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August 23, 2000
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February 20, 1959
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r,1 14111', 1111' Approved For 'Rase 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78- /oNAL 4/kNos, UTT EVA &CR 'PTA M A N E T VOLUME 24 ).? iSe 1934 IJA11T Et) (2 AO EGISTER NUMBER 36 Washington, Friday, February 20, 7959 Title 3?THE PRESIDENT Executive Order 10805 DESMNATiNG THE CENTRAL INTEL- LIGENCE AGENCY AS EXCEPTED FROM CERTAIN PROVISIONS OF THE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES TRAINING ACT WHEREAS section 4(b) of the Gov- ernment Employees Training Act (public Law 85-507; 72 Stat. 329) authorizes the President to except departments and agencies or any of their employees from that act or any provisions thereof other than sections 4, 21, and 22, whenever he deems such action to be in the public interest;' and WHEREAS I have determined that it woUld be in the ptiblic interest to except the Central Intelligence Agency from cer- tain provisions of that act; NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority vested in me by section 4(b) of the Government Employees Training Act, and as President of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows: SECTION 1. The Central Intelligence Agency is hereby designated as excepted frOrn the following-described provisions of the Government Employees Training Act: (a) Section 2(4), 6 9(b)(1) 11 12 15 16, and 18. (b) The last sentence of section 5, (c) That part of section 7 which reads ''shall conform, on or after the effective date of the regulations prescribed by the Commission under section.6 of this Act, to the principles, standards, and related reqUirernents contained in, such regula- tions then current,". (d) That part :of sectiOn 10 which reads "in accordance with regulations issued by the Commission Under author- ity of section d (a) (8)." , SEC. 2, Section 2 of Executive Order No, 10809 of January 15, 1959, is hereby ' amended by deleting the _reference to "section 5" and the reference to "section 5(b)" and by inserting in lieu thereof "section 4" and "section 4(b)", respec- tively. -DwIrr D. SE111107ER Ths ?XTirirs Ilottsp, _ Februalw 18, 1959. [FA. Doe. 59-1576; Filed, Feb. 2:49 8, 1959; Title 6?AGRICULTURAL CREDIT Chapter IV?Commodity Stabilization Service and Commodity Credit Cor- poration, Department of Agricul- ture PART 485?SOIL BANK Subpart?Violations Procedure MISCELLANEOUS AMENDMENTS The soil bank regulations applicable to violations, 22 F.R. 2411, as amended, are hereby further amended as follows: 1. Section 485.271(a) is amended by deleting the cross-reference "?? 485.271 to 485.292 inclusive" and "therewith" and substituting therefor "this subpart" and "herewith" respectively. 2. Section 485.294n is amended by de- leting the cross-reference "? 485.284 through ? 485.294j" and substituting therefor -this subpart". (See. 124, 70 Stat. 198; 7 U.S.C. 1812) Issued at Washington, D.C., this 16th day of February 1959. [SEAL]TRUE D. MORsE, Acting Secretary. IF.R. aiC 59-1531; Filed, Feb. 19, 1959; 8.49 A.m.] Title 7?AGRICULTURE Chapter III?Agricultural Research Service, Department of Agriculture PART 319?FOREIGN QUARANTINE NOTICES Administrative Instructions Prescrib- ing Method of Fumigation Of Oranges, Grapefruit, and Tange- rines From Mexico Pursuant to the authority conferred by ? 319.56-2 of the regulations (7 CFR, 1957 Bunn., 319.56-2; 23 P.R. 7166) sup- plemental to the Fruit and Vegetable Quarantine (notice of Quarantine No. 56), under sections 5 and 9 of the Plant , Quarantine Act of 1912 (7 U.S.C. 159, 162), administrative instructions to be Conunued on p. 1303) Approved For Re[ 2001/03/30 : CONTENTS THE PRESIDENT Executive Order Designating the Central Intelli- gence Agency as excepted from certain provisions of the Gov- ernment Employees Training Act 1301 Page EXECUTIVE AGENCIES Agricultural Conservation Pro- gram Service Rules and regulations: Alaska; 1959; miscellaneous amendments 1301 Agricultural Marketing Service Notices: Robertson County Livestock Sale and Georgetown Com- munity Sale; proposed posting of stockyards 1,320 Rules and regulations: Tomatoes grown in Florida; lim- itation of shipment 1303 Agricultural Research Service Rules and regulations: Designation of modified certified brucellosis-free areas, public stockyards, and slaughtering establishments 1306 Oranges, grapefruit, and tan- gerines from Mexico; method of fumigation 1301 Agriculture Department See also Agricultural Conservation Program Service; Agricultural