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December 9, 2016
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October 16, 1998
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January 16, 1970
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10 Approved For Rele a 2002/05/09,-,.' efA-' 8-06363A000IP0030022-7 16 January 1970 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Training SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report No. 3 12 - 16 January 1970 1. Registration for the Off-Campus Program w4l1 proceeded as planned on 16 January. All instructors and those Training Officers directly concerned with specific courses were contacted by telephone this week and briefed on the new arrangements, e. g.., Ames Building instead of Headquarters Building, etc; also, in some cases, Office Chiefs (Dr. Allen, Director, OER, and Mr. Lundahl, Director, NPIC). An item explaining American University's changes in policy and the Agency's actions since receiving word on 7 January was included in the 15 January ISS Newsletter. Registration for non-CIA employees will be con- ducted by AIR personnel, in company with Chris Rogers, our A. U. contact, the evening of 21 January. 2. For the next National Interdepartmental Seminar, 2 - 20 March, we have three nominees at this early date: 25X1A9a 25X1A9a AF; from the January running). OC (deferred 3. One of our students at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, OC, informed AIR by phone this week that the ICAF student body will be taking overseas TDY trips this year. The National War College does this each year, but ICAF has never, at least in the past six or seven years, had any overseas travel as part of its training program. Twelve different area trips are planned (Panama, Argentina, Chile; Panama, Brazil; Panama, Columbia, Venezuela; England, France; Germany, Belgium, Holland; Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia; Portugal, Spain; Italy, Morocco; Greece, Turkey; Japan; Philippines, Taiwan; and Iran, India) and 0 has to make his choice before 26 January. We have referred the matter to OC and will prepare the normal documentation to the DDP, OMS, and CPB when the final itinerary Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78-06 PTA 022-7 ~- Cscl~c9 tr:~m ~~tematlc Approved For ReleQ#e 2002/05/01 : PJA00QJ0030022-7 5. Administrative briefings were given in AIR this week to 25X1A9a I I OL, and F- zo, SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report No. 3 12 - 16 January 1970 is approved. NWC picks up the travel tab for its trips but not the per diem; we are checking to see what cost will be involved for the ICAF jaunts. (Our second student at ICAF is IAS. ) 4. Following up on last week's report, our composite tuition advance was compiled in AIR on 1 January and turned over to B&F on 13 January. Our final cotit is 185 students, for a total of $31, 700. In the 1969 Spring Semester advance, we had a total of 132 students; total advance was $20, 983. Traditionally, the Spring Semester shows a lighter enrollment than the Fall Semester. When the remainder of the part-time academic requests for this semester have been processed (we can expect them to come "dribbling" in for the next two or three weeks; probably 30 or 40 more; handled by reimbursement) we will prepare a summary report, giving numbers of students, components, schools represented, range of courses, and amount of money involved. wi earn . his master of Science in Electrical Engineering/Communi- cations Theory from George Washington University in 1971. Use of 0 cover for his year of academic study was approved by the DDS in June 1969. had been enrolled at both George Washington University and the University of Maryland tinder ZDA iHya his cover status. I I will be sponsored for one semester at American University, and he is enrolling for courses which are directly related to his career field. He indicated that a request for second semester sponsorship may be forthcoming from his office. OC, who is presently being sponsored in a full-time program of advanced studies in the field of Engineering Administration at George Washington University, visited OTR this week during his mid-semester break. voiced some doubts about his particular program at GWU and will make a recommendation about future use of this program when he writes his final report to OTR. He reports that the professors are inaccessible and difficult to locate, reluctant to keep appointments with students, and handicapped by outdated teaching methods -- e. g. , rote learning. Since he has completed only one semester, we agree that second semester should give him a firmer basis for making a recommendation on future use of this program. Approved For Release 2002/05/01 :,j CJA7 P~7 -06363A000100030022-7 Approved For ReleQ*e 2002/05/0 -06363A0001 0030022-7 SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report No. 3 12 - 16 January 1970 6. There will be three Agency representatives in the next CSC Executive Seminar at Kings Point, N.Y.. which begins Sunday. ill attend "International Affairs and Federal Operations." OTR's representative on SIPS, at a meeting called by OCS for the purpose of discussing new edit routines and batch control procedures in connection with OTR's machine runs. Tests of error transactions under the new edit routine vs. the old procedure turned out a much larger number of "kick-outs," 58 as compared to 12. This will, of course, increase AIR's workload in processing the Agency Training Record. Norman devotes half of his time assisting OS, with the CS Records Courses. 8. who is setting up a training program for the Automated Information Division of NPIC, has requested our advice and assistance on training equipment. Next week the AVS Branch will demonstrate to him at NPIC the uses of our closed circuit TV system. If this equipment does not satisfy his needy the possibility of filming certain portions of the proposed training will be explored. Chief Instructional Support Staff Approved For Release 2002/0P/01 : CIA-RDP78-06363A000100030022-7 7. On 13 January, represented ISS, with