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December 12, 2016
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September 8, 2000
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May 6, 1964
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ra 1. Par. xteph 7 ezf ntaiau reermend&tIcas for the +gpprOvai at the A?atiug Duty Director for Support.. 8-06365A0012V000020038-7 6 MAY 1964 i tae Cii '~ - i__ ~t9i ~`$ ~..~ ~~1"+bwt~G~;tE9 S.8 rep~steez2Cad ira ' t oe with a ':ditiri ec.+t cuts 1Eiuailt been re 3v t #r~m iepre? r!~" t alts; tram # LDX, MM aAd the O Tice e+h,& ___ _- _ bumtt $ry of Critiq sff a 3 ecc endationm for 8uperrlaror7 B+Gpmsibilitles Prs '"r O cr&rIq,"s:XCtx or the Superviai:r . c.~ espt talatilities Program 3n z-eepcr a to tereuezt t t the Deputy ra cs Director for z e.. h1 . - - - 1. Approved For Releastt` 2002/0, I Fit 1=1 Acting Deputy Dire-.tor for Cupport L L _g 3? The meals it near u as Ot t are th ces The e u c ttut # "dt at Uaea text ss etitt tael ldva-wticatIon of line +ararisaxs with A enc,y k li a;at. b* Comae pr4sent&t1CQ3 Were rOi;" tfote C ieuted said teci , to is "*gI*te use ftcmivies or cif histories. Co, Mdst speakers p1s d too little baatis oa It crobip eaploy*e dews epmut . Q. ' e progtr,M 1skte4 a taatflsd eon t at xahet mm err: VL Ags*aW sup sr+irisj . Approved For Release 2002/05/08 : CIA-RDP78-06365A001200020038- y ,y se 0""" he :r ot1iedre at ' -ha s 1svel. Many re ard4 this as a aiantt'i- ;. its in itsoIj we felt t. ,t it ot'tx+arz the d t , a we a su -iaors their tlxst tp~~rfu t to &* The pZ' Axim wim outY'rtwAbi v t Z __ _ , -- - eF , p vs. 4. Ams of gel a rat, bext not .l*itti tf ~s rat UV these s A* The pre of 40 fa y kOV otticim W" the pZotf osat In this t y p e of Pr 1'"q d seam i -- Excluded from a.icmatf: dawigra9ing a:.d Approved For Relea 2002/05/08` 06365AO01200.020038-7 -no a. The Purpose of the program was not apparent throughout and the carp piimentsaxy character of many of the early remarks made may supervisors wonder why they were there. f. Some talks were not well presented. They failed to eke Use of visual aids or other pedagogic devices. g. The material an Security, although well presented, van not appropriate to the experience level of the audience. U., The panel technique used, at the conclusion was very effective. Factors on which a few people agreed are these: a. The acoustics in the auditorium is poor. b. The program attempted to address itself to too wide a grade range. c. The program should be an annual affair or there should be follow-up workshops. 6. In direct response to the questions posed by the Deputy Director for Support with respect to this program, it is poscible to conclude that the program was extremely ueeful to the participants; that it was too long and that the individual presentations would bens- fit from some condensation; that the format of the program was accept- able; and that the substance of the presentations were generally to the point but suffered from a lack of specific applications to super- visory problems. In reviewing the critiques we were unable to discern a my marked difference between the opinions of senior supervisors and junior supervisors an to the value of the program. '(? On the basis of these reactions the Office of Training rec+ anepdet a. That the Supervisory Responsibilities program be Con- tituted and extended to include all of the Deputy Directorates of this Agency. b. That the program be condensed to permit ccatagletion on a one-half day schedule. Approved For Release 2002/05/ 5A001200020038- Ezctccev irw ai;omafic Approved For Release 2002/05, d. , Out ec1 edu].es for other Deputy Directorates be developed for the mouth of Juz a utiltstug the program in Attar at B. 8. We till be p1e eed to sees with you or your desisted representative to discuss tht, + t13 of future progm=Ing. I bars dssignsted Mr. ea our pxojpw Coordinator for this activity. e. That the se ot4 offering of this program (or MS supeervisord '.,e scheduled for the week of 2;i ter uti3.isiug the progrsa outti ed LA Attacheut A. Acting Director of T Attachaetttst A & S Sher rear et tatic contained in p