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December 12, 2016
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September 8, 2000
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March 13, 1964
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Approved For Releae 2002/05/08: CIA-RDP78-06365A00 DD/S 64-1487 13 March 1964 25X14A 25X1A XERO(' ? OPV MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Personnel THROUGH : Deputy Director for Suppor~ SUBJECT REFERENCES Supervisory Performance in Matters of Employee Performance and Behavior FOIAb3b 1. it recurringly comes to my attention that from time to time the per- onal conduct or job performance of an employee is so deficient that it is at ww east highly questionable whether he is suitable for continued employment x IL in CIA. In few instances is the deficiency or transgression a spontaneous Ic E" A or isolated affair; rather, investigation usually discloses a lengthy process 0 of deterioration in performance and/or moral fiber. IlFar too frequently 0 Q f ~7 there is evidence that supervisors at all levels have not taken reasonable corrective action to guide, criticize, and discipline.' In, some instances ~~ Ol most serious defects have been quietly tolerated or even concealed for mis- 0 ca%~~ guided reasons of compassion or friendship with inadequate regard for the vital interests of the Agency and the Government. .1 1 04 : 1 Nj 2. Agency regulations and procedures for the official investigation and ) handling of these matters if complied with should assure discreet, equitable, 0 U and effective solution to any questions of employee suitability that may arise. P 3. As part of our over-all Agency program to ensure high standards of suitability and to improve supervisory performance, you are directed to conduct a thorough investigation of any case which comes to your attention 0 M ca which raises questions of suitability for continued employment and to make ;"C appropriate recommendations to me. Where investigation reveals a failure to comply with Q "Integration of Employee Information, " or other Cj -0 \,I tit 0 r. Z3 z.?- -.a.U S as l iIN~L~15i~~ Involuntary Separations I Integration of Employee Information der;:,x.,~g, sag dcsisslitcatloa Approved For Release 2002/05A08 : CIA-RDP78-063G5A00 `200(9'Z0031-4 Approved For Release 2002/05/08 : CIA-RDP78-06365AO01200020031-4 O failures to assume and discharge supervisory responsibilities properly, your report will include specific comments and recommendations in this regard. 25X1A Marshall S. Carter Lieutenant General, USA Acting Director at Approved For Release 2002/05/08 : CIA-1415P78-0 365A0012(~2003 co 020031 -4