Marketing Service; Agricultural Research Service; Commodity Stabilization Service. Notices: Trade fair exhibit; delegation of authority to negotiate a con- tract for design, construction and operation thereof 1324 Alien Property Office Notices: Vested property, intention to return: La Soudure Electrique Auto- ? gene 1339 Levy, Mrs. Berthe 1339 1339 Uyeda, Shigeru 1301 65A0012000300213-7 Approved FI Rel 1302 ROHM REGISTER Published daily, except Sundays, Mondays, and days following official Federal holidays, by the Federal Register Division, National Archives and Records Service, General Serv- ices Administration, pursuant to the au- thority contained in the Federal Register Act, approved July 26, 1935 (49 Stat. 500, aS amended; 44 U. S. C., ch. 8B) , under regula- tions prescribed by the Administrative Com- mittee of the Federal Register, appioved by `the President. Distribution is mad b only by the Superintendent of Documents,' Govern- ment Printing Office, Washington 25, 13. C. The FEDERAL REGISTER Will be furnished by mail to subscribers, free of postage, for $1.50 per month or 815.00 per year, payable in advance. The charge for individual copies (minimum 15 cents) varies in proportion to the size of the issue. Remit check or Money order, made payable to the Superintendent of Documents, directly to the Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C. The regulatory material appearing herein is keyed to the CODE Os' FEDERAL REGULATIONS, which is published, under 50 titles, pursuant to section 11 of the Federal Register Act, as amended August 5, 1953. The CODE or FED- ERAL REGULATIONS is Sold by the Superin- tendent of Documents. Prices of books and pocket supplements vary. There are no restrictions on the re- publication of material appearing in the FEDERAL REGISTER, OF the CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS. CFR SUPPLEMENTS (As of January 1, 1959) The following supplements are now available: Titles 22-23 ($0.35) Title 25 ($0.35) Title 49, Parts 91-164 ($0.40) Previously announced: Title 3, 1958 Supp. ($0.3511 Title 46, Parts 146-149, 1958 Supp. 2 ($1.50) Order from Superintendent of Docu- ments, Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D.C. CONTENTS?Continued Atomic Energy Commission Notices: Aerojet - General Nucleonics; amendment to construction permit Coast Guard Notices: Equipment, installations, or Materials and change in name and addrdss Of manufactur- ers; approval and termination taf approval Commerce Department Notipes: Hain, John G.; statement of Changes in financial interests.. _ 3 Page 1324 319 e 2001/03/30 : CIA-ROP RULES AND REGULATIONS CONTENTS?Continued Commodity Stabilization Service Page Notices: Marketing quota review corn- iniatee.s ; establishment of areas of venue 1320 Rules and regulations: ioil banlz: violations procedure; misceilaneous amendments 1301 Federal Aviation Agency Rules and regulations: Civil airways, designation; al- terations _ 1304 Continental control area, con- trol areas, control zones, re- porting points, and positive control route segments, desig- nation thereof; alterations? Restricted areas; alterations Federal Communications Com- mission Notices: Hearings, etc.: Florence Broadcasting Co., The. (2 documents) ____ 1324, 1325 Pacific 13roadca.sters Corp 113322 64 Miller, James W., et al Press Wireless, Inc 1325 Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc. (WOUND 1325 Tobacco Valley Broadcasting Co 1325 Various non-Governmental serv- ices: statutory inquiry into alloc'ition of frequencies____ 1324 Federal Power Commission Notices: Hearin.1,s, etc.: American Louisiana Pipe Line Co. et al 1327 Atlantic Refining Co 1335 Callcry, Francis A., et al 1334 Christensen & Matthews et at 1332. Colorado Interstate Gas Co 1335 Hawkins, H. L., et al_ 1333 Holleman, Wilbur J 1333 Monterey Oil Co 1336 North Penn Gas Co 1332 Phillips Petroleum Co 1335 78-06 6444001 0063002 7 CONTENTS?Continued International Cooperation Ad- ministration Rules and regulations: Procedures for furnishing as- sistance to cooperating coun- tries; miscellaneous amend- !tents 1306 Page Interstate Commerce Commis- sion Notices: Ann Arbor Railroad Co.; re- routing traffic _____ 1338 Motor carrier transfer proceed- ings 1338 Justice Department 1305 See Alien Property Office, 1305 land Manayement Bureau Notices: Proposed withdrawals and res- ervation of lands: California 1319 Oregon 1310 Saint Lawrence Seaway Devel- opment Corporation Proposed rule making: Operating rules and regulations. 