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November 16, 2016
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April 28, 2000
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April 22, 1971
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Approved For Release 200 RE IA-RDP78-0 36ZA000200 30001.0 2 2 APR 1971 25X1A MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director-Comptroller SUBJECT Component Training: Fiscal Year 1970 REFERENCE Memo #68-1864 dtd 12 Apr 68 to Ex Dir- Compt frm ADD/S, subj: Inspector General's Survey of the Office of Training the computer to economic intelligence, preparation to perform opera- covered a broad spectrum of this activity. It ranged from an ori- entation of one day or less for large groups, through a multitude of short, practical courses in specific skills, best exemplified by those of the Office of Communications (40 courses) and the Technical Services Division (20 courses), to a comprehensive, five- month program of professional development (DDSEIT Career Develop- ment Course). Training objectives and subject matter were as di- verse as indoctrination in communications security, application of 1. This report on component training in CIA is for your information. It contains observations made by senior instructors in the -ice of Training after their review of courses and other types of instructional programs, exclusive of on-the-job-training, conducted by components within the Directorates and by the Office of the Director during fiscal year 1970. 2. Training conducted by twenty Offices, Divisions, and Staffs, representing all Directorates and the Office of the Director, 3. An improved data base plus more meaningful exchanges be- tween representatives of individual components and the Office of Training make ft possible to report with greater assurance on the programs. Many were top-notch. None was without merit. Most were Excluded fan atrmatic Approved For Release 2000/08 CPm*RDP7 0 e E.bOO 00030001-0 o E_ F- Approved For Releese 2000~L W TA-RDP78-063ttA000200030001-0 in response to demonstrable needs. Understandably, the majority of courses were intended to satisfy internal needs of respective components. A growing number did include students of other com- ponents with common interests. Increasingly, attention is being given to cross-fertilization and multi-component courses, attempt- ing to keep in step with changing managerial and problem-solving styles. 4. The conclusion that component training is sound and re- sponsive to requirements is subjective and is not totally con- firmed by OTR. It is more reliable in regard to the organization, conduct and quality of the training, per se. It is less valid in terms of effectiveness and ultimate value, i.e., improvement in job performance. In this aspect it reflects, to a very great degree, assessments of the components themselves. It is less firm because, with some notable exceptions, detailed and specific feed- back on student application of the training is spotty. The time and effort to produce a more positive, substantial evaluation might cost more than it is worth. 5. OTR could take on the responsibility for a number of the courses conducted by the components. However, it could not do so as effectively or as efficiently because it lacks qualified per- sonnel in most of the fields in question or unusual conditions required by the components militates against doing so. On the other hand, OTR can do more to help improve component programs. The full-time assignment of OTR personnel to certain components could be productive. At present, a senior OTR officer is conduct- ing the major programs of the Soviet Bloc Division, another is 25X1A doing the same in the and until recently a third was the Training Officer for NPIC. More can also be done to aid in updating instructor quality, lesson plans and training aids by utilizing the Instructor Training Branch in OTR as the Office of Communications and Technical Services Division have done during the year. 6. The components conducted 517 presentations of 145 courses for 4445 students. Total cost, excluding student salaries, was $1,740,271. 7. The attachments in this report name the specific courses conducted within the Directorates and the Office of the Director. The following paragraphs take note of the quality of the courses and some of the more significant observations about them. Approved For Release 2000/06/O8EM P78-06362A000200030001-0 Approved For Release MAN . IA-RDP78-063MA0002O0030001-0 Office of the Director The Office of Planning, Programming and Budgeting in coopera- tion with the Office of Finance conducted the third and fourth sessions of the Budget Process course. The course continues to improve. The latest innovation, a mock budget hearing, produced a strong favorable student reaction. The Clandestine Service Training by components remained at about the same level as FY 69. It accounted for 41% of the total students and 30% of the total cost of all component programs. TSD, showed a 25X1A slight-decline in student enrollment while RID reported a larger decrease