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December 12, 2016
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September 9, 2000
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July 22, 1964
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? Approved For Rele 2002/05/08 ~~r'~~ O~,A 78-06365A001~,002 22 July 1964 ~'i.ii~+G RlYi'~`;a (, ~t5 tom, "~ 1^~; Gj"u~. ^. let. ia11:E.~Y ~'GE~ prior to ir~cliv~cliial c1~;ssiZica~lan aatio~~ SUBJECT Reorientation in Supervisory Responsibilities 1. At the request of the DCI, a half-day program has been designed by the Office of Training to make clear the Agency's interest in better supervision of personnel, to point out some current weaknesses, and to alert all con- cerned to the dangers to the Agency and its mission which have resulted and can result from failures in good super- vision. Specifically, emphasis is to be placed on the critical necessity for supervisors to observe impeccable standards of objectivity, integrity, and impartiality in dealing with subordinates. 2. The Reorientation in Supervisory Responsibilities will be attended by all staff employees who: a. Are in grade GS-14 or above, or b. Are in grade GS-13 or below and arily prepare fitness reports on two employees. or who custom- more subordinate 3. The Course is scheduled for the mornings of 13 and 20 August in the Auditorium. The presentations will be made by senior CIA Officials, including the Director of Central Intelligence and the Deputy Director (Intelligence). This running is intended specifically for managerial and super- visory personnel of the DD/I components in the Washington area. The program will run from 0830 to 1230. Attendance will be checked and a permanent record will be compiled. rsoup ~ "~ Excluded frc;n autamzth.{ dax~n~alin; nad tlcc42ssl?Ica?lan XERO j ('C~~'Y ! 'COP YO ? ("~ ~. ~cY ~ ~ ~ 1 ~ i ~ r~ ~1~` ~XERO j COPY ~., Y,,._""-T-'t Approved For Release 2002/05/0'8 : ~' '~ +~,..yR_~.:,C':~'.~..-..,.. ~ ~ P78-0636 A00120002~048-6 Approved For Release 2002/05/ 4. Each Assistant Director is asked to appoint an Office Coordinator who will be responsible for notifying those who will attend and will serve in a liaison role with (x52??) of my Office. The name of the Office Coordinator should be given to the undersigned im- mediately. Each Office should submit to this Staff by 7 August 1964, a list of personnel on duty in their Offices who will attend the Reorientation on the basis of the eligibility criteria given in Paragraph 2. At ].east half of those named on this list should be identified to attend the initial presentation on 13 August. A copy of the program is attached. Individual programs will be provided to persons attending the Course at the Auditorium. xcRO~ ^orr Chief, Administrative Staff, 0/DD/ I Approved For Release 2002/05/08: CIA-RDP78-06365A001200020048-6