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December 9, 2016
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August 23, 2000
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Approved For Release 2001/03/30 CIA-RDP78-06365AO01200030043-0 C isiu iKJ .i3C i'L+ TiL"O-Lliui zip VZ r 1 a az~ s ~ n m s Q iciant taown t aiCzr n re s i.n a ta? on to t@ rs s..t~aaati,o _ and ea i. }i b sra~rr *: of _ =ant it r,r~ ' ~_.stx,?bx d be the u ~ckt? d :sa'm ru t ref t?a z 1r:~ &'CI Ne* r.' radividtitia emp'o(E3Ey.R must,, of {~C1irse be *,-nsl=iErred cad y~.zt wit-bin a f aaawork o: : r nizatiasnal nee:.s_. '2 ils rec~a;..res study of pe ?a tthg problexaea -.long rang and 3hor, ra zx;r as well 113 '%,pranal, >of !*ir?;=,:?,m.rM. as,rld A tc3ratlf3,.i. of i,xadxvd. aaa.;~ :, h~ ,a u , acts : : f ; a nrx s s _ np x _ p sib l_ _ r : ne offi cis , m~ and an lyre op* atirw, situations that need improvement,. determ-tn VinpW~r, reouzj red, aat d decid a what action w1.I) best accom~. ' ,.x. ` h tlGue: a':Fza ? y and sttou~d taei.p an methods and ap ruwth f L'I"r 'M pa (3TR ^ , ~ $ ? . y .r .., ~ .... t Way t'-' ~;< < fl-,at a t oxa is di.recued at rea; problems, and thzit trazrr n 113 a ,.> . ksolu.:ti on to those pr xh;1aaai, +5. i~?.tt ta' i`. t~.:!;9Wa? "" r _ ,.,,~.-._ 3hou ~.~d lip z;rieank~d., rx?airaxxa :inn * tY a g l~ t? e r r L' n a=z ace tptabie, 3oluti n to every pro duction and human relation pru- v, ?Fm, e~ bra caz:rgfu11y the p bable success, cost, and admi,nS tr?ati e ,r; it y of ether fox" uf action before deciding to train, .m statement of _ a+r~r rtbi is er-twin to a -pl -, shou :d be 2; e ? rr. i nd An ady- It will constitute the, cbjeotives of the effort 1,1414t?le. tr> i.rcjx r gur e,4 mould be pia4 intecl on actual, ,-'eaeiz . '. ~= Thn day of t ng fort sake caf '-I ? n A or Cff ;P everybody else is doing its. should be :song past.. rr+ ,rax need determinkit on is necessari.l a continuing ro es, Need;,- org;Fniza.tional and per3ona1charie constantly,, are influenced by warty thlrt . It As necessary to keep checking, keep analyzing, keep re? st}g' p troifj training activities and goals, to keep them related to actual p- Mess and real needs Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-06365AO01200030043-0 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-06365A001200030043-0 TJ MEM IM M ID T F"ICAT0 1 I. Ana] ie of Or S*jm tic**1 Prdal ms *d Condititrse As discovered by. wee e AsIdnig -. Sepeaors TcpM staff omega e T ,r W Ba 0bacrr1rg Wo2t Fit Hduilmdb4m 114. 11o Analysis of 8 Performance,, Problem, and Poterttia1 1 5. 8a To dstauire- Wbat is the grob1 or si c tJt males xa ukut to tie sonsm V.*t ooe r this prdb3as cc mitsati on? R=at3,v zft+. do w really want? What do we have rsm? Ilat do we fur? 1?tit;J7 at these lames (sue) have greatest prit ," ? Iat ean we do about t ? Haar sball we go about d*ing it? A COOP ATWF JET OF 3-PLOY=, Sl'P MMOR TNSl4NA F, E JT,. AND T FAI STAFF "Iscords and F Public H.aa to S as Std Jobs (Job Analysis) Ea St of Prom Plan Crumitlon Policies 17. ___.Approved For Rele.ase.2001/0.3/30 CIA-RDP78-06365A001200030043-0