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December 28, 2016
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April 24, 2007
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June 1, 1968
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OPCEN C NO YDHAVAC/CI NCEUR CINCPACFLT CINCUSNAVEUR FICPAC COMNAVFORJAPAN AFSCC AFSSO AFSC AFSSO PACAF AFSSO ACIC AFSSO FTD AFSSO NORTON AFSSO, ESD AFSSO SAMSO AFSSO IRC' AFSSO USAFE AFSSO TAC USAFSS (FOR INFO FICEUR ZEM T O P S E C R E CITE NPIC 3916 EEIC) T TTTTT L MISSION 1103 2-15 MAY 1968 ADVANCE CY ANITIZED- f//I WITH TEXT OAK SUPPL 31 MAY 68 PT 04" PREFACE ION T 1103. SEEEFIRSTTOAKFSUPPLEMENTAREPORTLFOR.COMPLETESPREFACE. 11 ((TEXT AS FOLLOWS IDENTICAL TO ABOVE LISTED MISSION)) T 0 P S E C R E T~ END OF MESSAGE S/C NOTE: ALSO PASSED DROOP I Euluded trsra autamutl dewwadtng and doc1ass1t1c01!1 Approved For Release 2007/04/24: CIA-RDP78BO4549AO01000020018-6 Approved For Release 2c41QA1,: i - DP78B04549A001000020018-6 MISSION 1183, 2-15 MA 968 OAK SUPPL ?AV b.S PT 04 w e THIS .IS THE FOURTH OF SEVE L OAK SUPPLEMENT?REP?RTSrv ON MISSION Y 11"f i __' SEE FIRST. 'OAK_5UP6 '.LF_, LT_REP4ftTF_9 C~1 P. LI T.E_P E ACE:' - MISSILES' -_ K?STRC [~A trcaM COMPLEX UR ~7t A//N 1-GE OUT'6.52.65 -- _ N T = -.. -C M,P,L.EX,-ARE _INTERP_RETABLE-.-TH.I.S_INCLUOESa,_-THE T,HREE CONFIRMED AND` .THE HREE PROBABLE, LAUNCH SITS IDENTIFIED ON _ : _ - - t J I " N?W HAVE' THEIRo l~ULL COMPLEMENT ?F TAN LAUNCH SITES ITE 48L IS IDEIV_T_IEIEd_`AS THE CONTF OL SITE. FOR i AIJNrH RQUP L... 200E K STROMA*ICBM.LAUNCH SITE 2 UR 580224N 04 10607E KOS' ROMA J t .... LAUNCH 0 914E KOSTRO A ICBM LAUNCH SITE'4 UR 580506N 04 13954E KOSTROMA ICBM LAUNCH SITE ,5 Utz 575722N 0411342E. ft-- KOSTROMA ICBM EAU CH SITE 6 UR 575 516N 041 17E, K STRO A ICBM LAUNCH SITE 7 UR 58B,024 0413211E. KOSTROMA ICBM LAUNCH SITE 9 M In UR 575i431 , 0411350~E- THIS MISS1_Q t-_AND AN,P_ REPORT ED_IN' THE QAK GRp1;1 It- J fit- KOSTROMA ICBM LAUNCH SITE 1 6. KOSTROMA ICBM LAUNCH SITE 14 GJU UR' 5M 7Z5t4 0414454E UR 574941N 8411013E j9`04]P3626E cLt UQ cRa$42N.0413555E 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 -_25X1 11 1 ~1~1 TE ]. ~C 1 _ ~td'3~3~M1f 4JK I4 BJ 0020018-6 SST C1MA 4~ 2'24#E KUbTROMA ICBM LAUNCH SITE 16 IX 580924 KOSTROMA 'ICBM LAUNCH SITE 11 121it- UR 5B0R26N 04 30 7E KtSTROMA "ICBM` LAUNCH SITE in' bite UR cnA619A# 0412642E