of Offcrin~s: September 1975 March J.97(a T~ength of Course: Four weeks. lnstrtzctor Personnel Devoted to Eac}z Present~i~tian of t]ze Course; . d. ~.5 man years ~ ~~ -- /~ ~ri~~+~~"f~'i R~~a`se 2000~8/7'M :`~Cl'~4-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Releas~000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A00010~0002-3 Proposed Course for T~Y 76 iCatzrse Name: INPOF~~IlTION SCIENCE I?OR IMAGERY AI~Al,YSIS Course Objectives: Each participant. will be able to: I.. Apply systems concepts to moderately co~uplex problems in v~~agery anal.ys is . 2. Apply computer library progr~nns to imagery analysis problems. .._..3. Use a remote terma.nal in a t:ime-sharing computer system in ?performing basic and specific progrananing technic{ues. 4. Explain systems problems and ufie technical terms and nornenclature with sufficient skill to connnunicate e:Cfectively with experienced. systems 1?rofessionals. . Original Rec{ui.rement: Discussions kiith imagery analy:~is groups began in 1972. After a senior IAS officer completed the Functian.s course, form? joint pJ.anning ivas initiates; at: the rcc{uest of IAS. '1'}ie ~~ourse tivas first presented to L1S oi:Cicers only in April 1974, and, at their rec{uest, was repca.~:ecl. iii July 1974 with some :attendees from NFTC as well as IAS. . Course Audience: Imagery anal}fsts :+.n CIA, NPIC, the rn~_litary services and related o;~g~u~i.zations . Stud~.nt R4axinnml/i~li.nimwn: 25/12 Pxo~~osed Number of Offerings: DIA, NSA, Len~t~h O:f Course : 'l~ao weeks . Iasi:ructor Personnel }_)cvoted to Each Presentation of the Course: 0.3 man }fears ~~ ~ ~~a ~ ~a.o~ Apfproved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Releas~000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A00010~~0002-3 ' Proposed Course for FY 76 Course Name: INFOR~'IATION SCIENCE FOR INTELLIGENCE FUNCTIONS Course Objectives: Each participant will be able to: 1.. Identify and define informatian science problems in his pxofessional field. 2. apply the methodology and f.ecllxliques of information science to salve actual, logically synthesized, intelligence problems on the comptlter. ' 3. Use the terminology and basic techniques of infannation scielice sa that he can consult intelligently w~i_th Infoinnation Science professionals on more advanced problems and requirements. 4. Pursue the development of their. okm and their agencies' information science capabilities. ' Or. a.ginal Requir. ement: The course originated i.n 1965 in response to a xecommen~la~~.ion of the Fxesident.'s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Boarcl. COUTSe AUd1eI1Ce: Phis course is open to professional intelligence officers throughout the Intell.i.gerlce Conunvni.ty. Student Maximtun/Mi.nimum: 35/15 O.AO man years ~~~~1,~~ _ i~~ ~; 'cam ~~-- _ ~- ~~?~ ~ ~ r .~ Fra~osed~ Nurnbcr of O:C-ferings: October 1975 January 1.976 May 1976 Length of. Course: Four weeks. Instructor Personnel llevoted to Each Present-.at.i.olt of the Cotu~se: Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved for Releasq.,~000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A00010~30002-3 ? Prorosecl Course for FY 76 ' Course Name : INFORT`tA'I'lON SCTENCE FOR I~i~1NAGFRS I Tiach participant wi11 be able to explain: ?, .~ 1?. The e]_emc.itary use of computer terminals and. the application of computer pxogr~~Ii~~s to management, support, anal intelligence problems. 