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December 28, 2016
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December 30, 2008
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April 15, 1970
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Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 ORIG UNIT EXT DATE 15 Apr 70 s CLASSIFIED MESSAGE 1970 (Lt.) 15 22 20' 2 25X1 TOP SECRET RUFF. TALENT-KEY} LE CHANNELS. CITE NPIC OPERATIONAL IMMEDIATE jT69702 OAK SUPPLEMENT NO. 12 , MISSION 1109 -040 REPRODUCTION BY OTHER THAN THE ISSUING OFFICE IS PROHIBITED. Copy No. Signal Center Transmission Copy - DO NOT DETACH - Forward with Master 25X1 FOR SUPPT t+n,rtmr ^'' n A T, . -^^ ^ ,., ~1 Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 SECTION #194 OAK/ZZNPIC SE *F4942 PRJIKH MSN$U J9 0 t$7Ul305Z7 G323t . THIS I5 It TW W T i 0 K SU '; RE T M1~3SION 1119. FOR, Cb14 LET' AEA SSE OAK MENT SPORT. f f HTS PART, I MISSION HIGHLIG It USSR-CHINA GORbER: AREA AIR ACTIVITY. EI6WTEEN HEAVY AMP, 43 MEDIU I, H Lf E TERS ARE, O8SE*VED AT. IN T SOVI T Alt S A -RCX M -T -Y, s9_ C~ER~N~IGOVK~~A1 AIRFI JEI~ I A JnrItAL; MILES Ti1~IFiii 'ROM NA R~: THIS WAN, INCREASE OF' 15 MEDIUM HELICOPTERS AT 'PIS AIRFIELD SINCE IT .., WAS LASY OBSERVgb YH' CONS 'RUCT`.I_ N' IS CONT;NUING" ON: THE: 3T _ , , _ ETTiS MAGI A?' PERISHAbL ' ITEMS Wt 8.' NEW, IT1490 UR6S673613 ST`1sOCt_. _ SIWA OASIS MILITARY, ACTIVITY, t1Y S E6 k9AOSN$253234t INY i 6C. CL, W R)'KINb MILITARY ACTIVITY, IS OS5 RVE AT TIE REFERENCED COOK INATEE'? HOWEV R. APR lB11 M LIT -RY' CAI ?y I OB RVgD AT. 2 112 N SAS 11flEt AIM SOUTH bF wAH? Icy CONSISYS OF ONE ADMINISTMTIO BUILpD IN8. FOUR PROBABLE 8 kRACKSr TWO LARGE AND FOUR SMALL STORARE OR SUPPORT BUI DINGS. A A PROBABLE O EN. S`TOR~ AGE A~ A? IIi INSTAL 'T ON 5 P , lN-T' ON P1i0TbGRAPHT, 0 TiEOST RECENT, 6FW i NONE DISCRNIBL =_ IMR ITMOP F tM. Uhllh$ 295!25 STASOPR MANY * ICROM 1E 1ACI , CTY.I U f 515300M0755 25 `IMT I FC CL, W DESi8.5 NM NE OF MAYKAIN? THIS, SECURED F~1CILITY,CONTAINS ONE s ~~-SUP YO TINB M1~_ MICROWAVE- TOWER. 0* CONTRO BUILDING',_ AN;)_ TWO PM CL Sf IDENT' FICAT;I01 ', TY k AMp T ; ORIEH`TATZON OF i%Ltk L@6, IM' 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 ITM06 BELGORODpDNESTROVSKIY SAM SITE B25A?2 25X1 FRM CTYZUR 4606551ls3Rr55BE INTIPCHA B URGI293833 STAIUNP ' DES=I#'.6 NM WSW O F __QE G R O D D N T R O V I_Y._-_-- THE NEWLY IDENTIFIED SA-2 SITE CONET OF SIX REVETTED LAUNCH POSITIONS. AN' U IREVETTED, GUIDANCE, Al k A'. AND YbO. MISSILE-HOLD. IMR ITMU6 FRML- Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 U~6f 267133 STA"t UCo DIES] 63 NM i OF MOSCOW- - MOSKVA