1315 Food and Drug Administration Proposed rule making: Certain orange juice products; extension of time for filing comments in re proposal to establish identity standards__ Health, Education, and Welfare Department See Food and Drug Administra- tion_ Indian Affairs Bureau Notices: Assistant Area Directors et al.; recielegation of authority......- Department See rialepartment See Indian Affairs Bureau; Land Management Bureau. Internal revenue Service Rules and regulations: Income tax; taxable years be- ginning after December 31, l9'3; miscellaneous amend- 1321 mc- nts Securities and Exchange Com- mission Notices: Hearings, etc.: Aluminum Industries, Inc__ 1336 New England Electric System et al 1337 Union Electric Co 1336 Treasury Department See Coast Guard; Internal Reve- nue Service. CODIFICATION CU IDE A numerical list of the parts of the Code of Federal Regulations affected by documents published in this issue. Proposed rules, as opposed to final actions, are identified as such. A Cumulative Codification Guide covering the current month appears at Lhe end of each issue beginning with the second issue of the month. 3 CFR Executive orders: 10800 (amended by EC) 10805) _ 1301 1315 10805 1301 6 CFR Page 485 1301 7 CFR 319 1301 945 1303 1104 1304 1319 9 CFR 78 1306 14 CFR 600 1304 601 1305 608 1305 21 CFR Proposed rules: 1307 27_ 1315 e 2001/03/30 : C1A-RDP78-0636A0012000,30020-7 Approved For Rtalease 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-06465A001200030028-7 Friday, February 20, 1959 CODIFICATION GUIDE?Con. 22 CFR nage 201_ 1306 26 (1954) CFR 1 1307 33 CFR Proposed rules: 401 1315 designated as 7 CFR 319.56-2e are hereby issued as follows: ? 319.56-2e Administrative instructions prescribing method of fumigation of oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines from Mexico. Approved fumigation with ethylene dibromide at normal atmospheric pres- sure, in accordance with the following procedure, is hereby prescribed as an alternate condition of entry under per- mit, through ports specified in the per- mit, for all shipments of oranges, grape- fruit, and tangerines from Mexico. (a) Approved fumigation. (1) The approved fumigation shall consist of fumigation with ethylene dibromide at normal atmospheric pressure in a fumi- gation chamber which has been approved by the Plant Quarantine Division. The chamber must be equipped with a gas- tight window whicb will permit viewing the electrically heated vaporizing pan inside the chamber. The Plant quar- antine Division will approve only those chambers which are properly con- structed, satisfactorily maintained, ade- quately equipped, and at locations where required treatment supervision can be furnished. The treatment period shall be for 2 hours and the dosage adjusted to the chamber load, which shall not exceed 80 percent of the volume., and temperature as follows: Load in percent of chamber volume Dosage in ounces per 1,000 cu. ft. 60l700 F. Above 70? F. Below 25 25 to 50 50 to 80 9 11 is 7 ii The ethylene dibromide, a liquid at ordi- nary temperatures, must be volatilized within the sealed fumigation chamber in an electrically heated vaporizing pan. The gas shall be circulated within the chamber continuously for the 2-hour exposure period by an electric fan or blower, the 2-hour period to begin when volatilization is complete. The fan or blower must be of a capacity to circulate the entire air mass within the chamber in one minute. (2) Oranges, grapefruit, and tange- rines may be waxed and packed for ship- ment before fumigation and fruits may be individually wrapped with conven- tional citrus tissue. When loaded in the fumigation chamber the boxes or con- tainers must be stacked evenly over the total floor surface and stacks separated by at least one inch. Spacing between boxes in a stack may be required if the F E DER AL REGISTER inspect 1.1 r be +e+ves such spacing is neces- eery to insure adequate gas circulation. I Pin pcfniit, and tangerines con- tained in mesh bags or perforated poly- ethylene bees meet he placed in field containers for fumiga- tion. (le) Stueereleion of fumigation. In- epectonioi he Plant Quarantine Divi- sion a.11 supervise the fumigation of oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines in Mexico an will prescribe such safe- guards as may be necessary for the han- dling, 1:,+ chin 2, arid transportation of the fruit from the time it leaves the treating 'atilt until It reaches the United States port of entry, and such safeguards shall include freedom from leaves and other debris. The final release of the fruit for entry into the United States will be con- ilitionel upon compliance with the pre- scribed