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November 17, 2016
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August 24, 2000
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December 29, 1965
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66660 J+ J t P r .. c } A rt1 l~1 f e '/fr P6" r- Approved For Release 2Q00109/08 C1kC P17%' 1,J 365A0010000~0020-5 I'm sure will do a fine job .-a preparing the proposal for the Programmed Learning (PL) Survey. But if you want me to have someth n; to do with it, as you once said you did, I believe you'd like to have my ideas on how the Survey should be conducted. .As far ' .ck as 1958, 1 learned of the, then considered, miraculous ex- VA. p.e .i nts b :`. g carried In the Roanoke, -Weft-=Chwi i School system in the rather than teachers seemed to be i i the vanguard of the experiments. I directed teaching of A:;ebra. The results were almost unbelievable. Because psychc?ogists C/A&E/OTR to do some in-house and external research on what was then known as the "Teaching Mac-- ne. " 25X1A9a spent part time for six months in an attempt to devise a machine and a "program" for the teaching of "tradecra ;t. " OTR let a 3 year contract with o do the same thing rrais~ r y fea:, that the "machines" and P. L. will put them out of bu;iaess. "machines" aa4 P. L. Only Commo and TSD s owe. any interest. Teachers 25X1A5a1 Over the -ears since then, OTR. and the Agency have used P. L. in several instances wit'_. ceess enough to warn.-want further research and validation studies. OTR c soro. a series of Agency briefings y outside experts on both the for the teachL of Mandarin Chinese. poppycock. of course, but the suspicion lingers. \r Buii and another to the DCI's Sta::_' at Langley. . triecl to interest C .'DECL (i:=: ',:w ON E 'r I y )6Y SBY CONFIDENTIAL C"i4CI;1AL CL BY 461790 29 December 1965 1 gave a 40 minute briefing in 19x1 to the DDS and, his staff on. on. L. in :he Approved For Release 2000/09/08 : CIA-RDP78-0636 CONFIDENTIA L Approved For Release 2 0 9/08 :CIA- 7 6 0L 1000050020-5 CON W Bob Amory of B. 0. B. in an interagency budget approach to the P. L. teaching o english to foreigners, and sponsored an inter-agency briefing by N. Y. C. 25X1A9a experts at Langley on the same subject. I appointed full tLme on 25X1A9a P. L. and we contracted out two P. L. projects for OSI. _and I attended several D. C. and out of town conferences on P. L. We were off at a limping walk if not a run. Except among an enlightened few at the "indiant' level, the concept of P. L. just didn't catch on. There were several reasons for this: 1. I hadn't the ability and certainly not the time to sell P. L. to the people who count. 3. The P. L. " industry" in the early days over sold their wares. Fly-by-night outfits sprouted up which sold "teaching machines" of little value and at exhorbitant prices. Irresponsible publishers in an attempt to get in on the ground floor rushed "Programs" into print which were: _t evaluated and which fell far short of the publishers' claims. 4. The above, intern, gave the skeptical and insecure orthodox teachers opposition ammunition. 5. Inside the Agency budget and ceiling limitations gradually squeezed out reseZ.rch funds and manpower which had been devoted to P. L. Don't minimize the importance of this. It may not have applied to the DDS&T or Approved For Release 2000/09/08 : C 020-5 C; L_ Approved For Release 2QOOL09/0CC1ffq7D'78Pt0050020-5. but it most certainly did to QTR. was 25X1A9a returned to the A & E Staff. went to NPIC. To meet ever increasing requirements, OTR instructors who were working part time on P. L. applications to OTR courses had to devote full time to orthodox teaching. Outside O T R contracts for P. L. research and Programs were one by one loppec off the budget. 6. The USAF picked up and ran with the government ball which enabled the rest of us to rationalize a sit back and wait and see poion. So much for background. In spite of false starts, some admitted failures, unva. dated claims and insufficient research, I ana convinced: 1. That P. L. principles are applicable to some QTR and Agency t:;ainin_g pequirements. Z. That where applicable, P. L. will very depreciably: A. decrease the time studctr s need to be in tram -*ng B. decrease the time instructors need in teaching C. increase. the efficiency of the learning process and retention of iniorznation D. in the long run, decrease the cost of per capita student training E. afford flexible training means where classroom space is not available and not needed. What I do not know, and I don't think anybody else does, is the degree to which i t 9/0 n$eg 06 4O Pj?ffl5SqQ urge you not to pit CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/09/08 : CIA-RDP78-06365AO0100005OQ20-5 CONFIDENTIAL' W -4- the Agency to attempt to make up over night for the lost time of the last eight cars. We quite frankly do not know enough about the state of the art and its aw~p3icability to CIA to embark at this time on any. extensive P. L. ventures. The Air 'raining Command of the US A1' in spite of its large outlay of money and personnel on P. L. has validated only a small percent of its Programs; and a w' .b !rnaller percent give evidence of applicability to CIA requirements. Industry (Business) is ahead of the USAF, has spent mUlions (2 billion dollars was a figure