SAM SITE E$4?3 CT'Y,tUR, 562$ $ 4*3i82MilE INTtFC, CL, SNW THH N?MEY; IpENT F`I U63 SITE IS Al CONSISTS OF E Y 1_ UNCH P01 AND,TWO MISSILE"HOLb POSITIONS. IT I MR F CONFIGURATION AND Q CENTRAL. GUIDANCE, AREA. SITE 19 UNOCCUPIED. STAsUNP DES$43 NM NE OF MOSCOW. ' N WL, V ; I0EI4T;IRIE `3 S TEf , QJF, AN, ; , , AT,1 ON _ AND UFO f 19 114 SECTION M, 12 CONSISTS, 0F FOUR !FVIETT fP LA 10, ITMI. ' FkM UOa I4i~$Si STAtUNP OSKVA SITE E96-3 CTY l Uft, 40003WUE I NT i-FC- CL SNX D25 i Ks" NE OF MOSCOW. T i %w!1 fbENT~LED A"3 S1IS A 6 CON 'I6URA1 ON AND CONSTS' OF POUR REVETTEp LAUNCH aO ITIONS. A REVETTED CENTRAL, 6U'IpANCE AREA. AND TWO MISSILE?HOLD POSITIONS. It ITM1/ FRN STA 3 OCC CL SNW DE $ . . NM SW OF i N! U S CHLN B T11&$.-SECUREp FAC I i Tt UPS CONTAINS ON BARRACKSr ON SUPPORT BLplNir THREE 5 OitOR STORAGE BUILDINGS. ANb ONt; UTILITY SkED. 6FW I A' ITFkM s U6=482644 STA $ OCC UM~! E 0 PER SECURITY. POST CTY Oft, C25545N$852955E I NT I PC OSI Vr. r , DES=6"98' NM S OF NOVOSIBIRS F'AC`IUTT t Aid" DPO I KAA , 34l ~ iNT,i C. CL, S THIS, SECURED. RAIL-SERVED BU,ILpINGS. ANp SUj ORBUILp- PRO ABLE TORAGG B LDIMB IS 6 So BAR AC k15, AREA IS, I IMEDIATELI HO GFW$ 1S'VEHICLES OAT LEASTI -1-14R S ITM01111 FRM U 34 519131 $TA:OCC ~O, ATION.FOR A A S POR'r OR ~ 9E, FACILITY PO NORTi 15't,*1~ . c, CL,SNB. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 FACALITT, -1 I- [RAW CTnUA I IW I. MUACi- A CIMWW 1?T AVV IMMED~IATE~.Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 ? -]ICI ? t ? ?It ? t ?Y 41%%006.091 Yrt? !?~1t~V w?vY ? twVAOrY ADMINISTRATION.BUILDING AND EIGHT SUPPORT BUILDINGS, IMR Co'CHANOE AN 0 ITEMS' 11 1 ITMtl AL ISKANDARIYAH,SAM SITE A16-2 UR6t24382t C M C STAtOC A IkRZ ITFRMI U~iG 213514 $OCC NAC i STA R 1TMi1 UB,= 368839 STAtOCC I NA IMR1 ITFR$ uhst121118 IMR ITFkM Ott- NAt 040661839 STAtOCC NAC IMRt ITOU AL ISKANp6RIYAH SAM SITE' B2* 2 C Yt zG ,$ S N *3 6 , MTV, ? CL, AL-AUA C. t', ;to 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 R . AH AN SITE, C6 8!"E 25X1 1 AN 3 A3g8 iN'r:FC, CL, W AL IS YAH SAM SITE A28!O2 CTY$ YBkN 3 e ti8~. INTl AL i~AHIRAH S '. 't' AIS`f FC, CL. SECTION, N, $3. IMlt1 ITMI1 ' FRM~ Ups :286952 TY Ere__ 99360 fns319132E I,NT! PC? HA AL 9AHI AH SAM 891-2 CTY:EB 3016 SN!311616E. INT!FC, CL, 8 STAtOCC RMKYU$IDpNTIrIEQ CO$SSTRUCTXON, ACT,IY TT, IS ,~E RVEp IN, THE SITE, IFEE !