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December 9, 2016
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September 17, 2000
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November 28, 1966
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i71)/S . & s`l ~ Approved For Releme 2001/08/31 : CIA-RDP78-06367A00040260011-0 OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF FOR PERSONNEL WASHINGTON, D.C. 20310 06 2 8 NOV 1966 *ARMY Declass/Release Instructions On File* Dear Red, I was pleased to learn from your letter of 10 December of the high regard you have for the Army War College and the manner in which your students are received there. As you know, prior to the academic year of 1960-61, the Central Intelligence Agency had been allocated two spaces annually at the AWC. At that time, in order to accommodate a request from USIA, we had to reduce your quota to the present one. We have not been able to expand the total student body at the AWC and consequently have not altered the allocation of spaces to any of the organizations which participate in the program. Additionally, I am certain those other agencies which participate in the program on the same basis as CIA would also desire an increased quota if you receive one. Since, as I am sure you realize, selection for attendance at the Army War College is a matter of deep concern to all eligible Army officers, I do not feel we should take a cut of even one in the number in the class. Therefore, I regret that we cannot offer you any additional spaces at this time. In the event any of our yearly invitations are not accepted, consideration will be given to offering that turn-back space to your agency. Sincerely, K. WOOLNOUGH eutenant General, GS Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel L. K. White Executive Director Central Intelligence Agency W, jlii to125.0-2020505 A 30 1 01 a 0? Approved For Release 2001/08/31 : CIA-RDP78-06367A000100260011-0 UNCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL SECRE Appro ~ M V0 - 237 Use previous a itions a fed ForAelgase 2001/08/31 m -R -_ENDER WILL CHECK CLASSIF TION TOP AND BOTTOM UNCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP TO NAME AND ADDRESS DATE INITIALS I Deputy Director for Support 24 Director of Trainin - 3 -aye / 5 C Cy S7,3 f ~~.P e- L'fie' 6 ACTION DIRECT REPLY PREPARE REPLY APPROVAL DISPATCH RECOMMENDATION COMMENT FILE RETURN CONCURRENCE INFORMATION SIGNATURE Remarks : For information. Perhaps we should try again in another year to get the second slot. FOLSWR FROM: NAME. ADDRESS AND PHONE NO. DATE Executive Director-Comptroller 30 Nov 6