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November 17, 2016
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July 20, 2000
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April 23, 1964
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Approved For Release- 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP78-06367AOQ 00280020.:8 23 April 1964 SUBJECT: Preparation Seminar for Agency Officers Attendin Service schools 1. Alms and Purposes of the Course: A number of the Agency's best men have been picked to represent the CIA at the various service schools during the next year. In addition to the broad knowledge and experience these gentleman will gain from their attendance at these school s, they hove been honored wi th the Agency*s confidence that they will make the best possible repre- sentative for our organization. They will be in contact with hundreds of military officers and other government officials, most of wham will rise to positions of responsibility and influence in their own organizations In the next few years. For this should be well prepared to represent the Agency In poss i b i ee way. 2. This task Is not an easy one; It. should not . ghtly. The Agency is, and always w1' versisi organization. The fact must be culture distrusts secrecy a that the CIA will ct regarded as fair end Interesting game by var i ohs pas' The military officers and other officials that our i a cross section of the glean public and will have sane asp i+c l on and mistrust of the Agency that one finds among, 3. m+ us t be: d public at large. service schools As effective as possible In their contacts with others, regardless of the, subject discussed. b. They must have a good kt ailedge of the AgOncy's organization and its functions so that they can clarify Its role and defend It from the aggressively misinformed and the pass i vee l y unconv i nced. c. They must have a good k ledge of the Agency's relationship with the military services and other government agencies and departments, particularly of those areas in which friction has tended to develop In the past. coo Rev hah-ro, C rr $!_9..b C 1 G COMP --- ON TY ~~'ca;R A t Le~R r R a 2 t 1~ : L, 06367AOOO1O 3USt NEXT REV e AUTH: MR 70-2 Approved For Relea 2000/08/2 P78-06367.AOO i i Sl*JECT: Preparation Seminar for Agency Offfears Attend Service Schools d. They must be aware of the facts bead i nd certain CIA which hove came to the attention of public media or which the, Agency has been a! t taci This preparation seminar should not A . exercise In Indoctrination. t ter, i t Is intender t as Old the good common sons* a cted of an experienced Agency official. L The-seminar w i l l coers i s t of two general cotoga. learning. The first w i l l a series of to l ks and d i mss i ships in lea coordination field with the military sorvIcest the Agcy's relationship with public media, and a discussion of certain sensitive operations which have came to the attention of these public media. I%e second category will be 0 course in thltt sa bje~ct in the area. Effectiveness In ference discussions h rograms require t Important because so many of the school pe ye participation of students in smell working groups. it. briefings will be a pp l i ed In the conference, techniques 0Th Briefing Officer Attachment Proposed S+ 1-i t? ij, 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/08/278-06367A000100280020-8