2. l~orecasting, probability, c}eC1s1.0I1 trees, COTrelat7.oll. aIld regression analysis, network analysis, linear progra~r~Iiing, resource allocation, }'ERT, decision-making, and other systematic methods of ``' ?C;ourse Objectives: T}ii.s course serves all agencies of the Inte].].igence Comml.uz:it.y although it is }?rimarily designed for personnel. of CIA, DIA, NSA, and In~~c:lligence Officers from the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Pri.orif:y in accepting students is given to senior officers GS-14 and. above and military enui.va:lents. T}7e course is al~propri.at.e for officers f>^om a7.1 offices of C.I:A ,and other. agencies, and is applicable to those iv}io work in Suzy ftulctianal or . professional area including intelligence, operations, support, mana.gement,~ OT aC}If11.I1lstratlon. ' ' 3. The roles of the manager, the user, and systems professionals ~'_in defining, developing, anal utilizing i~~foi~nation. systems. ~, Ration:a.]. approaches to the analysis of problems and the .decision-making tasks of his organization. ? Original Rec~enlcla: ~. Tl~e need for this course iaa.s p?rceived by the ISTIi i_n ]_972 and the course t~ias a part of the original program of Information ~Scien~_e courses approved by the Executive Director/Comptroller.. 'T'he course has been offered tlvice anntlal.].y since, and has been :heavil,y over-subscribed for each of#erinp;. Course-Audience: analysis and management science. St.Ud.Gllt 1.1ax7.IlltAll/1`'S1I17I11LIn1: 30/12 ProLscd Number of Offerin;s: October 1975 February 7.976 Len ;t}i o:C Course: One tiveck. Instructor }'er,~onnel Devotccl to Each }~reselltat`ian of the Course : 0.13 man years ;~ c~ ice - u.~ - ~'~ x$/21 : CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Releas~.2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215g00016~30002-3 ? Proposed.. Course for,I1' 76 Course Name: INFOP.~'IIlTION SCII?NCE FOR AIANAGF:I2S II Course Objectives: Each participalit will be~able to: 1. Identify the capabi_litics, limitations, and applications of systematic methods of. analysis in management, support, operations, admi.ni.stratioii, and the collection and production ,of intelligence. 2. Use a computer terniTial to a.ppl.y the tenni.nology and basic fieclzni.ques of management science, in si.mp].e .applications in his oia~i ?f-ield. 3. Use? the termi_nolagy anct basic t"ec}an.i_ques of informa.ti.on science to conununi.cate effectively and collaborate ~vit.h systems professioi7als on more difficult pxobl.ems anal requirements. 4. .App1.y a wider range of rational choices in the analysis of problems a~zd in the decision-malting tasks of his argani.zation. C-rigi.na]. Requirement: The need for a two-week course to acquire a basic capability i.n the application of I~lanagement Science leas frequently been cited try students an the one-week Information Science for AIa1Zt~I;ers I course, and b;j pot.ential customers. A two-week course iti7as proposed i.n 1974, and approved by the C:urriculun Commitee. 771e course was offered ~:wicc in 1974, was aver- s,ubsori.bcd, and was most successful.. Cour. se Ailclience This course serves all agencies of the Intelligence Commw~ii:y although it is primarily designed f-or persoru~iel of CI:A, I)IA, NC'fA, and Intelligence Of.:C:iccrs fx?om the Army, Navy, and. Ai.r farce. Studnts are mai.n7.y GS-11 and above. 'The course i s ~.ppropriate for officers from all offices of CTA and oth.cr agencies, and is applicable to~those who woi-Ic in any fuiictionaJ. or professional ~~rca i~ic.ludinn 1Tli:elllgollce, operations, st~~port, management, or aclmi.nistration. ~ e /~ .` r., t5t.udent 1~Saximcmi/Minimum: 30/12 1?z-o~osecl Ntmiber of Offers : _Le~~tJi off Course.: 'Il,~o ~ti~ecks. Pocember 1975 ~t `.