from FY 69 totals. Most significant was the upsurge in the FE program for Vietnam. The original seven-week course was reconfigured as two, Vietnam Orientation and Vietnam Operations, each of four weeks duration. All assignees to Vietnam are required to attend the Orientation, with 25% continuing the Operations course. The Saigon Station actively participated in the development of the courses. This plus maximum use of recent returnees from Vietnam as instructors kept the program up to date with the changing scene in the country. Senior officers of the Saigon Station report a noticeable improvement in the qualifications of newly assigned per- sonnel since the new courses were initiated, a rare case of sub- stantial and dependable feedback. As a result of the program's effectiveness, a similar course was organized and put on 25X1A during the year. Its initial success is expected to raise demands for more offerings. In addition, short courses were developed for dependent wives of assignees to the two countries. 25X1A Intelligence Directorate Component programs of the Intelligence Directorate remained at the modest level. NPIC, responsible for the bulk of the training activity, registered a sharp jump in the number of students but this was due to one orientation course of eight hours or less to introduce a new integrated information system to 470 NPIC employees. There appears to be a possible duplication with OCS in computer- science training, such as, an in-house program for OER, where the Approved For Release 2000/06/ DP78-06362A000200030001-0 ZtUnff Approved For Release 2000~QC IA-RDP78-063s2A000200030001-0 Intelligence (con't) instructor came from OCS. In the other, NPIC' claimed better re- sults because the instructors, experienced programmers, were familiar with project applications, allowing the training to be related directly to the student's actual duties. Directorate of Science and Technology Programs of this Directorate re lect a favorable and continuing interest in formal training to improve the qualifications and capa- bilities of its personnel with attention to advancing technology and changing requirements. During the year two courses were dropped and ten were added. Most of the latter derived from new require- ments (or demands). Two one-time programs satisfied needs for the foreseeable future. Students from other components and Directorates were enrolled in at least six courses. One in particular, Intelli- gence Engineering Systems Analysis, is worthy of note: A pilot pro- gram sponsored by the Office of Research & Development, its aim being to equip technical components with common problem-solving tools. The 30 students attend 12 classroom sessions, one per month for a year, complete a variety of studies and homework problems between classes and participate in classroom presentations along with the contractor-instructor. This approach has potential appli- cation in other areas. The quality of training was consistently good, with a majority of the courses rated excellent by component consumers, training officers and by students. Approximately 40% of the training was accomplished by contract with professional firms or individuals. The larger direct costs were judged worthwhile on the basis of unique qualifications and uniform competence of the instructors. The Office of Computer Services was responsible for 60% of the total effort. It conducted a number of courses, exclusively for other components. Support Directorate The Support Directorate programs registered a decline of 25% in the total number of students trained. This was due in part to a change in reporting those Office of Security personnel who attended courses at the Inter-Agency Training Center. These students are now included, more appropriately in external training totals. Approved For Release 2000/06 ~E tDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Approved For Release 2000/ rA-RDP78-0636 A000200030001-0 The Office of Communications, perennially responsible for most of Support component training showed a slight increase. It con- tinued to be the largest training operation by far of all components, in all categories. Of the total component effort it accounted for 33% of the courses, 25% of student enrollment and 47% of the cost. If the ratio of cost to students appears higher by comparison, it should be noted that OC's costs are true costs. They include faci- lities, equipment, and instructor salaries unlike many other com- ponents. OC's training mechanism is well-organized, maintains properly equipped facilities and a full-time instructional staff of technically qualified personnel with many years of field ex- perience and who are rotated regularly. Most of the courses are designed to develop practical skills in operating and/or repairing and maintaining equipment and systems. Although the major effort was devoted to training OC personnel, ten courses were conducted for members of other components and directorates. The effectiveness of the program is perhaps easiest of all to judge by virtue of the recognition accorded the Agency's communications