KOSTROMA ICBM'LAUNCH SITE 19 12Jn UR 589421{ 0412838E KOSTROMA ICAM LAUNCH SITE 21 mitt Ucr ~~'Kii2~y 6411659E S ROM SITE 6412015E KoSTROMA ICRW LAUNCH SITE 2A Mtn UP 752SIN OL40T24E KOSTROP4A ICBM LAUNCH SITE 28 1 Jt UR 58 KOSTROMA ICBM LAUNCH SITE 32 1J 3 N 843321E 25X1 HE, . I _. E. I IN A : UNDETERMINED STAGE . OF CONSTRUCTION. KOS.TRO.A ICBM. LAUNCH:- SITE. 35 fKn UR 57422 9410547E KOSTROMA ICBM LAUNCH. SITE 36 te1K1i -MA -534208N KUSTROMA ICBM LAUNCH SITE 37 (KU UR 573922N 941P338E. KOSTROMA SITE 922N 9411904E KOSTROMA ICBM LAUNCH SITE 41 1 Ku UR 573522N, _04:- Ia21E. KAS t'R MA--ICBM-i. ,UCH--SATE. 449KU. ;UR-5732344-941 58E THE _SITE S--NAW CONF.I.RMED-AND: -IS-IN_A_MI.D-STA Ea -OF-CO q I'll. t. KOSTROMA TCAM LAUNCH SYTF 45OKn UP' 5734//N 04122//E THE SITE IS NOW 'CONFIRMED AND IS IN A MID'?STAGE, .OF, CONSTRUCTION. - -- - O -_A - _ _E_ RQP_PED_PR_DM-NPIC-LS1'.VG. 041.1900E PUNCH, GROUP 1.; 2 _?Sa _. 1.25N~.o4.1.14.30] Q l-'8-6 RUCTION. LAUNCH QLU UR 575620N 04.1:TOE KOSTROMA '.ICRMy CAMPLF ( W& . LIP a9u t s~ as~1 at t R~ -KtJSTKOMP - suppo -~IlCT{_?TTY HR S74625N-0U181B1 KOSTRO A ICBM` R%R TSFR PT, ? AUX SPT FAC UR 575058N 0411510E 25X1 25X1 I i 0 .. E II LAUNCH SITES, THE HEADQUARTERS -CO 9MAND,-AN?. CO ITROL FACILITY LTHE_RAIL-TQ ROAD TRANSFER, POINT, ANOf THE COMPLEX SUPPORT FACILITY ARE OBSERVED * THIS ?TOTAL _REFLECTSa A NEWLY IDENTIFIED IY_It3 LAUNCH . SITEDESIGNATED PROBABLE E AT 56=42N. 040-26E -AS NDT . PRES Nfi .!Q 1ND_xS FIRST. SEEN; ON, THIS i I S.I4N ;_ 25X1 -, YI THIS SITE .I , : HE PROBABLE, CONTROL., SITE FOR THE 'S GROUPS AND IS IN _AN. UNUETERMa1NED_STAGE-OF:CONSTRUCT1.ON. NEWLY IQENTIFI.ED LAUNCH SITES 20A. 218V AND 22B WERE REPORTED IN THE OAK; FOR PHIS MISSION. LA,U SITE-2_CAN_BE _ IDENTIFIED ONLY: PHOTOGRAPHIC REFERENCE 'FOR THE NEW' ~ZTI: EYKOVO_ICBM LAUNCH SITE 1 UR 565444N 0492657E -T9YKOVA_ ICB --LAUNCH_SITE::4~U2i 5689 5 y_$ 395.6E . SECTION. .04 25X1 25X1 T Y1401~0_ ICBM _t:1~t1AtGFt _. , U 5654%aN 94 12 .23E~Q 25X1 . - , ,proved For'Refease.2007/04/24"`: C1A-RDP78B04549A0016006200-18-6 TEYKOVOO-ICBM LAUNCH STYE A n. Ab f IB Raa&rtf W375ZE - fiE;1.3_.__ UR_56.5220.N-0-4f433?.E; YKQVO-_ICBM--PROS--LAUNCH--SITE I6,12Aec_ tta-5W45N-0.403950E_ 25X1 25X1. 25X1 !~ -- I T .KO~VO I.CBM -.C0MPL9X 19 UFO -15 65244N~040.34s4E___-----_ 0vO_ A - 228N,--6403432E: -TEYkb .6 'ICB _RAIL_TOAROAD. TRAMSFERP_OINT UR_-5bS32IN.0403424E- 05950//E E? ARE OBSERVED. THE CONSTRUCTION OF SITS IN? LAUNCH GROUT b F ANg_G HAS NOT.