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December 9, 1998
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Approved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP78-063vA000500050016-6 25X1A5a1 FINAL COMMENTS Re Readings Best B. knows of at this time. Wants to know which were valuable, etc. D ? ~o Re Books The ones that say something, at least in part, about this new Z 1-i U H setting for study of admin. A 3 McGregor has a book on the way--an expansion of his article- as practical and usable as one can get at present. 0 "Guard of Honor" -- good book. B. recommends highly. vi C} ,. 0 ~0 General re seminar U the field--in a practical way--as far or further than others. 2 W CA Concepts worth special note: C4 W 0 U Universality of commo. 0 Z Particularly what one does rather than what one says OQU Ox 94 c.f. Vance's behavior - "a daily insult". Ubiquity of training One is always training - what one does encourages others Food for thought--if some ferment, B. is content. We are into tj w Re MacGregor "Y" now stands on reasonably secure research findings more so than "X". We are on the brink of long exploration rg effective admin. in in organization context. Industry is just beginning to pay some attention to "Y". MacGregor - human motivation has been misinterpreted and is now dine for re-examination - far-reaching effects on org. behavior. View of org. as a system (self-developing, changing, etc.) not a machine - organic rather than mechanistic tLewpoint. Mgr's role is that of feedback operator - to mirror, encourage,etc. (See Mary P. Follett) Our work together has been a collaborative effort. Psychologists seem to agree - human organism' seems to have to reach beyond itself for more, to "complicate" itself. This must be present - so, there B. hopes that members can assist Apps Fir' ~1~J`3J/( '9& 1 M ,~-06W p0 p016 6 A positive way of looking ApprOat~tdS `aye' :a~65 e re O s con emp on. a pu y ree or upport) introduced the Seminar with obvious enthusiasm. He finished his introduction with an admonition that full participation in the discussions was essential to the practical benefits we would each 25X1A5a1 derive from the course. followed up with a clear state- ment of his participation rules. He made it plain that with 33 of us he would have to insist upon orderly sessions and that he would call \ upon those of us who raised our hands to signify a wish to speak. He made a point of the fact that he might not be able to reach us when we indicated a desire to speak, but that he would remember and return when A5a1 he could: good rules, completely understandable and acceptable. criticism stems from the fact that from the first session did not follow his own rules. He permitted almost anyone to interrupt at any time he chose. This left the rest of us wishing to speak a choice either to follow his rules or begin interrupting. By Wednesday of the first week, the situation was such that I suggested to an OTR 25X1A5a1 member that e reminded of his participation rule and suggested he either follow it or change it. By the second Monday the situation appeared almost completely out of hand, with three or four persons being permitted to dominate the discussions by unrestrained interruptions. Interruptions continued to the end of the Seminar with as many as three by one person during a session. Likewise, some persons were called upon two and three times during a session, while others desiring to speak were apparently ignored. This had a depressing effect and since it was such an irritation, I suspect it was largely the cause of only six invited speakers and six interrupters (nine persons in all) at the before-noon session on the second Tuesday. At that low point the majority 25X1A5a1 of the grow a eared to me to be sullen "passive absorbers" and probably prompted remark that "the Tocsin has sounded" without his realizing that some of us weren't tired -- just somewhat disgusted. 25X1A5a1 3. To recap the negative: I care not 'whether methods were by design or Just happened. They succeeded na ng me to an extreme degree and constituted the one serious flaw in an otherwise rewarding two weeks. We were not competing for grades or his agreement in our ideas. We were there, as I had read and been told, to share our ideas (however odd they might appear to others) with his expert touch to moderate and guide us to the root(s) of the problem(s). I offer these rather lengthy observations for the sole purpose of suggesting Appr lot ~CAUNJO' Pei Call m~E pm~f3 a y A Pevo Or 5 substance of the course.