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December 12, 2016
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September 8, 2000
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DD/S 64-1408 ZrS=P;" 1J Approved For Release 2002 /011 -RDP78-06365A00W0020028 fIT I"c' ~ ga MEMORANDUM FOR. Director of Training Matt: At the request of the Director, the Inspector General did a survey of personnel security in the Agency last fall and came up with five recommendations. Action has been completed on two of them and is well along toward completion on two others. We are probably going to need some help from you in satisfying the fifth, which says: "It is recommended that the Agency initiate a formal program for indoctrination and periodic re indoctrination of supervisory personnel in their responsibilities as super- visors--particularly as regards personnel security." The several suggestions we have received seem to fall short of the general idea of "a formal program". It occurs to me that you already offer a couple of courses in supervision several times a year, and I wonder if there is some way these could be modified or adapted for presentation to large audiences in the auditorium in something considerably less than a forty-hour week. Since we will want to reach large segments of the supervisory population, II at a time, we will have to make our 25X9 presentations not longer than an hour or two and offer them at intervals of a week or two over a period of several weeks. One of the primary objectives, of course, would be to emphasize the supervisor's responsibility for personnel security in re- sponse to the IG's recommendation. However, the need goes beyond the responsibility for personnel security and includes the total scope of the responsibilities of supervisors. It is also very important that our emphasis on personnel security does not give the audience cause to speculate or gen- erate rumors about our reasons for starting such a program and definitely must avoid giving the impression that the Agency has lost confidence in its people. We might also consider developing a policy paper which would establish quotas for each Deputy Director to meet each time your regular courses in supervision are offered, keeping in mind that our objective is to reach supervisors at all levels in the Agency. Would you please put somebody to work on this im- mediately, because I am obligated to present something to Mr. McCone when he returns from his current trip. ~~A/ /~-~ ~~,,~~-- L . K . White Approved For Release 2002/65/08: CIA- 'CSP365A001200020028-8 .AET Ex?Inded from aatoant!r dowfgradioj lad dea1ee31}Ic811ee