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November 11, 2016
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December 9, 1998
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March 28, 1960
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25X1A5a1 Approved For Releasd"1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP78-06365AQ00500050019-3 .04 HARVARD UNIY, ITY GATE SCHOOL C BUSINESS AI INI RATION 0E F. BAKER FOUNDATION Professor of Than Relations FOIA~5 Soldiers Field Boston 63,kassachusetts march 28, 1960 Glad to have your letter of March 21 recapitulating the points cussed on your recent visit here. I shall respond each as a means of confirming our understandings. We are shooting for a two-week program beginning can a Monday, morning. October 24+ is your preference as well as mine, but we may be obliged to start instead on October 31, or even November 7. Freedom to select one of the above starting dates is contingent upon the schedule adopted for the 38th Advanced Management Program, which will be done by the faculty here before June 10. Because the interval of free time I aim to utilize is still an innovation subject to experiment by the faculty X gust be prepared to accept the schedule here that will deter- mine the choice above. We went into this point a rrehensively enough when you were here so that I feel I need go no further than the reminder above that I cannot be sure of my dates until approximately June 10. And, I shell of course, be available to you in Washington on the Sunday preceding the starting Monday. The program will rely on three class sessions, Monday through one or two on Saturday, for both weeks, although one or two sessions my be telescoped or cancelled, depending on my judgment as to the need or benefit therefrom. I enclose, " I praaieed, an announce- ment of the Z.R.I. Program from which you can see in detail the scheme of operation we are talking about. The fee to me for conducting alone the entire two week program is *5$000 plus travel expenses to and from Boston, plus personal living expenses at a suitable hotel in the training vicinity. There will be an assistant from your staff to serve for liaison, to learn what he can about the case method, and to rescue me from inadv+ertance in respect to security protocol. I hope to have say wife and child join me at the end of the first week, which I mention here not because of any connection with the subject of expenses - for theirs are mine alone - but simply to have it on the App roV@dVoPIR s 1g9)9f@ All F A' }d9?0 0 3 end.