~ ~'~' ~`" ~~' a ~ Apr i.l 19 / G ~ ~~ ~~~ --- '~ ~~ ~d Instructor 1?ersonnel T?cvoted t.o 1?ach I'rescnt,ati on_ of .the Course: U. ZS m`'llexc rs,z:e zlo subsi.ant~.vc cll:!n~cs izi t:Ile cauxsc.:l, czar. 1s tll~>:e t!zly ~rogased cll!3.06nZ15A000100030002-3, r L r t , i ~ j Approved For Released-000/08/21, :CIA-RDP78-06215A00010Q~0002-3 couxsrr n~rnx~r:c~ CO~~'ONL~t17'S? SE3tVEDz Records Officex appainteQS, GS-07 and abovQ wl.th ' a minimum of four years with the I)0 desigzzated by t.ho vsrious I+0 cieslc and ats.ff unizo. WOI~.I: 3?];TtF0~S1~I7 )3Y STUDI.2ixS: All ettzdenta ~lxe crpected to perform the duticc of a unit records ofticcr ~.n addition to their - - - - .. NO t.A~:3:'-fUi/2;0 1?i7Ni`~itJM . AilR~il3lalt QT' O~rEI:iNGS: i T.3~1dG'T.II 0~ CQUF,SE Olze clay, f:u1.I t~.z~~ COt31dSh' NA'~4} 0333'F.CT7V~:S QR:{G I1't~L_ 3.'our. k~iericnce hae 311ptdzl that thi:3 inunbar of otter7~n~s laalrlnce>; the snnual los:~ in unit recozds afS3.ccrra through reaiga~~1L-ioli ox overseas assi~nrlentws .., ~CSo Qpers.tiona~. It~:cards ~axid_3~eslc Qx3.enta.ticin cotzr:3c is a razcrc:quiUite:~ This Hoarse tsas c~?eated to laro~tide 1?0 careor tx~lincem c~*~,L-',.1 rC'.CC7YCl^u ~nStl'1?Ctii~Zly C~~.I1.L,`G' Il0 ot11El:r 7:CCQ)'d3 ~n.^at3"itGtiOZI :,?)..~". ava6lable 3.x1 t13G.~Y' cw-r~.cuZun. xts present pux-l5ose i.s t:~racold: to ~~repazca t~lze st.udc~nt #or ht:: I7p :1.SZ.tc~rira :l~zriunu~r:nt; and i.o ? pr. at*~.dc unifc~x-r~~ xc~corcla tzainin~ tox~ tl3o 33UU, L?o taiiich tibia CbUI:Sl: AUI77:FSt~.CL: 3~0 career tY; A'~.ZiCG4 AEA r.11~~- tlp Llrb provS.ded ~.tt the CT pl?n~am. Tize ~avcrr~ge ha3 lacezi ].2 ritudentet 1?c:r cozlrflc. tltTriX31R 03' Ol?3"I.1,T",dGS.: taut 3.~' I.1:1.G111 03? COI11;S1~: Qne ~rcek /~ ~ ~(,~cL~~l/ ..-~ / Approved For Release 2000/08/211? j~1.1\~I~tDp~8~Q6215A000100030002-3 1:1.er 1 ..r..... rt Approved Fob- Releas000/08/21 :CIA-RDp78-06215A00010~p-30002-3 Septc~nb~r. l~ecerabcx Sn nl~ ~.r3* ~cbruary Apr~~. _ . GS 7,?.V);L (AvcraJ e) 1+--~3 (~) J~nszrxry l~imrr_li SeP~rerabcr~ Lecembrr l.~ebs:u..~x}~ ` ? .Tuna Recc+rd~ & 17e.~?~ O~:t.r.~~t:~L-3.on ` ~lli;;llrf t: }dave~.nbcr }'ebr l'-pry ~.-9 (S). (4 ) 3 ryas'. 3.5 y-xs. (1.~) :~. 3 rare. .. 20 yrs.. (1) 2 sao;~~. .> .?G yrs. (3) ).GSS t:harr one year Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-b~~'l5Ab'~OTd0030i}02-3 ,.. :: ,~r..; ,.,., LEt;C.'TY.~ OF SE%~IICE ~lverat'~ 3.--25 (3) 3 tans. ~ .22 yrs. (4) 1-22 (2) . ~3 ~:os. - 3,9 yrs. t~.) .~ :~ 'Approved For Releas~000/08/21 :CIA-RDp78-06215A00010~Q,p~0002-3 ADMINISTRATIVE -INTERNAL USE ONLY Proposed Course for FY 76 Course Name: Operations Support Courses (OSC) -- Recommend name of course be changed to Operations Familiarization Course (OFC) Course Objectives: . To provide Directorate of Operations personnel and selected personnel from. other Agency components, who are preparing far their first averseas assignment, witYi a. basic understanding of how to assist DO officers in the .field in the conduct of Station/Base operational activities. Original Requirement: The original requirement to train DO personnel going averseas to ? assist in the conduct of field operation activities is still valid for FY 7G. Course Audience: ' 1. Primarily Directorate of Operations personnel going overseas far the first time as Operations Support Assistants with a grade, range of GS-04 to GS-07. 2. Unknown number of Agency personnel eligible for the coc:rse. Student Maximum/Pi3.nimum: Maximum --- 24 Minimum ~-- 10 Proposed Number. of Offerings: Six -- Starting in June. Lend of Course Three weeks September, November, January,~February, April, and .InsY.ructor Personnel Devoted to tl~e Course: Three man years ADi~iINIS~']~Al'IVT: - INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Releas~000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000101i~30002-3 Course Name Orientation & Office Skills Program t;ourse Objectives The first day the student will be able to knotiv the Organization of the Agency and the general administrative procedures applicable to clerical en;playees. The second day stenos and typists will become familiar with Agency memoranda, cables, dispatches and basic telephone procedures. Original Requirement Course Audience Student Maximum/h'iinimum Proposed Number of Offerings Length of Course Stated in Agency regulations -(couriers to stenos); 2. Determined by the level of recruitment by the Office of ~'erson.nel. Typists/Stenos: All C1 eri cal 15 h9ax/$ Min 3`0 h1ax/8 Min (July thraugh.June at the request of the Office of Persarmel providing they meet minimum student require-? ment for enrol lment.