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November 11, 2016
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December 9, 1998
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November 7, 1961
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Approved For Release 1999/09., : CIA-RDP78-06365A000500050018-4 25X1A5a1 SnuiU', Eti'.to ArnN (3. L{i~Mt:NL'3Ri1t wove*ber 7, 1561 FOIAb5 WLt.4~ _ r:t~ n , : >e ar W: We had a splendid vied-ur; it ww.i have beer. a ao Tlets bull's-(7.e if you and Matt and !'r. r. cn,:ld rcontribut d your. ,ding your phy prFS ruea, They were felt, notarithetan * regrinds see that sane dav, mtwn we can i' ce oecaeeton for it, I we .1d 1 i ke to la mch a lama, leist.zrelr uxp1 oratit~n of way' and asitim t- further cietitalisr on the extranrrtn,Ary ralnentUUM ldt.ich has tori pna3 attnn twice developod at the bast. Ways and m r+nxs rrt t for a} }w 1'Ovocat've, potential-eel f aeing and ft:1fi l ling as well as the irydivie!ual. 1 have a hat-full of ncti,.nc ith)trt this - all generated in ne by the eWceptional reeprnteiveness of the ~zetas, as well as the Alphas. It was delightful to rfeeive your ante of arrreciatlon, whtcb eamV,ov vru found tutu" for e'n rv these prars1r4r doqr. I Twten T ,entto ' asW aiveA you an e+noal ly grat.ifyrir rear ee, btesiuso be, T we crk-aiitsti in so rich in tr.1ent as . now kn~ 7 _rn, try l T'' ,.,.s1t to Yei-srwsS to you - and to the reset of t h o9a Tlho Hart i ci rated , cast and present. Sincerely, HARVARD UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINiSTR.ATION ~DO1tCB A 'DAkER FOUNDATION, %16 CIA-RDP78-06365A000500050018-4