~? A ~' S _ SCAR` hS _ J' C TO RING ROAD, AR IM ITMi`i AL QAHIRAN SAM S E 884A-2 CTY4E32211846 SS16E INTtPC, HA ujt 547641 STA$OCC NAC RMK$T1 `.WT _ IS _P$O 8Lt` IMR ITMe1 FRA URTi, 538 , BAR ~x 9"- UPI-D-AL QAHI AH AM 864-2 CTT$EB 312882 i831a?46E INT:FC CL4 ITM 1 AL RAHI AH SAM SITE 817-2 FRM CII Y $ EiG 2945O2~ts~31~t'142E INT C HA UR6?t 58383 Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300t P030072-2 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 STA:0CC N' Approved IOW ITM~~2 FRA ukt z 58 ST~1 IMR ITH$B FRM U10053853. ~:OCC NAC O~RM; Uk6:211513 ST j1':OPR NAC zypva~ ukG:55!!545 STA:OPR NAC I* F__ For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78B03824A000300030072-2 AL QAHI AH SAN SI E B33402 &Y40 35175TNs311757E, 'INT:PP SC, HAS H S b~ Sid' ` DASS Ei B LLL 'UT I PC CL SHe AL,,x$KA ZY~1H SAM,,Stt"T F~CII.~TY E. I T.l , w AL QAHIRAH $A$' SUPPORT FACILITY EAST C ~ Y2 6 0 t4 641K 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 ITM,2 FRM U1i&i 11/2 STA'2 OPR MAC SONBNIM IRON STUL , PI N, HWANeHAE CY?Y#k (4 4 1!!!J12E INr1FC. CL SDW DESgO THE Sw,E OE OF SONBNIM. BAfiEIE'ANDANA CI EpBT-Rbl THE`PL~'1N`f. A ROLL~J.IN .MIL.. AiSI'L A.__ C S C 'ION IN" THE CENT~E 0' T E COM L)t. ND AkEAS NONE, UNpER` CONSTRUCTIONw WI ' TWO L ' BL~ST FURNAC-ES. Two PRO Ai~IL BLAST Ft1jt_ NAC ' CONS` UC DN~A A HO - OY A _ EbUZPMENT IN. THE; SEC`CION OF" ~` ANT. SUPP0~tT' F,~CILITIES INCLU~7-6; `t`MD" T~tA~ ,OR YARDS. COOLING Tb lERS".* A SLAG pit.go 0' N STORAGE. A A TIER ? T~tEA MEN .ANT. ACID APPROXIMATELY i00 SU OkT BUILDINGSS. IMR 25X1 ITM 3 S 0 25X1 I FRO crr_~LL30i118E INTzrC _CL, URG*649113 ST $OPR DM THE COMPLEX. APPROXIMATELY SA MI IN, AR A. CONSISTS OF r WC `r S 6i ;THE` RIVER. A Y~r ' ACt vk, C .AtS;IFICAT,IbN' T1RDS? O 'r 4_ N `f 5i'S Y t OI. AC S~ . _. THE b,TNER. bN TIE S'f. SID E V . ONTAI A EASY 12 TR~1ICKS. A TURNTABL ,. A PASSENGER ST ~I?N,. AND NUMEROUS S 'S A SU POR BUIL 18S? LIGHT DEFENSE ASSOCIATED I_ POSI ONS ARE 0 gR AREA. VTT "APPEARS HT. INDUSTRIAL AM IN. ITM63 FRM t01 ?2 HUUL,.T. N8" AR S - HQ 51TM, INF, REST 25X1 CTYskN, 38094CN12b53A1E, INTIFC CL, W DEsI9I METERS _ DY!.8 NMI SOUTH_ OF TH F CILI CONSISTS OF TWO BARRACSS, ONEE, C?SHAPED Ab 1N1ST$XTION BUYLp,IN66,. FIVE VEHICLE STORAGE. BUILDINGS, AND LiPES TWO ONCE, OVEN AY THE R j~ * ME-" HEAR TH HREE BLASY 'URNACE RGE AND 'FOUR. MEDIUM, S. UNDER ' HA.INii NINE $UP Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 IMR Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 25X1 ITM$3 FRN U04460950 RAGE, CTY: kN 375688Ni261655E INT * FC, CL, M SECTION. N,15,_~ DES$1.7 NM SOUTH OF HONSITYON-NI: UART RS. tiN i 9 aU YTY; WST 0 S'W-)fRA S Tw CT A , L L-'skAW W 00a L t PRA ABLE VE ~LE s. AND 'EY'silT aG_urrvRT auuln9. IA ITM*V U16, ?