world-wide. The Office of Security's program concentrated primarily on pre- paring its officers for field duty, with emphasis on internal per- sonnel and physical security. Technical training was accomplished at the Inter-Agency Training Center. The Office of Logistics initiated a management program in the Printing Services Division. The course, designed by the Printing Industry in America for its members, was conducted by PSD personnel using material and work kits prepared by the PIA. The course was well received and will be repeated. Relatively inexpensive, it is a good example of taking advantage of sound and tested programs and adapting them to Agency needs. The Offices of Finance and Medical Services offered no courses during the year. 25X1A HUG/-I T. CUNNINGHAI)I Director of Training Atts as stated Approved For Release 2000/OMR RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Approved For Release 2000/06/ 1 :RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 FY 1970 INVENTORY OF COURSES Division Course Length Ft/Pt Location Runnings Attendance Remarks OPPB Budget Process 20 hrs Pt Headquarters 2 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Approved For Release 2000/O RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 FY 1970 INVENTORY OF COURSES 25X1A Division Course Length Ft/Pt Location Runnings Attendance Remarks Vietnam Operations 160 hrs Ft Glebe Vietnam Dependents 16 hrs Ft Glebe These two new courses evolved from original 7 wk course. Responsive to changes in the field. Orientation is prerequisite for Operations. Most presentations by re- cent returnees.1 hr of language each day 4 37 For wives of assignees. SECor Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Office or Name of Approved For Release 2000/0;i4-RDP78-0.62A000200030001-0 Division Course Length Ft/Pt Location Runnings Attendance Remarks 25X1A RID Familiariza- 320 hrs Ft Headquarters 7 tion RID Orientation 8 hrs Ft Headquarters 5 Records Training for CS Personnel Pt Headquarters 11 Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Next 3 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Approved For Release 2000/06/OSE DP78-06362A000200030001-0 FY 1970 INVENTORY OF COURSES Office or Name of Division Course IAS Length Real Time Mensuration 8 hr System NPIC Basic Analytical Photogrammetry Advanced Analytical Photogrammetry Photogrammetric Statistics and Ad- justments of Obser- vations Advanced Strategic Radar Interpretation Ft/Pt Location Ft Key Bldg 25X1A No. of Runnings Attendance 25X1A Remarks Contracted. Due to decreased enroll- ment and rising per student cost, cours+ may no longer be offered annually. Contracted. New course will be lengthened to 90 hr: Contracted. Objec- tives greatly im- proved by changing contractor. Approved For Release 2000/06/98-:X41,E DP78-06362A000200030001-0 Approved For Release 2000/061~CC'QIE:tDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Office or Name of No. of Division Course Length Ft/Pt Location Runnings Attendance Remarks NPIC FORTRAN IV for 24 hr Pt 1 14 (con't) Photogrammerists Integrated Information 8 hr Pt 1 470 To insure effective System implementation of ISS a new system. 25X1A Utilized closed cir- cuit TV. Decision Tables 16 hr Ft 1 20 On-Site Program varies Ft 18 62 OBGI Cartographic Techniques 320 hr Ft Headquarters 4 4 Compilation 80 hr Ft Headquarters 1 OER Computer Applications 56 hr Pt Headquarters 1 to Economic Intelligence A roved For Release 2000/06~-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 pp Approved For Release 2000/06/06ECR RP78-06362A000200030001-0 FY 1970 INVENTORY OF COURSES Office or Name of Division Course Office of DDS&T Career the Director Development No. of Length Ft/Pt Location Runnings Attendance Remarks 20 wks Ft Headquarters 1 Reliability/Main- 72 hrs Ft Headquarters tainability of Systems/ Cost effectiveness Contracting for 20 hrs Ft Headquarters 5 engineers Telemetry Analysis 24 hrs Pt Headquarters 1 Bldg ALC Macro Writing 40 hrs Ft Headquarters 1 Fourth annual offer- ing. Open to other components. Well organized. Effective Contracted. New course. All Agency response good. Contracted. For Agency engineers. Excellent course. Well received. This series was one time program. Contracted. No Repeat in immedi- ate future. Basic introduction to ADP - all Agency Approved For Release 2000/06/A4WDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Approved For Release 2000/06/c E DP78-06362A000200030001-0 Division Course Length Ft/Pt Loc ation Runnings Attendance OCS APL/360 Pt Hea dquarters 2 39 (con't) Brandon Applied 120 hr Ft Hea dquarters & 1 31 25X1A System 25X1A Basic Adept 15 wks Ft Hea dquarters 2 Computer Operators 48 hrs Pt Hea dquarters 1 FORTRAN IV 35 hrs Pt Hea dquarters 2 FORTRAN IV 24 hrs Pt Hea dquarters 1 Special for OER Interactive EDP 32 hrs Ft Hea dquarters 1 17 Linear Programming 24 hrs Ft Hea dquarters 1 17 Operating System/360 35 hrs Pt Hea dquarters 2 25 Approved For Release 2000/06/9)9 DP78-06362A000200030001-0 Remarks Contracted. 