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November 17, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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December 21, 1966
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114 F0 I Approved For Release 2000/09/n-R C8-06 60000600050021-9 21 December 1966 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, Office of Training ATTENTION Mr. His orica Officer, OTR 25X1A9a SUBJECT Use of CIA Annuitants as Independent Contractors (Historical Writers) 1. In general the historical writing program will be carried out most effectively by using individuals who can give full-time attention to the preparation of an historical paper. The "part-time" services that a staff officer can spare from his regular assignment will preclude a thorough job of researching, interviewing and writing. Short monographs or other historical studies can be prepared by on-duty personnel if they are not pressed for time, but it may be impractical to ask staff officers to write lengthy narrative histories of major components in addition to their other duties. In some cases, therefore, it will be necessary to engage uniquely qualified Agency annuitants as Independent Contractors to prepare the required historical studies. 2. A headquarters notice will soon be published setting forth the Agency's policy on the contractual re- hire of retired civilian Government employees. The notice will also contain general ground rules and pro- cedures to be followed when such retired annuitants are rehired by contract. 3. There are set forth below a few guidelines 0 may assist you, in the selection, hire anduseofretiredh U Agency annuitants as Independent Contractors to prepare required historical papers. MI a. After the experience and qualifications of a pros e ti p c ve contractor have been reviewed and found to be acceptable by the c omponent concerned, FE l U a memorandum of intent will be submitted to the 1" 14 the individual for to contact pre-contractual discussions. 12m Approved For Release 2000/09/08 : CIA-RDP78-0 65A000600050021-9 Approved For Release 20S;,QfW- QNT7 C365A000600050021-9 b. In all cases the Chairman of the Board will be advised in advance of the intention of any component to place an annuitant under contract. There may be exploratory discussions with the pro- posed contractor, but no commitments will be made until the Chairman has received approval from the Deputy Director for Support and the Executive Director-Comptroller. c. The nature, extent and complexity of the proposed historical study(ies) are among the items to be considered in proposing a contractual fee. If an individual is engaged to write one study, he will be paid a fee for that study; if engaged to prepare several studies, he may be compensated on a retainer fee basis. It is felt that normally an historical writer engaged as an Independent Con- tractor should not be paid a fee in excess of $12,000 per year. In no event will the individual's fee plus his annuity exceed the current salary of his grade and step held at time of retirement. The Executive Secretary of the Board and the component concerned will jointly discuss the terms of the pro- posed contract with representatives of the Contract Personnel Division, Office of Personnel. d. It will be the responsibility of the using component to obtain an appropriate security approval for the individual's contract use. e. Contracts will be prepared by the Contract Personnel Division, Office of Personnel. Most will be written for a period of 2 to 6 months, depending upon the time estimated to complete the study. Con- tracts with retired annuitants paid on a retainer fee basis will normally be written for a period of one year. Renewal of a contract may be requested when warranted by the facts of use. All contracts will contain a clause providing that the Government may terminate the agreement for any reason upon a specified number of days' notice. f. As a matter of information, the Office of Medical Services will be notified of each Independent Contractor on the historical program, his location, assignment and the duration of his contract. Approved For Release 2000e f4FJ fA 5A000600050021-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/09/08 CIA-RDP78-0636A000600050021-9 g. A work plan should be arranged with the individual in which measurable progress points are established. h. The sensitivity of the subject, classifica- tion and amount of documents required as well as the classification of the ultimate historical paper may make it mandatory that all work be performed within the secure confines of an Agency installa- tion. If such is the case, the contract should so state. i. :Limited expenses to include travel and per diem may be permitted in the contract for essential. research interviewing. In each instance such ex- penses should be specifically approved in advance by an authorized Agency representative. 25X1A9a Chairman Support Services Historical Board 3 Approved For Release 2000QWYIF LA000600050021-9