/ STA:OCC 1MGANGi-NA ARM A KS D'ES 31`i X149 METERS Di. e, NMo ENE .O I MGANti~N , TH FACILITY tbN$ISTS, 0p SEVEN, BARRACKS. FIVE, QUARTERS. AND EIGHT SUPPORT BUILDINGS. GFM'$N 100 NO 1 NE 11148S A 0 8 ARM B . , , FRM CTV4 Kul 375849N2263531E INT $ FC, CL, M U} 0: 543921 DkS t 31.8: NM NNE OF KAES 0: T F 1CIlY`fY tb i STSa 0 it8 BARB CKS. THREE ADMINISTf ATIO` BUILDINGS. 11 QU RSr S Y N.SU PORT BUILDINGS' FOUR PRO ABL REY YIED WEAPONS PO ITION `ITH EAR YUNtL ENTRANCtSi ANP ON 1! IN S. L~NTANCE? RE~f'"E++TE SLOPE T R 8; PR03 TRACKED VEHICLES IM I' F tM 11041 3819415 ST-+3-OCC DESt3'61' NN SW OF KIRIN-NI. KIRI I BKS STO AREA CTY,I i01 `3823eS41$U2$E INTO; TF1 F'ACI Y, ,CO-!16I$T~5` OP ' 0U BARRACK. i 19 RT Si, ONK ADMINIS TRATION B DI 14~ ONE PROBA8L MES, A ~.,r AND NINE SUPPOiT`BUI~.DIN86. _ IM IT1493 FRM U{t8~i 4K4/3 STA I OCC C t CAN, 382 LITART AREA CL, w SNI16I INT,3 FC_ CL. DES=Si NM S~ OF -NUC OJ1-NI TH . Fr' CILITT; Co fsfl~S;f , Off'; `1HREE, BARRACKS! 24, QUART RSi AND. SIX , SU YO,R;- 9- ING518 R. 0LW 6 IMR tTM3 ` FRM ' 5 64 STA II OCC 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 DESt3 NM SE OF KAESONG. THE' AREA' S-L L -.. - - -- - - - - - ---- - --- Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 V Q~3 S. I m ITI l7TUC . nlro rfi Wv wr nn at POISITIONS Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 w.. f ? n.~ ? ~I~e'rr rhrwl~r~~rr~ ' ~r~rr, . .?~ ~nw?rr f~r~~: ?~` . SLOPE TUNNEL,ENT ANCE, AND A SIX-POSITION, AAA SITE. 8FWi 7' V .H1C ES IMR 25X1 TE 'I RD' BXS OR AN ART Y. REQT 25X1 FRMI I CTY'3KN 391659MIR735Z5E INT.FC- CL 51 URBS163995 STA't OCC' NAC GFW:BB MAR 'Til 8 'ROB' FA 'IECES 8 POSE" F, PIECE Z5 Pltbh Ruckt bkPPR0w1mATELYu IMt1 ITMo3 FRM U*B-146211-9, STA i OCC . , ST P 5 CTY*KN3J 593N12B1714EINTiC CI. DkSI 1'. k' NM WNW OF PAECHON U Tait' F'ACILITY' CONS' STS OF'_ YHREE, BARRACKS. ONE AUDITORIUM, AND, SEWN SUPPORT BUILDpINGS'. es NONL SCERN'IB`E SEC't,ION M, i? ITNBK D St SANGMA?DONB ARMY BARRACKS F>Fti+l * N; 3 $N IMiS i+ fi! C, , CL, U~ $$6Iii2B STA $ OCC METERS 99.4. NMd WSW OF SANS~ A-DON?. TH F CILI`~Y~ CONSISTS OF TWO BAR RACKS. TWO VEICLE SHEDS. TWO SUPPORT ' BVILDIN~~~B`E^;. OUR REV T D ARt LERT P0ITIONS WITH REAR 1 X, PRO ]IL fE~1NCE,. 2NONE DISCERNIBLE IMR ITr84 F104 U~tBl48~3~ STA$OCC Y_0 A ARMY BAR ACK CT t N 5*25i4126 711E INT* C, CL, 0 S t 2".5T NM SW OF YONAN. THE' FACILITY CON~SISYS OF TEN BARRACKS, 33 QU RTERS. ONE T6 ~5 APED LESS ALL'. '15' SUPPORT BU`IL IN+S, A S~X~-POSITIbN' AAA SITE. ~SIk, PR; AB .Aj M;~IR A O TI A F, RE~i E ? WE ftPONS M IONS. DISCERNIBLE %IMR ITM;e~- YONAN I, AR, ; BKS ? STOR AREA 5 s? 126 ?