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November 17, 2016
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June 30, 2000
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October 2, 1970
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Approved For Release 9D00/08/04: Cl - ~(r3A000200WO032-5 it MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Training SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report No. 40 28 September - 2 October 1970 1. More titles for proposed individual research papers at the War Colleges have been received for clearance: a. NPIC, Air War College -- "The Kurdish-Iraqi War, March 1969 to March 1970. " b. OCI, Air War College, has chosen to write two papers of about 3, 500 words each in lieu of one long research paper. His topics are "The West German- Soviet Nonaggression Treaty: Opportunity for Detente in Europe, " and "U. S. Interests in Germany in the Wake of the Bonn-Moscow Nonaggression Treaty." hopes to submit both articles to the Armed Forces Journal for publication. c. DCS, Armed Forces Staff College -- "To determine, based on the present state of the art, what methods of climate control/weather modification are feasible for further development as means of effecting strategic and tactical military operations. " d. OSI, Armed Forces Staff College -- "The Accessibility of Intelligence Information to the U. S. Congress. " e. OTR, Army War College -- "Private Program for the Arab States." (Unclassified) Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-R T -,0,6 36 000 0003M32-5 SECRET Approved For Release 2900/08/04: CIA-RDP78-06363A00020GO032-5 All topics were submitted to the offices involved as well as the OS or CI Staff, as appropriate. Unfortunately, proposed topic caused 25X1A9a "raised eyebrows" in OS/EAB and OGC. While OSI had no objection, OS and OGC found the title unacceptable and suggested that another subject be chosen. Approvals have now been received for new topic: "To consider the feasibility of the laser as a replacement for flashing light communications in the Navy. " 2. Registration for the Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs briefing scheduled for 13 and 14 October now stands at 421; the maximum number that can be accommodated in the Auditorium is 499. We have heard from 31 components, which leaves about half to go. 3. AIR received word today that OL, 25X1A9a has been accepted in the Customer Air Conditioning Course given by York Corporation, Division of Borg-Warner, 20 October - 5 November. This is the first time we have used this facility, and the York representative :has requested that we let him know 25X1A9a what thinks of the course. has also been accepted in the Carrier Air Conditioning Course, Applied Products Engineering Training, 8 March - 9 April 1971. This winds up our effort, which began last April, to get this air conditioning training for OL. 4. All of the FSI Area Seminars, with the exception of Near East and North Africa, will begin as scheduled on 5 October. The two people we had scheduled for the Near East and North Africa have been rescheduled for the class beginning 30 November. The nine people who will be attending the seminars were briefed in AIR on 1 October. 000200030032-5 r-42 A Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-R _ L SECRET Approved For Release 4000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-06363A000200000032-5 6. Deputy Director for Liaison and Planning, OF, will attend the Department of Defense Computer Institute's Senior Executive Course starting 5 October. Mr. will also be representing the Agency in the Spring 1971 session of the M. I. T. Program for Senior Executives. For the 2 November Senior Course at DODCI, - 25X1A9a Chief, Policy and Planning Staff, OF, will be nominated; , Deputy Chief, Supply Division, OL, will be the candidate for the 16 November course. is also the 25X1A9a Agency's nominee for the Spring 1971 Advanced Management Course at Harvard. 7. To date, only two thirds of the spaces requested by various components for DASA's Nuclear Weapons Orientation Advanced Course (Sandia Base, New Mexico) have been filled. Many components are canceling for a variety of reasons. It is felt that if this trend continues, the components will have to re-evaluate their requests for spaces. AIR is continuing to request components to utilize, if possible, the spaces requested for this fiscal year. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 9. On 1 October a CCTV demonstration of a Sony Portable Battery-Operated TV camera and recorder was held in Room 1 A 07, Headquarters, by Professional Products, Inc. representing Sony Corporation. arranged this meeting for of OS/ALT. 10. The filming of was completed in the OTR Library on 28 September. 11. An Instructor Training Workshop was conducted for the Office of Communications at the Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-06363A000200030032-5 25X1A6a T SEGRE Approved For Release $,?00/08/04: CIA-Rb c A000200080032-5 21 - 30 September 1970. There were nine students in the class; eight have never tau ht before, and one has recently returned to the school a" as Chief of the Cryptographic Section. The group was industrious and enthusiastic and they showed good progress in their ability to present instruction. While m Tent through a PAI 25X1A9a manual of training materials which an instructor ?j5X1A9a , had obtained as part of the 3--week course in Instructional Programming which he attended, at Lackland Air Force Base. He plans to use this manual in training other _ instructors in 25X1A6a the development of PAI instruction. In addition, to the changes Nancy suggested in the appropriate use of the manual, assistance was offered from OTR/ISS/ITB in training _instructors on 25X1A6a how to prepare PAI since ITB does not feel the Office of Communi- cations has the capability to do this effectively on their own at this time. 12. Any instructor who can should -try to go to the Armed Forces Audio Visual Communications Conference at the Sheraton Park, 5 - 9 October. Try to get there the first two days when you can be sure all the exhibitors will be displaying. No other function brings as many exhibitors together as this one. Admission is free. 13. We received 29 requests to attend Dr. Kissinger's talk at the National War College. We now have five friends and 24 enemies. We have already received 12 requests to attend General Cushman's talk there on 16 October. Our quota at National War College lectures is only five. We are thankful that Col. White requests that no visitors attend his presentations there. ten years so that one will be able to rent and w,ateh_guovi 14. and I met with Gerry Campbell who represents CBS Electronic Visual Recording. He described their visual recorder which sells for $695. This forty pound, brief- case size machine plays a film contained in a cartridge (25 minutes, color - 50 minutes, black and white) on any TV set. The cartridge film can be made from any size movie film or video tape. It is read by an electronic scanner so there is no wear. It can be stopped for single frame viewing. EVR is a real innovation in the audio-visual field but at the moment we aren't considering it for CBS will not produce less than 50 single subject cartridges. These cost $2, 350 for a fifty minute black and white cartridge. We don't appear to need films in that volume. Mr. Campbell predicted home TVs will have this equipment built in at a cost of $100 within 20A1Ava Approved For Kelease 2000/OS/04 : C:IA- 41 -4AVv I ~ 5 WEi -