- PAOGRE$SEb-.AS_RAPIDLY-AS, SOME OTHER TYPE 2IC'SILOS. LAUNCH GROUP E WAS STARTEID IN SEPTEMBrER?OCT. BER' `1966 AND.. S; NEARING OMETION WITH tvE_s TE COMPLETE AND THE, OTHER FIV IN A LATE STAGE ?F' CONSTRUCTION. LAUNCH, GROUP _F WAS TARTED li _OECEMBER...966-JANUARY_ 1967_ t ND_ -ALL; . SIX SIT SM ARE ONLY ;IN AMID-STALE OF CONST tUCTION. FIVE SITES IN LAUN GROUP_ 6~WERE_STARTED _ I;N OCTOBER.196_? AND TIE SIXT d_ .S TEy .I AS:`_ _~__,_ __ STARTED IN JANUA Y 1968. ONLY TWO OF THESE SIX SITES NAVE PROGRESSED TO A-MID-STALE OF SONSfRUCTION-AND? ND-'CONSISTS OF SETTING THE RASE :PLATE ONo THEY FLOOR Off' THE EXCAVATION. THE COMPLEX :^d M t F i Y .t HEADQUARTERS _C MMAtN?AND _CO T tn~.. PA. IS NOW COMPLETE. OOMBAROVSKIY ICBM LAUNCH SITE i QAU UR 50581Ny ,g59325AE, 25X1 -'-25X 1 25X1 25X1 - ..,....~...._~--~'..n++._._.w...-v.s.~v - _..r.~_~-d.~ .!e-.-va:.-v.a v_ Tv~_4r ;*K rl..'7=-_8..r.lJEi,.- ,~ 25X1 _DOMBAROVSKTY _ ICRM LAUNCH. SITE -A - f Aist _ -'.LJR 51B Sant_ 5p-;Q46E. DOMBAROVSI(IY :ICBM LAUNCH. SITE -_4 ! Ai* ' URA 5111.38N 093753E pprov Approved For Release 2007/04/24: CIA-RDP78B04549A0q SECTION W-05 DOM AROVSKIY TCRM LMUNrw, r;T1 c Q. w [in %12rua;9N; _8592849E OOMBAKOVSKIY ICBM LAUNCH SITE 7 G UR 51B917N. 05931a2lE MBA OV KIY-_I,CBM-LAUNCH-SITE_A_12wta 'tip _ 51.02?N_A-595712E D098ARQV15KY. BMTLAUNCM-SITE_ 98a UR~S1B54Nv_!595&1^bE;r 2i DOMBA OVSKIY ICBM LAUNCH SITE ig 09i '-U 5 20td '8594438E 25X1 1000020018-6 IS049E 25X1 805N 8595755E MBA O SKIY ICBM LAUNCH SITE 13 IBu UR 51954N 060045:7E DbMBAROVSKIY ICBM LAUNCH SITE DOM 25X1 24N, 0593539E, AROVSKIY ICBM, .LAUNCH. SITE. 15. 1CA UR .5045ION_ 8593634E I~OMBAROVSK.I,Y ICBM LAUNCH SITE 16 fCu UR.505259N 8594342E pOMBAtfJVSKIX: _ICSM-_LA 14 -SITE-17-1CtxUl58428N 94114E 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/04/24: CIA-RDP DOMBAR VSKIY__I.CBM-LAU CHSITE t R _MCi I IQ au 59N 059k643E DDI BARt VSK-I-Y--- ICBM--LANCH-S1Tt.--21-t di .-UR-_5o5 43t&-0595928E DOMBAROV,SKIY 8 . A NCH- SITE ' ao anti 1I0 Sgu"8N 0595'149E D MBA O- .SKI-Y- ICBM-LAUNCH-SITE-_ 2A-fan -tlR_5~444.7.N-l36~ DOMBA O...SK- -Y I.CBM._LAUNCN_SI.TE-21t_i nu UR 52 36N--0595. ----DOH A .OV - - ??-iN-868132 25X1 , w LKAA LTL AGCES5_ROAD- AN~BRADEf, - - ... U_ .. . ; ACCfi'S5.' 25X1 25X.1. - - BA Q KIY -ICBM-LAUNCH--SITE-2 - - Ea-.