3rd week added this running. Students favor- for total time. Often over-sub- scribed considered best available foun- dation for program mer s. Favorable student reaction. Sessions held Saturday morn ing. Contracted. Staff considering holding full time. OER has further requirements. Contracted. Office or Name of No. of Division Course Approved FLOrn lease 99/06/06 ,.o P78 ~C 0002( Q'~p OCS Program Language I 40 hrs Pt Headquarters 2 19 (con't) PL/I Macro Writing 40 hrs Ft Headquarters 1 4 Remarks Systems Analysis I 80 hrs Ft Headquarters 2 Intel Engineering Systems Analysis 96 hrs Pt Headquarters SECRET Advanced techniques for Project Leaders. Open to all com- ponents. Contracted. Open to all components. Pilot course employ. ing novel training method. Interval used for preparation and problem work. Students also par- ticipate in class presentations. Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Next 3 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Office or Name of Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : SW4RU8-OM2'000200030001-0 Division Course Length Ft/Pt Location Runnings Attendance Remarks Staff System, Machine (Off-Line) 40 hrs 6 25 Staff System, Machine (KW-7, On-Line) Staff System, Machine (KW-26 On-Line) 40 hrs 40 hrs 2 3 Staff System, Machine (Refresher) 40 hrs 2 2 Staff System, Machine, (Special Application) 80 hrs 4 4 Computer Operator Course 40 hrs 6 69 Logistics Orientation 16 hrs Ft Ames 2 50 Management Develop- ment for PSD 96 hrs Pt Headquarters 1 37 OS IOS Senior Agents 40 hrs Ft Headquarters 1 24 25X1A Seminar New Course. Designed by GATF-PIA specifi- cally for printing industry. Approved For Release 2000/06/06: ~WXL-06362AO00200030001 -0 Office or Name of Approved For Release 2000/06/ r-JDP78-06382AOD0200030001-0 Division Course Length Ft/Pt Location Runnings Attendance Remarks OS Physical Security 160 hrs Ft Headquarters 1 (con ' t) 25X1A Security Officers, 40 hrs Ft Headquarters 1 Field Special Agents 120 hrs Ft Headquarters 1 8 17th Running 16 20th Running 10 41st Running SECRET Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 SECRET 25X1A A. Tots tudents and Clandestine Service students for FY 69 reduced by to correct error in reporting. B. FY 69 total costs and Clandestine Service costs increased by amount indicated with dotted lines. =reported costs of $235,661 in FY 68 25X1A and $240,640 in FY 70. FY 69 figure represents interpolated estimate. SECRET Approved For.Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 25X9 Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Approved For Release 2000/06/06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 Approved For R lease 200ID 6 : CIA-RDP78-0&362A000200030001-0 DRAFT 5 May 71 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Training SUBJECT : Answers to DDS Questions on Cost Figures in Component Training Report 1. Cost figures were provided by the components. They varied in aggregate and in detail pretty much in direct proportion to the scope and size of the training programs. Components with full-time training staffs, such as OC, TSD, OCS, FE, SB, and NPIC, generally produced more complete and reliable cost information. The Office of Communications listed costs by the following categories: instructor salaries, training aids and supplies, travel and per diem, training administration. TSD, OCS, FE, and NPIC, among others, provided total costs per course but in less detail. IA.S, OBGI, and OPPB claimed no training costs because courses were conducted in-house, used no special material, and the instruction was given by qualified component personnel who were spared from their regular duties as needed, or it was covered by guest speakers. A few components showed costs for training materials, equipment or travel, but excluded instructor costs for the same reasons as above. A number declared no training costs initially but provided estimates upon further inquiry. 2. The phrase "true cost" as applied to the Office of Communications was,upon reflection,a poor choice of words. The s~ao ' conveyed better by "more complete and precise." Highlighting the all inclusive training costs,along with emphasis in a number of places within the report on the type of training conducted by OC ( many courses in skills training)/was intended to provide the reader with a better understanding and insight, giving him a sounder basis for judging values and making comparisons. Approved For Release 2Q0OI06I06 : CIA-RDP78-06362A000200030001-0 SECET Approved For Releases' 000/06/06 QWP78-06362AIW0200.030001 -0 3. It is safe to assume that a small percentage of costs properly charged to one or another training programs undoubtedly slipped through the net in accumulating the statistics. This is more likely the case in the smaller programs rather than in the major component efforts for reasons stated above. If $50, 000 was unreported, it would amount to 3% of the total. Considering the imprecise and informal character of some programs, it is questionable whether every training dollar can be identified. e Special Project Officer 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/06/fir DP78-06362A000200030001-0 oa :.~'~ 1 IR