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December 12, 2016
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September 8, 2000
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March 24, 1964
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Approved For Release 2002/05/08 : CIA-RDP78-06365A001200020034-1 24 MAR 1964 of %ocur of Finance 1 Staff s have bow rte. 1. Attached Is the agooda for the Program on Supervisory bli ttlea now scheduled finely for 10 April. This will to the first of a r+erciastely six runnings and will be ~ 25X1A9a 2. A dry raan will bees scheduled for prObSb 1 y the 7th of April at which time all participants can hear what each other has planrwed, and ca o ke any f traal adjastaaaents that say be necessary at that t arse. i a the Interval I will be in f art and +contldaistng contact with each of you for purposes of guida and coordination. Hgw,fu 1 l y, in this way we can haves fairly wet t Integrated program by the time we have our dry run. I wit l confirm at the *art earliest passible data tlose and places for this practice exercise. 3. Please let me know at any t i re if there are any ways in welch I can provide assistance or if you Eft* suggestions or ideas that we mitt consider. I an most grateful for your : DI rector of Personnel nsibil hiss Program iota and will surely continue to need more Of Project Off icier/OTIt 0TR/ISI :aae (24 March 1964) Distribution: Orig. rr 3 - Deputy Director (Support) I - Each Addressee 1 - Director of Training 1 - Registrar/TR Approved For Fielealiis? 002/05/08 Cl R 78