~..normally about 40 times/year. : T, FT W, 4 - & hours (~ hours if there are na assignments to .DUO; 5 hours ?i f a:~si gnments ~rnclucte DDO) .75 man-year Sp a .G,~c _ is ql~/~ dP,.aw~ _ is ~c~P z. ~i~ dL~.N~~ _ iso lstNP d.QP~ vadl _ slaoN.sz Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Releas~000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A00010~30002-3 Course Name Practical Supervision for OC Careerist Course Objectives At end of course, students should be able to: 1. Communicate more effectively; ? 2. Improve their delegation habits; 3. Implement the Agency's performance evaluation program in their spheres of responsibility. Original Requirement Memo Director of Communications to Director of Training, subject, courses in Writing and Supervision for OC personnel dated 20 June 1972. Course Audience OC Staff Co~~munications~and OC Engineering Divisions GS-08 through GS-13,~pecifically designed for overseas field commo station personnel. Several hundred potential?students. Student t~faxi mum/h1i n i mum 12/8 Proposed Number of Eight -ten runnings per year Offerings . Length of Course. Four day course - Tues through Fri (Eight hours) Instructor Personnel .4 man-year ~iu~ - 3~ ~+~ ~~~ ~~ 1 2~e~ ~. ~ 38~ ice! c~cu e~ - ~/ , ~fiZ ~~~c~ ~~~'~u, ~ ~6 3.68 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 . nnr~tztaxsar,,~~az~.1 ~. r.:aa::.~nr, us>r ozvx~Y Approved- For Releas00/08/21 :CIA-RDP78=06215A000108f~30002-3 ' Proposed Course for FY 1976 Course Name : Preparing for Overseas Assignment Course`Objectives: Phase I - Overseas Service far CTA Personnel attending this phase axe expected to: a. Gain a Bette c rStanding of cover. we~icTiaCIllsempl~ty and 1e~a1 problems. ` ~ .~_ ogees iniglit -encounter during service abroad; and be Acquire a limited feeling for important cultural d.,f~'_e.~ei,?,~es which may be en- count~erect in working and Living among foreigners . Original- Reglii.rement: 'There were tj,to predecessor courses to ti^~c-~c~urreii.l; cuurseiio~a being. offered, i'he fiz~st was an ".Americans Abroad Oxi_entat9.on" course which was offered to I~ e 2 10'~~~.~~~.~~~I!"~8~~:~:9.~'~AQ1~~~$~Rp2-3 Approved For Releas?~000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A00010AG~0002-3 staff employees and spouses from 1959 to 1965. This course was superseded by the "Orientation for Overseas" course. :[n March 197[, the course was reorganized and renamed Preparing for Overseas Assignment. As now structured, it is divided into t~vo phases. 1'he first phase, lasting two clays, is a general orientation to overseas living for Agency emplayees and spouses going abroad for the f~.~?st Time. The second phase, covering one and one-half-days, Course Atldience : Course participants are from all Director. aces ~~n cover a wi e range of skills.` It is open to adult depen- dents of staff employees going overseas for the first time under Agency auspices. T}Iere is no good estimate of the number of personnel eligible for this course. . Student Maximum/Minimum: The minimum number of studcnt:s~per course running i e g~ (8) and the maximum is thirty (30) . I'xaposed Number o'f Of fering~Sixer_ye_as`~, one each i.n Ju1y, - :~ pte ~ m~er~, ~ ovem er, {e~ruary, ~Cp~ril and June . Length of Course : Three and ane-half days, full time . Instructor Personnel Devoted to the Course: Approximately erne- -oust ai a man-year 1's-cTevote~c ~to Tie running of this course. About one-twelfth of a man-year iIi clerical time a_s required for this course. .AI71.