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December 28, 2016
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April 2, 2009
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April 6, 1970
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Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP78B03824A000300020035-4 WSSI FI ED MESSAGE L ORIG UNIT NPTr SG AID/OPB/PA3 EXT DATE 0 TOP SECRET ROUTING Isl TO : 1a'SSO 327 AD, TAIWAN; 7th AF COMUSTDC; AFSSO YOKOTA FROV%; NPIC 1970 r`..; 9 15 07Z CITE NPIC 82c'E OPERATIONAL IMMEDIATE (SIG CENTER NOTE: ATTACH TAPE HERE. COPIES OF PRINTOUT ALSO ATTACHED. M/R MESSAGE TEXT CONTAINS: PART OF SOAK FOR MISSION PART OF SOAK SUPPLEMENT FOR MISSION 11 Qc ~C /I, IC RELEASING OFFICER L TOP SEC Chief, AID, P;.C iv~P:i:C FU'NE.'JT!C;.TN,:: OFFICER 25X1 I 25X1 25X1 2bAl Approved For Release 2009/04/02: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300020035-4 Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300020035-4 SECTIOr, 4 01 O ! 1 r;~I );aJ T ~ i,', c ~ ilt O,~K2.C T =, KW ART 110 M ,yG LR S NON A. PEI A I EM NE Y Y" NTw3 e0oNU@8143'MF?INTi0FCC CLT MK pp~~ 5- GA .. I Obi PO, jNH C U TST N 1H S c j S k~A HE LNTAE CA 0 O Dt4 AF-tN INNG if S ACTIVE. 1AN0 VEt+ E wFl4C ILI TI! C Y:CH 24a xvraiI 1i :6-C, CL. .TA; O C NAC wV " S OF OU P C Y:,C14 NO-HIM f 40 8~ Z4 1NT C CL'F R : CC SSW C H I G ?. A M t~ARPACXSr ONE MESS-+tLL AND SIX LN % T OM jP10 SUObU NG . -LiANG ~RRM BA - - CTY:CH 44637N1938 00E XNT:GC. CL. UCC --N U-TSA AR- sY 8AFIRAC=ME5 C,TY:CH225ti8$N1922eaer INT:FC CL w SECTION $ 02 OES:4.3 NM NE OF NIUTSA. THE INSTALLATION CONTAINS 31 BARRACKS-TYPE BUILT, I1 8Ss THREE MESSHALLS, AND APPROXIMATELY 2L6 SUPP.Oi,T DUILDINcS. GFW:NONE DISCERNIBLE I TY: CH 56i '221,1411930129t IN'Tt F'C CL SNw HSIEH-A'O-TZU, ARMY' BARRACKS AL 1 UR G:192818 STA:OCC NAC GFwt S VEHICLES/PIECES OF E 11t1PMFNT :. PART IDAO NERAa? U V Y NOW CHID-MO'SHIH P055 WXLCAR 1W EAST CTY:CH 42283$NoB72' 2E' INT.:FC CL ~-< UkGt 1 23 T A : OCC N AC GFW NONE DISCERNIBLE VRct657837 STAIOC-C NAC Fw2NONE DISLEKNIBLE t T A : UCC trAC GFat:NONF nTSCERNTLLE Ukty: ~75+~23 STA:OCC NAC ccW t lA t ntr%CE RNIBLE C HANG-N' NG ARMY t. Al. A CTY:Chi 24503S0993B05E INT:FC CL C N-AN-std ARMY 1 tRRA-EKS NORTH AL 1 CTY: CH "14NN$98+4925E INT: FP SC PINO AMY, tA$RACKS AL 1 :CH 224720141031350E INT:6C CL C-RIf -PINe ARMY B CK + AL 3 CTY:CH 22499ON183133VE INT:GC CL Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300020035-4 Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300020035-4 i UkGt482952 STA:OCC NAC MANE nTSCFRNIBLE Ur.t,:41884A STA:OCC NAC nFWINONF DISGERNIEiLE Utz C1: 079 t 22 STA:OCC NAC GFw!P40NF bISCERNIEkLE U6* 6698 21 STA:OCC NAC GFW:NONE DISCERNIBLE UC'tG:256982 STASOCC NAC c.xwiNONE DISCERNIBLE URG1447036 STA:OCC NAC' GNw1NONE DISCERNIBLE Ut,6: a 38tt25 5TA:OCC NAC GFW:NONE DISCERNIBLE URG:843s84 'S'1 A : OCC NAC GFw:NONE DISCERNIBLE UFO6:568844 STA:OCC NAC GFW:NONE UISCERN,IBLE. FENS,- C$E A! 1', r _ - art CT Y: CH 492315N12eeE5SE INT: FP SC, A ARC, CTY:CH 4943111:0295 SOF IN'T:FC CL HU LU-TAO ARMY BARRACKS a CTY:CM 404253N1295554r INY:FC CL to I-L2ANr ARMY BAR ACS NORTH AL. I SECT;Or: 0 03 CTYSCH 245957NI931I0.$M; INT FC CL, KAO-L,I-# N-T L ,N ARMY HARRA _ _4 ME AL I C'TY:CH 412285N124974111r INT:FC. CL Ltd-HS1 ARMy - "R-RACIX. SOUTH AL i CTYSCH 242410098341 INY:FC. CL N N-N1U!-PA ARW ZIP r _ R OUTPOST GTY : CH 241314N098280E I N'I : FC CL. SHF, PAO-SHAN ARM'V BA A t CTY:C,H 25$78$N0996919E I'NT:FC CL 25X1 LOA I 25X1 LJ/\I 25X1 y "b.*N"PEt"1UN --A fI C-KS NE AL. 1 2bXI CTYtCN 39591 6N12414,3SE INTtPC CL ;WW 0461477949 STA:OCC NAC!NONF DISCERNIBLE Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300020035-4 Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300020035-4 RGt6 STASOCC NAC u.RG:27701$ STAtOCC NAC GFw t NOW DISCERNIBLE B. IDENTIFICATION ONLY CHIN-PING ARMY STORACiE ETY iCH 2 N6 #k1#313'5*E' 1NT-3 &C CL., TAI-YUAN EXPL - . SOLID MTR PR CTY: C.M 375906N1123152C TNT: OD PLT 245. PP HC SHp &, 1- -HSI A AIR ik'"MIN RADAR P CTY : CN 371'336r4204425E INT: T1EH-TA ARMY ARRACKIS -AL 2 rTYetW 2PAbiSNI922128 INTt ACILITY PC CL w PC. CL OLti Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300020035-4