~lE,INTiPCC4 FRM CTVZkN .U 't4e STI '$ OCC1 OS,i5,;E.1` NM NORTH ..QF YONN.. THE INSTALLATION. COVERING AN EXTENSIVE AREA ON, BOTH, SIDES OF, A" RI08E't CONSIS`f5 OF 4T BARRACKS II AUARTEiRS, FOUR N L-'S AP Dr, ONE' AUDITORIUM, ONE ADMINISTRAT"IO 3UIPAR "INS DO T~SH~ia'E0 CIE AL L, TWY: r A O A 2. L Th6S. sew`: 4..R TT V S - . IMRi ITM2 CHONVAN6 NIH?, ASL~~GUN FRM Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78B03824A000300030072-2 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 "'' Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 ST; i OCC N,.. 6~W i YR' MAR If 6 RROR TRUCKS, 4 VEHICLES''INTUNNEL-SERVED REVETMENTS ITF M CTY: .38G922N12 448.E.INT:FC, CL. DESt E' Nit ENE OF KWAN9'9OL. THE' FA CILItY' CO "iISTS' 0, 84? BARRACKS. CRS, ADMINISTRATION BUYLp'IH+ . A ySIk s sp o ~t SUILpINN_ SS. _ _._ U$ STAROCC Ikk I.TN/4 FRM U044556591 ST '!Ott' SEP~ "DONS AK$Y 09 A Ly DEPOT $ pC, CL SNM C IT * KN; SBSSA~~tY f 3E I kf' RMp UTHIS INSTALLATION IS REPORTER AS A ,PART, OF, MAYU-DONE STORAGE DEPOT IMR ITMI t:t0 ' 180 $ MILITARY TORA 'BRGSrM1EBG8 IHT.=C~ -CL DESt1.7`NM NE 0 TURIBONG. THE _ CILY'1'T 6 . $A A+ K , ND T14FEE, SUPPORT, BUILDINGS. uR G: s7 rye STM OCC .GFNINO bISCERNIBLIE STAluco -D 'STNS FACILITY. IS Sl LL UNDER CONSTRUCCTIO 1, ANp, IS IDENTIFIED, AS 'AN ORS?PROCESSING FACILITY. IT. CONSISTS OF ORE ROCESSINs FACILITIES IN' TH EARLY STAGES OF CONSTkU'CTOM. A W P TER P1i ~VS AHp STOR E FACILE ,i AN, L C, i4. , ,, A Imo Ii A__ ' PRM h t 9 t1~FC'.. M IT1494- DOM ARbVSK ORE PROCESSING FACILITY SECTION M, 87, S WAG TR TM NT PL NT. NOR STORAGE AR A# SHIPPING_,- _-_- AM ~1 i A SMALL i59' AR A- AN ? S SRALi3T}i R 00 1N i&, K 1ID NTIFIEp CI DES$ NM SW OF YAROSLAVL. THE , RAIL?SERVED,REFINERY COVERS APPGOXIMATELY. bso ACRES' ANp CONSISTS OMr AT, L~EEAST, UNTHREE, PIMARY. DISTILLATION= UNIYS. A' PROBABLE CATALYST CRACKYNO IT. A' i AND AT PROBAbL COMBINATION IMARTff --- U" C AR ; LE" S, EYGHT? OT R` i ROcE5S $6 AEA THE NATh' R IN Y' STORAGE, AR A' C O N T A I AN OX MAT T, its, CT I A . ACID I~ ItOUS HD IZOt4YAL TORAGE 1`A IKS; A 229 i PAR TES a ORAGE AREA CONTAINS, 34 VERTICAL, CYLINDRICAL, Tb AGF' 'TANKS AND 28. COVEREp RESERVOIRC- Iin ukId rnMC'rbllrTThL Tk a00ADrIT_ Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 ? 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 IMR 25~ Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A00030003007 2-2 ITMo4. BLAGOV SpICHENS TROLEUM STORAGE 25X1 FRM, CTY tUR 5.15lsN12 126E INTtFC CL SNW ; , , UR6 t 235697, STA OPR DES:TE SECURED AR A CONT I S T E LARGE VG T,ICAL POL TANKS. RA 4 OR ' A` SEPARATELY # ECtft At - M PIU VeRTICALP E IR3 ITM05 A. D $T" CHAD AUDZMA BAY, 25X1 ' FRM, CO 'tuft 42~1B;1r1 , S!E SIT t FC 5511 CL , . . U}ii! 1289/_ , 5TA1000 DES=3'.5' NM SOUTH OF NAKHODKA ON CHADAUDZM B Y. THIS, ROAb'SERV b 1 NSi;IAL~ .'A TION' Cb TAI s 83 LARa V RTICAL CYL 1 b I t _ 1 S~ I R A iR 1 WITH FIKKWALLS# SVOk OE Sir S- IWO STbIRA` %wr T inkulL LI b iS'r OIE ASE 6t1,tL ?No 0' FbUk UTYt.IYY S bSi A A E tEit _ : ' INSTALLATION IS rA ER SUPPL IED. IMR' 25X1 T 'TRACKS 25X1. FRM CT'Yt 7*4""1?3.SNR3~lylt9 , NT; PC' CL? 5S~ ' , , Uii6i t 3J!