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December 12, 2016
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May 15, 2001
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October 2, 1969
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Approved For Release 2001/ 2 October 1969 MEMORANDUM FOR., ` e zty Director for Support SUBJECT of Training 'Weekly Report I to dtecu is year ad repair e of the ut aahi ton Building Annex. $250.900 or a -tore to rehabilitate OTRIs quarters if the Corporation can be assured of OT IL's continued occupancy. It was apparent in the die- cus*ion that Arlington Towers to b*gtantag to feel the competition of Roselyn and We curre attempt to hold tt present tuts. (The Towers may be losing another :erd partrnental citittea,, be Approved For Release 2001/0 ut by t: of this y "r.) Given the pro. , OTft' e pomitten is that tho n Approved For Release 2001/07/,3Q,LIi P78-06363A009400020014-7 a 4 September Messrs. C f OTR and I'3 program to Grids 1. (OTR currently has a supply to cover FY 1970) Roy urged, however. that further consideration be given to experimenting with Phase II of the instruc- tion in at least one c - agreed tba ill continue to provide OTR id materials as long as the Agency consider of top o agernez t 3 To this point the DTR took awe of e .Agency's Xj&n&gement Advisory Group: problem Solving Seminars as evidence gerial problems 25X1A9a 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 i ilarity to the advanced phases of the Grid. The .Agcy is apparently not alone in its Brest in Phase I of the Roy substantial original expectation, 25X1A5a1 that other organisations are benefiting Phase I only. roadens S duction to Communism" Course which began on 29 Sep corporates a number of rather far-reaching changes, Approved For Release 2001/07/30 :,aL + . 7 -06363A000100020014-7 Approved For Relea 2001/07/ ! cllI78-O6363AOOO4.QOO2OOl4-7 uding a one and one-hslf day block of new instruction on broader teas (beyond the C unun srm issues) confronting the U. -S. w*rld- a and the consequent problems for U. S. policy. "I-his is not suf- s1p ps to warrant a Notes An instructor assig is editi f ge iwhich he shot during his tour stb - CODEX phase of the current Operations 11 Course. The film con- e, White House Staff, gave U Course. The Ambassador spoke on "The Role U. Agencies, i internal Defence e;" Mr. Dreg.' ~ "4The Peoples the Assistant were given a . .Ambassador W' illiam H. to the Operations Training Sta(4 for use in the t Asia. ".. . The Deputy ref of Staff and briefing pts a. The Agency filled its quota of eight for IBM's 13 to 17 October run- Processing for eigence Approved For Release 2001/07/30 ?E-06363A000100020014-7 Approved For Rele a 2001/01 -RDP78-06363A0001p0020014-7 be given at the Po ig e?psiee facility. #u x ort careerist achoduleed to attend. 6. I'ae - s aeencr Briefirt s reporting period these nonAgency bri t Program 25X1A6d At Course on the Agency. to seven technicians on "Com- t Bragg to 6S aaeeeior Army officers in the C --d an Course of the Military Assistance Officer Pretgr in the A and to first Political W OTR.. in the 25X1A6a Air Force and Marine officers etion* atione Course on the organisattlon and tune r) P - Approved For Release 2001/07/ 4, DP78-06363A000100020014-7