-UR.-5110?8N_060.1357E. 8B04549AO01000020018-6' 24ON _~I-b.Q~1Bl2 -- ;,, i-1858N_8802259E DOMRAROVSKiy ICCRM.'LAIINCH SITE ?ca or 112,510542N 0602107E pOMBAROVSKIY IC8 4_LAUNCH-SITE it' Oft -M _ -10339N-06.212211- `yY 25X1 25X1 25X1 344- DO MBA OVSKIY ICBM LAUNCW SITE 33 f XM UR 510109N- 0594547E .___.__ 55X1_-' ?OM IAROVSKIY ICAM LAIJNEM SITE '+ttt, VK rt 25X1 tiOMBAR?VSKIY ICBM LAUNCH SITE 35 g Fu UR 511627N, _060$810E DOMBAROVSKTY ICBM LAUNCH SITE MA fFri LUP 511A!t Mr 0594621Ey .DOMaAR0VSKIY ICBM LAUNCH SITE 31- IFt UR, .511959N. ,05952!+4E t - , 9 , . ER A, COMPI. 8 T 4T HAS N BEAN" lip r% 3s5N 05957338 SECT OR 07a 512533N 0600625E 2.5X_1__ DOM::AROVSK ICBM 205N 05943$8Er 25X1 DOMBAROVSKIY ICBM LAUNCH SITE ttA IiFri UR 5I2 .1600594949E THE SIT -: it 1N. DOMMAROVSK`IY ICAM LAUNcw- SITF i mat, 1R SI1t,535N .0_59_5644E_ DOMRAROVSKIY ICBM LAUNCH S2?F u4 r cl ti 25X1 25Xt 25X1 25X1 55X 25X1 51313K.N~8595.810E . X1 51302ON - 601026E ,THE "SI"DE IS IN AN UNA TER LINED STAGE/ OF CONST UC ON.. 25X1 -513520N i. , MFo4,40E; ed For Release 2001%04%24 , -IP RDP78RO4549AO010'00020018=6 (ME bITE IS IN AN UNDETER TRUCT.ION. STR GE=Q CONS?EtUC1'I.a QOM AROVS ?51315ON 0594820, -- :. NBAReVSKI Y ..:I:CBM.. _C.O P- X-- .--~- -N-0595148E-._------ NOW-COMPLETE-AND CONNS,ISTS ~OF -THE-.TYPICAL TWREE-S Of;Y, ADMINISTRATION BUILDING,. A SUBSURFACE CONTROL, BUILDINGS HRELATTI NNA _ A-ARRAYS., -._ _ .. -=-I UR.~518132N_.@595B1!3E- _ 4 r = - N : RC C 3CON-M,AfiERIALS ARE-_OBSERId t -gN-TMC . QLSTRIOUTION f lhtt -DO BARt3VSKI-Y- I.CBP9_RAYI:`T-O4ROAIb TSPR_Po.Tt T. -,UR-51a131N-0a 48p0E, IME IGASTEI.L.O= .C M._.CO _ - _ N-BbfiiBtlE 25X1 '" - .I.1,C_LAV CH$.ITES... -PORTiONS_OFTHE , L ANC ~i?HE_RAIL T_A ROAp_TRANSFRR_ DINT ARE OBSERVED. ACTIVITY IS` OBSERVED. NO_SI~NI.FICANX IME tI ASTELLO-I.C8 M.~.LAUNCH_-SITE-.1tgAir*___UR_5.1O.aia!N,-9.66951B MENI.,-CAST.ELLt7.,-ICf~N#._LAUNCH ~.S:LTE- 4_VAN yNm . NI~4AST~t;.1.Ctr ICBP!ITLAUNCH-SITE-_5A S i,73+ ,. t;.;06 1200E - _ - 25X~---~ R - 5 1 1:1.32 9ld-td 651.158E: SECTION: Lt U. 17 IME lI -GASTELLO ICBM LAUNCH. SITE- 6 3AU UR :. 511327N - 866.8527E Approve or Re leas e 400,702+142T. GOMIL X, SUPPORT FACILITY. THE COMPLEX COMMAND AND CONTROL FACILITY, iMENI-CASTE t1E` .C M_ - 0.62 N-.8560.1O0E ~IMENI. fIAS?ELI.O-I.CBN_LAUNCN_5I?r 3. inn ~>iR 51.1.8 ,~N_ 06605.a0E Approved For Release 2007/04/24: CIA-RDP~ tEt