-93~ SM OCC NAC 6 M= VEHICLES OR PIECES OF EQUIPMENT STU INR f r IT149 FRM Uket 54Ii4 STAtOPR RY INS MACH A AMMO PLANT YESHOV CT: , 583211N238!3231E LNT$C. CL. S DSSt 11; TML. CENTER OF RYDI ~&& o., T IISF I pUS. t tai Pj-~t CO iS;STS OFD TWO Ff8RICATION. B 1LpINGS. ONFf LARGE' ASSEMMLY. BUILDING, AND, IMA ZYMID -S IA = 0 P R RMKtAL COMPONENTS OF THE COMP X ARE 08$ RVE, INCL~UPING THE MXw I - S1IN RMK: 301 # A311-0MPiNE3T OFAN~H~yC?O-AM $ C VST? LRNOCSI6NIFZ C~INT , 3iI - . _., IMMS5 TVT R't S mutto kTry F~tM CYY; 531513 8, 2. 49E, INT:, SECTION $ 98 N. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 PR P VIOUS Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 TO THE RE,,.. r r rra.~ wwwvvw r r.v~Aww , ..........wr... VEHICLES ANO ONE , SMALL; J/PE ARE ON THE ACCESS ROAD JUST OJTSIbE OF THE, SECURITY, FENCE. TA, 'SITES' AT, LAUNCH IROUP' Q. ARE NOW, ALL IN A MIPSTAGE OF CONSTRUCTION. ' T m' SILO' HEADWORKS MALLS ARE PARTIAL Y, UP AND -SiTz CUE'RUADS ARIE K; v , 1 Cs ? T ~ '~i ~bJACf NT'rb, T ADWbRK t FA INt THE E~AV TIOM V THE -1T'1 ANP: X, MORE A tE AT. THE E 6E 0 E E'ACAV I-TION. 0.49" TYURATAM7 So ''CE TkACKINB FACILITY' A U? SHAPED CRANE IS IN POSITION OVARYAE`NET EST L AN A' DISH'NTENNA IS.U$DER - ks)rAut11ok I TAB . IH .V MA~1N aOR BAST V"..YA,~ M B S. AR , . R CONSTRUCTION, 'AY POL C ,IT bN IKE _M iT,, kb OF. THE. C`ON5RUCytON SU`pFACILITY. IMR 1TM15! FRM 00':2381471 STA:OPR NAC Abal ' K AIRF ST s T t R, 5711 9.65859E I NT $ FC, CL SNM 25 SMALL SW 9PT/DELTA-WI7 s ?AT LEAST* 1 L26HT tTMAi6HT"1lfCI 9 IMR ITMVS BRYANSK A FRM CTY=U~t 5 U46''353"18-- '- _ _ ST~1'i Or+R NAC AOB: 12' LIGHT STRAIGHT-MINE 2 SMALL ST AIGHT-WING IMR' IT6 ON t !lElt~lN~'3-l1K Iid1'i 34, ~sN~ALt., S EPT-WINS 9AT. L4AST} ONE AIR$ORNE* STA+$ OPR NAC Abe: 1 COOKPOT 2 cbbL'IN6 2 CbkE, 1 PASS' COKE 3 CRATE I CAS 5 COLT UR6$2ATi16 SECTION M 11 1 H 1 OP R IMRI 1114k6 U 81 639915 STA:OPR NAC * AbB: OD CRATE 3 POSE CAB 2S MEUC0P'r RS_ 9A1 LEASt:e IMR IRFIE.D 31616. ti3Aii7E NY 25X1 CL SNM 25X1 25X1 C~^CL; 25X1 K CHA AI E1. ` M9333% 21.. = PC ITM4 KALINY AT F'I .D FkM A - nnnoi-ni)n . r`IA D 'D7oonVonnnnnn~nnn~nn~n SNW 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 STA1OPR 1-xtjt.JIvvuu I vl I\Glucaou Gvvv/ `./ )%j . VI/-%- I\Llr / vUVJIJGYlIVVVJVVVJVVI z--z- RMK*THE REFERENCE POINT ORPU IS THE CENTER OF THE 2i53B-METER