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November 17, 2016
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July 20, 2000
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April 7, 1967
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Approved Fo+~ t ~e~a ~QQ/~?f _1,: C A ;RDP78106k3J6 6611 -2 STATINTL STATINTL `antral Intell.ig.c nce Agency I.:ashington, D.C. I a pleas d to inform you that. ,4 e' Board ..... ?.`,s-u: tees of the National institute of i'-.'uNA:"' < : nas granted ? you a Career l si.~~cia.:ion. c; j: the academic year 19067-1968. Sr7e ccz:;igg:':iai.i:iaa.t e you onz having achieved this honor in keen 'LJLC)n with many outstanding candidtilte' is Award is made in recogns,tao.I1 0; your contributions to the public- :]J" (::, 1a:t:om1sf of future distinction as a tr,p ., s c;t.k. r: c" k,,'s :rnmtlent career official. We hope it afford you opportunities for reflect:i.c n that will contribute to your coa:nt::a.rz r1s%at:h,r enlarging your abilities to fu:l:d::. 1.7. 1r in more varied ways and si i:uat Y,:>;cl.::>, d:ind st epenxncq your understanding of the public :ma ur dedication to achieving it. Under the terms of this Award, you will ]c:):e '(r ing at Indiana University under t hh+ (.::" 'J.t:,~,2:ince of Professor Lynton K. Caidsrell.. ?lrou ,i .,_ hoari,~.g from him within a few weeks L.iw: nature of his program, housing and o l-.,, r a.4?.1i::.,::q-:.,ments at the University, and thr:.a by your particular course of study will be (:...rvee:,1.o ;ed f- TI3JS"' Charles E3. Stauffacher, Chair, w Robert E7. CalKln:ifR ?:r l:~u i '?C. ;;'.a roximmmate:.y +:Yuly 3. 3o these funds is not restricted and no :required, but they must be returned if you do n.oi: enroll at the University for the full aca fi.e:noJ In addition, the Award is contingent upon continuation of your salary during the :Sv=:ar? by .your government agency and their pa1yi,vent of V a.)ur tuition and a contribution to the travel c:l.i1 c~ x g expenses you and your family will incur :'t. c: o:Lng to the University and returning to your oyr.,ent. These matters have been di;1"ICIU.22'. !(. ru' officials of your agency and appear to be in satisfactory order. Should you have urgent auestions a.1:7out :s1. ~, related to this Award p] E E:;Z:al: let us :.i't;f:l++id ,+. We look forward to seeing you at the ,?~~s.ay meeting and working with you in t 7e Sincerely, Carl F. Stover Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP78-06367A000100150011-2