~I~`77Sa.^?':il~';" Tr*-~?"?~ tiT~ ttS p~< Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215Q~00'I ~003~~02-3 Approved For Releas~OOO/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-O6215AOOO16~G8`3OOO2-3 Course Name The Project Officer in the Contract Cycle Course Objectives : After taking the course, scientists, engineers, and other technical personnel will be able to participate more efficiently and more effectively in the contracting process, particularly in contracting far research, development, and engineering,~pecifically, those ~,~ho ' have taken the course: 1. Will have a basic understandingQFthe legal authorities policies, and procedures under which the Agency does its contracting; 2. Will have a basic understanding of the Agency's organization far contracting; 3. Will understand their role in the contracting cycle, particularly as it~relates to the other members of the contracting tea-n; . '4. 4di11 understand the basic legal considerations and practical techniques involved in: a. selecting sources; b. preparing the request for proposal (R~P}; c. evaluating RFC's; d, negotiating and awarding a contr~~ct; e. monitoring a contract wring its performance phase, and f. terminating or settling a contract. 5. Wi11 have {rnowledge which should m.~l:e them mere effective in dealing with both Agenc;~ and contractor personnel durir-g the contract cycle in obtaining contracts t~ahich produce the desired result within cast constraints. . Original Requirement The then DD/f~tivas direcf.ed "to develop a contract management training program for techni~:.al officers" in a memo (DD/A 70-3776 dtd 11 Sept 1970) from the Cxecutive Director-Cornptrol1er. This directive ~das for-,rarded to DTR by the DD/A i n a memo (UU/A 703901) dated 24 Sept 1970. ~ ,~ prov~For Re ease 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-O6215AOOO1OOO3OOO2-3 Approved For Releas~U00/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A0001088300Q2-3 The requirement will remain valid as long as there are technical personnel who have not taken the course. Course Audience 1. Components served are: DDS8;T, DD/A, DD/0, DD/I, 0/DCT 2. Average grade of attendees: GS-12/13 3. Functional categories of attendees: engineers, scientists, technicians, auditors, procurement officers, and administrative personnel connected with R,D, & E activities. Student Maximum/l~linimum :26/15 Proposed Number of Offerings Three per year .(Oct Doc Feb) Length of Course :,One week, Full-time Instructor Personnel 0.3 man-year Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Releas~00/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000106D~80002-3 Course Name Records Disposition Seminar Course Objectives Upon completion of this course, student should know how to: 1) conduct a file survey for disposition purposes; 2) prepare a records retirement schedule for periodic disposition of records; r _. ~ v _ . _ ,... _ _ _ _ : _, . _... , _ _ , _ ._ 3) . retire ~i nacti ve records to the Records Center, fallo4~ring proper procedures; ' 4) transfer~recards of historic value to the Archives for "permanent retention." Original Requirement 1) Federal Records Act of 1950; 2) CIA Ileadquarters Regulatiar~ STATINTL 3) CIA Records Training Program (paper from Chief Support Services Staff to 1a^ting Director of Training dated 23 Feb 1912). This requirement is valid through FY 1976. Course Audiences Representation from all Agency componEants and DCIU,~:~:, Grade span GS-03 through GS-14. Student Maximum/Minimum: 30/15 Proposed Number of Four Seminars per year (Extra sessions when necessary) Offerings Length of Course One day, >?ull-time ~o~i cu @~- ~ ~R ~ ~ 7Z ~S~~uti ~.