O8t3B%-F00`TU- RUNWAY. THE 26 VENICL OR' E`itUIPMENT REVETMENTS 457 METERS fil P 5I1 FEEETU' SOUTH OF RP A~'PEA~R .TO BE COMPLETE ? TH NORMAL COMPLEMENT' OF bADGER APPS RS TO BE RETURNING to OBSEh11kb NERE. AM' *4,- PR-OB BADGER 5 LIGHT ST AIikT-WING I MR' ITP4 6 UR6sZ86/4! Abet ' 1 PROS BADGER r Cb" 19 U LL DELTA-WING 5 SMr L SWE T-W ritka, ft-ww 45 "*W $51 114 , I NT i,FC, HA 6 ALL SwEPt'/ 4TA=W I K8 16 SMALL IROB SWEPT/DELTA-WING OAT. LEASTU ' 1 MEDIUM STRAIG T-WING 8 L I`41HT -S , , , . 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SOU EST i C6-iNB 11`TE INT'F S.TA:OPR NAC AbB; 22' SMALL AIR AFT OAT LE...STK F IM ITMR uk8i7U028 ST 1IO - - POCHINO AIRF LD CTY: UR, 54212 4R*2824E, I NT t FC, Rk k i At. LEAST, U. AIRCRAFT, RR,VETMRNTS, HAVE, BEET, CONSTRUCTED* AO11i 3 LIGMT STRAIGHT-WING 31 SMALL, AIRCRAFT' WAY LEASTU IMF ITF` N UPOi648143. ST`A i 0PR NAC A08: 9 SMALL SWEPT/DEL TA?W,I N8 -DAT LEASTU^ 3 LIGHT STRAI SHT`-W I i "ALA.: S'TRA I'GH' MI . ; BATY ASTE A P mosy a. igg I Ml~.. ITFRM STAtOPR SVERDLOVAK / L 0 AIR, I P CTY i 6!F448i6i~-e52t I i Fc CL SNW CL, SNW .HA SNW M A114. E/W RU IWAY. AN ~ TS 115SOC 1I T Q ,T ~XIW YS AND PARK+I.NG APRONS HAV9 BEEN, CLARED ONOW~, ENElMSW RUNWAY. AND 1 HE NE/SW, RUkWAV. ARE SNOW COSIEREQ BUT' AR PROBABLY SERVICEABLE. 2 BADGE CAME. MEIU1,STItAIk1iHTWN1INli 14 IMF IT FlR,~ , uGi25- 119 ST~I i OPR (AC, A08: 4, CAT/CUB/CAMP 17 SM` SW PT/ IT Mti FiH URG i 67,5014 STA OPR NAC AbBI 7 MEDIUM STRA1BHT`~W NG AAT A .tt IMF I,T F T-WING urR; 53t6s p13s n49E I NT: Fc, CL, CT1' ELTA?WING _ CTV i K$".~3# 1~ 3' t9t6 _ YNT i P~. HA SA A A RR E ,PAST RM Y! R 46 155N33. 1131E I N fi FP CL, ACT 04816602t W. ~1 SNW 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 STAiQFR ,,h Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 AO Pt Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 8 PROP HO ..~ ., . ~~....... IMR 11p41 ? FRM 04'166893 Atom - CH RNI60 KA AIRFIELD CTYtU)t, 441914N1A23 1IE INT1 SC, CL, SNW 25X1 25X1 RMK:CtRUCTt CONTINUES THE PROBABLA HANBARl TtEA, REMORT~ `I N A 18'HEAVY HELICOPTERS 43, MEbIU 11EL'IC'OP'r RS 25X1 IMR 11140 9USN IYA LYAS AI FhM, ____ CTY3URyl li i M b 25X1 i t : I MC CL; S W. STA t OPR RMK:EXTENSIY RENOVATION, HAS, TAKEN, PL CE, SINCE . , , , , TED TO 25X1 CTION, M-13 PA AL EL TAXIWAY. T}4E AIRF EL NOM CONSISTS OF AN APP~tO M`AT .T` Mfr , , p #953 , . P: ,ice. SERV'ICEA SUE 8R,A NEARTN~ Its WAY 1 T TWOR E ONNEcT:Ne AND LUL Tkb ckoS R LII $i A P T X 1! Yr A FA Ni APRO1. StfaM;Ok1', CIL;ITIE INCLUDE O SM~1 8 -ILDI S AN A POL . s'1bR~1'E AREA ? _ MARkER, BEACONS A{2E: O6 tRVEp OFF. EACH, END, bF, THE, RUNWAY. AOBThQ1 DISCERNIBLE