eareemards. (e) coste, All costs of constructing, maintat eine, and operating fumigation plants and facilities, and carrying out precauttons prescribed for posttreatment safeguards shall be borne by the owner of the fruit or his representative. (d) pprova/ of fumigation plants. Approval of fumigation plants in Mexico will be contingent upon compliance with the pr(ivielops. of paragraph (a) (1) of this section and upon the availability of qualified personnel for assignment to superviee the treatment and posttreat- ment liandliiig of oranges, grapefruit, and tariverines, Those in interest must make edvence arrangements for ap- proval of the fumigation plant and for superVision, and furnish the Director of the Pin of, Quarantine Division 1 with acceptable aesura.nces that they will provide., without cost to the United States 'feepartinent of Agriculture, all salaries, transportation, per diem; and other administrative and incidental ex- penses for the supervising inspectors, including the payment to the inspectors of additional compensation for their services in excess of 40 hours weekly, ++(+cordin2 to the rates established for the payment of inspectors of the Plant- Qliarantine (e) Department not responsible for damage. While the prescribed treat- mint is judged from experimental tests to be safe for use with oranges, grape- fruit, and tangerines,. the Department assumes I.S9 responsibility for any damage sustained through or in the course of treatmeet, or because of posttreatment Safeguards. The perpeee of these instructions is to specify the requirements for fumigation facilities, fumigation dosages, and nec- essary safeguard measures for the entry of Mexican oranges, grapefruit, and tiengerinee under authority of ?? 319.56-2 and to prevent plant pest dis- e hese instructions provide an alternate treatment to those now authorized in administrative instructions relating to low temperature and vapor- heat treatments. a ry Inxnertes should be directed t+ ? the Regions] -taper-visor, Plant Quarantine 1,.0, .sox 909. 407 Federal Building, arownsvnII,'rcx, 1303 These instructions therefore relleye restrictions previously itnp leed. In order to be of maximum benefi I to importers of oranges, grapefruit, 4' Ld tangerines the newly authorized prneedure should be made available as sot n as possible, Therefore, pursuant to section 4 of the Administrative Procedure Aft (5 US (1 1003), it is found upon gcori cause that notice and other public procedure in respect to the foregoing ,Iriministrative instructions are impractic,s,ble and un- necessary, and since thee e instructions relieve restrictions they ray be made effective less than thirty (12 ys after pub- lication in the FEDERAL RE4:1sTER. These administrative instructions shall become effective February 20, 1959. (Sec. 9, 37 Stat. 318; 7 U.S.C. .182. Interpret or applies see. 5, 37 Stat. 318; 1 U.S.C. 159) Done at Washington, C., this 17th day of February 1959. fsEALl H. S. DEAN, Acting Director, Plant Quarar& ne Division. [F.R. Doc. 59-1547; F'lled, Feb. 19, 1959; 8:51 a.m.] Chapter IX?Agriculturcrl Marketing Service (Marketing Agieements and Orders), Department of Agriculture [945.305 Amdt. ] PART 945?TOMATOES GROWN IN FLORIDA Limitation of Shipment Findings. (a) Pursuant to Marketing Agreement No. 125 and Oilier No. 45 (7 CFR Part 945), regulating the handling of tomatoes grown in Flo eda. effective under the applicable Pray l+qorts of the Agricultural Marketing Ar xeement Act of 1937, as amended (48 Stat. 31, as amended; 7 U.S.C. 601 et ,,eq.; 63 Stat, 906, 1047), and upon the basis of the recommendation and info illation sub- mitted by the Florida Tonei to Commit- tee, established pursuant to said market- ing agreement and order, and upon other available information, it is hereby found that the amendment to the limitation of shipments, as hereinafter iirovided, will tend to effectuate the deck, ved policy of the act. (b) It is hereby found that it is im- practicable, unnecessary, end contrary to the public interest to give preliminary notice, engage in public rule making procedure, and postpone the effective date of this amendment until 30 days after publication in the FEDI qA.T., REGISTER (5 U.S.C. 1001 et seq.) in that: (i) The amendment pertains exclUirvely to sub- paragraph (6) of ? 945.305('s which is a container regulation for tomatoes of a turning or greater degree of maturity that becomes effective March 1, 1959, and extends through June 30 1959, and (ii) the amendment relic/es restric- tions by deleting subparagraph (6) of ? 945.305 (b) . Order, as amended. Si ibtatra