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November 11, 2016
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December 9, 1998
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December 27, 1960
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Approved For ReJase 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP78-06465A000500050017-5 27 December 1960 25X1A9a 25X1A5a1 Administrative Office The Back-of-the-Neck Club Alpha Chapter Dear Charley: In accordance with my promise to forward some comments even though late, I will make a stab at some of the specific comments that you would like. First, by way of a general statement, I found the experience a most interesting and rewarding one. Even though it is somewhat difficult to spell out specific values or benefits, I had then and still have now, a good feeling about the entire exercise. I have given considerable thought to whether or not the same benefits could be accrued without the employment of or any other outside expert. It is my conclusion that even though Joe did not give magic formulas or positive answers, there was an over- riding benefit in having him. The psychological effect of such a personage is good. His firsthand knowledge and experience from many cross-sections of industry and the national scene in general, brought to our discussions a wide scope of experience. We were also benefited in being able to get glimpses of non-Agency and even non-Government problems through him. In addition to these aspects the man does have a rare ability to provoke and stimulate deep and penetrating analyses and maintain the interest and enthusiasm of a group. Witness the complete and prompt attendance at all sessions, the high degree of preparation by all participants and the seriousness of the discussions. I also found his summaries and interpretations most interesting and effective. I do not see how any of the fellow Alphas will ever be able to forget the full significance of his final recapitulatory statements BOX NO. FLD NO.__DOC, r1n.L NO CHANGE I 'IS 7n: TS S C BET. JUS'TZ?- ?`a S3OC. ~l - IN CLASS/ NEXT REV IDA'f _t q-V G s' fil.'~~T n -a : ORG G1 _11._0140R N?. PGS..~ REV CLASS-I.L._11EV CoORD.______-A~TH: xx70-3 Approved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP78-06365A000500050017-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP78-06365A000500050017-5 25X1A9a that a "s! rvi _i,s__always...cQm*runic@t ng and is always training's. I believe that if this simple statement could be indelibly impressed into the understanding of all managers within the Agency, tremendous good would be bound to result. Such statements and many of the other principles that were given expression during the seminar may not be new, but I believe that we undoubtedly all have new concepts and a fuller meaning, and are a little bit closer to making these principles a part of our daily activities. It is in this area that I think the benefits of such a seminar must lie, and that it must also be recognized that specific enumeration of good results can come only slowly if at all. In my own instance, I am frequently conscious of applying the type of analysis and resultant decisions as practiced during the course. Again, we must all appreciate the fact that long experience, habit and method of operation is not likely to be influened very quickly nor will there be abrupt transitions to quite new or different methods. Rather, it is a matter of a gradual assimilation into each of our own methods those concepts learned at the seminar. To the extent that we are from time to time conscious of lessons from the seminar in our daily activities, this is possibly some measure of its results and impact. By way of specific comments on your questions, I have the following: 1. Yes, I think the conference should be conducted again, and I believe most of my arguments for this have been adequately dis- cussed above. 2. At this particular time, I would see no benefit from changing the composition of another group. I believe that to continue with the same formula is most desirable. 3. I am dubious about the value of any change in substance or method, though as an added exercise it may be_worth s_omgthi to let each Can Group develop one actual live pending problem of one of its members as a case for consideration by'the entire cIass. Ttf this Approved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP78-06365A000500050017-5 .Approved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP78-06365A000500050017-5 25X1A9a were to be tried, I would suggest that the assignment not be given until after the final Can Groups were formed and the presentation made during the last few days of the seminar. Another idea that had occurred to me that I merely pass along and am not sure should be recommended is that it may be useful to inject into the method after ,_ the first three days the idea of discussing parallels _betweel the. I-arvard case and current pen n~ oblems of some of the partici- pants. This might be done by having the Can Group prepare for a morning or afternoon session, transfers or parallels between the case discussed, the preceding session and current Agency problems. My primary purpose in this suggestion is that a little of this type of exercise may help to stimulate the individual transfer of case studies to personal experience. This reaction, however, seems to be strongest the first few days and by the second week most of the participants seem less concerned about the direct applicability. 4. I have no suggestions for changing the administrative handling of the conference which, in my opinion, was superbly done. 5. As my opening comments suggest, I have been more actively conscious of the analyses of problems and the consideration of important principles of management than previously. Numerous practicable and gratifying by-products have been realized growing out of the opportunity to meet senior personnel from other parts of the Agency. Within the first week after our return three cases arose where I was able to expedite a matter of business at hand by virtue of the new friends and contacts made at the seminar. At this moment another such is pending ancf here have been a number of other instances in the interval. True, it may be said that such benefits could be developed without so elaborate and costly a program. This, however, is debatable because even this benefit is most effectively realized through prolonged association of each others management concepts, approach, personality, etc. A purely social outing or two weeks of mutual study of some other subject such as geography, history, trade craft or what have you, would not in my opinion facilitate this peripheral benefit as effectively. 6. I believe that those benefits discussed in 5, above and in the opening paragraphs will continue and will have long range value. A c`onsfant and continuing awareness that as a manager one is always communicating and training cannot do other than have long range benefits and promote continuing growth. Approved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP78-06365A000500050017-5 Approved For ReJ&ase 1999/09/26: CIA-RDP78-06Z65A000500050017-5 25X1A9a 4 7. I would like to see repetitions of the October seminar and the formation of new club chapters continued until all senior echelons are included. Further, I would like to recommend annual 25X1A5a1 reunio of each chapter. Incidentally, told me that if the Alpha Chapter would have an annual reunion he would 25X1 A6a join us if invited. I would further like to encourage a seminar at for the very top echelon of the Agency to include the 3 Director, the Deputy Directors and a few other senior officials to examine the basic questions of the Agency's purpose, role and community relationships and out of this give new and fresh enuncia- tion of organizational goals, objectives, policy and direction, This last suggestion is somewhat peripheral to the basic discussion but is, I think, emphasized and supported by the results of our first seminar. With all good wishes for your continued success in this field and with the reassurance of my willingness to provide any assistance and support possible, I am Sincerely yours, 25X1A9a Executive (Dlticer Scientific Intelligence Approved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP78-06365A000500050017-5