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November 17, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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July 31, 1968
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Approved For Release 2000/Hein"?Ig=! Mt000696050022-8 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chairman, Support Services, Historical Board COOfiD.._AUTH: HR 70-3 y ne _hpw well the f TR :history will mesh with that of ng the amount of coordination which is desirable. S. On the question of projecting the program into the TYPE DOC.. ~ RG COMP OPI J1_QRG CLASS-C.- Comment on Questions Raised by submitting the following in answer to your west- for comment on the questions raised by his Memorandum of 22 July 1368 2. the-biggest problem I have encountered in trying to get an QTR history together has been the inability of people generally to do any historical writing in addition to their other duties. I tried to write some history last 'winter and-found that the constant interruption made it I ossible to produce any worthwhile material, and I am CAUV i e_d __that this writing can be done only if one has no other duties. 3. The main problem that r have encountered ersonall p y has beon,_t _..prohl.em of the extent to which statements should be documented and footnoted. I do not favor extensive foot- n?~fing and referencing for two reasons. These papers are not doc' s:'i ...,4i s a.tioos and pseudo-scholarly dressing up seems to serve no useful purpose. In the second place, a narrative overloaded with footnotes and references is very time consuming to write and tiresome to read. I have, therefore, concluded that I shall use a minimum of references. I recognize the importanc+,.howev~er, of identifying key historical documents. I GO not believe that there are very many such documents in the Office of Training. 4. 1 have not yet gotten into the program sufficientl ...~ t d o ote tie D hate seen time regar yIedge of what isnAtppening. y occur, office, is the only place where there is complete n permanent value, maintaining a log or similar record of signifiant events, decisions and activities as the .a anagressive role in earmarking documents which are Approved For Release 2000/09/0 sP impressed with the one DDP history I 31 July 1968 g5X1A6b Approved For Release 2000/0(/O TIAk65AOO 600050022-8 Uniess the top commandant takes an active part, annuitants nor anyone else can get the whole ? I beiievethat the documents which OTR has stored f are very useful but difficult to ret i r eve and use ?ffLcien,tly. ,because they have not -been filed in such a way as to.*e research easy. Perhaps in the future 0TR could devise a bettgr system for retiring historical material in order to make historical writing less time consuming. e shpuld..:~i .e a document similar to t, a $$A d ? I to suggest that th ti.* DDS Ii' ntece ents to the Glands_stine Services" prepared by the Historical Staff. T ' sv.s U OA a y.,...i.? _ ?--_. - 6 -PLALap was esraai1sned. The DDP book has As for the use which may be mad f f e o my inished papers, it is-my hope that they will be of use every time a new D~ of Training is appointed. He will be able to become familiar with the policies, the mistakes, the problems and the organizational culture of the office and this may be useful. Approved For.Release 2000/O h~9 '~F~4 65A000600050022-8