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November 17, 2016
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September 5, 2000
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July 15, 1966
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Approved For Release 000/09/11 : CIA-RDP78-06367AQ90100260025-5 15 JUL 1966 25X1A9a MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Training THROUGH : Registrar, Office of Training FROM SUBJECT : Evaluation of the U. S. Army War College Training Program 1. The mission of the U. S. Army War College, as stated in AR350-5, is "to prepare selected senior officers for command and high level staff duties with emphasis on army doctrine and to advance interdepartmental and Interservice understandings. " The College fulfilled its mission through a curriculum encompassing all elements of U. S. national power, domestic programs and foreign policy and relating the whole to a decision-making process. The curricular theme, "a U. S. National Strategy and a Supporting Military Program is designed to sharpen analytical ability, to increase the level of knowledge and to ensure orientation toward the next decade, thereby equipping the student to cope with complex national problems or the difficult decisions of his own assignment. 2. The method of instruction included lectures, individual research and study, seminars, oral presentations, written reports, and a group or committee approach to problem solving. Emphasis, as evidenced by the thesis requirement, is creativity of thought based on research, evaluation, analysis and synthesis. Exposure to the above has resharpened those personal talents so useful to meeting the work routine of the Organization. S. bi brief it was a busy and productive year. From an academic and practical standpoint the experience and knowledge gained has broadened my perspective of national and international affairs, provided me with greater Approved For Release 209 78-06367A000100260025-5 Approved For ReleaseZ,p00/09/11 : CIA-RDP78-06367AQ20100260025-5 confidence in writing and speaking on professional matters and given me a greater appreciation of the committee technique of problem solving. 4. In addition, to building rapport both personal and organization wise, a good deal of my time was devoted to clarifying (security permitting) many misconceptions concerning the Organization. The student body and any members of the faculty were sincerely interested in the Organi- zation's capabilities, missions and contributions vis-a-vis national security. All Organization speakers were well received and made significant contributions toward better understanding of the Organization's role within the Government structure. I would, however, suggest for the future that one or more speakers concentrate on the Organization's relationship with DOD and those areas of joint activity with the various Services. During the course of the year the FBI put on a short "dog and pony show" which was oriented toward devises and equipment of the trade. This deviation from routine captured the student body's imagination and was, therefore, Impressive. The Organization's Office of Communications and Technical Services Division could put on an even more Impressive demonstration. Though most of the student body and faculty appear well disposed toward the Organization, the few critics might be converted If the stigmas of '"The Invisible Government" and "Unsupervised Spending" were reputiated by a non-organizational speaker of stature, preferable from the Department of Defense. 5. From an administrative standpoint both the College and the Organization's Office of Training are to be complimented for a job well done. The transition from work to student status was handled expeditiously. 6. The collateral George Washington University Graduate Course, in which I participated, complemented the College curriculum. Though demanding, it was well worth the additional time and effort. It will not be offered at the Army War College next year, but I recommend it to those who may attend other Service Schools. 7. In summation, my year at the U. S. Army War College was personally rewarding and in my opinion has enhanced my qualifications to Approved For Release 2000/09/11 col , - N 6367A000100260025-5 Approved For Releas 00 , ' l#tMPP78-06367AA00100260025-5 ame more responsible positions with the Organization. I have considered It an honor to represent the Organization at the U. S. Army College and again wish to express my appreciation to those who is tour of arty possible. 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/ ; 8-06367A000100260025-5