~F ~ , _ ~ 3.3~ Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Release.~000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A00010GD~0002-3~ Course Name Records Manayement Survey Seminar (i3eing Developed) Course Objectives Upon completion of this course, the student ? should: Do's and don't of conducting a survey; c, preparation of the final report on the survey; d, follow-up on actions recommended. Original Requirement 1) Federal.Records Act of 1950; 2) Agency Headquarters Regulation- 1) knaar the proper techniques to follow in conducting a records management survey of files in his organization, including: a. planning for a survey (defining authority, scope, time schedule, etc.); 3) Report of Agency Training contained in memo from Chief, Support Services .Staff to Acting Chief, Office of Training. CouY~se Audiences Representatives from all Agency corr,ponents and DCT area. Grade GS-07 through GS-14. Stuc?ent Maximum/Minimum 25/15 Pra~~osed Number of Four per year Offerings LenSth of Course Four hours, 1/2 days Tnstructor Personnel Contractor SeG,d~.~,/ Yr~,w - ~F ~ . ue,~ ~. - ~sJ~u A roved Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 pp 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 ~/isi~~l~~;:~Mi f i S'.. Approved For Releases.2000/08/1 : CIA-RDP78-06215A00010~930002-3 Couxs AUUII:NCE rsnxxrn~M/ MINIMUM All Al;ency personnel going overseas are eligible including those scheduled far "A" areas of the world (considered non- hazardous pasts) although for them attendance. is not mandatary. The maximum number of students that can be conveniently accommodlted is 40; uxinimum number lD, although classes. have been conducted in the past with greater and lesser numbers. Tutorial sessions are conducted for Non-Official Cover (NOC; personnel where an ir;.dividual is :;cheduled to depart for over- seas prior to the next regular ROC running. PItOPOSF.D NU~fEER OI' OFI!IsR1:NG5: Scheduled sessions are hall bi-weekly, on alternate Wednesdays, 2G times per year. Tutorial sessions are conducted as necessary. During calendar year 1973, 38 tutor~.al or "unscheduled" sessions were held with 149. students ,_, attending.. LENGTH OI' COUP.SE: One day,. from 0900-1~3D. INSTRUCTOR PERSONN~:>; DIaVUTFD TO THE COtiRS);: One-half of a man year. Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Release.2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A0001 d8~30Q02-3 Course Name Survey of Financial Management +Course Objectives Student should be able to better understanding the Agency's Financial Management Process. Original Requirement The Office of Finance policy to develop the capabilities of Finance careerists to assist in the ? management process. A continuing requirement and valid for FY 76. Course Audi er,;,e (1} Students are drawn from all Agency components regardless of grade and working background; (2) .Number ~el i gi bl e for course .-, .i ncietermi Hate. _ ?.Student Maximum/Minimum: 50/15 r Proposed Number of Offerings: Two -- Sept & Jan Length of Course Three days ca~~-r~,tii~ Instructor Personnel : ~~~ man-years ~~ l'~. i~l~~-~. - gD~ ~,,, cy~P~,B--- ~ , _ ~ 1, 8s Approved For Release 2000/08/21 :CIA-RDP78-06215A000100030002-3 Approved For Releacr~?2000/08/21 :.CIA-RDP78-06215A0001`991)30002-3 Proposed Course for FY 76 Course Name: SURVEY OF INTTLLIGENCE INFORh~ATION SYSTFa4S _ _ Caurse Objectives: Each participant wi11 be~able to: 1. Identify i.n t:erznr of his current on-.the-job responsibilities; the contents, usefulness, and limitatioizs of the major intelligence ]z.andl.ing systems in the Intelligence Community. 2. tlse a computer terminal for storage and. retrieval, and the ;appli.cation o~ these skills to intelligence tasks.