IMR IT F M U6 662151 STAZOPR NAC Abe! 14{ MAk Y2 7 LIMIT ST iAIIHT-WINO its MLL ~STR11h11V8 Ii.WA If!i.. 1 MEbIUM STRAI8M1T-MINE 4A !SA ALL IMR ITM07 FRM Uh6_ $3A5UA3 STS i 0 NAC AbC*llr MAk Io 2Pr Al c *Ftr 4ATr_LEfS-Tn_ 11 9A , ,71 9' CAT/CUS/CAMP 2 COKE 1$ C- RATE lit CAR IMR KU~C A R IEL EST C t ,4 .N,.., iE INTIFC, CL. 54W MOSCCM~O TAFYE 0 A RFIEL0 CTY~l UR ai3E~l53T3s29E INT t FC, CL, SM)i IT$07 PODOU.S~C/DUBROVITSY AIRFI Dp FRM C` tik 5;52515 113 7 90I I Nt'! FC CL SNW 01513 STS '$ 0 NAC Abe i 1$ MAk '1Y. 15 SMALL SYRA I BHT:M I Nt! GAT LEAS'fip 11 MAR 7i 25 SI LL` CT6\*fSlJTrld~\Irs Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 25X1 25X1 IMR Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 25X1 IT$p8 FRM U)t6T'. :366135 ST *W __ MOSKVA HG LONG RANGE AVIATION C'rYaUR 5543~HIi373419E 'IN'f:BC CL SNW RMK: TARE TS, OF T,NIS TYPE CANNOT, BE IDE PHbTO RAP Y. YHI6 INS'rNLL TI AN' M Y MF BARRACKS FR1M E AL 2 I ITMEBI FRM: ukR's 536141 IE ON, OVERHEAD OG T~ _ w'I'T M KVA STAR OPR DES:4'.3 NM, NW, OF ASTRAKHAN AND 2.5, WEST OF ASTRAKHAN TELL KINB? D HO RADA ; FACILITY.' THIS. SECURED' IIT ' CONTAINS TH A1~E1~ Tj. FOLLOWING RADARS, TWO BAR L ON a ftlarm. BEI WA, 14E I. ROCK CAKE OR S AKEY A MOUND APROM WHItllTR CKS LEA~Dp I 'ro` A SHELT R t. b b iL BACK NET ON A MOUND. A D ONE; SGUA ATE,. TN3`.P~ SO ONTAI i'S`M0 PROBABLE BARRACKS'. ONE ADMI,ISTRGETIbN, BUI DING.' ONE PARADE 6RbUNp OR DRILL ~'1EL . 18. $TOR` OR` SUp bbRT BULL DINGS. TWO 14T. L . TPIR OR! Tt DUOS I O 1 DRYVOWN BUNKERS, CROS5~5H IP E , ;. A O ' . THIS Al RADAR .FCY T `,4HAS_ _ Y BE N REP. DRUMS UNDER AST1ZAkHAN TALL KING" 2 BAR LOCK 1 ROCk CAkE/STONE CAKE 1 PROS BACk` N1T, i SOU EYE "IMR I TMo1 F U t`S1! 59984 . K.,I MATAK R , I ,.FAC CTY:UR .4l2E519N1b ~1337E+ INT$FC, CL SECTION N, 1 STA:NOP OKIAL4.` OF THE SHADDOCK EQUIPMENT A ' f , THE F HAVVR {~ W. ~tE,$oV '. IMR ITN B F ~1 U~iB t 371841 I t ITMiie FRMUS's': 5322 -5 -0 S T N IMR ITM18. FkM U1t8:668922 rt IMR I,T-N* 4 U16':479129 t' HE; ARSE LY AN C TRANSPORTERS IN ._ S At AlOtt: -N 1`4E UNIDENTIFIED ,C OUT AND- STORAGE AREAS A t U c+ Tk, *TOR 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 AT ANS. A "2 25X1 CYi UR 3 3 6$ 163;E. INT! BC, CL 25X1 ASHKHABAD SAM SITE A18"2 C)'*:U , 3`IS821NBb8`AP1~E INTeC CL 25X1 25X1 Ab 5A 0 SAN SIT9 B*ZmZ 25X1 ~ (:`f 0 INT:OC i R 3b0715N1136b915L CL w , , , 25X1 5 I SAM SITE C11?62 . 1 25X1 1 O 4 -sl I NT:6 C. 3 14" CL, ST'A:OCC N-Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 11`140'9 Approved For Release 2008/12/30: CIA-RDP78BO3824A000300030072-2 CTY i UR; o1 p tNOk8 112E I NT * FC, CL, W ' FRM~ UR6S27I.19 STA;Occ MAc IMR I